Never Wanted To Be Your Girlfriend Ch. 02

Never Wanted To Be Your Girlfriend Ch. 02So, after being made up like a slut, left glued to a pair of silicon breast forms, and caught sucking-off my best friend, I was pretty sure my day couldn’t get any worse, but I had come nowhere near the end of my torment, as Michelle now had something else planned that I was probably not going to like.Brittany got all tarted up to go clubbing with her friends. Michelle and I ordered pizza, flirted with the delivery guy like a couple of teeny-boppers at a sleep-over, and killed time by playing video games. I got my ass kicked more than usual because I couldn’t stop staring at my reflection in wonder.”Where did you learn to do make-up like this?” I asked, “We both look amazing. I don’t even recognize myself.”Michelle opened her dresser drawer and pulled out this book called “Making Faces” and handed it to me.”It’s all in here.”I opened the book, and was instantly enthralled, it was a complete guide of how to do make-up. Almost any look you could conceive could be created by learning these techniques.We waited till Brittany went out with her friends, and Michelle’s mom passed out — After catching her son and his best friend in drag sucking each other off, I guess she needed a few stiff drinks.Michelle took a few pics of me made up with just my green T-shirt on. She said it was for later, something to do with before and after pics so she could teach me how to do my own make-up. Afterward she punched up my make-up, making it even more dramatic which made me look quite a bit older. She styled my hair in a slutty up-do, and then headed for the bedroom door.”Stay here, I’ll be right back.”Michelle disappeared for a few minutes, and came back with an armful of clothes including the iced-pink corset I had on earlier. She tossed me the corset, a black pvc mini-skirt, black opera gloves, and black pvc bolero jacket, black fishnets with pink bows at the top, black high heeled ankle boots, and the same pink heart collar I wore earlier leaving Michelle holding a black pvc catsuit with matching corset, and black pvc knee boots. If it weren’t for the endless Friday nights of seeing Brittany leave the house dressed for the club like a high-end escort, I’d have seriously begun to question where these clothes were coming from.”Get dressed, slut,” Michelle snapped, playfully.I did as I was told. When I was done, Michelle laced up my corset, and I looked at myself. I was painfully sexy. I wanted to fuck me. Michelle stripped down to just her bra and panties. She looked up at me, and shook her head, disappointed. She nodded to my crotch. My boner was bulging enough to show through my skirt.”That just will not do.”Michelle walked over and kissed me gently. I kissed her back, deeply. She rubbed my crotch and caressed my ass. I was so turned on. I really wanted to fuck her. Even in a bra and panties, her long blonde hair made her look like a Victoria’s Secret model. I rubbed her crotch and noticed that she was hard as well. She smiled.”Take care of me, and I’ll take care of you.”I sank to my knees and sucked her off. She grabbed my hair, and held me firm as she shot down my throat. As I choked down the bitter ooze, I planned to return the favor. I stood and pulled my rock hard cock out, and smiled at Michelle. She grinned and dropped to her knees, and went to town on me. When I got close to cumming, I grabbed her hair, and fucked her face till I exploded in her mouth. I held her in place till I heard her gulp my load down.”How’s it feel, bitch?” I asked, as I let go of her hair.I expected her to be pissed, but Michelle wiped her mouth, and smiled up at me.”I like it rough.”A bit disappointed, I went to put my cock away, and Michelle stopped me.”We can’t have you getting turned on like that in public.””Public?””Yeah, there’s a rave at Asylum tonight. We’re going.””Michelle, I’m not going out like this,” I complained.”Why not? What’s the point of being this hot, if you can’t flaunt it?”I searched for another excuse.”But….we’re 18, we’ll never get in!””Yeah, like this is the first time 18 year old girls ever snuck into a rave. Hot girls can get almost anything they want.”She had a point. I sighed in surrender. Michelle pulled my penis down straight between my legs and showed me what she called a “tuck”. She pushed up on my testes until they disappeared up inside me.”Reach back behind you and hold this in place for a second,” she said.I reached back and grabbed the head of my dick, and then looked in the mirror. I was shocked to see that I was completely flat up front now. Michelle spread some kind of gel around the sides of my scrotum and then took my dick from me, and pushed everything down firm.”What are you doing?” I asked.”Just trust me, this will