Niece on the Couch


My wife Karen has a niece named Leslie. She’s 21 and still lives at home with her mom, my wife’s sister. They live a few hours away and Leslie will sometimes come stay for a week or so during the summer because we live on lake Texoma.

My wife Karen and I are in our 40’s. Our only son has married and lives several hours away now so having Leslie staying a week or two in the summer is a welcome addition as we all get along great.

Leslie is a very curvy girl who still looks quite young even for her age. She’s about the same height as my wife at around 5 foot 6 with brown hair just past her shoulders.

As I mentioned she is a curvy girl so she has thick thighs, a round ass and tits that everyone has to be noticing.

Leslie isn’t a party girl. She attends a community college where she lives and never causes any trouble. She doesn’t act like a kid and she’s easy to talk to.

My wife works in an office but she can take care of guite a bit from home, which is what she does most of the time when Leslie stays with us. They’ll go to the lake together almost every day and we’ll usually cookout most evenings after I get home from work.

My wife seems to be in a better mood when Leslie is here but she’ll also tell me it’s hard to keep up with the energy of someone half her age, most nights Karen is out like a light by 10pm.

Leslie will usually be wearing shorts and t-shirts in the evenings. I know she wears a bikini during the days, but by the time I get home she has changed. I know it’s wrong but I secretly wish she would leave the bikini on.

One evening after Leslie had been over for the better part of a week, we had all eaten and mixed up a batch of margaritas. We were watching a movie and it got a little late. My wife said goodnight and headed for the bedroom with me saying I’d be right behind her.

Leslie was on the couch and I was still in my recliner. The movie had all but lost our interest with both of us just kinda staring blankly at the t.v.

I started talking with Leslie, asking if she was having fun, getting her fill of the lake, etc.

She replied that she was having a good time, but then added that she missed her boyfriend.

I told her I could understand that. I asked if they called or text while she was here, figuring they had to be but I never really gave it much thought before.

She said they do but usually after he got off work at 11:30pm. She then added that her phone had been getting bad reception lately.

I told her she was more than welcome to use the landline but there’s only one in the living room as we kept it for use as a fax for Karen’s work.

At this point it was almost 11 pm, and as I had to work tomorrow, I was headed to bed. Leslie was still on the couch with the t.v. going when I left.

I fell asleep quickly in bed but only slept a few hours like I usually do. Most of the time I use the restroom, get a drink and go back to bed. When I woke it was 2:30 a.m. Nothing unusual. I didn’t need to pee as I usually do but I was thirsty. I made my way toward the kitchen which was down the hall from our bedroom. As I got to the kitchen I noticed a faint light in the living room just off the kitchen. Figuring Leslie left the t.v. on, I went to turn it off. That’s when I heard it. The house was extremely quiet except for the hum of the refrigerator, but I heard something else. It sounded like a light moan. Like someone would make with their mouth closed.

I froze, tuzla escort intently listening now, listening for what I couldn’t believe I heard the first time. I waited, with my breath held not moving a single muscle. Silence, nothing.

Just when I thought it was all in my head, there it was again, another light moan.

Our kitchen has two doorways going to the living room, one on each end of the same wall. You can’t see from one room to the other unless you’re standing in one of those doorways. The hall going to the bedrooms is at the other side of the kitchen.

Here I was standing in the kitchen, not believing what I just heard, yet dying to hear it again. And again, silence. The fridge had shut off and it was deathly quiet. I could hear my heartbeat.

Then I heard it again, another moan, and movement on the couch. There’s only one thing that could be. I strained to hear more and all the while my dick is growing in my boxers, getting harder by the second.

There it was again, rustling noises, like someone rolling over in bed. Then I heard a wet sound. No fucking way. I crept closer to the doorway careful not to make a sound. I can almost see into the living room, but dare not, not yet anyway.

I can barely hear the couch springs, Now there’s absolutely no mistaking what’s happening right out there on that couch.

