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The sun shone in through the blinds, falling gently over the lovers bodies. Sliding back up against her lover, Marsha felt Jims hand come across her body, pulling her tight against him. She loved spooning up against him first thing in the morning, wiggling her butt against him she could feel the familiar twitch of his cock the more she moved on him. He stirred against her body, leaning over her shoulder he could whisper in her ear “mmmmm, good morning sexy”

“Good morning honey, last night was beyond words, I did not think you would end the day like that.”

“Jim, I have been thinking”

“That is always the way the real trouble starts” Jim says as he gets up from the bed.

“Smart ass, since my birthday is coming up in a little over a month, I’ve had some naughty ideas that I want for my birthday”

“Oh I see, what if I am in the planning stages of the best birthday party you will ever have?”

“Cute, but I’m serious, I have an idea that I want to run by you”

“I am serious I have an incredible evening planned for you, I will listen to what you are thinking, maybe it can be added to my plans”

Marsha jumps out of bed, grabs her laptop, opening her Yahoo instant messenger, she starts to lay her idea out to Jim. “As you know we have that profile up on the swinger website, I was on last week when we received a message from a younger single guy”

“Ok, and what makes him different from all the other messages we receive?”

“He’s only 25 and he has never done this before, he is very interested in us teaching him the robes about threesomes, foursomes, and all the rest” “I have been chatting with him over the instant messenger”

“Oh really now? So that’s why you have been a little naughtier all week”

“Yes it is, and here, read some of the responses. Jim he sounds just right, we could teach him all about the lifestyle”

Reading the exchange between Marsha and her online boy toy was exciting for Jim to read. After a week of questioning the young man, he finally asks her if he could join them one night for all the pleasure they had discussed. “Jim it could be so hot to bring him over next weekend, after last night seeing John and you playing with each other has me thinking you could do that with El, I haven’t brought that aspect of the lifestyle up with him, but I think I could easily talk him into anything right now, give me the rest of the week and I could probably convince him to do anything for me” Marsha had a devilish grin as she finished her remarks.

“I have no doubt you will, it seems that’s what you want, what Marsha wants, Marsha gets”

“So are you saying it’s ok to bring him over? Next week?”

“Yes baby, get him all worked up over the week, then next weekend we can start to bring him up to speed. If he works out, maybe I can include him in your birthday plans”

Moving over to Jim, Marsha hugged him, kissed him long and hard, “Thank you, thank you honey”

“Your pleasure is my pleasure as always baby” Jim returned to the bed, Marsha climbed in next to him just as El signed on to chat with her.

The next week was nothing but a hot and steamy exchange between the two. Marsha would chat with El as Jim would snuggle with her, rubbing and teasing her clit. They abstained from sex with each other to build up the tension, expecting a huge release come Saturday night.

On Friday night, when he arrived home from work, Marsha ran up to Jim. Putting her arms around him, kissing him longer and harder than usual, Marsha broke the kiss and said “Jim I just had the hottest chat with El today, come read this with me.” Sitting down on the couch, Marsha pulled her laptop over for Jim to read.

“Wow that is some hot stuff baby, I bet you were playing with yourself throughout the whole chat huh?”

“Yes I was, he had his webcam open and I watched as he stroked his cock and came all over himself, I can’t wait to see you suck him and for him to suck your cock. His cock is almost as long as yours, not as thick as yours though.”

“I see you opened his mind to that as well. I knew you would since you want it to happen.”

“You know me so well honey, he’ll be over for dinner around 6 tomorrow, and then we can have some drinks, watch some movies, then enjoy all three of us all evening.”

Saturday finally arrived, Marsha made a wonderful dinner, waiting for their date to show, Marsha got dressed, the sexy black dress, no bra, and no panties as usual. The doorbell rang, answering the door Marsha was finally face to face with her new boy toy. A quick hug, a quick kiss and Marsha let him into the front room of the house. Jim came out of the kitchen and shook hands with El, he was about six feet tall, not too skinny, not at all fat either, kind of like Jim was growing up.

“Would you like something to drink El?”

“No sir, not right now, after dinner I would like to have a drink”

“Sir? Thank you for being considerate, but we’re all friends here, just call me Jim. Relax El, we understand Ataşehir Yabancı Escort you’re nervous, again we’re all friends.”