make it impossible bahis siteleri canlı for anybody to spot you, even if they try to diddle you. She held everything there for a few moments. Satisfied, she let go, and the tuck stayed in place. She pulled up my panties and all trace of my manhood was gone.”What was that stuff?”Michelle held up the bottle of breast form glue.”You glued my junk together???” I gasped.”Chill, chica. We’ll undo it when we take the breast forms off.””Oh, yeah, I forgot. Sorry.””My turn,” Michelle chirped, cheerfully.She dropped her panties, and glued her tuck in place, then took off her bra, and slid the black pvc catsuit on. It clung to her body in such a way that my rod began to strain against its new superglue prison. Which was more uncomfortable than I expected. I looked away, and tried to think about something else. I turned back, and Michelle had the thigh high boots on, and was wrapping the PVC corset around herself.”Here. Lace me up,” she said as she turned her back to me.I complied, and as I tied it off, she turned around to show-off an hourglass figure that matched mine. As I gazed at her lustfully, I frowned. The glue tuck was really starting to hurt the more I got turned on. I fidgeted for a bit, and then reached down my panties and tried to adjust it.”Hurts, huh?” Michelle grinned, devilishly.”Yeah,” I said, grimacing.”Well, try not to get so turned on.””Easier said than done. Have you seen yourself? You are just….wow!”Michelle admired herself in the mirror.”Yeah, Kate Beckinsale’s got nothin’ on me…But I’m serious…the more you get turned on, the more it hurts, and unless you can get away from the stimulus, it’ll keep getting worse until….”Oh my god, it hit me. What had Michelle gotten me into?”You mean…””You’ll beg to be fucked. You’ll do anything to have a cock in your ass to fuck you till you cum.”It was worse than I thought.”But…you can’t… You glued yours down, too.””Maybe you’ll meet a hot guy at the club,” she shrugged.I was horrified.”Why would you do this?””Cuz I’m evil. And it’s the price you have to pay for getting to be so hot. It’s an affront to femininity to walk around looking like that, turning guys on, making other girls jealous, and not be faced with the potential consequences. You want to be a hot girl. And it’s my duty to ensure that you fully understand what it means to be one, understand?”I nodded. Luckily, during her explanation I started to lose my wood which was a relief cuz I was certainly not ready to be with a guy. I was hardly ready to be with Michelle.Using photoshop and the pictures she took earlier, Michelle made me a fake ID like hers. While she worked her digital magic, I got used to walking in heels, and practiced speaking more girly. Michelle finished the ID, and popped it in a purse along with cash she swiped from her mom, and some make-up. She handed me the purse and smiled. We were all set for the club. I’d never been more terrified, as Michelle picked up the phone and called for a cab.The cab driver was drooling so badly over us, that I was afraid all the time he spent peeping at us the rearview mirror, was gonna get us all killed.At the club, the bouncer’s eyes never left my cleavage as he stamped our hands, and let us in without even checking our IDs. Michelle smiled sideways at me as we bounced into the club, ready for adventure. Every head turned, guys and girls. It was thrilling and liberating to go from an outcast who was generally ignored by everyone to the center of attention… and a bit frightening as every guy in the club looked at us like we were dinner…and a few of the girls did too. Most of the girls in the club were as painfully hot as myself and Michelle. And I mean painfully. They got me so hot, that my crotch was really starting to hurt. It hadn’t occurred to me that, thanks to Michelle and her damn glue, if I did land one of these hotties, that actually losing my virginity to them was impossible, at least for tonight. And as far as hooking up with one of the guys….that was unthinkable. I figured to be safe I’d just keep my head down as we made our way to the bar.Michelle ordered us some Kamikazes, and we stood on the balcony overlooking the dance floor, and downed our drinks. I had never drank before, and was surprised to find the taste to be pleasant. Two guys by the bar stared at us for a while. As they approached us, I started to get nervous. I gripped Michelle’s hand, and glared at her in fear. Michelle pulled me in close, and kissed me deeply. The guys hesitated for a second but kept coming. Michelle broke off the kiss, and wrapped her arms around me protectively.”She’s mine, fellas. We’re not into guys.””Fucking dykes,” the tall one said, and stomped canlı bahis off with his friend.”Thank you,” I sighed in relief. “How are you this… confident…I mean