Nicole Desired Ch. 20

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(Final Bliss)

Breakfast was served like clockwork, once again allowing the servants of the estate to shine.

Linda spoke up and informed Helen that she and Nicole had decided to take their wedding out of limbo.

“That is wonderful, I am so happy for the two of you. But why wait till Saturday? Why not get married Tuesday. Between all of us here we can get hold of all the guests.”

“Oh please could we do it that soon Linda?” pleaded Nicole

“Sweetie if you want it Tuesday then Tuesday it is.”

——- * ——-

The day passed fairly quickly as everyone had things to do.

Nicole looked at her watch and realized that she and Helen had missed both lunch and dinner as they were busy with her dress as well as her other clothing accessories.

Nicole wanted to make sure she was gorgeous in and out of her wedding gown. She was going to look every bit the sweet, desirable, radiant, blushing bride. She wanted Linda to see her at her very best in all her beautiful glory.

Helen decided to stop at Romano’s so the two women could get a bite to eat.

Enzio seeing them was awash with happiness for Nicole and waited on the two women himself to make sure their service was the very best.

After a nice dinner the two women headed home to find the rest of the woman had all accomplished everything that Helen had asked of them.

It had been a long day and Linda announced that she and Nicole were heading to bed then taking her lovers arm they headed off to their room.

Helen announced that she was heading to bed as well and wished everyone a pleasant night.

——- *** ——-

Monday went by without a hitch.

Crissy got the five academy students settled and dressed in appropriate clothing for their positions. Later Susan had gathered them together and gave them a speech about the high standard of quality that would be demanded of them at Perklun Estate. Once Susan was finished Crissy and Maria put the new servant trainees to work.

The women came and went from the estate as they took care of the last minute details. Finally late Monday night everything had been completed. Tired and ready to get some sleep Nicole headed to the bedrooms while Linda headed to one of the guestrooms in the west wing. She wanted to spend the night with Nicole but the other women insisted that she was not allowed to see the bride till the next day when she walked down the aisle.

Giving Nicole a soft kiss Linda said good night and that the next time she saw her it would be while she was becoming her wife.

Nicole wrapped her arms around Linda’s neck and gave her a deep sensuous kiss.

“I love you so much Linda and I pray the night passes quickly so that once again I can be in your arms.”

“It will sweetie but it could never pass fast enough for me as every second I am away from you seems like a lifetime. Goodnight love.”

——- *** ——-

Tuesday was a bright sunny day with a slight breeze blowing. The church was filled to capacity with friends who had come to watch the two women join their lives.

Linda stood poised at the altar in a black silk dress that fit close to her body showing off her beautiful shape. Her hair was pulled back and wrapped into a tight bun. The deep plunging neckline was adorned with white lace that accented her ample breasts.

The organ sounded announcing the beginning of the ceremony and as everyone settled down the wedding march began.

Stepping through the door escorted by Helen was the most exquisite angel in the world. The whole church was stunned in awe as the beautiful woman made her way down the aisle.

Nicole wore a silk dress that flowed across her perfect body with every move she made. The bodice was hand tatted French lace that decorated her magnificent breasts. With each step the hem fluttered with her movements causing the material to shimmer as it freely flowed across her body.

Nicole’s brown hair cascaded across her shoulders in gentle sweeping curls that framed her angelic face. Her green eyes shone brightly with a sparkle that shone from them as bright as an evening star. Her face glowed with a radiance that made Linda’s heart start to beat loudly.

Linda watched her love glide down the aisle towards her. She had never seen anyone as beautiful as her soon to be wife.

Taking Nicole’s hand at the altar the two women turned to face the minister while istanbul escort she preformed the ceremony.

Nicole was in dreamland, everything she always wanted was coming to pass and she could not be happier. As she looked into Linda’s eyes the union was completed with the words you may kiss your bride. The two women headed out of the church and into the waiting limo as the guests tossed rose petals over them.

The reception was beautiful and Linda made her way around the hall with her new wife holding tightly to her arm. Nicole was spilling over with joy as she floated around the room with Linda. The party went along wonderfully with all having an unforgettable time as Helen had spared no expense.

Finally the time had arrived for the new couple to head off for their wedding night. Making their goodnight wishes to the guest, Linda whisked her wife off to the bridal sweet of the hotel.

——- *** ——-

Linda closed the door to the suite then turned to her wife and took her hand. Twirling Nicole around she admired the beautiful dress and how it flowed with every curve of her lover’s body. Reaching to the back she slowly unzipped the dress then watched as it gently fell to the floor around her wife’s feet.

Linda’s eyes filled with an all consuming lust when she viewed how her wife had dressed underneath. She wore a white satin corset trimmed in pink and white French lace. Lace garters stretched downward from the corset attaching to a pair of sheer white lace top stockings with a sexy seam up the back. Each clip was adorned with a tiny pink bow hiding the metal clip from sight. Completing her look was a pair of white and pink silk panties, a lace choker around her delicate neck and a pair of five inch white pumps.

