Night of Changes Ch. 03


Prologue: Apologies to everyone who waited for this chapter. I will try to make it worth your while. Warning to all prudes out there, this story contains: Group Sex, Inter-marital sex, incest, lesbian sex, etc. If any of the above offends you, this story is not for you. Everyone else I hope will enjoy my sick mind. It would help to read at least Ch. 2


“Can I ask you something?” Maya asked Phillip with a sparkle in her eyes.

“Well of course, sweetheart, anything.” Phillip said with a little bit puzzled look on his face. Maya usually asked right away if something was on her mind. This had to be different.

“Well, we have this program in the hospital, and I was wandering if we could participate.” She said softly.

“What program?”

“Well it’s this sorta thing that young doctors from other countries come to the hospital and do their internship here for few months.”

Phillip knew his wife better than that and she was leaving something out.

“Oookeeeyy, so what are you so giddy about?” He asked after letting her sweat a little bit.

“Well I actually signed up for it.” She said blushing lightly. She usually didn’t do anything before discussing it with Phillip, and neither did he, so she felt a little bad leaving him out of the loop.

“Did you now, well so when is it happening, this hosting thing?” Phillip said with a little annoyed tone. He wasn’t really mad, just saw it as a brake in his love making/fucking routine.

“Well he is coming next week.” Maya said looking him straight in the eyes.

After a moment of silence, while Phillip went from red to blue to pale, he asked simply:

“Oh, he is coming next week, huh?” He didn’t know anything else to say. He didn’t know what to think, he just never had his wife make decisions without him before, not like this anyway.

“Yeeeaa, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about it earlier, but it just sort of happened. First, the main administrator came to me few months ago asking me to participate, and when I said I had to think about it he just pushed on me, telling me that everyone should do it and stuff like that, and well I just said yes. Then he told me he was glad because the young doctor will be here in two weeks. I looked at him little pissed but he just smiled and said he won’t forget it. I guess someone else dropped the ball on him and he needed escape goat.”

“Well if you knew for a week now, why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Mike said with slight anger in his voice.

“I dunno, I was just waiting for the right moment I guess. I’m sorry baby, I should have told you earlier, I know.” She said with a shy smile that he loved so much. As she said it she moved her hand towards his dick and started to stroke it lightly.

Phillip smiled on the inside while keeping his poker face for Maya’s benefit. He would never say no to her, he just couldn’t do it. Somehow he appreciated her knowledge of the male kind. Just get him aroused and his brain will get drained of all the blood and move it to the other head. He briefly contemplated female’s gift to be aroused and still think about the groceries for the weekend, even during sex. Men can’t do it, the single task ahead is the only thing they can usually focus on. That’s why thinking about the next basketball game during sex keeps them from cuming. They can’t focus hard on two things at the same time.

Just as he was finishing his contemplating of male and female differences on focusing, he focused on his wife’s pussy sliding on his dick yet again.

“So who is this guy anyway?” Mike said not really caring for the answer, as Maya was slowly sliding on his pole.

“I don’t really know, I just know his name is Francois, and he is from France.” She said proud of her female skill of diverting the blood flow.

Phillip tilted his head backwards, just barely registering her words. She had an amazing pussy, so tight and soft, he didn’t want to think of anything else.

She fucked him. She fucked him well. Suddenly her words came to him, but instead of saying anything, he just stood up with her still around his waste, his cock buried deep within her. He picked her up as a little rag doll and spun her around in the air before setting her on her feet facing the valley below them.

He entered her again without any pretense, just as hard and fast as he could. Somehow that was the appropriate action in his mind to punish her for not telling him anything about it. But he also knew that the punishment will not happen because the sounds coming from Maya where unmistakable. She was coming the moment he slammed into her. She liked it hard and rough ones in a while. Tonight was a little bit special because he really meant it as a punishment, so she got of on it even more.

After a few minutes of some hard slamming and three orgasms (Maya’s) later he spun her around and aimed his dick on his wife’s face. She just sat there recovering from her last emotional rollercoaster ride with her eyes staring at his face and her fingers buried deep within her pussy. He was looking at Bostancı escort bayan her trough hazed eyes as he pumped his dick right in front of her face. He looked totally lost in his animalistic urges, not caring, not wanting to make love to her, he just wanted to fuck her and cum all over her face. He didn’t want her to swallow it, as much as he liked it; he just wanted to see the streaks of cum on her face. He wanted to make her feel filthy, even though she enjoyed this kind of sex as much as he did.

