Nicole- my first girl

Nicole- my first girlThis happened a few years ago… the fucking weirdest weekend of my life… when I got fucking laid by the hottest young chick EVER!!! Not to mention, she busted my cherry- female-wise- and addicted me to women ever since!. Her name is Nicole, and even though there is another woman in my life these days (and different in every way!), she will always be my first!I used to have this dumb-ass job as an attendant at a male sex club called MACK Folsom Prison… and yeah- that it is a whole different story! But anyway, I worked from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m., seven days a week. I liked the job and I had been out of work a long time, so the cash came in handy.The best thing about getting off work at 5 in the morning was that my gym opened at that hour. So after lending a hand cleaning up the join and hauling shit down to the dumpster (…and I do mean, SHIT- it was a fucking kinky joint!), I could go workout and I ended up having a close-knit circle of workout buddies that I enjoyed seeing. Long and short of it was that I ended up meeting this SPECTACULAR WOMAN- young enough to be my daughter! This girl is stacked to the max- buff as hell- could be the star of any workout show on TV… and best of all, inked just where it would barely show when she was at the gym, but a total hitter professional woman when she was put together and stalking out of the gym with everybody’s eyes on her.She was doing the early spin class and as we got to know each other, I was showing her my workout and we got to talking and one thing leads to another and I tell her I never was intimate with a female. My tongue almost dropped out of my mouth when I said that… here I am 46 years old at the time and coming on to a bitch!Well, I decided that this girl was gonna haul my ashes for the first time and like anybody that knows me, I am NEVER to be discouraged! No matter what subject she would bring up- including her work over at CNET near where I used to work before I got laid off from my regular job before I took the job at the sex club- I kept bringing it back to how much I wanted to experience a hot woman like her in bed. We would be in the café at the gym, and I would stare her in the face and whatever question she asked, I would say, “As long as you let me fuck you, I’ll answer” I’ll never forget the look on this bitch’s face when we were at Peet’s near her office at Second and Mission, and when I said that, the old bag got her purse and coffee and moved to another table!I should have bought the fat bitch a crumb cake when I finally took Nicole out with my arm wrapped around her back and walked her down to her office. Why? Because that was the date- after 2 fucking months- that I knew we were finally gonna make it.When I got out of bed the next Friday evening, I turned on my phone and had a message from Nicole. I called her back and we decided to hook up at her place Sunday at 2 in the afternoon. The rest of the weekend went totally fucking haywire, but in the end, I got what I needed! LAID!!!I’m thinking about nothing other than fucking this sexy girl on Sunday, but after work Friday night, my boss tells me he wants me to come back to his place and check out the videos that he’s been recording and wants to play at the club. So I go back with him Saturday morning to his place a few blocks away. He’s showing me the vids he’s made and we’re jacking off. The shit wasn’t very good but he gave me a beer and after awhile we both rubbed one out. He gave me a ride home. I took our dog, Squire, for his grooming appointment and then had myself a nice long nap after shopping for groceries. After I picked up Squire, I stripped and got back in bed, hoping to sleep. I guess I slept a couple of hours before I got up and dressed for work. I turned on my phone and there’s another message from Nicole. I called her back and told her again that I would be there at 2 the next afternoon. She said all I had to do was give my ID to the doorman and he should let me in.I canlı bahis şirketleri got off work Sunday morning and decided to skip the gym- just go home and get in bed and sleep. I made a drink and put it on the night table, took off my clothes and got in bed. I set the clock and fell asleep- man, was I tired!!!When the clock went off later, I was so anxious about hooking up with Nicole that afternoon that I decided to pack up my gym bag and go to the gym anyway- blow off some steam and maybe park my ass in the steam room awhile. After working out, I hailed a cab and got over to Nicole’s place a few minutes early. It’s this condo right across from Giants ballpark. I walked up to the Willie Mays statue in front of the park, sat down and had a smoke. Then I walked back to the building and got at the desk, showed my ID and the guy there called her up.I got up to the 8th floor and found her unit. As soon as I knocked on the door, she opened it. She had these tights on- sorta like panty hose. She had this cut off EVERLAST sweatshirt on top- at least 3 sizes too big- fucking hanging off her shoulders a little bit and so fucking sexy!!! She brought me inside and I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed her and stuck my tongue in her mouth. When I finally let her go, she took my leather jacket off and then kissed me back. I don’t remember how long that went on, but I had my hands