New Swingers on the Circuit


Helens Tale

We had just arrived at the hotel and my husband turned to me and said, “You ok love, sure you want to go through with this?”

As he said those words the reality and enormity of what we were about to do, the massive step in our relationship, that could be fractured for all-time hit me, I swallowed hard and replied, “Yes…no…sure…maybe, I want to do it, but I’m not sure I can, I love you too much.”

“Helen, if you’re not sure we can always cancel, or postpone, I can phone Dan, I’m sure they’ll understand, they know the situation with us.”

I looked at him, looking handsome in his black slacks and burgundy Hugo Boss shirt, could I give him up to another woman, let her feel his touch and those little things he does to me that get me so turned on. I bit my lip and made my mind up, committing fully. “No, we’ve talked things through enough we have to make the decision at some time, I’m…we’re doing it,” with that I walked boldly into the hotel lobby and our lives changed forever.

As I strode into the cocktail bar a few heads turned, not just from the men, quite a few women did as well and that gave my confidence a big shot, I’ve always been turned on by the appreciation of other women, even though I’ve never been with a women, never contemplated it, but in some way curious. In the corner, a couple made to get up and the man beckoned us over, as we approached he greeted us, “Helen and Mark? We’re Dan and Anne, with an E” This was the couple we were to here to meet and on first sight I was happy.

Dan looked trim and fit, quite tall at just under six foot, close-cropped black hair, with just a touch of grey at the sides. He seemed to be just past forty. His wife Anne was the exact opposite to me, I am tall at five foot nine, athletic and willowy in build, shoulder length ash-blond hair falling loose around my narrow face.

Anne couldn’t have been more than five foot four inches tall, with a full and voluptuous figure, big boobs that seemed firm for her age, at I guessed just under forty, wide hips and sparkling green eyes, that flashed every time she smiled, which I found out was a lot. As we stood and air kissed each other’s cheeks I was aware of a subtle appraisal on my body by both Dan and Anne, and what appeared to be a nod of approval, Mark was embarrassing me by openly staring at Anne’s boobs, but to be fair, they did deserve to be stared at.

We sat down and after Dan had ordered drinks for us an easy conversation flowed, the air was more relaxed than I had expected, Anne and Dan were doing their best to make us feel at ease. Dan wasn’t paying an overly amount of attention to me, Anne was talking to me just as much as he did, and Dan did the same with Mark.

After a while, Dan said, “Are you two both sure you want to continue, if you want to stop things here and now, Anne and I won’t be offended, it’s happened before, and it will happen again. But that is why we try and be the first ones for virgins on the scene.”

I bit my bottom lip as I looked at Mark, I was unsure but he seemed even more so, I nodded my head at him and said, “Yes Dan, I’m sure, Mark and I have discussed this for a while and now is the right time, and you and Anne seem the perfect couple for us to start with.”

Mark was silent for a while then nodded his agreement. Anne took his hand and said, “Mark, are you definitely sure, if not things will not be as good as they could be, as they should be. If you’re not 100% sure, then I am pulling out, it’s not fair on you or Helen.” That seemed to convince Mark who nodded his head enthusiastically and said in a firm but quiet voice, “Yes, I’m sure, I just didn’t want Helen to feel pressured.”

I smiled at Mark in thanks. We continued chatting for a while conversation becoming a little more risque and we were now forming two distinct couples, Dan and me; Anne and Mark. Anne was becoming increasingly more tactile with Mark, hand lingering on his arm, for longer than it should, occasionally resting on his knee and then running up his thigh, to sit there. I was becoming more and more jealous of what she was doing and what she obviously had planned for my husband. Dan, in contrast, had not touched me at all. It was irrational that I was feeling jealous, I knew what we were here for.

Dan seemed to sense my growing unease and moved things to the next level. “Well folks the conversation is stimulating, but, we are here for another reason, and just looking at Helen is stimulating me in an altogether different way. Helen would you come with me please.”

With that he stood, took hold of my hand and raised me from my seat, guiding me through the crowded bar using the slightest of touches of his hand on my waist to do so. As we left I was aware of every eye in the place following or progress through the crowded bar.

