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This story was inspired by a comment from a friend. She told me very briefly how she discovered she loved being spanked and paddled. This story is my version of that learning experience.



It was Toby who suggested using the paddle.

“It will make it more effective” he said, and everyone in the group had agreed with him.

Now back, alone in her room, Tina could feel how effective it had been. Too fucking effective in fact. Her two fingers slid slowly in and out of her wet cunt, covered in her slick juices and brushing her swollen clit on the way past. Her hips buck uncontrollably, and she whimpered at the tingling sensations still being transmitted by her sore bottom.

The five of them often met in Toby’s room. He was the unofficial leader, the one who set the pace, the one who came up with the ideas that everyone else thought of, but never dared say.

And that afternoon – a lazy mid term Saturday afternoon, he had suggested spanking.

It was all about how much pain they could endure. The argument had started with the old chestnut as who was the stronger – girls or boys. Toby and Adam were obviously voting for the guys. Men could bench press more, run faster and were prepared to suffer the most appalling injuries as soldiers, cops and firefighters.

Tina, Carol and Lillian, on the other hand, pointed out that women went through childbirth as a matter of course. They likened that to shitting a melon, and Toby and Adam both winced at that.

But this just left a stand off – so Toby suggested that each of them be spanked by someone else. There would be a limit of twenty hits but if they called time out before that limit it meant that they had suffered enough. No-one wanted to look like a wimp, or to seem a prude, so everyone agreed even though silently each had their own unspoken reservations. The only concession the girls won was that panties would not be pulled down. The guys agreed, reluctantly.

Toby went first – as much as to set the benchmark as to get it out of the way. He elected to have Carol spank him. Naturally they all agreed that they should all have turns both giving and receiving.

Carol made Toby stand up, pull down his trousers and then bend over like a child at school. Standing to his left, she then proceeded to lay into him with her hand. She didn’t waste time getting into the swing of things. Her hand rose and fell rapidly, and Toby felt the stings like a mounting crescendo. But it was this speed that saved him. Carol soon found that although Toby was silent, her hand was starting to hurt like blazes, and after the 20 blows, she had admit that she was apparently in more pain than Toby.

Ruefully she waved her smarting hand in the air and gave Toby permission to sit back down. He and Adam high-fived each other in jubilation at this victory. Toby, however, had felt the Onwin spanking enough to sit down gingerly on the comfortable sofa.

Adam went up next, and he elected to receive his punishment from Lillian.

Lillian was a wiser then Carol, and she took her time. Her blows were more measured, but were delivered with a greater intensity. In addition, unlike Carol, she selected the same two spots to strike each time, alternately, and by the time she was on her 18th hit, Adam was getting close to giving in. At the 19th and 20th, he was making definite sounds of discomfort, while Lillian was still looking like she could carry on for a while yet.

This was a definite victory for the girls.

Lillian, Carol and Tina then took their turns. Adam spanked Lillian and Tina, while Toby took care of Carol. All of them felt the pain, and all of them were close to crying out at the end. Neither of the guys, though, was able to match Lillian’s methodical method or consistency of accuracy, and so they were never as effective as her.

However, for Tina, her biggest problem wasn’t the pain; it was the amazing reaction it produced in her pussy.

She had never felt this before – and her response shocked her. She not only enjoyed the pain, she was deeply aroused by it.

As Adam had bent her over and lifted her skirt, she had felt the first flush of tingling between her legs. She had caught her lip in teeth as she felt the familiar sensations. She was mortified and deeply concerned that the others would see what was happening to her.

And then, her bottom pushed out and her arse cheeks stretching the thin cotton of her panties, she had felt each of Adams’ spanks like a branding iron on her flesh. But it was an iron that not only burned, but seared her cunt. As she clenched her buttocks, she felt the movement on her sex, and her legs started to tremble. Her breath became ragged and she kept herself under strict control. This wasn’t to hold back any sign that this was hurting, but to hold in her cries of pleasure. Had she made a noise, it would most likely have come out as a plea for more.

Eventually, she was allowed to sit back down. Nobody saw the flush of sexual desire in her face, or had seen the start of a stain of liquid on her underwear. Outwardly she was calm and relaxed, but inside her mind there was a turmoil of desire. Images of her bent, spanked and then fucked ran through her mind. She imagined being taken, punished and then used as the object of sexual gratification for the men and women present. She felt, and wanted to be a slut, and she was as confused as she was excited.

And then, Toby had produced the paddle.