His first shot hit her right in the forehead, splattering around her whole face. Some of the sperm was in her eyes, some in the hair. His second shot landed across her left eye going down to her nose. Maya opened her mouth and sucked his dick in to suck in the last of his juice.

They sat in silence for the next few minutes, with Phillip’s cum still on Maya’s face, slowly running down her cheek. He was slowly squeezing her right breast, once in a while pinching her nipple, while she gently caressed his balls so wonderfully empty.

“Let’s get something to eat, I’m starving.” Phillip said trying to break the silence and also wanting to get away from his wife’s finger play on his balls. He was starting to feel horny again, yet he didn’t want to give her the satisfaction.

Maya just nodded her head and slowly stood up, well aware of his look on her perfect body. If you wanted to sculpture a perfect woman, you would have to use Maya for the model, Phillip always thought. There was nothing he would change about her, not a one thing. And besides her physical attributes she was as smart as anybody he knew, which came to him, even now, as a surprise. The fact that beauty and smarts don’t mix was well imbedded in his mind, yet Maya was proving his believes wrong in every way possible.

He couldn’t help getting hard again as he watched his wife getting out from the hot tub. He reached out with his finger and pushed it right into Maya’s pussy. That caused her to breathe in sharply and stop for a moment before she slowly pulled away from his hand and grabbing her robe, she walked towards the slider leading to their kitchen.

Phillip stood up and put his finger, coated with his wife’s pussy juice, in his mouth and followed her suit made his way to the kitchen.

As they were eating neither one of them said a word. The food was good, yet it was tasteless. After a while Phillip broke the silence.

“So who is this French guy anyway?” Maya knew she won.

“Well I don’t really know. All I know he is in his finale year in university of Orleans, and that he is 25. That really what I know. Come on he can’t be that bad if he made it this far in the uni.”

“You always have a nice way to explain things, don’t you?” Phillip was more at ease by now realizing he was giving it too much thought to start with. Frank, as he decided to call Francois, will probably be some geek looking frenchie anyway.

Boy was he wrong. Phillip was standing by the international arrival gate when a guy started towards him. At six foot one, Frank was taller then any French guy Phillip ever met and he met quite a few in his life. Francois, or Frank, had a slim figure, yet he seemed to be strong judging by his posture and the way he walked.

Phillip swallowed hard in fear of competition, holding a sign with a name of ‘Mr. Brouchett’. Frank walked right to him and with beaming smile extended his right arm and said with a strong accent:

“Allo, my name is Francois, you must be Maya.”

Involuntarily Phillip started laughing to the surprise of his guest.

“No, no, Maya is my wife, my name is Phillip.” He said after he calmed down, taking Frank’s hand and firmly shaking it.

Frank wasn’t taken back a bit, and just smiled his best American smile saying:

“Well I thought it to be a little bit pussy name for a guy your, uh well how do you say….”

“Statue will do.” Phillip filled in before giving Frank anymore chance to accidentally insult him again.

“Yes statue, that’s what I meant.”

“My name is Phillip, most people call me P just because it’s easier. Get used to it, and welcome to America. I’ll call you Frank, just because Francois sounds too French.”

Frank smiled lightly, thinking something in the line of stupid American, and Phillip knowing well the look behind his fake smile added.

“And no I’m not American even though I like their way and style.” He still considered himself a Canadian; although he was so Americanized it was hard to tell the difference.

By the time they got home, Maya had the dinner ready and Frank presented some top notch Bordeaux wine as a present. Phillip briefly thought that it had nothing on Napa Valley wine, but kept his mouth shut considering all the insults he already directed at Frank. He wasn’t really that bad, Phillip realized after talking to him during the drive home and throughout the dinner, even though Frank kept looking at Maya more that he should have. Or was it his imagination?

Frank had proven himself to be Escort Bostancı very easy going. He did well in the hospital, according to Maya, and he didn’t limit their life too much either. He spent most of the nights out with the single, most of a time, members of the hospital out dancing and drinking, coming home late and getting up for work just as Phillip was.