around her ass, grabbing and lifting her off the floor and sinking my tongue in her mouth.I finally put her down. She took me into her kitchen and pulled out some glasses and vodka from her freezer. She mixed up a couple of martinis for us and took me on a tour of her place. It fucking looks like a million bucks. We got into the bedroom and I took my clothes off. She sat on the edge of the bed watching me. I took my cigar out of my t-shirt pocket while I was undressing and put it down with my Zippo next to the bed. She grabbed my dick and started sucking on me. I was sipping my martini while she sucked on me and picked up my cigar and started playing with it while she did me. I was actually banging her mouth pretty good.All of a sudden she got up and led me into the walk-in closet that separates her bedroom from her bathroom. Most of it was filled with her clothes and stuff, but on one side was a bunch of men’s stuff. She pulled down a man’s robe and handed it to me. I just stood there holding the robe while she got naked..I really wanted to light that cigar. Instead, I took her back to her bed, and we ended up fucking. Pretty much right off the bat.I couldn’t fucking believe how small she was compared to me. I got her over my face- I had her legs spread and she was looking back at my dick as I had my head against her pillows. She bent over a little bit and I had her spread wide with my mouth in her cunt. She put her finger inside herself and I just followed inside her with my tongue. She was fondling her clit and my tongue was right up there inside her. Every once in awhile, she played with me, sticking her fingers in my mouth, but then she sat right back on my face with my tongue and fingers inside her.No time at all and she starts squirming around on my face while I ate her out. I got her asshole over my mouth and stuck my tongue up there too. I had her whole fucking package over my face. I was getting her good and ready to do some fucking!!!!Finally, I grabbed her waist and she ended up straddled right up over my cock. She grabbed my fucking dick and put me inside her pussy so she could ride me. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! NOW I’M FUCKING GETTING LAID!!! She was fucking riding my dick and after a while she starts grabbing my chest and going faster. I put my arms behind my head, just kicking back, talking dirty to her and loving what she’s doing to me. Then I put my hands on her hips and started slamming her down on my dick real hard. She bent over and started kissing me and I started really thrusting myself into her cunt really hard. I was kissing perabet giriş her real hard too. A couple times, my dick popped out and she just got up and put me back in and we just kept fucking. Her face was getting redder and I was really working over her tits. The last time my dick popped out, I looked down while she went to put me back in. My dick was so wet that I thought I came. But I didn’t feel like I shot- it was just my dick looked so wet.She was trying to put me back inside and ride me some more, but I didn’t know if I fucking climaxed or not. I put my arms behind her back and brought her back up over my chest. She wrapped her hands around the back of my head, and I put my face in her muff. And I started sucking and massaging her clit like a motherfucker!!! She was cumming BIGTIME, but I didn’t taste any of my own cum. Just her washing my tongue and dripping on my chin.I rolled her on her back. I parked my knee between her legs and spread her wide open. She reached behind her knee with one hand and held her leg out as I spread her with my knee. I grabbed her other leg and held it out so she was wide open. I laid my dick on her cunt and she took her free hand and pushed my hard cock inside her wet cunt.Hell- spread her open like a pair of scissors and went to work fucking her like crazy!!! My balls were slapping her little ass and I was all the way in!!! I was so fucking happy I didn’t cum yet- I was banging her so hard and she was fucking loving it!!! She was grabbing my chest and pulling my face in her breasts. I was kissing her, getting back up and looking at myself going in and out of her- holy shit! Fucking her good!!!I finally started cumming- my dick started coming out of her and she just kept putting me back in while I shot. She grabbed both sides of my face and pulled me down, and I had my tongue inside her mouth as far as it would go.I finally pulled out and got back down between her legs with her cunt in my face. She wrapped her legs over my back. I was cleaning her cunt out with my face and grunting like a pig. When I was finished, I got up and sat back against the headboard on her bed. She had her face in my lap in no time, cleaning off my cock and jerking me like she was trying to get more out of me.I was shaking so bad I just fell over on my side, holding her head with my dick all the way in her fucking mouth. Finally I went and laid back up on the pillows. She laid on my chest and I put my arm around her shoulder. She kept rubbing her pussy and feeding me from her fingers. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I was so fucking TURNED ON! My dick didn’t want to go down!We must have cuddled there for half an hour, and I still didn’t go down very much. She picked up my martini from the table and handed it to me. I took a sip. It sure wasn’t cold anymore! She pulled out the pick with 2 olives on it. She pulled one off and told me, baby, that’s round one. She climbed over me and picked up my lighter and cigar. I rolled out of bed and put my cigar in my mouth. I got the robe off the floor and put it on and she went and got one for herself- sexy and short. I went out on the balcony and lit up my cigar while she went in the kitchen and made us a couple fresh drinks.My dick was standing up the whole time. I finally asked her about the men’s clothes in her closet. She told me it was her boyfriends stuff. She said they had a girlfriend they were fucking with, and that he started talking to her about watching her get fucked by another man. She said when she saw me several months ago at the gym, I looked “interesting”- HAHAHA! And that when I started talking her up, calling her sexy and then telling her I wanted to fuck her, she knew she wanted a piece of me if her boyfriend was up for it. She told me that she explained my situation to her boyfriend- that I was a homosexual who had never been laid by a woman. That she wanted to have me all alone for my first time, and that he said perabet güvenilir mi he it was all good for that and agreed to disappear today.I put my cigar in my mouth and got up. I dropped my robe and picked her up by her shoulders and turned her around. I lifted one of her legs up and put it on the chair she was sitting on. I rolled her robe up over her back so her ass was facing me. I took my cigar out and spit on my hand, rubbing her up her cunt real good with it. I spit on my dick, put my cigar back in my mouth, and rubbed my spit all over my cock. I put my dick between her legs and she put her hand underneath herself and pushed my cock inside her pussy. I pulled up so I was all way in her and started fucking her, blowing smoke behind her ear, and calling her baby. Every time I banged into her, she’s moaning and saying, “Fuck me, Guy!”It was getting fucking cold out on the balcony, so I put out my cigar and took her back into the bedroom. She took her robe off and I turned her around so she was facing the side of the bed. I put her foot up on the bed, got my leg up next to hers and went back in her pussy. I started fucking her from behind and she rubbed her cunt really hard and getting louder and louder. Eventually, I grabbed a pillow and stuffed it under her stomach while I laid her out across her bed. I fucked her from behind until I felt like I was gonna cum. I grabbed her around her shoulders and put her on her back. I got between her legs and she put me in again- but this time I had my cock in her tight ASS! I was over the top of her, fucking her real hard while I held myself up and looked down into her face. She was fingering and rubbing her pussy, and sometimes wrapping her thumb and fingers around my pole in her butt while I fucked her ass harder and harder. It felt so fucking good, and she was loving having my dick in her, balling her shit hole. I wasn’t sure if it was her maiden voyage down the Hershey highway, but I sure wasn’t gonna ask!I finally shot my load again, and the drip down her cheeks made my dick feel so good! It was definitely different than the sensation of cumming inside a man.. And she was really cumming hard herself. Fuck, I just stayed on top of her with my dick in her as for a damn long time, kissing and feeling her rock around underneath me. Then we just laid there with me on top of her, kissing and catching our damn breath until she licked and sucked my cock clean. Later, I rolled out of bed and got a glass of water in the kitchen while she went into her bathroom. I was really fucking thirsty. Out on the balcony, I put her boyfriend’s robe back on and lit up my cigar again. It was dark, and then I saw somebody come in the apartment and turn on the lights in the living room.Well, shit, it was her boyfriend, Mike. He made himself a drink and came out on the balcony. I got up and told him who I was- and hoped I wasn’t about to get decked- HAHAHA!!! He shook my hand and told me to relax, he knew who I was.Nicole came out of the bedroom and went into the kitchen. She was wearing the tights and sweatshirt she had on before. She came out on the balcony with two drinks and handed me one. Her boyfriend asked me “20 questions”- about the same as Nicole asked me before we agreed to hook up. Then he asked Nicole if she had invited me to go up to Lake Tahoe for the weekend with them this Friday. Turns out their girlfriend- Michelle- was going up with them and did I wanna come along for a foursome. I told them FUCK YES and I would try to get off workI got up, took off Mike’s robe and handed it to him. He checked me out real good. He stood up, put his arm over my shoulder and we went into the bedroom. I got dressed for work. He offered to drive me over there, but I felt like I needed the walk. It was 8 pm and I had plenty time to get there. My fucking head was spinning. I got to work half hour early and asked my boss for this Friday and Saturday night off. He said ok. The Tahoe weekend was great. But after about a year, Mike and Nicole decided they were ready to have a k** and then I knew I was history. We’re still buddies if not in the same way, and I’ll never forget it.And yeah- the Tahoe weekend was an eye-opener, too- maybe post a blog about it some day!Guy

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