After finishing dinner the 3 moved to the play room Marsha and Jim had set up, big screen TV, big soft leather couch, and sound system for the whole movie experience. Jim got up moved to the bar to fix himself a drink. “What do you drink El?”

“I’ll have a beer sir, I mean Jim”

“Vodka shots for you tonight baby?”

“Yes honey, chilled of course”

Marsha moved over to the couch, motioning for El to sit down next to her, Jim sat on Marsha’s left, grabbing the remotes he turned the TV on. Marsha had a couple movies picked out for them to watch, popping the DVD into the player, they got comfy and watched the first movie.

The first movie was your typical no plot porn movie, some girl play, and straight sex, lots of blow jobs and cum shots. Throughout the movie Marsha was running her hand up and down El’s leg, her left hand doing the same to Jim. As the movie was ending Jim whispered into Marsha’s ear, “Why don’t get changed as I put the other movie in”

Marsha got up, kissed both guys and said “I’ll be right back boy’s get me a couple more shots honey”

Jim got up, headed to the bar, fixed himself another drink, and made 2 more shots for his baby. “Would you like another beer El?”

“Yes please, can I talk to you while Marsha is out of the room?”

“Of course you can, what’s on your mind?”

“Well, it’s kind of hard for me to say this, so I’ll just come right out and say it. When I was chatting with Marsha all week, she had me so worked up, she’s one sexy lady”

“Thank you, yes she is, I read your chats, and she was very hot after talking to you all week as well.”

“That’s good to know, but, wow, this is tough. I told her I had never done something like this before.”

“She did say you had never done the swinger thing before.”

“Well, that is true, but most of all I have never had sex in way before, I saw your ad and thought you two could really teach me all I need to know. Then our chats got very explicit, she was driving me crazy. When she said you had had sex with another guy, I came so hard that night thinking about it and being with both of you. I had never had thoughts like before, but her talk about it was so sexy it’s all I have been thinking about since.”

“Well that’s how she got the idea in my head, and I did it for her, watching her enjoying it as much as I did is an amazing experience.”

“I’m just very nervous Jim; I’ve seen porn and watched people having sex. Never in real life and nothing other than my left hand.”

“Don’t worry El, you’re going to be in good hands and mouths”

Jim heard Marsha approaching the play room; he went to cut her off before she entered the room. He explained everything El had just told him.

“Jim this is even better than I thought it would be, I can feel myself getting wetter just thinking about teaching this man everything.”

With a quick kiss they returned to where El waited for the couple. Seeing Marsha in her sexiest lingerie all El could do was stare. Seeing his reaction to her outfit and hearing that this would be his first time having sex, Marsha knew she could do to him what she wanted and get him to do anything she said. They all grab their drinks and sat back on the couch, Marsha in the middle, they put in one of their favorite DVDs. Marsha said “El, I think you are going to enjoy this movie, it’s a bisexual DVD most scenes have 2 guys and a girl, doing everything you can think of to each other. Jim told me this is your first time, sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie. Jim and I will begin playing with each other, we want you to watch us and learn, I will let you know when I want you to join us and I want you to do EVERYTHING I say.” Marsha put a long slow emphasis on everything, El seemed to get the idea, all he could do was swallow hard and just shake his head up and down. “Good, let’s get this party started. Relax El; you’re going to love this.” She leaned over to him, kissed him long and hard as the movie begins to play in the background. Watching the movie had its effects on all three; Marsha leaned into Jim and started kissing and nibbling on his ear, driving him crazy, her hand running slowly up his leg, making him harder and harder with each kiss and touch of her hand. Marsha enjoyed being in control, loving every minute of this, she leaned to her right; saw El staring intently at what they were doing. “Pay close attention to every detail, if you get turned on, you can stroke yourself, do not cum and I will tell you when you can join us for the hands on portion of your training, understand?”

All the young man could do was stare and shake his head in agreement, “If you don’t follow every instruction I give you, you will not be invited back.” After a brief pause, Marsha added “Do you understand what you are to do?”

“Yes Marsha, I will do anything you instruct me to do, I Ataşehir Yeni Escort want to learn all I can from both of you.”

“That’s what I expected to hear, now, sit back, watch, and learn.”