One day on the way home Phillip’s phone rang and as he answered he heard Maya telling him how much she wanted him right then. It was their little game once in a while to have a phone sex when the time was right. He pulled into his driveway with a hard on and Maya on his mind. He walked towards the house and slowly opened the door as he was intensely listing to his wife how she was fingering her pussy, moaning into the phone, making him crazy just thinking about her.

The moment he was about to slam the door to his house he heard a noise. Not a mouse in the attic, but a noise of sexual pleasure coming from the living room. It wasn’t Maya, since her moaning and grunting didn’t match the noise in the house. He whispered into the phone:

“Babe, I think something is happening over here, hold the thought, I look around.”

Maya came down, even though her fingers didn’t leave her pussy, sitting in her shared office in the hospital, hoping that her colleague Mike won’t show up for a while. She was so close, but she didn’t know what was happening so she just waited for Phillip to come back on the phone to talk to her.

Maya recognized the sound of people fucking right away.

Phillip crept trough his own house like a cat burglar inching his way towards the living room. He could already hear the grunts of Frank. It was unmistakable, he never thought you can grunt with an accent but apparently he was wrong. Now he knew how the French grunt. With Maya still on the other side listening intensely he peaked around a corner of his living room just to see Frank and a very hot blond girl fucking doggy style. What made him even more surprised was that they were watching his home video he shot of Maya and himself on one of their trips to the beach.

The blond girl had her face on the tile floor as Frank was fucking her in the ass just like Phillip was fucking Maya on the beach, which scene was now playing on the TV. He turned around a corner with his head to the wall with his eyes shut, bringing his phone to his ear whispering.

“Can you hear that?”

“Of course I can, what is it?” Maya said breathlessly, her fingers resuming their initial task.

“It’s Frank, he is fucking some hot blond girl in the living room.” Phillip said quietly peaking around the corner again. Oh was he horny at the moment. “That must be Maggie, she called in sick today, she is a nurse over in my department. That little bitch, she is getting her rocks off, while I have to sit her and finger myself to her moaning.”

Just as she said that, Frank pulled out of her, spun Maggie around and shoved his dick into her mouth. He was just a little bit shorted than Phillip and also a little bit thinner but the girl still had a hard time to take him all the way in her mouth. Frank pulled out after few brief moves and shot his load all over the girls face and tits. She took him back into her mouth and started sucking him clean.

Phillip switched his phone to camera mode and took a good picture which he sent to his wife sitting in her office pushing her private dildo up her cunt. She lost it when she got and retrieved the picture. She came hard, something new she knew she liked.

Phillip was in a worse shape. He had a beautiful girl kneeling on his living room floor, covered in sperm and sucking on a flaccid cock, while he had a load of his own to unload. But he didn’t want to blow his cover so he just stood there fishing for his dick in his pants to at least relieve the pressure building inside his balls. He listened to his wife’s orgasm on the other side of the phone while he franticly stroked his cock.

He didn’t notice Maggie getting up and telling Frank she was going to get something to drink. Neither did he notice her walking towards his hiding spot while Frank sat in the chair trying to catch his breath.

With the phone to his ear he open his eyes just to see a 5’5″ blond girl, face and tits covered in cum staring at his dick as he stroked it.

“Shit!” was all Maya heard on the other side of the phone just as she was pushing the dildo in her ass.

“What is it?” Maya asked with just the tip of the rubber prick buried in her butt.

“Maggie just walked in on me.” Phillip whispered to the surprise of Maggie, since he knew her name.

“Maggie? Give her the phone.” Maya ordered and put the phone in the cradle and turned on the speaker phone.

“Hello?” Maggie said silently.

“This is Dr. Smith, you know the one that you called this morning that you are sick? Well I just saw how sick you are. Wearing nothing else than a cum all over your face and sucking on some French lollipop.” Maya said as she pushed the dildo all the Bostancı Rus Escort way into her ass.

“I’m sorry.” Maggie said as she stared at Phillip’s hard cock few feet in front of her. “No you’re not, but you will be. Now suck his cock.” Maya said forcefully as she put two fingers into her own cunt.

