Nighttime Fun at the Supermarket


Working in a supermarket was hard work. Sam was a nighttime cashier/stocker who had worked at CrestMart since he was a kid, and now worked to pay for his daytime college courses.

Making the nights more bearable was Stacy, the nighttime manager who was also the owner’s daughter.

She also was going to classes at the nearby college, and she was working there to pay her bills and gain experience to take over once her father decided to retire.

Sam had an interest in Stacy. She wore colorful orange glasses each night, had short blonde hair, a beautiful smile, and a nice figure that had Sam dreaming about what she looked like out of her uniform. A nice ass to watch as she walked around the store, and boobs that pressed against all her tops.

One night he had the nerve to talk with her more than work-talk, as he was really interested in seeing if she had any interest in him.

When there was a lull in the early-morning, he walked over to her desk and said, “Stacy, I’ve been interested in you for awhile, and would you like to get some breakfast this morning?”

Stacy completed her work, looked up, and said, “I’ve been attracted to you for a long time, and if you want to fuck, I’m wanting you to do me.”

Sam was speechless, and said he wanted to fuck her right now, and how could they do it and watch for customers?

Stacy got up, put her hands on Sam’s shoulders, and said, “You are so funny. No one shops here at this hour. Let’s go to my dad’s office.”

We walked over and she unlocked the door, and started undressing.

“Strip Sam. Take it all off.”

Sam watched Stacy take off her apron, shoes, shirt and pants, as he did. She removed her bra and panties, and told Sam to hurry up. He got undressed and approached her.

She sat on the desk and grabbed Sams semi-erect penis into her mouth and sucked it hard. Sam played with her breasts and got her nipples hard. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and positioned it to enter her wet pussy.

“I’m on the pill, so you can cum in me if you want.”

Sam held onto her shoulders and started pumping her pussy hard, and they kissed off esenyurt escort and on.

Stacy started breathing heavy and quickly and came all over Sam’s cock.

She relaxed a little as Sam picked up his pace and let Stacy know he was going to cum.

He asked again if he could cum in his princess. Stacy laughed and said he better.

In a minute he was breathing heavy and started pumping his cock at a faster pace and let go. He had five blasts of cum, and some leaked out as he pulled out.

Stacy grabbed his cock and sucked it clean, then cleaned herself up with her fingers and sucking the cum off then.

They kissed and Stacy told James to get dressed. She did too and locked her dad’s office before getting back to work.

She turned on the intercom and said, “See, I told you there would be no customers.”

They had breakfast that morning and talked some more, and Sam and Stacy realized they liked each other.

The next night around the same time, Stacy walked up to Sam and told her to follow her. He noticed she was wearing a uniform skirt.

She walked to her dad’s office, unlocked it, and told Sam to take off all his clothes. She watched and saw Sam had an erection. She turned around and bent over the desk, flipped up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing panties.

“Stick it in honey. Fuck me hard.”

Sam steadied himself on Stacy’s ass, put two fingers in her pussy to taste, then stabbed her with his hard-on. He pumped in and out at a fast pace and shot his load inside her.

She turned around to kiss Sam. Kiss him hard, then she squatted down and cleaned his cock.

She told him to hurry and get dressed and to lock up when he was done.

Sam was enamored with Stacy. He was starting to love her. So the next night, when she told him to follow her, they entered the office and Sam told Stacy to strip. She smiled at Sam’s direction.

Stacy removed her shoes and socks, took off her pants and top, and stood in front of Sam wearing only a matching set of red bra and panties. She asked Sam to help remove her her underwear, and he undid her avrupa yakası escort bra and it slid off her body, and he kissed and sucked her nipples. He knelt down to remove her panties with her stepping out of them.

He looked up at her, then grabbed her ass and pulled her closer to him as he placed his mouth on her pussy.

He used his lips and tongue to pleasure her, entering her wet and delicious pussy and bringing her to an orgasm.

She leaned back on her dad’s desk, and Sam turned her around and started kissing her ass, used his hands to touch her butt cheeks, spread them and kissed her anus.

Stacy let out a little squeal as Sam continued and she started rubbing her pussy. She started to moan and rock back and forth and had a big orgasm.

Sam stopped what he was doing, unzipped his pants and let his hard-on flop out. He lubed his cock by stoking her pussy a few times, then pressed against her open anus and he slid all the way in and started fucking her butt.

Stacy yelped and told Sam she liked this. That turned him on so much he shot off his cum in her ass, unloading a large amount that seeped out of her small gaping hole as he removed his cock.

He cleaned himself off with her panties, turned her around, placed it in her hand and kissed her hard, and told her to get dressed, lock up and get back to work.

Stacy was so excited with Sam’s domineering tone that she had a cool idea to please him the next night.

Sam arrived the next night and got right to work. He made eye-contact with Stacy frequently, even conversed with her on the intercom for a little fun.

At 2 am she asked Sam to come over to her desk, as she had to ask him something.

He arrived and saw her sitting at her desk, nude. Stacy had taken off her clothes before calling Sam over.

“What a wonderful surprise. You are the best looking assistant manager at this store,” he said.

“I thought we could try something different tonight,” Stacy said. She stood up and pushed everything on her desk on the floor, got on anadolu yakası escort top and asked Sam to join her.

He took off his uniform and underwear, shoes and socks, and rammed her in a missionary position. He stroked his cock in and out of Stacy’s pussy, as she pressed her body up to meet Sam’s trusts.

They kissed hard and deep and had heavy breathing as they continued fucking hard.

Soon Stacy started rubbing her clit and she came all over Sam, who felt her inner labia get fuller and slicker, then shot his own load into her hot pussy, pumping four times.

Her pussy leaked out their combined cum when he removed himself.

She asked him if she could suck him, and Sam stuffed his softening cock into her mouth. She used her tongue to clean him, get him hard and, when she grabbed his ass, press him deeper into her throat, and had him cum down her gullet.

Stacy collapsed herself into Sam’s arms, and they kissed.

“I love you, Sam.”

“I love you, too, Stacy.”

They dressed and went back to work.

At 3:30 am, Stacy walked over to Sam, and asked if he would take her at his checkout lane.

Sam knew that Stacy also knew that her dad usually shows up just after 4 am. So far he hasn’t noticed anything between them, aside from asking why his office started to smell funny.

Sam told Stacy to remove her pants and lie on the bagging area facing him. He unzipped his pants, stoked himself a few times to get hard, then pushed her panties aside to enter her.

He figured this way he could see Stacy’s dad pull up in the parking lot.

They were pressing into each other for 5 minutes when a bell rang. Sam looked around and saw a regular customer who usually shops at 3 am arrived late. He didn’t notice them so he kept plowing into Stacy, increasing his pace, pumping her as if his cock was a piston, moving faster. Stacy came hard, arching her back and pressed her breasts into Sam’s chest. He soon came inside Stacy, filling her pussy with as much cum that ran down her inner thigh and when he pulled out flowed out of her pussy.

Stacy’s dad just pulled into the parking lot, and Sam told Stacy she better get dressed and get back to her desk. She grabbed her pants and ran back to her desk, just as her dad arrived.

Her dad walked up to Sam, asked him if anything had happened overnight?

“No, nothing I could think of,” he said, as the old man in the store lined his items to check out, and asked Sam, “Who was that you were schupting earlier?”

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