“Helen, don’t look back, your husband is just going through the worst and hardest experience of his life.” I glanced at Dan in query. “He’s just watched his beautiful, istanbul escort young, and very sexy wife walk off with another man, knowing that in a short while she will be naked and making love to him.”

I half stumbled and a small gasp escaped my lips at his words and the implication that they held, “Helen, I know because I felt exactly the same thing when Anne and I swapped partners for the first time. Don’t worry, Mark will be ok, Anne will take care of him. But believe me, you may think this is hard for you, but it is even harder for Mark, he knows that soon someone else is about to penetrate his wife, it is harder for a man to accept that.”

By this time we had reached the lift and were soon whisked to the tenth floor and the bedroom where my life would change forever. When we reached the bedroom door Dan again asked if I was sure I wanted to continue, I looked at him, nodded to him. Unable to speak.

With that he opened the bedroom door, put his hand lightly on the small of my back and ushered me through it, changing both my life and marriage irrevocably in that one moment.

Marks take on things

My mind was in turmoil as I watched my wife Helen walk out of the bar accompanied by another man, a stranger who soon would be making love to her, fucking her. We had both agreed that we were curious to try the swinging scene and had agonised long and hard before agreeing to take the plunge, and at the time I was probably the more enthusiastic, but now that it was a reality I was finding it harder to accept than I had thought I would. If at any time Helen had said she wanted to back out I would have done so in a flash, but the further things had progressed the more determined she had become.

We had met via a mutual friend when Helen was eighteen and I was twenty, it wasn’t a blind date just that we came into each others orbit. I asked her out on a date and that was it. We were married when she was twenty-one, and have been together ever since. This may be a surprising thing to say given what we were embarking on but our sex life was extremely satisfying in all ways, including some role play stuff, and that’s what tempted us to try the swinging scene.

Neither of us had gone to Uni, I am an electrical engineer, working for an international company and have just been made product manager for some lines. Helen had trained as a hairdresser and has just opened her fourth salon, all located in the exclusive and expensive south Manchester commuter belt of Bramhall, Wilmslow, Prestbury and the latest and big one, Alderley Edge, the haunt of Manchester’s footballers and their wives and partners.

All this was flashing through my mind when I felt a hand on my thigh and Anne said to me, “Relax, everything’s going to be all right. And it’s rude not to pay me some attention you know.”

That eased the tension for me and Anne was right, and she did deserve attention, she was small in height but had a full figure, rounder and bigger than my normal taste, than Helen, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her magnificent breasts that were testing the seams of her white satin top. A top that was cut low enough to give me a good view of the goods on offer when she bent forward, but not that low that anyone could see, just a hint of cleavage.

She had a kind, open face, framed by luxuriant naturally wavy black hair that hung to just below her shoulders and stunning green eyes.

“Give them a few minutes and we’ll go up as well, not make it too obvious what’s going on.”

I nodded in reply, getting a bit worked up now, anticipating that soon I would be able to get my hands on Anne’s boobs and all the rest of her generous figure.

“I can’t wait to get a look at that strong body of yours, I’m getting wet at the thought,” she said in a slow sexy voice, “here have a feel.” With that, she took my hand and under cover of the table pushed it up her leg and pressed my hand on the fabric of her panties. She was right she was very wet, her panties were sopping.

From anyone else, and said and done in any other way that could have been very tacky but from Anne, it was just open blatant sex appeal, and an invitation as if any were needed. Anne was trying to make me feel at ease, and she was doing so, my apprehension was disappearing and anticipation growing with every second that passed. Now I couldn’t wait to get Anne alone, and naked and????


We entered the bedroom and the lighting was already set at low, Dan followed me into the room and shut the door behind us but didn’t lock it, then instead of directing me to the bed as I expected he guided me towards the dressing table. Suddenly I could go no further and Dan was directly in front of me, smiling. Then he moved in closer to me, I held my breath expecting him to lean in and kiss me but he didn’t, just breathed softly.

“Helen, last chance do you want to stop?”

As he said this I was aware that one hand avcılar escort had reached behind me and had grasped the zip on my midnight blue Donna Karen silk dress. As I nodded acquiescence, still unable to speak I felt the unmistakable zizz of the zip lowering all the way down to the top of my bum.