No one asked from where he had acquired the toy. It was covered in leather and a good two foot long. It was flexible, but gave a satisfying thwack when he smacked it against his hand. Everyone looked at it with a degree of trepidation – except Tina. Onwin Giriş For her, it was like seeing the key to her world suddenly revealed to her. She was shocked, and excited. After the spanking she knew she wanted more sensations – but she was anxious to how she would respond. Would everyone suddenly realise the awful secret? Would she become a sex crazed fuck toy? Would they all see the spreading stain of her arousal and mark her down as a nymphomaniac? She was a good Southern Belle, and she was horrified that her good girl image was about to be blown apart.

As it was, the reality of what happened was better, worse, and not as revealing as she had imagined.

This time the limit was set at ten blows. Each of the guys and Carol and Lillian agreed that it had hurt a lot more, and also that this was an experience they didn’t want to repeat.

But for Tina, it was the final step into a world or erotic delights that would govern her path ever after.

Toby had elected to wield the paddle for her. This time, instead of making her stand, he had positioned her, kneeling, on the sofa where he had sat earlier. Mercifully for Tina, she was therefore facing the bright sunlight of the window, and so nobody in the room watching her was able to see the discoloration of her underwear.

However, Toby had learned something over the course of the afternoon. He had learned that in the same way as Tina enjoyed being punished, he was aroused by being the punisher. This time, when he was presented by the submissive poise of his victim, he had paused and drunk in the sight of the tender curves. Somehow, unconsciously, he had seen into the heart of her, and by waiting, increased her own sense of vulnerability and nakedness.

When the first bow landed, she had taken the blow into her core, and watched it transform from pain into heat and then into desire. Each blow increased the molten lust between her legs, and her mind slowly sank into the place where pain and pleasure were exquisite in their intensity.

She pushed back her arse as she gave herself to her master, gladly receiving the kiss of his chastisement.

And then, just as she was silently moaning to herself, and the final four blows were about to be delivered, she heard Toby muttering under his breath.

“Come on you slut, I bet you’re enjoying this aren’t you. You want this. You want to feel this and you want to feel my cock. You love being spanked and paddled and you will love being fucked like a whore in all your holes when this is over.”

Toby was hardly aware of what he was saying, lost as he was in his own private world where his punishment set free this girl’s inner slut.

And yet, unbeknownst to him, his words and actions were having just that effect. Had there not been others in the room, Tina would gladly have submitted to him. She would have torn off her clothes and prostrated herself at his Onwin Güncel Giriş feet. She would have gladly knelt before him and taken his cock in her mouth, sucking it dry of its white cream, and then sucking it hard again to ravage her cunt and her arse. There was nothing she would have withheld from this man who had liberated her.

But the presence of the others was more effective than any ball gag or restraint. Even as Toby’s words seared their way into her brain, she hugged herself tighter and whimpered at her need to cum. Not yet, not now, she ordered herself.

At last, it was over.

As coolly and primly as possible, she stood. A tear slipped down her face. Everyone thought it was a tear of pain, and was shocked. Little did they know that it was the pain of frustration and lust. She needed to get back to her room and give in to the frantic urge to orgasm while imagining all the things that she wanted done to her.

Quietly she left the room. The others assumed she was just upset, and let her go quietly. Even Toby was appalled at what had happened, and he never repeated his experiment.

But Tina? She locked her door, and then slowly and reverently took off all her clothes. She lay back on the bed, and like a sacrificial victim, summoned the image of the man who had only recently being using the paddle on her bottom.

Teasing herself unmercifully, she ran her hands over her flesh, avoiding the supercharged energy between her legs. With surprise, but acceptance, she felt her swollen nipples – standing rigid and aching in their need to be seized and twisted. Every touch of her fingers was like the caress of a whip, slid gently over her open nakedness.

And then, she touched her sex, and bucked.

She whimpered to herself, torn between the desire to prolong this sweet agony, and the need to embrace her climax.

Eyes clenched shut; she proceeded to give herself completely to Toby. While her fingers touched, stroked, churned and rubbed her cunt, she imagined his cock moving over her her, marking her, possessing her.

She opened her mouth wide and felt him to the back of her throat, pleasing him with her openness. With her legs spread apart, she felt him ease up into the aroused tightness of her pussy. And then, even though this was something only whispered about with horrified tones by her roommates, she envisioned herself bent over and begging him to take her last virginity, her tight unused arsehole.

It was as she imagined his cum spurting into her rectum that she could take the tension no more. Her hips lifted off the bed covers, and her body locked rigid as with a silent cream of desperation she abandoned herself to her orgasm. With her fingers the only sign of movement, she spasmed repeatedly, lost in the shameful knowledge that it she ever wanted to repeat this awesome experience, she would need to open herself to the pain/pleasure of punishment.

And then, as the sweat cooled from her panting body, and as she saw her breasts rise and fall while she took mouthfuls of cool air, she accepted that one day, sometime in the future, she would learn to seek out and embrace this true core of herself.

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