New Cleaner Samantha


New Cleaner SamanthaA new day had dawned and I was dozing on the bed when a text came through from Debbie asking me to meet Benji in the park at lunchtime because she forgot to pay me and had given Benji an envelope for me, I text her back to say it was fine and to meet at Doris’s café.I took a quick shower and after a quick coffee headed off to the park, it was a hot day so shorts and tee shirt was the order of the day.I arrived at the park and got a coffee from Doris, she wasn’t busy and we chatted, I told her I was meeting Benji and told her how I knew him, I could read exactly what was going through her mind when she told me she was looking forward to meeting him, aww bless, Doris is like an Aunt to me.“You still looking for a cleaner?” she asked and had that glint in her eye which told me she knew someone so if course I said I was still interviewing, “Good” she said, “I got someone interested” she continued pointing to my ad that she still had displayed.Just the thought of another applicant had my cock pulsing in my shorts and it was at that point that Benji arrived with a friend of his, he introduced me to Joey and handed me the envelope. “Is there a toilet here Frank?” he asked and I pointed him to the path beside the café.Doris looked at me, “Frank, can you hold the fort for a second, need to get something from the van” she said giving me a wink, “Of course” I replied and off she went.I knew exactly where she was going and Benji was about the get a nice surprise as even old Doris gives a good blow job.I chatted with Joey who was a sporty lad, very pleasant and we had a few laughs and after a few minutes Doris returned with a grin on her face because she knew that I knew exactly what she had been doing and Benji’s return confirmed that as he looked rather flushed.Benji whispered something in Joeys ear and then made their excuses and left and Doris filled my coffee cup with a smirk on her face, “You didn’t?” I asked laughing, she turned her head towards me and smiled, “Oh yes, and that boy has a lovely cock Frank” she said licking her lips.“So, tell me about this cleaner?” I asked as I sipped my coffee so Doris went on to tell me about her, her name is Samantha, not Sam as she doesn’t like that, she was quite posh and well spoken so she jokingly told me to behave myself. The story is that all of her friends do odd jobs and she doesn’t want to feel left out, Doris had spoken to her when she saw the ad and apparently told her what a great employer I would be, always good for a recommendation is our Doris.Although my first impression was she didn’t seem my type I trusted Doris’s judgement and her referrals have never let me down yet.As she spoke it appeared she was looking right through me until I realised someone was behind me, “Frank” Doris said, “Meet Samantha” and I spun round on my stool to see a well dressed young lady in a tight white shirt and tie, black pleated wrap round skirt just above the knee and little white socks, her shoes where freshly cleaned. Introductions done I invited Samantha to sit down and we had a brief chat, Doris was right she was very well spoken and polite, she sat there all prim and proper with her knees tightly together with not even a tease. She was enthusiastic and after seeing my ad was keen to know more, Doris had told her that I was looking and was a personal friend. She was sarıyer escort very pretty but there was something about her that I just couldn’t put my finger on and she was keen to know what the job entailed. I asked when she was free to come for an interview and she told me that she had a free period right now so I hastily suggested we walked back home now which was met with enthusiastic approval.We said our goodbyes to Doris who smiled at me as I helped Sam off her stool. As we walked the short walk back to my house I noticed that Sam glanced down at my shorts a few times, I didn’t think anything of it but was conscious that my cock was flopping about inside.We arrived back at the house and I showed Sam into the lounge where she took a seat on the sofa looking around, “Nice house you have Frank” she said politely.“Thank you” I replied, “Can I get you a drink of squash?” I asked and Sam smiled nodding her head.As I walked back into the lounge with the squash the sunlight hit me and noticed that she was looking down at my cock flopping around inside my shorts, she smiled as I handed her the drink and took a big mouthful before looking up at me, “Mmm, this is nice” she said softly before looking back at my groin area.“Do you not wear underwear under those?” she asked in her polite voice and with a straight face, “Do you realise I can see your um.. penis” she continued and I looked down and saw movement from my trouser snake. She took another big gulp of her drink as she waited for my answer.I sat down in my chair as it was easier to hide my impending arousal and told her that I rarely work underpants as I found it more comfortable and apologised if the view offended.Samantha smiled at my explanation and finished her drink holding the glass out for a refill, this meant I had to stand again knowing that the bulge was now more visible.I took her glass and her eyes widened as she looked at the tent pole that had now appeared and quickly refilled it walking back in I saw her knees slightly relax and because it was a wrapround skirt the side slipped down her thigh giving me a quick flash of her white cotton panties, she quickly realised and put her skirt back in place as she stared at my bulge.“Wow!” she said softly as she stared, “Do you like it when girls look at that thing?” she asked outright which took be back a little but I stood my ground as she slurped more of my homemade squash.I could see she was trying to focus as the drink started to take effect, “Actually yes, I do like it, do you like it Samantha?” I asked thinking that as she was so forward with her question I would reply in the same vain.“OMG NO!” she said sternly but making no attempt to avert her gaze and even took another big gulp of her drink still trying to focus. “I think it’s gross and disgusting” she continued as she kept looking and seeing my angled cock throbbing beneath the fabric of my shorts.I purposefully lingered longer than I should have and then stepped back into my chair deciding to change the subject.“so what kind of things have you done before Samantha?” I asked to get her attention away from my groin area but fully conscious that my boner was noticeable. “Well”, she said softly, “I have helped mother around the house with various chores and also helped father” she continued esenyurt escort in her posh voice and I was intrigued, “What sort of things have you helped your father with?” I asked her and seeing her face go a little red and her gaze dropped back to my groin I had a good idea.Sam stuttered as she replied, “Oh you know Frank, just things to help him out, always willing to please” she said with a nervous laugh and seemed to be in a trance looking directly at my bulge.