Looking into Linda’s eyes Nicole began to softly speak as she gently took hold of Linda and started to slowly back her up till she was up against a comfortable chair. Firmly she guided her lover into the chair then kissed her deeply. Hooking her thumbs into the silk bikini panties she wore she easily slid them down as she stepped out of them and tossed them to Linda.

“I have a special gift for my lover on our wedding night.”

“Nicole, you are a special gift.”

Looking deep into her lover’s eyes Nicole smiled then began to lay herself across Linda’s lap. Once she was draped across Linda’s lap she looked back with a wink and a smile.

Linda looked at her a little stunned but had a great big smile across her face.

“Oh my sweet dear this is the sweetest present I have ever been given.”

Wrapping her left arm around Nicole, she began to caress her perfect bottom with her right hand. A shiver ran through Linda as she lifted her hand then with precision brought the palm down hard upon her wife’s tender cheeks. It was like an instant orgasm, as her whole body felt alive as Nicole let out a soft gasp.

Linda had been dreaming about this for weeks and she had missed her sweet lover squirming in her lap as she spanked that beautiful ass till it was bright red.

Nicole began to whimper and finally cry out loud as Linda continued to spank her new wife’s pretty ass. Nicole squirmed as her bottom received blow after blow from Linda. Somehow things were different then it use to be. With every swat Linda gave her she felt a tremor shoot throughout her body and head directly for her sensitive clit. She lost control of herself and started begging Linda for more and to swat harder.

Hearing this Linda was turned on beyond belief as she had only ever dreamed of this moment. Now here her new wife was begging her to spank her harder. As she began to feel her first orgasm flood over her she heard Nicole start to scream out as she was washed with an intense orgasm. She felt her lap become wet and realized that her wife had just enjoyed a huge orgasm all from nothing but the spanking she had received.

“My god sweetie that was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. You flooded my lap and all from just being spanked. Something tells me we are going to be repeating this often.”

Nicole looked back at her with a few tears in her eyes and began to beg.

“Please lover don’t stop, give me more, please spank some more I beg of you lover.”

Linda was astounded as Nicole was begging her to spank her longer and harder. God she thought that reassignment operation was the best thing that had ever happened to her new escort bayan wife.

“I will be happy to give that pretty bottom of yours some more but right now there is something that I have wanted to do since you got out of the hospital. I have just been waiting for the right time.”

Standing her up Linda guided Nicole to the huge bed where she placed her on all fours. Then opening a suitcase she took out a leather harness that had a latex dildo jutting forth from it.

Like the strapon Linda had used the first time she had made Nicole cum this dildo had a small upturned protrusion that entered her pussy along with knurled bumps that rode on top of her clitoris. However, this strapon was different in the fact that it had two phalluses protruding from the front. They both were fairly wide in girth and were approximately eight inches long. Taking out a jar of lube Linda made sure that both cocks were slick and ready for penetration.

Placing Nicole on her hands and knees then lining up the dildos with each of her wife’s holes Linda slowly began to push them forward opening up Nicole’s ass as well as her pussy.

Once they were both sunk deep and Linda could feel her body against Nicole’s, she began to slowly pump in and out building a rhythm as she fucked her sweet wife, effectively taking her vaginal cherry.

Nicole was lost to the world of pleasure as she pumped herself back onto the cocks each time Linda drove forward. She started to call out to her lover to take her. Linda loved the brazen pussy her wife now became every time she got lost in her orgasms. Linda could do anything to her and she would only beg for more. Yet even in all her excitement Linda could tell that though someone else might find it easy to make Nicole cum now, the beautiful girl only ever let herself go totally when she was safely in Linda’s hands.

“Oh yes lover fuck my hot cunt oh god yes harder, slam that fucking cock to me.” moaned Nicole.

Linda reaching forward grabbed Nicole’s hair and started pulling it ever time she thrust forward.

‘That’s it baby beg for that cock, beg for me to fuck you like my little slut.”

“God yes, please mistress give me that cock, fuck me hard I need it so bad.”

Linda was now slamming the dildos hard into her wife when she started to cum. Speeding up she slammed faster and harder into Nicole causing her orgasms to flood over her one after the other. Suddenly she heard Nicole scream out as she realized that her lover was in the throw of not just one but of massive multiple orgasms.

Nicole slammed herself on and off the cocks as she continued to cum over and over.

Linda was amazed as her orgasms subsided to a dull pulsation allowing her to focus her full attention on Nicole as her lover continued to ride massive waves of pleasure that had her whole body shaking in ecstasy.

Suddenly Nicole went limp and was now just lying still on the bed.

Linda becoming a little frightened that she might have hurt her wife. Pulling the cocks out and reaching forward she gently turned her lover over.

