No Daddy


It was late one evening and 18 year old Kate was sitting up in her room doing her homework. Mommy was away visiting her mother in North Carolina so it was just Kate and Daddy for the next several days. Kate was a senior in high school. She was a good student and did very well with all her courses. She was a smart girl but was always a bit awkward and unsure of herself where boys were concerned. She had a reputation as a bit of a nerd even though she was very attractive.

She didn’t use a lot of makeup or wear revealing clothes. But Kate had really developed and her dark hair, expressive eyes, high cheekbones and perfect skin made her someone the boys all noticed. Her big full chest was also a main attraction around the school along with her tight butt and nice firm legs. She ran track which kept her toned and firm. But although she went out on dates, she was never comfortable with the boys in school. It never got much past some kissing and a little groping of her well-formed body. In spite of her good looks, it was evident that the dates were getting fewer and fewer because of her discomfort with the boys. The only boy she ever liked was her Daddy. He always took good care of her and was very protective of his little girl. But even Daddy had noticed his little girl was growing rapidly into a beautiful young woman.

“How’s the school work coming along,” he asked as he peaked in her room and saw her curled up on her bed and reading a book.

“I finished my work and was reading a book from the English reading list,” she replied smiling up at him.

“Okay, Katie, but don’t stay up too late. That alarm goes off pretty early,” he told her. “I’m going to bed to watch some TV. I’ll leave the door opened if you need me. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Okay, goodnight Daddy,” she smiled as he walked over to her and bent down to give her a kiss.

He noticed that she was wearing snug fitting cotton bikini panties and a loose fitting tank top. His eyes saw that her full firm breasts were somewhat exposed on the sides of the low cut shirt. She was revealing her womanly cleavage. His mind was running as his eyes ran over her young flesh and the way he could see her nipples push out against the top. Dropping his gaze further, he saw her firm legs pulled up under her and the fabric of her panties pushed tight against her young pussy. The complete outline of her sex could be seen as she sat there awaiting her nightly kiss. He wondered if she could tell he had slowed down a bit and how his eyes were all over her ripe young body. Looking up he saw her smile at him as he approached.

“Goodnight and sleep well,” he told her as she reached up to grab him around the neck as she always did. He turned his head a bit and kissed her on the cheek. Her arms encircled him and held the embrace for a few moments. He pulled back and smiled, taking one last gaze at her ripe young body before walking out and going to his own room.

It was about an hour later when he had turned off the TV and was about to shut off the light when Kate appeared at the door and looked at him.

“Can I come in Daddy,” she asked the question almost in a whisper.

“Yes, baby, of course you can,” he replied. Kate came to the side on the bed and then sat down on the edge pulling her legs up.

“Is something bothering you?” he asked her.

“Well Mommy isn’t here and I thought that maybe you could tell me what you think about something going on with a boy. It’s about my last date with Chad,” she said looking down and not able to raise her head to meet his gaze.

“Yes, what do you want to tell me,” he asked with a bit of concern.

His eyes were on her firm thighs. She had moved up beside him on the bed. He saw the exposed flesh of her young firm breasts that were visible through the arm cutout of her tank top. From his position on the bed he could see a good amount of the side of one breast.

“Are you sure, because I could wait until Mommy gets home,” she whispered even lower.

To reassure her, he reached out his hand and placed it of her firm exposed thigh. The skin was so soft and the flesh was tight and firm under his fingers. His touch was intended to calm her and make it easier for her to open up and discuss her issue with Chad.

“You are Daddy’s little girl and there is nothing you can’t tell me. I will try to give you advice about anything,” he replied as his hand slowly moved in a soothing way up and down the outside of her naked thigh. He could easily see the tight panties exposed under the bottom of her shirt and the outline of her pussy through the material.

“Okay, Daddy, it’s just that Chad is always trying to get me alone and touch me everywhere. I know there are lots kurtköy escort of girls that let the boys do that to them. I just don’t know what to do,” she said in that soft whisper.

“Well at your age, boys and girls experiment to see what things feel like. Boys are more aggressive and I know that can be scary,” he told her as his hand continued to move on her leg.

“But, Daddy, I am not sure what I should let him touch. He tells me to undress.”

“First tell me what he has touched and exposed, baby” Daddy probed.

“He had me take my top off and my bra and he touched my naked breasts. He even put his mouth on them,” she confessed.

“You mean he touched and stroked your bare breasts and he sucked on your nipples? Tell me how that made you feel, Kate? Tell me the truth” he said.

“Well, I was scared because nobody has ever seen them, at least not a boy. But it did make my nipples grow and throb, Daddy, and it did feel good,” she admitted.

“Did he touch anything else, baby,”

“He touched me between my legs Daddy, and he wanted me to touch him too,” she whispered.

“And did you do what he asked you to do, baby girl?” Daddy asked as his hand moved more firmly along her thigh; caressing her from her hip to her knee.

