Never say Never


This is a story dedicated to My Dirty Old Men, bless you all.


The single most important thing to any man is to perform. Now, we all know that perform means, a raging, solid, rock hard erection. Well, what about the old man who doesn’t have the luxury of that in his life these days. What happens to the dirty old man that has all the experience he needs to do the job but his tool box is empty?

He improvises. Tom figured it out and I can tell you the man got the job done and then some.

Thomas is a seventy something. He represents a number of his fellow seventy something’s that find themselves alone at a moment in their lives when they have time to spend with a loving woman.

I met tom at a little bar in the neighborhood. On Sunday afternoons during football season they would run the games on overhead widescreen TV’s and offer specials on beer and pub food.

The crowd was mixed, but I’d say more towards the older side of fifty, a real nice bunch of people that liked spending time together.

Tom was there every week come hell or high water. This man was funny, could make everyone laugh and he was a man’s man. When he wasn’t there he was fishing, hunting and just enjoying life.

The only thing missing that would make it perfect; he had no woman in his life. He had been married for many years and lost his wife to illness. Tom dearly loved the ladies. If there was ever a born flirt it would be old Tom.

For some reason he would get close and friendly with the ladies but never suggest a date. There were several women who would be tickled to have a dinner date with Tom. I was one of them.

My name is Sheri; I’m 46, single and available. Now I’m no Barbie Doll, but I can still turn a few heads when I walk down the street. I have always been attracted to a mature man. My belief has always been that just like a fine wine, men only get better with age. I dated men my own age or close and they just didn’t do it for me. Older men come from different stock. If you want someone to hold the door for you, be on time, call when he says he will, actually show up then look for an older man.

Tom flirted with all the ladies, but I always thought he had it for me. He used to blush when I’d hug him tight. It might have had something to do with the fact that I was a healthy woman,know what I mean? I’d make naughty jokes and he would look the other way. It was obvious; you could see he was surprised and maybe a little aroused.

This particular Sunday I had decided that I was going to ask Tom out to dinner. The worst that could happen, he’d say no.

I knew I had to make my offer in a way that he couldn’t refuse. I made it a point wear a blouse I’d worn before that Tom had complimented me on, he said he liked the way it showed off my assets.

It was pretty clear that Tom enjoyed a hug that was complete with a nice set of tits. The one thing that really gave him away, he’d stare. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, the more he stared the harder my nipples got, the stiffer my nipples were the longer he looked.

The fact that Tom was an older man only made him a better catch. He was somewhat overweight, the middle of his head was bald and his silver hair looked like a halo around his head. But,that smile, worth all the gold in Fort Knox.

The hands of a man tell you a lot about him. It was easy to see that Tom worked hard and played hard. All his life he was a gardner. He had strong well worn hands that frankly, I wouldn’t mind roaming over all of me. I looked in the mirror as I walked out the door and I thought if I were Tom, I’d take a chance.

When I got to the pub Tom’s car was there. I walked in and saw him sitting at the bar with a beer. I said my hello’s to the crowd and headed straight for the man of the hour.

“Hi handsome, how are you?”

“Sheri, I’m always good when you’re around, how are you?”

That smile, it was a charmer and I was set to charm the snake out of the basket.

“Tom, I’m great, I was thinking how about you and me leaving here and going down beachside for an early dinner?”

I was surprised how fast he accepted the invitation. Inside of fifteen minutes we were headed to the beach for dinner. Maybe it was the blouse, or maybe he was a man who needed a gentle push. I just wanted to make sure that he was headed in my direction.

We got to the pier and stopped at a nice little place that served great local seafood. The time flew by and when I looked up we had been sitting there laughing and talking for almost three


Tom was a really nice man. He told me he had often thought of asking me out but thought I would never consider an old man. It was easy for me to tell him how much I liked the company of mature men and it was a good thing I wasn’t shy or we’d have never known that we were attracted to each other. Taking the bull by the horn I went for broke.

“Tom, we’re both consenting adults so we don’t have to play games. I like you, I find you very appealing. How about you come over to my place tomorrow night for dinner, we’d have some privacy and see izmit escort what comes up.” I smiled and winked. He knew exactly what I was offering.

