New GF Dominates Me!


New GF Dominates Me!I met a woman online about 5 years ago who seemed willing to dominate me. It is a fantasy I have had for years and have been looking for a woman to dominate and use me. Janet asked me to meet her first at a local Adult Store. She wanted to pick out some things for me to buy her. Janet seemed a little nervous when I met her there but when she saw I was nervous and submissive she perked right up. She then yelled “your my bitch and don’t forget it”. Everyone in the store turned around as she pushed me to the floor and made me crawl along side her. Janet is about 5’7″, around 160lbs, long blond hair, and brilliant blue eyes. She was wearing a mini skirt and a see through top with no bra. I kept looking up at her beautiful body and she caught me and slapped me right on the ass. She let me get up to hold her growing supplies she was picking out from the store. She had a strap on harness, 2 dildos for it (6″ and 8″), a whip, hand and leg restraints, a collar and a strap on that fits over your face. As I was paying for everything she went to the bathroom with the harness and the 8″ dildo. She comes out with it sticking out from under her mini skirt. She pulls up her skirt and starts to stroke it as she says very load “I’m horny, come over here slave and suck me off”. I turned bright red but I obeyed. I got down on my knees in front of her and started to lick the shaft as the old woman behind the counter cheered Janet on. Everyone in the place was watching as she fucked my face with it trying to get it down my throat. After about 10 minutes of her moaning she pulls it out and pretends to shoot cum all over my face. She pulls me up and says thank you and then she notices my hard cock pressing against my shorts. She hits my cock hard and says “I didn’t tell you could get excited”.I sheepishly follow her from the store and we start to get into her rental car. She tells me to strip out of my clothes and then climb in. I got in the car naked as she looked down at my 7″ shaved cock and whistled “You have a nice looking cock, stroke it just enough to keep it hard until we get to the hotel. We parked at the hotel and she let me get dressed. I carried all her goodies in as we went up to her room. canlı bahis She undressed and got into the Jacuzzi tub while I poured her a glass of Champagne. She then told me to shave off all of my hair below my neck. She needed to have a completely smooth slave. When I got done I modeled for her and she approved. As she got out of the tub I noticed her smooth pussy and as she went by me she brushed my hard cock with her hand and it started twitching. She then told me that I had better be careful because I would be in a lot of trouble if I came before being told.She then took me to her suitcase and pulled out some clothes and a wig. She had me sit down and she plucked my eyebrows and she shaved my face once more. She then dressed me in some clothes that belonged to her girlfriend who is almost 6′ tall. She expertly put on my mini skirt, a bra with silicone breasts in it, a slinky blouse and a scarf to hide my Adams apple.Just then there was a knock at the door and she let in 3 of her girlfriends who were impressed with her handiwork. First they all took turns taking pictures of me and then we went out on the town where she made a point of humiliating me by making me her slave in public. She at one point yelled out to me ” you little slut, sucking of 10 guys last night”. She and her friends were laughing as every guy in the place turned around to look and then rushed over to ask me to dance. I was very red but she told me to go out on the dance floor and enjoy the attention. My cock which was taped down was getting rubbed as the guy tried to dirty dance with me. He squeezed my tits, which felt very real. Janet then came over as I was dancing and suggested that I reach my hand in the guy’s shorts and stroke his cock while we dance. I said no way and she reminded me that I was her slave. I complied by reaching in his shorts and stroked him while we danced. All the girls were laughing and everyone on the dance floor knew what we were doing as he kissed me. I wasn’t ready to be kissed by a guy and almost vomited. I decided I better enjoy it because I don’t know what the rest of the evening holds. Janet’s friend Stacy came over and said to bring him back to the table before he cums in his pants. I got back bahis siteleri there to the table and Stacy motioned for me to climb under the table and said “Take care of your friend we don’t want him thinking your a tease”. I said No and Stacy mentioned all the pictures they were taking and I decided to crawl under the table. This was the first time I had ever sucked a cock and I hope I did good. He came in just a couple of minutes and as he came he pulled out of my mouth and shot all over my face and blouse under the table. I sucked him clean as ordered and he left. I came up from under the table and started wiping off the cum. The girls said no and wanted me to walk out of there with cum dripping off of myself. I heard a bunch of guys laughing and yelling and pointing at me as I left.We went back to her hotel room and she untied my aching cock as she pulled off my panties and blouse. She and her friends got naked and Janet went to her room. I forgot to mention Janet is a nurse and she brought along an injection that she was going to shoot into my penis. This injection would make me hard for 2 to 4 hours without even touching it. Janet said she wanted me walking around with a hard-on that ached but I couldn’t touch. She had me serve them drinks and lick their pussies as they talked. Occasionally over the next hour one would whip my ass or give me a teasing squeeze, which either one made my already hard cock throb. Stacy got up and asked if she could try on the strap on. Janet said yes and as she was trying it on Janet whipped my ass until it was burning and I am sure it was bright red. I would scream out with each stroke and they would all laugh. Joanne then took pity on my ass and caressed it gently. I was starting to feel better and then she slapped my ass with her hand.Stacy was in front of me ordering me to suck on her and Janet said “you better lube up your ass Slave or that 6″ Dildo is going to hurt. Janet then put a little dab of lube in my hand as I was sucking and stuck my finger in my ass. I just started to put the second finger in when Stacy pulled them away and roughly shoved in the dildo. I was thankful she was using the smaller one. She started fucking me while Shelly put the 8” dildo bahis şirketleri in my mouth. I sucked hungrily while being fucked doggy style and being whipped. My cock was so hard and it throbbed so much I just wanted to touch it and shoot my cum but I knew I would be in big trouble. Al of a sudden I didn’t care, I wanted to cum so bad. I started stroking and Janet hit my hand hard with the whip and then slapped my face. She said, “I thought you were going to be good, now we have to restrain you.” She led me to the bed, and they tied my hands using the restraints she bought.Now I was lying on my back still with my skirt on and my legs pulled back to my chest. Shelly was putting on the harness and the 8″ dildo as Stacy lubed my ass just a little bit more and playful traced her fingers up and down my smooth cock and balls. My hard cock was throbbing when Shelly impaled me with the huge dildo. I screamed out loud as she fucked my even harder. While she fucked me Janet decided to quite me down by sitting on my face and riding me. She decided to put the face strap on me, I think it was called the accommodator. Whatever it was, she rode my face until she came twice and I could barely breathe. Shelly had continued to fuck me with wild abandon, when Joanne decided she wanted a turn.Well, while Joanne fucked me each of the girls took turns riding my face. They would switch so fast, that I barely had time to breathe in between the face fucks. I found out that Joanne squirts when she cums and she just about drowned me 3 different times.While Janet was fucking me late in the night, the other girls propped up my ass with pillows so that my cock was up above my face. Janet started to stroke me while she was fucking me and my 4 and a half hour hard on was aching to be released. It wasn’t long before I was shooting gobs and gobs of cum right into my open mouth and all over my face. Joanne and Stacy scooped up what dribbled off and fed it to me while Shelly was taking pictures.They finally untied me and let me stretch my legs. Janet then told me that I was to sleep on the floor because the girls were sharing the 2 beds in the room. Janet then mentioned that she had an idea for the next day. All the girls were excited as she said they would go back to the Adult bookstore with me wearing my Slut outfit to buy a larger dildo and maybe another harness with my money and then they would take turns fucking me back in the porno booth.

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