“He took it out Daddy and put my hand on it. I was so scared. But he made me keep holding it and then told me to stroke it for him.” she said in a weak ashamed voice.

“Did he keep touching you while you jerked him off, Kate? Did you get used to doing it?”

“Yes, Daddy, he touched my nipples and rubbed between my legs. While I jerked him he said dirty things to me too,” she confided.

As she was telling the story and admitting what Chad made her do, her father looked at her breasts against the thin tank top fabric. He could see that her nipples had become aroused as she told him what had happened on her date. They stuck out very prominently and he could see her breathing was rapid and her lips opened slightly.

“Tell me the dirty things he said. It’s okay baby because Daddy has heard all those words before. You can tell me everything he did and said,” he told the pretty teen.

“He told me to jerk off his cock, Daddy and open my legs so he could rub my cunt. It was so awful when he talked to me like that. But it felt good when he touched me and said those nasty things. I am so confused Daddy and don’t know what to do,” she said lifting her eyes up to look at him.

“It is confusing baby when all those new sensations and emotions are happening at once. Then he says those words to you that are so crude, but when he is touching you and you are jerking his hard cock, they seem to fit don’t they?” Daddy asked.

“Yes, the more dirty things he said to me the more excited I got. He opened my pants and put a finger inside of me Daddy and it felt so good. He said he liked fingering my cunt. I was so ashamed because it excited me even more when he said that to me and rubbed it. I felt that I was being such a nasty tramp, Daddy, like I was a slut,” she said.

Daddy’s hand was at the top of her thigh and for the first time since he started to rub her leg she seemed to notice it. Her eyes looked down at his hand and watched him. He saw her looking at what he was doing. His fingers ran from the top of her exposed hip to her knee and back up again. He felt her body tremble slightly and react when his fingers touched her panties on her hip.

“When you are being intimate with someone Kate, it is okay to use those words and to be excited by them. His finger was inside you and making you feel so good. Your fingers were wrapped around him and pumping his hard cock. But he wanted to do more to you, isn’t that right Kate? You need to tell me all of it,” he told her.

“Yes, Daddy, he did,” she whispered. Her lips quivered and her body shifted. Her legs opened a bit more and allowed his hand to explore her firm thigh along the inside of her legs.

“Tell me what he wanted from you Kate,” he asked and his fingers moved and touched her along the edge of her panties just below her aroused pussy.

“He told me he wanted me to suck his hard cock,” Kate blurted out. “He said he wanted to cum in my mouth. He told me he wanted me to swallow it all, Daddy,” she admitted as her body squirmed under his persistent touch.

“Did you suck his cock, baby? Did he push your head down on his hard cock so you had to suck it,” he asked her while a finger ran along the ridge of her panties along her thigh and down between her open legs.

“No, Daddy, I said I wouldn’t suck it. I told him I would jerk him off until he came. I knew he wanted me to suck him, but I didn’t,” she said almost in a moan of despair.

“You aydıntepe escort wanted to do it didn’t you Kate? You wanted to push your mouth down around his cock and suck it and taste his cum didn’t you,” he demanded.

“Please, Daddy, don’t make me say it. I am so ashamed of myself,” Kate groaned. Then Daddy put his finger on her slit and began to rub it all along the length of her silk covered panties.

“Say it Kate. Tell Daddy what you wanted to do with your mouth. I can feel how aroused you are from confessing all this to Daddy. Tell me what you really wanted to do,” he ordered. His fingers pressed harder between her legs and pushed the panty material into her wet slit.

“Please stop, Daddy, your hand is pushing inside me. You shouldn’t do this. No Daddy this is so wrong. You shouldn’t touch me like this,” she groaned. But even as she protested, her legs opened a wider; his relentless fingers were driving her to another level.

“Answer the question Kate. Tell your Daddy if you wanted to suck his hard cock and drink his cum,” he told her again.

“Oh, Daddy,” she groaned as her hips subtly moved on his hand to force it harder onto his probing fingers. “I wanted to do it. I wanted to suck his cock and taste his cum. I wanted it. I am such a slut, Daddy. I want to do it.”

Daddy’s other hand reached out and took the bottom of her loose tank top and pulled it up over her head. Her big, firm tits were exposed now. When the garment dropped to the floor, he started to pinch and pull on her nipples. First starting on one and then moving to the other while his other fingers stayed on her wet silk covered cunt lips.

“Daddy, please stop,” Kate cried out as he started to maul her young aroused body. “Please, Daddy, please don’t force me to do this,” she moaned up at him. She tried to push him away but it was useless. Her efforts were feeble and she just seemed to keep her hand on his shoulder as he continued to use her young body.

He pulled the material aside at the bottom of her snug panties and inserted a finger into her tight cunt. Her wetness made it easier to push his finger into her.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she groaned as his finger entered her wetness.

“Did he finger your wet cunt like this, Kate?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she gasped.