“Oh sorry” she said as she snapped out of it and I liked the comment on ‘always willing to please’ so I smiled at her as her gaze rose back to my face. I think the drink had started hit her now and she appeared more relaxed as we laughed about her helping her parents but wanted to earn some cash herself and I was her first customer, I was honoured and told her so and she seemed happy.“It’s really hot in here” she remarked with a giggle and as she was sitting in front of the window with the sun blaring in I was not surprised at her comment, “Can I take my tie off?” she asked and before I could answer she had it undone and undid a couple of buttons on her shirt, OMG her tight little breasts were bursting to escape under the tight fabric of her shirt.She looked a bit embarrassed as she tried to do up the buttons on her shirt but kept fumbling and gave up giggling, “Don’t worry” I said looking at her chest watching her struggle with the button and when she inadvertently popped another button open she gave up leaving her shirt wide open and little bra in full view. She smiled and got back to the original subject, “Yes, father always said a happy customer is a returning customer” she said smiling and I definitely saw her looking at my boner.“That’s a great attitude Samantha” I said smiling and shifting a little forward in my chair giving her a better view of my boner, “I don’t pay much for cleaning but I do pay a good bonus for a job well done” I continued giving her a smile, she saw me looking at her chest and without knowing it she pushed it out a little.As I got up to shake on the deal I felt a hot rush go through my body and held on to the arm of the chair to steady myself, “What happened?” Sam asked concerned, I told her I came over all hot and she immediately and without thinking suggested I take my shirt off to cool down, well that’s an offer that no many would refuse and bless her she even stood up to help me take it off, at one point we were so close that I felt my boner sticking into her stomach and I was sure she felt it too but then stepped back pulling my shirt over my head. “Here you go, sit back down now Frank” she said helping me back into the chair, “This happened to my father before and he explained what had happened and what to do” she had her hands on my shoulders leaning into me as she spoke which gave me one hell of a good look down her shirt, two little mounds were clearly visible under the tight fabric, “Really?” I replied putting on a weak voice, she looked down at the throbbing erection I had under my shorts, “Yes Frank, look.. you have all the blood in your penis which made you faint” she said pointing to my bulge, I was intrigued.“Yes Frank, father showed me what to do to relieve the pressure, quick take your shorts off” and there was urgency in her voice like it was life or death, “What?” I protested avrupa yakası escort but she had already got her hands in the waistband and was tugging them down, “No time to argue Frank, you will thank me after” she said as she pulled my shorts down and off and knelt down in between my widened legs, “Sorry Frank, I have to do this..” she said as she reached forward and held the shaft pulling the skin back exposing the swollen purple head, I gasped as I felt her hot mouth envelope my head and her tongue flicking all around.I grabbed hold of her head forcing her down as I gently thrust up pushing my cock right into her warm mouth, OMG she didn’t even gag as I felt the tightness of her throat as she bobbed her head up and down taking me all in. Her hand moved in and cupped my swollen balls which gripping the base of my cock while she frantically sucked the life out of me, I laid back enjoying every second of her cock worshipping which her father taught her feeling thankful of my unexpected hot flush, a totally logical explanation and Sam was doing a magnificent job in rectifying the situation.Her gentle squeezing had done its job and I soon felt my cock starting to pulsate and shoot the hot white stuff deep into Sam’s mouth, she gripped my cock hard to avoid and leakage as she swallowed spurt after spurt until she felt there was no more, she then sucked hard on the tip ensuring every last drop was out.She looked up at me with inquisitive eyes, “How does that feel Frank?” she asked and I was totally speechless. I just nodded as she held my softening cock in her hand looking at it closely, she then looked up at me, “Father taught me that if ever that happens you have to release the pressure” she said softly.I thanked her and said how lucky I was that she was here as she sat back down on the sofa still looking across at my soft cock hanging between my legs, I reached down to get my shorts when Sam snapped, “NO” she barked, “Leave them off, father said you have to monitor it afterwards to make sure the problem doesn’t return” she said so I stayed sitting there naked under her watchful eye.“What do you normally wear when you are cleaning at home?” I asked fully conscious of the fact that she wasn’t exactly dressed for cleaning, she was again trying to do up her buttons although with me sitting naked I had no idea why, maybe she didn’t want me to get aroused by looking at her little titties.She giggled as she answered the question, “Sometimes shorts and a tee shirt but father says its ok in just knickers and bra,” she looked slightly embarrassed in telling me that.“I will bring my shorts next time Frank, I promise” she said not wanting to miss out on a technicality and desperate to be hired, I didn’t want to suggest her fathers option so was carful with my reply,“That’s fine Samantha, but I was hoping you would do a quick trial today, but you are obviously not dressed for it” I said looking a bit disappointed and pleased that although she was monitoring the situation that my cock remained soft.She looked disappointed too and I could see the cogs spinning in her brain, “Wait, I have an idea” she said enthusiastically, I listened keenly as she said, “Father says its ok if I do cleaning in my underwear, so why don’t I do that today?” she seemed happy at the solution but I tried to play it down, “Really?, but that wouldn’t be right though, with me naked and you monitoring it” and she walked over to me and put her hand on my shoulder and looked at me with sorry eyes“Frank” she said softly, “I really want this job, please let me do the trial and I promise to monitor your condition” she did look sad and how could I refuse such an offer.To Be Continued…..

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