I was shaking in trepidation, aware of what was to come, Dan moved his hands forwards and slipped the dress off my shoulders and let it fall in a silken rustle to pile at my feet.

I had to steel myself to stay calm and not run away, Dan didn’t say or do anything for a second, didn’t even look at my body, just looked at my face and into my eyes.

“Helen, take off your bra,” he whispered in a voice that was barely audible.

I gasped at his words, words that were said in a soft calming, gentle and encouraging voice, just phrased in a way that was both request and order at the same time. Hesitating slightly, I reached with shaking hands behind me and unhooked the clasp of my pale blue bra, shrugging it off my shoulders I let it fall to the ground.

My perky 34B boobs with their small, hard, nipples that were already standing out from my boobs stood proud, for him to see.

Dan still had not looked at me apart from deeply into my eyes, nor tried to touch me he just smiled again, “Now the panties,” again in the same asking yet ordering tone of voice. This time I didn’t hesitate but hooked my thumbs into the matching panties and moved them down, when my pussy was just coming into view I hesitated slightly, “Please,” mouthed Dan.

Eager to obey and please him, mesmerised by him, completely in his thrall and ready to do anything he asked of me I slid them down my soft trembling thighs, and when they were below my knees I just let them fall away. I stepped out of them one leg at a time. My whole body was shaking in apprehension, and at the same time longing, and a desire to experience the unknown.

I was now naked, stood in front of a total stranger who hadn’t even kissed me yet, I held myself as still and proud as I could, as for the first time Dan, dropped his gaze from my face and looked slowly up and down my body, taking his time, but not leering, he was savouring and enjoying the view before him. His tongue pushed through his lips just a little as he wet them.

“Beautiful. Perfect.” I wasn’t sure if he was referring to my body, or the way I had completely and willingly obeyed his commands, I didn’t care, I was happy either way.

He moved towards me and I readied myself to accept his kiss and fold myself into his embrace when he surprised me again, his hands reached out to my hips, pushed me back and down so my bum was resting on the dressing table. My arms went wide to steady myself, my hands grasping the edge of the table.

Dan bent his head closer to mine and our first physical contact took place, he brushed the lightest of kisses against my lips, holding for a second, then breaking away.

I couldn’t believe what had happened, this man had just seduced me into standing naked before him with just a few words and looks, yes I was willing but I had never acted like this before.

Dan bent his head lower and sucked the nipple of my right boob into his mouth, teeth pulling on and stretching it, before letting it plop out of his mouth before he did the same with the left one. I moaned out loud with pleasure.

“Open your legs,” this time more an order, but still the subtle undertone of a request. Once again I obeyed and spread my legs slightly wider than they were, Dan looked down, raised his eyes and smiled, I knew what he wanted so spread them just a little wider. I knew I was already wet and could smell the musky scent of my sex wafting up around us.

Suddenly and without warning Dan dropped to his knees before me and sucked my clit deep into his mouth, teeth closing on the engorged nub whilst at the same time his tongue flicked mercilessly over the end. I shrieked as if I had been attacked and in some ways, I had been, but I was a willing victim.

I could smell the musk of my scent as it drifted up from between my trembling legs, Dan’s head pushed between them still sucking and licking on my clit, driving me wild with delight. My juices had started to run freely and I felt an orgasm beginning to break over me, my body shook, my legs were trembling that much I could hardly stand as a hot burst of pleasure coursed through me as Dan continued to lick me with steady intensity, keeping the same pace and pressure as I came all over his face, covering him with my hot sticky release.

If I hadn’t been half sitting on the dressing table I would have fallen on the floor, but Dan hadn’t finished with me yet. On gaining his feet he spun me around so I was facing the mirror, stood behind me and slid his cock deep into me, getting as deep into me as I have ever felt a cock before.

He wasn’t that long or thick and I have been taken from behind many times, in fact, it’s one of Mark şirinevler escort and mines favourite positions, but surprisingly we’ve never done it standing up.