Nicole was out cold but the look Linda saw on her face was pure heaven. She had a big smile and a look of total tranquility.

My god thought Linda that was one of the most amazing experiences she ever had. She had given her wife multiple orgasms that hit her so hard she had finally passed out from the pleasure.

Slowly Nicole began to wake, her eyes opening and taking in the beauty of Linda watching over her. She was smiling as she opened her arms and begged Linda to come into them.The women cuddled closely with each other as they softly talked about what had just transpired.

Nicole gently stroked Linda’s pretty nipples as she began to softly kiss her moist lips. Linda still wore the dildo and harness and mentioned that she needed to take it off.

“Please lover not just yet?”

Linda smiled and kissed Nicole then slowly turned her over and began to push the cocks back into her hungry holes.

The two rolled onto their sides and Linda grabbed hold of her wife’s nipples and began to pinch them between her fingers as she nibbled on her neck and thrust her hips back and forth.

Nicole was moaning and gasping in seconds and it did not take much before Linda started to cum once again as a steady stream of orgasms washed over her.

Suddenly Nicole announced once more that she was cuming and proceeded Maltepe escort to enjoy a wonderful orgasm. When the orgasms finally dulled Linda pulled out of her lover and then removed the harness and tossed it to the nightstand.

Hugging close the beautiful women fell asleep in each other’s arms with content smiles upon their faces.

——- *** ——-

Waking early the newlywed couple met Helen down in the restaurant for some breakfast before they headed off to spend a little time on their honeymoon. As the women talked Helen could see that her daughter had never been happier in her life than she was at this moment.

“I almost forgot dear here is that special present you wanted me to pick up for you.”

Helen handed a white box that was wrapped with a pretty pink bow to Nicole.

“Thank you mother, this marriage just would not have been able to start off on the right foot without this.”

Nicole set the box next to her plate as she continued to enjoy her breakfast.

Linda was still in awe that she had ever been lucky enough to deserve someone as beautiful and loving as her wife. Yet here the two of them were about to embark on their honeymoon. She found it hard to do anything this morning except to lovingly gaze upon the beauty of her new wife.

Nicole was wearing a pretty pink dress with white lace at the hem, neckline, and the quarter length sleeves. The dress fell to about mid thigh and Linda noticed that Nicole as always was wearing garters and stockings complete with a seam up the back. Nicole always looked fantastic and it usually took everything Linda had to keep from feeling her up 24 hours a day.

Linda laughed to herself as Nicole looked at her and gave her a wink while at the same time she began to rub Linda’s leg with her foot under the table.

Nicole knew she looked hot and just loved tormenting Linda. She knew what it would lead to just as soon as Linda got her somewhere she could be a little more open with her attention.

Finishing up their coffee the three women left the restaurant and headed outside where the limo was waiting to whisk them away to their honeymoon.

Nicole asked Linda if she would slide into the car first. Thinking it was a funny request but willing to do anything for her love she slid into the seat.

Nicole then began to speak.

“I wanted to present this present to you with all my love and respect, I do hope you like it.”

Nicole handed the box Helen had given her to Linda.

Linda was stumped she had wondered what was in the box and now she was about to find out. As she opened the box and pealed back the tissue paper she removed a beautiful brush that had a bit of weight to it as the back and handle were made of a dense grain wood. This brush was a perfect match to the ones she had seen Helen, Denise, Susan and even Wendy have. They were the instruments that had given Nicole her first spankings.

Linda looked up at a smiling Nicole, with a tear in her eye.

“Sweetie this is the most beautiful thing anyone ever gave me.”

Nicole lifted the hem of her dress exposing the fact that she had not worn any panties. Then climbing into the limo she laid across Linda’s lap, with a big smile she commented.

“We wouldn’t want you to get out of practice, besides I can’t help it, I just love your lap so I thought this would help out when your hand might be a bit sore.”

“I see how you are young lady, so you figure you are going to spend a lot of time across my lap?”

“Just as much as I possibly can,” replied Nicole.

Wrapping her arm around Nicole, she slowly slid the smooth wooden back of the brush across her lover’s perfect ass. Lifting the brush she brought it down hard onto the sweet white cheeks of her new wife, causing a gasp, which was definitely laced with pleasure to escape from her lovers lips.

Looking back at Helen with a huge smile she simply announced.

“What a wonderful beginning to a long and loving relationship.”

“You two enjoy yourselves now, and I will see you when you get back.”

Helen closed the door as Linda delivered another swat to Nicole’s bottom. Then she watched the limo pull away from the curb and head out to the street. She was so very happy that she had met Linda, and was glad she had been strong enough all those years ago, when she had decided to help Darryl to obtain the dream of becoming a complete woman. Smiling Helen headed back into the hotel as a single thought went through her mind.

Life is good when you choose to live it to the fullest!

The End

I hope you enjoyed reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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