Marsha turned her attention back to Jim, her right hand sliding slowly up his thigh, her tongue sliding deep into his mouth. “Let’s teach him everything honey”

“We don’t have time tonight for everything, but his first girl will thank us if she only knew”

Marsha started to slowly remove Jims shirt over his head, her hands tracing down his chest, her lips kissing following her hands down his chest. Her right hand made its way down over his hardening cock through his pants. Jim arched his back, hoping she would slide her hand into his pants, Jim looked out of the corner of his eye, El was watching closely tracking in every detail of the lovers moves. Jim whispered in Marsha’s ear “Now you sit back, it’s my turn to teach.” Marsha leaned back; Jim began by running his lips over hers, down her neck. El watched as Jim teased Marsha into a sexual frenzy. His tongue tracing every inch of her body, he slowly raised her top over her head exposing her breasts. Watching as his tongue slid down her neck, over one nipple then the other; back and forth he sucked each nipple. El started to remove his clothes, watching every move more intently than the previous. Slowly his hand began to stroke his cock, El watched as Jim moved his hands over her breasts, his tongue moving down towards her pussy. Marsha leaned back, watching El stroke his cock, while Jim sucked and licked every inch of her body. “Remove your clothes and pay close attention” Marsha said, El quickly removed his clothes and continued to watch the erotic display before him. Jim’s tongue began sliding up and down her wet pussy, teasing her ass, then slowly sliding up and sucking her clit into his mouth. El slowed his attention to his own cock, not wanting to cum as Marsha instructed, seeing this Marsha instructed Jim to suck harder and make her squirt. El moved in closer to watch as Jim inserted 2 fingers deep into her wet pussy, his tongue moving up and down over her clit. Working his fingers up and down, Marsha was going to squirt and squirt hard, Jim keep working his fingers faster, working that special spot deep inside her. “Oh Jim I’m going to squirt….” Was all she could say before Marsha started cumming all over Jim’s hand and tongue. Seeing this El wanted to jump right in, Marsha saw his reaction and asked “Did you learn anything from that?”

“Holy shit, that was so intense, I’ve never seen a woman cum so hard. Then again I’ve never seen a woman cum in person before, that was so sexy.”

Knowing she had him, Marsha began the hands on portion of El’s training. “Ok, now follow my instructions, and you’ll be fine. First I need you to kiss and work your tongue over my body like Jim did.”

El moved over to Marsha, awkwardly, he slowly began to follow what he had seen. “El, sweetie, relax, I don’t expect you to be perfect, just do what comes to mind.” Marsha relaxed him, kissed him slowly, and ran her hands down his chest as she spoke.

His body responded slowly to her hands, he began to kiss down her neck, over her breasts, down her body to a point just above her clit. Remembering what he saw his tongue moved down over her pussy, working its way back to her swollen clit. As his tongue moved over her clit, Marsha’s head went back, “Oh yes, right there” escaped her lips. Jim moved from Marsha’s left to the other side to watch her new “trainee”. Slowly his tongue moved over her clit, over her swollen lips, licking and sucking as he went. Looking up Marsha saw Jim’s cock in front of her face, her hands moving up, stroking him, working his cock into her mouth as El worked his tongue on her pussy. She was in heaven, 1 cock in her mouth, a fresh tongue on her clit, “El I need your cock in my mouth” her trainee did not waste a second, moving his cock up to and into her mouth. “Jim I want you to slowly slide your cock into me as I suck him” Quickly the three moved into position, El had his cock near her mouth, Jim slowly began to slide his big thick cock into her. Her tongue worked from the head of his cock to his balls, when her tongue reached his balls; the head of Jim’s cock was working its way into her tight wet pussy. “Slowly honey, I want to lick and suck his cock”

“Of course baby” Jim slowed his pace and Marsha increased hers. Sensing El might be about to cum Marsha slowed her tongue action on his cock.

Marsha took this time to take more control of the situation, “Ok that was good for a start, now I want to see some serious action”. Jim had an idea of what she wanted. Marsha told El to move over back onto the couch. “El you said you would do whatever I wanted, correct?”

“That is right Marsha”

“Now I want you to move closer to Jim, and I want you to give him the best blow job you can. All the while I am going to watch, instruct and show you what there is to know.” After a brief pause, Ataşehir Masaj Salonu Marsha asked “Are you good with what I told you to do?”

Nervously El answered her with a yes. “Good, now move closer to him. I want you to slowly work your tongue down the length of his cock, over his balls, and back up to the head. I then want you to take more and more of his cock into your mouth, understood?”