I listen a bit longer, more wet sounds, more very slight moans, and now the couch is making a distinct repetitious, almost squeak noise.

I also realize my hand is around my cock which is now sticking through the front of my boxers. I don’t even remember pulling it out.

I am as horny as I’ve ever been, slowly masturbating in my dark kitchen in the middle of the night listening to my niece who is obviously doing the same thing on the couch.

Several times I have to let my cock go or I would’ve cum on the floor. With all that I was hearing I couldn’t keep from grabbing my hard dick, but as soon as I did I was about to cum and would have to stop, with it bobbing up and down all by itself, dripping precum.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I slowly looked around the edge of the doorway into the living room. Oh my god. There was Leslie, laying on the couch with what appeared to be nothing but a t-shirt on pulled up just above her waist. Her head was tilted back, eyes closed, mouth open. Her knees were pulled up and apart with that faint t.v. glow on her tanned thighs and side of her ass.

She had both hands down between her legs, exactly where I couldn’t see from my point of view, but I had pretty good idea.

I was beyond horny now. I figured I could get a little closer to the action with her eyes closed like they were. I slowly took a step, then another, and another. I couldn’t think of touching my dick now for fear of blowing cum all over the place if I did.

I made my way toward that couch one agonizingly slow step at a time. I could really hear her breathing and the squeaks of the couch as I got closer, but one thing I really heard was the wet squishy sounds her fingers were making with her pussy.

Leslie was getting more into it, pushing her ass up off the couch now like she was being fucked. I got close enough to see her fingers on and in her pussy. Her smooth, wet pussy. My cock was again bobbing up and down all by itself dripping on the floor. Damn, this was so fucking naughty. And I was seriously about to cum just watching.

By this time I was standing right tuzla escort bayan by the arm of the couch by her head. I could not stop myself. Seeing her eyes closed and mouth open as she rubbed her pussy with her ass grinding up and down off the couch had me too far gone.

I knelt down on the floor by the middle of the couch. My throbbing hard cock was sticking out almost touching Leslie’s hip as she grinds her ass up and down on the couch.

I could not stop myself as I pushed forward just enough to touch the head of my dick to her hip as it went up and down. It bumped a couple times then I backed off. She hadn’t noticed and was still going. I was about to shoot cum and I didn’t want the fun to end just yet.

I watched as my hand, like it was someone else’s, let go of my cock and slowly went over and just cupped right down on her pussy with her fingers.

Leslie’s hips came up high, her thighs squeezed my hand with hers, and her eyes immediately came open although squinted as she apparently orgasmed on both of our hands. Her thighs stayed squeezed on our hands as her ass humped up and down a few times, then settled into the couch.

My cock was still bobbing up and down on it’s own. I pulled my hand from her pussy as she kept her own there with her thighs still squeezed shut.

I just did it, I grabbed my dick and started stroking it as Leslie looked over at it. My hand was wet from her pussy as it glided up and down my cock. I slowed way down, almost stopping as I was about to blow. Ever so slowly my hand stroked my shiny, hard, dripping dick. I pushed it against Leslie’s hip again, rubbing the head around. She didn’t react. I tapped the swollen head a few times on top of her hip, still no reaction.

I reached up and layed my other hand on her thigh. Still no reaction. I’m stroking my cock with one hand and now lightly rubbing her thigh with the other.

Her knees are still squeezed together as my hand rubs her thigh. My finger tips are touching where her thighs meet. I run my hand down her thigh towards her pussy, fingertips just touching both thighs in the middle. My hand keeps going till my fingertips touch her hand still cupping her pussy.

I gently rub around, pushing on top of her hand as I do like I’m trying to make her rub her pussy again. Slowly her hand starts to move, rubbing into her pussy. I try to push my fingers between her thighs right against her hand still covering her pussy. I gently pull the one thigh towards me, slowly trying to spread her legs. After a few minutes of this Leslie’s thighs slowly begin to loosen up, and my fingers make their way between her thighs, but her hand still covers her pussy.