“I’d like nothing better than to get my hands around your luscious mountains of love, but, the plumbing hasn’t worked steady for a few years now. I know a fine woman such as you would expect the whole package and I’m afraid I might not be able to deliver.”

So, the cat was out of the bag, Tom might have a problem getting an erection.

First, it’s a bold faced lie that in order to satisfy a woman a man has to have a ten inch long, three inch thick hard cock. Many men, for reasons that have nothing to do with their age can’t get an erection. I wonder if that’s why men started eating pussy. Besides the obvious, there were plenty of “Toys” that could easily take the place of a hard on. Maybe he couldn’t take me for a ride, that didn’t mean he couldn’t come to the party.

“Honey I understand why you might think not being able to, there’s no other way to say it, get an erection might make you believe I’d think twice about you and I starting a relationship, that’s not the only thing you have that can bring a woman complete satisfaction. Tom, you have ywo hands and a weapon, a tongue. The really sad thing is there are lots of good men, just like you, that age or health has made an erection impossible or difficult to achieve. Tom, have you ever considered using toys?”

“What do you mean, like a vibrator or dildo or something like that? I’ve thought about it, to tell you the truth I didn’t think a woman would go for that sort of thing. I kind of think I’d like to try it and see what would happen, it’s pretty hot if you think about it. Hell, I could keep one of those going for hours if you wanted me to. Sheri, I might as well get it all out at once. I love pussy. I like everything about it. I could get down there and stay all night. That’s one thing I can do and do it real good. Look, I’m more than willing to try anything. If you want to give me a go I’ll be there with bells on.”

We talked a little more and actually got pretty excited. During the ride back to the pub, I wanted to give Tom a little preview and let him know I was looking forward to getting together. I opened the first two buttons on my blouse while we were walking to the car. When we got in I made sure my luscious tits were front and center. Tom still had a car with a bench seat, I know, but he did. I moved over and sat as close as I could to him.

“You know I was pretty turned on when you said you couldn’t wait to get your hands on me, it’s nice to know you like what really drives me crazy. I love a man who appreciates, my assets, as you have mentioned before. How about we stop somewhere and do some old fashioned necking and petting?”

It was a definite turn on for old Tom. His eyes opened wide and he smiled like a kid in a candy store. Here sitting beside me was a really good man, who if given just a half a chance, could make me happy, not just in a bedroom but as a steady man in my life.

“Hell yeah, and I know a real good spot.” Taking a chance was worth it.

We drove to a little side road off the beach road. About a mile in there was a camp ground, I never knew it was there. Tom said he and his buddies found this piece of heaven a few years ago. They came here pretty often to as he put it “Shoot the shit and throw back a few.” Translation, talk and drink beer.

We pulled into a parking space and he turned off the car. This man knew what he wanted. In a fast second he had me in his arms and his mouth was on mine. Tom is a great kisser. He started slow, he kissed me softly and then his tongue searched for mine. I liked this man, and he was getting me very aroused. When his hand reached around my generous breast he wasted no time finding and teasing the hell out my nipples. With the first few buttons already open, he had the rest free in no time. He praised the lord and buried his face between my two bundles of joy.

When he reached into the cup of my bra and lifted out his prize, the feeling of his teeth biting my nipple sent shock waves to my wet pussy. This man could suck my stiff hard nipple like no one else I’d ever known. He had both mounds in his hands now and he didn’t waste any time getting his mouth full.

“Man I love your tits; I could suck these big cherries all night long. I don’t think I’ve ever seen nipples hard and stiff like this. Sheri, I’m a lucky man and it’s good to be me.”

We stayed there about an hour and although I was really wound up I didn’t want to give Tom all he wanted right away. He was more than willing to pull my panties off and suck my wet aching pussy till he made me cum. I told him that I wanted to save something for tomorrow night. He gave in and we drove back to the pub to get my car.

As we were standing next to my car, saying good night, Tom took a fast look around and seeing no one there, he pushed me against the car and while he was kissing me he slipped his hand under my skirt, wiggled his finger under my panties and when he felt how wet I was he moaned in my mouth.

“Oh baby, you are so primed up and hot, I could get down on my old knees right here and now and finish the job.”

I smiled and pushed him away; as he pulled his hand out of my panties he grabbed hold of my honey pot and squeezed me. Kissing me hard he knew I loved it.