Without a word El began following her instructions, his tongue moving down the length of Jims cock, over his smooth balls, back up to its thick head. Jim leaned back enjoying the action his cock was receiving, kissing Marsha as she watched the young man suck his first cock. Marsha moved back, to watch and instruct, slowly working her clit as they went. Els mouth was working its way down his cock, Marsha’s fingers working her clit faster and faster. “Now slowly take as much of his cock into your mouth as you can. Gently suck that big thick head of his.” Els mouth worked its way down the length of his cock, slowly; inch by inch more of Jim’s cock disappeared into his mouth. Marsha threw her head back and began to squirt; she came very hard watching the scene in front of her. Jim slowly pulled his cock out of Els mouth, “Very well done for your first time, now go over to her, I want you to lick her from her clit to her ass, she goes crazy if you slide your tongue into her ass.”

“I’ve never seen or heard of that, does she really get off on that?”

“Come here and do as he said, you’ll see just how much I enjoy it.”

“I want you to start like you did earlier by licking and sucking my pussy, the outer lips, paying great attention to my clit, then down around and finally deep in my ass.” “Jim I want you to show him where my G-spot is so I can squirt all over his face.”

As the young man licked and sucked as instructed by his teachers, Jim began to slowly slide two fingers into her soaked pussy. “El take 2 fingers like this, and only put them in to the first knuckle, no more than that, now start to wiggle them up, like this.” Pulling his fingers out Jim made room for El to take over, “Not too deep, just inside her pussy” El found the spot he was looking for; Jim leaned down and started sucking on Marshas clit, sending her over the edge.

“Right there guys, yes, I’m going to squirt…. YES…..” Marsha screamed as she squirted all over his face.

Licking up every drop squirted onto his face, El had a huge grin on his face. Marsha pulled him down to her, kissed him long and deep, tasting herself on his lips and tongue. “You do that to any girl lucky enough to have sex with you and they’ll want to be out with you more and more.”

“Ok El now I want you to watch Jim and me.” Marsha had Jim lay on his back; taking his cock into her hand she lowered herself down and onto his cock. An audible gasp came from Els lips watching her take more and more of his cock into her pussy; slowly Marsha began to grind her pussy back and forth, enjoying every thick inch of cock inside her. Looking over at El, Marsha saw he was watching every detail of her pleasure, “El I need you to bring your cock over here to me.” He did as she instructed, now standing in front of her, he started to move his cock towards her mouth, “no, I’m not going to suck you, Jim is going to, take your cock down to his mouth as I ride his cock.”

Jim stuck his tongue out to lick his cock, down along its shaft, over his balls. He would gently suck then nibble his balls, re-trace the length and width of the young cock, taking his cock head into his mouth. Marsha moved her hips faster watching her lover suck cock; she would reach behind herself, rubbing Jims balls in an attempt to make him cum. Jim took his left hand up and roughly grabbed Marsha’s left breast, she closed her eyes in pleasure, opened them back up to see his right hand rubbing Els balls, Jims mouth down over the entire length of his cock, he was deep-throating his entire cock. Jims mouth moving up and down the shaft of the cock, Marshas hand working her clit, her hips moving faster and faster, she was going to cum soon.

El broke the silence by saying “That feels incredible, I’m going to cum”

“Yes Yes cum in his mouth for me” Marsha said as she came on Jims cock, her pussy getting tighter and tighter with each convulsion of her pussy, coaxing Jims cock to cum deep inside her, looking up just in time to see Jim squeezing the last drop of cum from Els cock.

“El you have one last thing to do for us tonight, I want you to come over here, now lick and suck my pussy like before till every drop of Jims cum is out of me”

“But… but….”

“No buts you said you would do ANYTHING I asked, do you want to be invited back?”

“Oh of course I do this was beyond what I thought it would be, and I did agree to that.”

El dropped in front of Marsha and began to do as she instructed, when the young man finished licking all the cum from her, Marsha came one last time.

“MMMM, next time we’ll teach you even more El. Next time you’ll get your chance to fuck one of us….. Or maybe even both. As long as you agree to listen to me and do as I say again.”

El responded with “I would do anything for a repeat of this, I knew I could learn so much from you two, I can’t wait for my next class” They all laughed as he said class.

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