with guys?””Hey, this ain’t my first rodeo. I’ve been sneaking out like this for nearly 6 months,” Michelle replied.”Seriously? Have you….ya know…been with a guy?”, I asked.”A few. Nothing special. I mean, you know as well as I do, most guys are clueless. So far I’ve yet to find one who really does it for me. The first one was just out of curiosity. the other two, were a result of the glue. I was dancing with them, and one of them was feeling me up, and I got so turned on that I let them double-team me up in the VIP lounge.”My jaw dropped.”Two at once? You slut!”Michelle giggled, “Takes one to know one.””If you knew the glue would have that effect, why’d you come here…ya know…glued down?” I asked.Gesturing to her seamless curves underneath the catsuit, “There are some outfits that simply cannot be worn with underwear.”I looked her up and down and laughed. She was right. Michelle kissed me deeply again, and stroked my hair.”Don’t worry though. I know you aren’t ready for all of this yet. I’ll protect you until you’re ready to spread you wings. Let’s grab a couple more Kamikazes, and then hit the dance floor.””Okay,” I said nervously.Everything after that is still a bit fuzzy, but I’ll never forget waking up the following day…….My vision was blurry and my head was pounding from the hangover, I was on a bed, wearing the same clothes from the night before, and I couldn’t move or speak. There was a ball gag in my mouth. My wrists and ankles were bound in locking leather cuffs, which were zip-tied together in a hogtie. I struggled to get free to no avail. I managed to turn over to see a naked guy, wearing headphones, sitting at his computer. I was in deep shit. Where was Michelle, how could she let this happen to me? And was she tied up somewhere, too?The guy removed his headphones and turned toward me. I couldn’t make out his face through the blurriness and the bright light coming through the window behind him.”You’re awake”, he said.I knew his voice, but couldn’t place it. He plucked a knife off his desk and came toward me. I was terrified. He reached down behind me and cut the zip tie allowing me more movement. He slowly ran his hand along my stockinged leg, up to my panties, and rubbed me through the satin which started to get me hard. I remember Michelle’s words, “You’ll beg to be fucked….””Oh God, no,” I mumbled unintelligibly through the gag.The pain grew worse as he continued to stroke me. I squirmed and pleaded through the gag for him to stop. The pain and simultaneous pleasure was maddening. He began to explore my body with his other hand. As amazing as it felt to have Michelle feel me up, there was something about a man’s touch. I was going crazy with desire and pain. He began to grind me from behind and I could feel his rock hard shaft rubbing up against my ass. This was maddening. I wished he’d just fuck me already. I began to plead through the gag for him to fuck me. And suddenly in mid-sentence, he removed the gag –“…for God’s sake, fuck me!!” I blurted.”You want it, don’t you?” He whispered in my ear.”Yes,” I replied in a harsh whisper.”Then say it. Beg me to fuck you.””Please fuck me,” I pleaded.”You want my cock?””Yes… I need your cock inside me now.”He pulled down my panties, and rubbed his cock up and down the crack of my ass. The sensation was amazing. I began grinding my ass into his cock.”Put it in. Fuck me now. Please, please FUCK ME!””But Andy Lembke…you already fucked yourself.”I froze. He knew my name. He got up, and stood over me. I looked up to see that it was Derrick. Fucking DERRICK!! Michelle’s brother. This was awful…not Derrick, anyone but Derrick!! Derrick positioned me on my knees on the bed in front of him with his massive cock pointing right in my face.”If you want it in your ass, you need to lube it up first.”I stared at his cock in front of me, defiant, but desperately needing to cum.”I’ll scream. If your mom finds out what you’ve done, you’re fucked,” I spat.”Oh, no you won’t. You see…the last thing you want is to involve anyone else.”Derrick went to his computer, and brought up a video file and hit play.”Watch this, it’s totally fucking hot,” he said as he sat next to me and felt me up as I watched the video.My jaw dropped as the video began to play — I instantly recognized myself dressed as I was now in the sexy pink and black club clothes. Derrick and I were making out. I was all over him. He must have slipped me a roofie, or something. Then I was sucking Derrick’s cock, and begging him to fuck me which he did, repeatedly. And it was evident that bahis siteleri I was loving it. He fucked me with my legs in the air, and then doggy style, I sat on his cock and bounced up and down as I played with my tits. The video made me out to be a cock hungry slut. Derrick had