“Tomorrow you’re gonna get it good, I’m the man who can do you right and I don’t need a big hard cock to do it. I’ll be at your place at seven, be ready because I’m more than ready to give you what you want. Sheri, you’ve made an old man very happy tonight, thank you for that.”

I had all I could do not to keep him there and get that tongue down where I needed it. I hugged Tom and kissed him goodnight. We finally let go of each other and he watched me get safely on my way.

I haven’t been with a man for a while. I don’t make it a habit of picking up just anyone. I am a lady after all is said and done. Being a lady, I do like the touch of a man and as I said, a good honest man is a rare find. So, I did have a few toys of my own, nothing that you can’t find readily available on the internet. To all the ladies, if you search for it, you will find it. I picked up a few different vibrators, a dildo or two along the way, and on any particular night, or morning I felt so inclined, I would open my toy box and find something to play with.

When I got home I was still pretty turned on so I changed into something comfortable, opened my secret hiding place and picked out my personal favorite. I lay down, closed my eyes and thought about Tom.

I could feel him touching me. When he pinched my nipples it sent a charge right down between my legs. I let my right hand move smoothly over my breast, my nipple was already hard. Taking the stiff nub between my fingers I pinched it, pulled at it and pinched it again. I could feel the wetness building between my legs. With my left hand I held my little friend and began rubbing it slowly over my pussy lips. First, just around the lips, then I moved down, wet, I covered the tip with my steamy, warm, creamy fluid and brought the tip up to my now excited pulsing clit. It felt so good, just rubbing up and down, taking my time. I moved from one nipple to the other, rolling them around between each pinch and pull. I was almost there; I found the little button that turned my quiet little helper into a swirling tongue. Listening to the steady sound of the vibrations I rolled it over and over my swollen clit, faster and faster. When I knew I was getting ready, I could feel the walls of my pussy tighten; I put it inside me and with my other hand I reached down, wetting my fingers, with the picture of Tom’s face between my legs licking and sucking me I rubbed and rolled over my clit until I felt the surge from deep in my pussy. I let it come up to my now hard and engorged clit and went with it, every throbbing contraction around the vibrator made it even better. I could hear myself moaning and breathing heavy, faster, deeper and I heard myself groan and I was cumming.

I let the explosion take me with it and slowed down to make it last. My pussy was so tight in contractions of pleasure I couldn’t move the vibrator and just clamped down on it. My hand found my nipple and pinched it hard and it just started a whole new set of shock waves. It was so good the pleasure became too much and I stopped, closing my legs together and rubbing my thighs against each other to force my pussy to ride one more round of ecstasy. It was over and I was exhausted. Lying there for a while, enjoying the orgasm aftermath, I must have drifted into sleep.

My phone ringing woke me.


“Good morning Sheri, it’s Tom, just making sure I didn’t imagine last night. I really enjoyed our date and I wanted to thank you for taking the first step. This old man was just afraid to be turned down. So if I remember correctly you said dinner at seven, is that still the plan?”

I smiled with closed eyes and told Tom, how much I enjoyed our night together. That I was eagerly waiting for tonight and yes, seven for dinner was perfect. He sounded like a young man, happy eager and most of all excited. We made a few sexual innuendos and after a fair amount of giggling, like two people who were just in the beginnings of a new relationship. I’m sure I could feel the blush on his cheeks when he told me what beautiful tits I had and how much he was anticipating spending hours between my legs. I assured him I was as eager as he was. Almost hating to end the conversation we said goodbye.

I couldn’t help thinking, how many other old men, could be feeling that sense of being wanted again if they would only take the chance. It also crossed my mind there were many women who could spend so many fewer lonely days and nights if they wouldn’t overlook a goldmine right in front of their eyes. I was glad I took the first step.

My day was filled with getting everything ready. I made a simple dinner and made sure the atmosphere was welcoming. My home is very inviting. Over stuffed comfortable furniture, like me, a little over stuffed but very comfortable. It was almost the end of fall and the weather was getting cooler. I opened the patio doors and felt a cool breeze that smelled like jasmine.

I showered and dressed. In the freezer I had two mugs, for beer. Tom liked a good beer and I didn’t mind it, although I prefer a nice white wine, but, this was about Tom. I gave myself a quick last look in the mirror; put some nice quiet music on, dimed the lights and lit a few candles.