As soon as he was certain he was fully inside me and that I was ready Dan started a steading thrusting in and out, the pace was constant a nice medium quick rhythm that had my tits bouncing, but he varied the depth he was penetrating me, sometimes he would pull so far out I thought he had withdrawn, then it would be about half way and at other times barely out at all, but he also pulled back so he was just in my entrance and slid in about half an inch. The constant changing of the depth of his penetration of me was keeping me on edge and building me towards another climax.

“Helen, look in the mirror, keep looking in the mirror, look at yourself, I want you to look at yourself as you cum.”

I did as I was instructed and saw myself in a frenzy of sexual lust and abandonment. My firm handful of tits were bouncing all over the place, when Dan wasn’t pawing and squeezing them, pinching and pulling on my nipples, hurting slightly but stimulating more.

I couldn’t see his face, it was constantly nuzzling my neck, teeth nipping at my earlobes, but his breath was becoming increasingly erratic and in shorter and shorter pants as it echoed in my ear.

He reached out took hold of one of my hands and placed it over my pussy, a pussy I could see getting pounded from behind as I was perched on four-inch heeled Manolo Blahnik shoes, the only thing I was wearing now of course. Dan got me to use two fingers to open my pussy and then the middle finger to play with my clit. Fuck this was good, way too good.

As I played with myself Dan had changed his fucking of me to a constant pounding in and out, going as deep and hard and fast as he could. We were both cumming and it was a race to see who would be first, it was me.

For the second time in a short time, I felt my body spasm, and my pussy clenched tight on Dan’s cock, then rippled up and down it as I squeezed on a cock harder than I had done before. I let out a silent scream as I came. Juices flooding out of me again, running down my legs.

My orgasm triggered Dan’s own and he shot what I thought were four hot jets of cum nice and deep into me, his cum mingling with my own. Surprisingly Dan didn’t soften or ease up and he continued to fuck me slowly as I came down from my climax.

As I relaxed Dan eventually slid out of me, but he was still hard and again giving me no time to relax or object turned me to face him, kissed me deeply, tongue wrestling with mine and then the lightest of pressure on my shoulders pushed me to my knees.

His cock was still stiff and hard pointing out at me, wet and sticky with both our ejaculate, I opened my mouth as wide as I could, sighed deeply and took him gently into my soft, warm, mouth. I moved my head up and down on him, gently sucking on him as my lips softly encased his shaft. Giving him a nice gentle blowjob. His cock was throbbing in my mouth and I was aware of every twitch of it as I ran my tongue up and down the length of him, taking him as deep as I could, his pubic bone bumping into my nose every time I sucked him in.

I could sense he was nearing a climax I could feel his balls tighten and his scrotum pull tight and then as silent as the night, he came deep in my mouth. I had to force myself not to pull off him and scream in disgust, I gagged time and time again as I struggled to swallow his cum as it shot out of his cock and into my mouth, eventually, at last, he stopped firing hot tangy cum into my mouth and softened.

I let him drop from my mouth, coughing and spluttering, that was the first time I had ever finished a man off in my mouth, ever. I had given plenty of blowjobs but always as foreplay never as an act of sex in and of itself. I had steadfastly refused to do it for Mark, and now a total stranger had just assumed that it would be ok. And ashamed as I felt for betraying Mark in such a way it was ok, and it was better than I had expected.

I looked up at Dan though both my fringe and eyelashes and told him that that was the first time I had tasted cum, well cum like that. He couldn’t believe it at first and was then so apologetic it almost made it worse for me. He helped me to my feet and guided me to the bed, cuddling me as we both fell on it, kissing me on the eyes, nose and neck, in a caring lovers way.

After a while we were ready and wanting each other again, I straddled Dan and slid his hard again cock into my pussy, loving the way I opened to allow him access, then closed on him tight.

“Umm, soft,” murmured Dan as I began to ride him, slowly at first, then faster and faster as I became more and more excited and into things. Dan pushed his hips high and held his cock hard for me to ride. It was stiff and just a nice length and thickness to stimulate and excite me, but not that big that it was uncomfortable. We kept this up for a while, just enjoying each others body, learning each other’s bodies, how we reacted to different things, Dan teaching me the benefits of a different sexual partner to my husband.

“Swop positions,” Dan told me as he slipped his cock out of me, “I’ll not last long now and I want you flat on your back for this last time.”

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