edited the video so you couldn’t ever see his face. If anyone ever saw this I’d never be able to show my face anywhere. I was mortified.Derrick got up and paused the video, came back to the bed, and played with my tits.”You see, Andy. You already fucked yourself. So unless you want your whole school to know what a girly little faggot you are, you will do exactly what I say,” he said as he pulled my panties back up and began rubbing my crotch again.”Do you understand me, Andrea?””Andrea?” I asked stunned at the name.”That’s your name now, An-dray-uh,” Derrick emphasized my new name. “Understood?””Yes.””And this,” he said rubbing my crotch, “is now your pussy. What am I rubbing? Say it.””My pussy,” I said shamefully.”Good girl, Andi. Now, I don’t think there’s any further need for these.”He undid the cuffs on my ankles and wrists. I sat back as Derrick continued to rub my pussy driving me insane. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I began to moan. I needed his cock so bad.”Fuck me,” I moaned.Derrick stood up and pointed his cock at my face.”You know what you need to do.”I didn’t care anymore, I hungrily grabbed his cock and wrapped my lips around it. I did what Michelle taught me, and I sucked his cock like a filthy slut. Satisfied that I was completely his, he pulled out.”You want my cock in your ass?” He asked.”Yes,” I panted hungrily.”Say it.””I need your cock in my ass.”Derrick laughed and bent me over, and without warning slid his massive cock into my ass. I gasped in surprise and pain. My god he was big. He grabbed me by my hair and pounded my ass. I came almost immediately, but he kept fucking me, and I came two more times. Derrick pulled out, stood up, grabbed me by my hair again, pulled my face up toward him, and came on my face, and then slapped me with his cock a few times, laughing. Then he let go, as I basked in the dizziness and euphoria of my own orgasms.He threw me a smelly t-shirt which I used to wipe the cum off my face. As the euphoria wore off, I was surprised that that feeling of shame I’d had with my first time with Michelle didn’t crop up. I pulled up my panties, and sat numbly on the corner of the bed my head spinning as I tried to process everything. Derrick pulled on some boxers. He went to the door, and unlocked it. He turned to me with a dark smile.”Your mine now, bitch…and don’t forget it,” he said as he left the room.I was his. I hated him. I hated myself, but most of all… I hated Michelle. Almost on cue, she lazily stepped into the room wearing an over-sized T-shirt, and leaned against the doorway, and sighed.”I’ve been listening out in the hall. I wanted to make sure Derrick wasn’t hurting you. Imagine my surprise to hear you begging to be fucked. I wouldn’t have picked Derrick to be your first, but you were pretty drunk, and wouldn’t let me talk you out of it…and the sounds coming from in here last night…well, you sounded pretty happy.””You set me up. You knew this would happen.””No, I didn’t. To be honest; I wanted you for myself. But after I saw the way you looked at Derrick at the club last night, I knew I had lost you. I’m just not man enough for you.”How could this be? I had never even fantasized about a man before. I just wanted to know what it felt like to be pretty…and now….I was what…Derrick’s love slave?”C’mon, mom should be back soon with the glue remover, and we can get you back to normal.””No you can’t,” Derrick said sharply as he came down the hall. “Her pussy stays right where it is.””What?” I asked.”You know what happens if you disobey me, right?”I hung my head.”Yes.”Michelle looked at me confused.”What happens?” She asked curiously.Derrick walked in with a plate of pop tarts. He went over to his computer, set the plate down, grabbed a pop tart for himself, and hit play on the video for Michelle who watched it in awe. When it was over, Michelle laughed.”Oh, Andi, you are so fucked…. BTW Derrick, that is your best work, yet. Can I get a copy of it?”I glared at Michelle. She deflected.”What? Where do you think I got all my tranny porn from? Derrick was the one who showed me all the best download sites. Plus he’s made a few of his own. I may be the only one in the family who likes being a tranny….but we all like fucking them.”Derrick and Michelle shared a sly smile. Then he pushed her out the door.”Alright, get outta here, faggot. I’m wanna fuck my girlfriend.””Girlfr…?” I asked dumbfounded.Derrick slammed and locked the door. He dropped his boxers, came over, pushed me back onto the bed, climbed on top of me and shoved his tongue down my throat. He ran his hands up the sides of the corset – tracing my curves, and rubbed his stiff cock up against me. I moaned as my pussy began to throb…”Fuck.”

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