I cup my hand over hers on her pussy. I press and rub, all the while rubbing my cock on her hip.

I feel her hand moving on her pussy now, my own hand moving with it as I try to touch that smooth, wet pussy. I gently get a finger through hers and Damn, is she wet. I can not believe I’m touching my niece’s pussy.

I rub around searching for her clit and she seems to be blocking it, like she knows she’ll lose control. I hook my finger into her pussy, then slide another one in. She has her hand covering her pussy now with my hand on top of hers, and my two middle fingers splitting between hers hooked upwards against the roof of her pussy.

I start pressing both of our hands against her pussy just like that as her thighs now spread open, one thigh against the back of the couch, escort tuzla the other against my chest.

By this point I’d quit stroking my cock and was just fucking it against the side of her hip. Both Leslie’s hands had moved to her big tits still covered by that t-shirt. My left hand was rubbing her pussy and my right hand took my cock and pressed it down on the front of her hip right in that V where her thigh was bent up. I was fucking that V spot, the head of my cock almost making it over the top of her pussy.

Leslie’s ass started grinding up and down again, she was literally fucking my hand. My cock was smashing into the side of her hip now because of her movements.

Her eyes were closed again as I was fingering and squeezing her pussy. I thought fuck it as I crawled between her spread legs, never taking my hand off her pussy. I was now on my knees, bent over still rubbing her pussy as I leaned over putting my other hand on the couch arm.

It was when my hard cock touched Leslie’s pussy that she opened her eyes and saw me over her. I quickly grabbed my dick and pushed into her hot, wet pussy, all the way till our pelvises mashed together.

I just held there, pressing against her hard, flexing my cock in her pussy. Leslie stayed still for a second, then started her hip action thing again.

I whispered “stop, I’m gonna cum.”

She was lightly moaning as she whispered back “no.” But she wouldn’t stop with the grinding.

I was at a loss for what to do. I was on the verge of blowing, had been for a while now. The last thing I wanted to do was cum inside her young, obviously fertile pussy, but it felt so fucking good. I’m guessing she thought I’d last longer, who knows.

Against all that my body wanted to do, just as I started to cum, I pulled out. My cock throbbed and shot cum hard, squirt after squirt, all over the front of Leslie.

She looked up at me, ass still grinding, with cum on her chin, all over her shirt, and now dripping down on her pussy.

I pushed forward and without touching my dick, pushed it right back into that beautiful pink pussy. In and out, in and out. I could hear her wet pussy as my dick fucked her nice and steady.

I felt a primal instinct I hadn’t felt in years. My whole body tensed and I started fucking her hard. Hammering into that pussy over and over. My cock was still hard but now that I’d cum, I was gonna fuck this girl till I was done. I didn’t give a fuck about anything else now.

I slammed Leslie into that couch, banging her pussy relentlessly. All the while she’s underneath me going “uh, uh, uh.” Getting louder with each thrust.

Leslie suddenly clenched her body, wrapping her legs around me which slowed me down some as she was saying “oh” every time I banged into her.

I guess she was coming which only cranked me up even more as again I started hammering her pussy for all it was worth.

That’s when the room was suddenly flooded with light. My niece had just cum on my cock and I was hammering towards what had to be a once in a lifetime orgasm as my wife was standing there by the light switch having just turned it on.

I couldn’t stop, I didn’t stop. I fucked my niece the last few strokes I needed to finish with her feet on my ass and her hands on my hips as my wife stood there unbelieving of what she was seeing.

I came hard, then jumped up as my cock was still cumming. At that point I didn’t give a fuck who was watching and grabbed my dick in front of both of them as I stroked it till it started to drop back down.

My niece pulled her cum soaked shirt down to cover as much of her as she could. I walked past my wife like I didn’t care and headed for the shower.

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