I have always been a lover of candlelight and soft music; it calms the mind and plays in the background like a star lit sky. I admit it, I’m a hopeless romantic.

Tom arrived a few minutes early, and when I opened the door he was hidden behind the most beautiful bouquet of fresh garden flowers. He had told me he was a gardener; he must have a beautiful garden.

“Hello Lovely lady, these are for you, from my garden.”

“Tom, they’re just beautiful, you’re quite the man in so many things you do. Let me put them in water, have a seat, dinner is ready.”

I turned and felt his eyes follow me; I exaggerated my walk and swayed my hips just to tease him. It must have the effect I was looking for.

“Sheri, you are one sexy vixen.”

I smiled to myself, at my age to be considered a sexy vixen was as if I were twenty again, I loved it.

Before I sat down, I walked Up to Tom and I took his face in my hands and kissed him hello. If I could bottle the happiness in his eyes, I’d be a millionaire. We had a nice dinner, joking, laughing and we could feel a growing affection beginning.

Once dinner over and the table and kitchen taken care of we walked out to the patio. The air was hypnotic, the music was sexy and the man was ready. Tom took me in his arms and he began dancing me around and it was intoxicating.

“I love dancing; you get the true feel of woman in your arms when you’re dancing. Lovely lady, you feel real good in this old man’s arms.”

I couldn’t help myself, I kissed him, gently at first, and then deeper, I was hungry for this man and I wanted him to know it. He kissed me back, and it was a sensual erotic suggestive kiss. I felt his hands move over my hips, up my back, taking his time, feeling my body, knowing where and how to touch me.

“I haven’t been with a woman for longer than I care to think about, but right now, you’re all I’m thinking about and I love the feeling.”

In minutes we were groping each other like the sex starved people we were. It was more than that, it was passion, and it was building. I took his hand and led him into my bedroom. Why wait, I knew what I wanted and he was ready to give it to me.

The French doors were open and the breeze blew the curtains allowing the moonlight to cascade over the room. I led him to the bed and he sat down. I stood between his legs and began opening the buttons on his shirt. After each one I kissed his chest, covered in soft silver hair. I took his shirt off and unbuckled his belt, opened the button on his slacks and as he stood I pulled them down. I bent down and untied his laces, taking off his shoes and socks. As I slipped his pants over his feet and looked up, he was standing there quivering.

The only thing left were his shorts. I let my hand glide over his thighs and in between his legs, I felt a flaccid penis, reaching in I took it in my hand. He started to say something and I just put my finger to my lips and said, “Shhhh”. I pulled his shorts down over his hips never letting go and when he was free I held him in my hand and kissed him, letting him know it wasn’t going to change how I felt.

I gently squeezed him before I whispered ‘sit down.”

I took a few steps back and reached behind me, pulling the zipper down. I lowered the dress off my shoulders and over my hips. His eyes were intense, following every movement. I stepped out of the dress and reached behind me to unfasten my bra. I wasn’t teasing him; I was giving myself to him. I dropped the lace bra to the floor and stood for a few seconds so he could look at me. My fingers found the band of my panties and I lowered them down over my hips, knees and ankles.

I walked to him, and took his head in my arms and pulled it to my tits, his hands filled with my flesh and he wasted not a second finding and devouring my nipples.

“Just like that Tom, suck them hard, I love it hard, and yesss bit my nipples, oh baby you’re driving me crazy, don’t stop, ummm, like that suck my nipples just like that, Ohhh I’m getting so wet, my pussy is on fire for that tongue, I need you to suck me Tom, do it now please, I need it now.”

I was on the edge of the bed with my legs wide open before I opened my eyes, his tongue was long and stiff and he put it deep inside me, in and out fucking my hot hungry pussy with that tongue. When his lips closed down on my hard tormented clit I know it was me screaming and moaning. The sound of his lips sucking and licking was like a shot of fire thru me. He put his finger in my pussy and finger fucked me in time with the lips that were beating my clit against a stiff hard unrelenting tongue. The explosion went off as I felt another finger, this time in my virgin ass driven deep and plunging. I reached down grabbed his head and fucked his mouth as hard as I could.

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