All Phillip could hear and see was Maggie’s eyes almost jumping out of her head and saying: “What?”

“You heard me little slut, I know you like his dick. You got him all horny and hard so now you have to take care of it since I’m not there. Believe me you will pay for it later.” Maya was in sexual heaven. She never talked to anyone like that, forcefully, dominating. The fact that she was ordering a girl, one of her employees, to suck her husbands cock while she was miles away, sitting in her office, fucking her ass with a dildo and fingering her pussy, only added to the excitement.

“And keep the phone close to your mouth so I know you doing it right.” Maya was panting now, as Maggie sank to her knees and slowly took Phillip’s dick in her mouth.

Phillip couldn’t believe it, he heard himself fucking on the TV, he saw a beautiful girl on her knees in front of him slowly sucking his cock, apparently on the instruction of his wife, and somewhere in the background he heard a light snoring of a guy who’s cum was slowly drying on the girl’s, sucking his dick, face. It was all too surreal.

Maya on the other end of the phone was sucking her own fingers to the slurping noises she heard over the speaker, while with the other hand worked the dildo in and out of her ass.

Maggie was getting into it and soon she was taking most of Phillip’s cock in her mouth and throat, gagging once in a while mostly to the benefit of her phone audience.

Maya was on the verge of cuming and ordered Maggie to pass the phone to her husband so he can take a picture for her.

Phillip did just that without even talking to his wife. He grabbed Maggie behind her head and pushed all of his cock into her throat just as he took the picture.

Maggie pulled herself off and gasped for air just as her eyes filled with some tears. Phillip used that time to send the message with the picture to his wife as he passed the phone back to Maggie. She took it and without a word started sucking on his cock still to the rhythm of the TV fucking and snoring in the background.

Cum started boiling in his balls and he know that the end of the days was coming (at least for that moment). He took the phone and asked.

“What now?”

“On her face, unload on her face, and give her the phone.” Maya was just going through her orgasm. She heard her husband grunt and than a shriek from Maggie as the first cumshot hit her in her face.

Phillip never came this forcefully. It was like a fire hose that got out of hand. All this was just un-fucking-believable. As he finished Maggie took his dick back into her mouth, cum dripping from her face onto her B-cup breast. She was holding the phone close to her mouth, exaggerating the sounds effects just for Maya’s benefit. All of a sudden she was handing the phone up to him saying:

“You’re supposed to take a picture of me, send it and give the phone back to me.”

Phillip realized that those were the first words he heard from her since this all started. Yet again he switched his phone to camera, and took a picture of the girl, now leaning back, naked on her knees showing everything and anything imaginable. She had his cum hanging from her chin almost touching her right breast. She looked like from some cheap porn flick, even though he knew better. In normal circumstances he wouldn’t be able to bed this girl, hell he would even think about it.

As he sent the picture of the shyly smiling girl with cum all over her face, he handed the phone back to her, briefly thinking about the phone bill. Funny thing about guys, the moment they cum, the naked girl in front of them might be just the perfect person to fetch a beer. Somehow I wish it was different but sadly it isn’t. Well not at least for the next 15 minutes.

Maya was giving her final instruction to Maggie, as Phillip was contemplating all the philosophical stuff.

“Now get dressed, and get over here to the hospital as soon as you can.” Maggie’s eyes almost popped out again.

“You mean the way I am?” She asked shyly.

“Of course the way you are, remember I have a picture now and you can’t fool me. I want to taste my husbands cum and you are the perfect delivery system.”

“But I don’t have my car here, Francois picked me up.” Maggie tried to reason.

“Well now you will remember to always bring your car if you gonna fuck in someone else’s house. I will meet you in the parking garage of the hospital, top floor, thirty minutes.” Maya hung up the phone. The new found power got her all drunk with excitement.

Maggie stood up picked up her skirt and blouse. She couldn’t find her bra and panties but who cared, she had a face painted with sperm and she needed to be in the hospital in thirty minutes. Well she knew she didn’t have to but something about this experience changed her. When she was somewhat dressed she kissed Phillip lightly on the lips, careful not to mess up her makeup, then bent over and sucked on his dick few more times before she turned around and headed for the door.

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