The covers that had been over his legs were pushed aside and Kate looked down at his hard cock pointing up. It was bigger than Chad’s and wider. The size of it made her afraid; but Kate was transfixed as she looked at it. She couldn’t look away. Daddy saw where her eyes were and taking one of her hands, he wrapped it around his hardness. He held her hand there and started to pull it up and down on his cock.

“Daddy, don’t make me jerk your cock. It’s so wrong to do this,” she whined as her hand seemed to grip it tighter.

“Stroke it, Kate. Jerk it like you jerked Chad’s cock,” he demanded.

“Don’t make me, Daddy. Please don’t force me,” she gasped as her hand moved on his hardness.

“Daddy is going to teach his baby girl how to do it right; how to handle a boy’s hard cock,” he told her as his finger began to move in and out of her cunt.

Kate moaned loudly and pumped his cock up and down as he fingered her; teasing her clit with his thumb. He pulled his hands back suddenly and reached to her sides and pulled her panties down to her ankles and then off. Looking down he saw her inflamed cunt lips. She was shaved bare. Without saying another word he pulled his cock away from her firm grip and dropped his head between her open thighs. His mouth came into contact with her wetness and his tongue entered her tight channel. He ran the tongue the full wet length of her young cunt and then teased her swollen clit.

“Oh, Daddy,” Kate groaned loudly. Instinctively her hands reached out to take his head and hold it as his mouth attacked her.

He spread her legs wider and then put them over his shoulders as his mouth attacked Kate’s hot cunt. She was so open and exposed and the sensations Daddy gave her were driving her into a frenzy of arousal. His tongue was running the length of her wet cunt lips and he sucked on them before driving his tongue into her. She loved the way his tongue and lips excited her like nothing she ever felt before. She was grunting as he teased her erect clit and lashed it back and forth with his tongue. Occasionally his lips would surround her clit and suck it in. Each time he sucked on it she screamed and pushed her hips forward and ground herself onto his face. He lifted his head and looked up at her and grabbed her nipples and pinched and pulled them.

“You love it when Daddy eats his baby girl’s cunt, don’t you,” he demanded as tuzla içmeler escort his fingers pulled on her hard nipples and his mouth sucked her clit again.

“Eat me, Daddy,” she begged as he licked and sucked her so skillfully.

He could tell she was fast approaching her climax but he wasn’t ready to allow that yet. Pulling away from her he moved his body alongside hers and then to her lips. He started to kiss her and then invaded her mouth with the wet tongue that just ate her young cunt. Kate never hesitated and pushed her own tongue against his. They kissed and Kate licked the juices from his lips and face. She was almost out of control and was moaning nonstop as they kissed so deeply. He pulled back slightly and looked at her face. It was the face of a woman who would allow him anything and he knew this was the moment.

“Daddy is going to fuck his little slut now,” he told her as his hand reached down to position the head of his cock at her sensitive opening. She felt his cock head press into the moist fold.

“Oh yes, oh fuck Daddy,” she gasped as he pushed slowly.

“You want Daddy’s cock Kate?” he asked.

“Yes, I want it. Daddy it’s so dirty. Oh fuck, I want it,” she cried out as he pushed the first bit of his length into her tight channel.

“You’re so tight Kate. Pull your legs back more so I can fuck you deeper,” he ordered her. Kate grabbed her legs behind the knees and pulled them all the way back to her shoulders as he pushed in and buried his fat cock all the way inside his daughter.

“Awwwwww,” she screamed as the pain from his deep thrust blocked out the previous pleasure. But he kept his cock still in that position for enough time for her to stop whining and get more accustomed to the fullness.

“Daddy, please, it’s too big. Please stop. Please take it out,” she begged.

“No Kate, tonight Daddy is going to teach his girl how to fuck,” she told her as he slowly began to pull back an inch or so before pushing ahead again. Keeping his pace very slow and not thrusting with long hard strokes, Kate started to feel the pain subside.

“Daddy, you’re so big. Please don’t hurt me,” she gasped as the sensations crept back and her tenseness started to fade.

His strokes began to move a greater distance inside her incredibly tight cunt. He was moving slowly but with strokes of three or four inches at a time. Her wetness surrounded him and she was so lubricated that even her tightness was no longer an obstacle. His pace increased and she allowed herself to go with the sensuous movements inside her. He felt her grip his biceps firmly with her small hands as the full deep strokes were having their effect on her. Her primitive guttural sounds had returned and she was lifting her hips up to meet his hard cock.

“Ughh, ughh, ughh,” she moaned as his cock bottomed out with the deep probes.

“Yes, Kate, take Daddy deep inside your cunt. Be Daddy’s slut. Fuck your hips baby girl,” he told her.

“Oh Daddy. Oh yes, please Daddy, oh fuck,” she cried out as the first hard orgasm of her young life crested within her and she rode his big cock as hard as she could. The climax was all encompassing and every tender nerve ending was firing in spasms in her cunt flesh. Her hips were grinding and pumping with him and she could not get enough of this overpowering sensation. Her first time was memorable and she knew she needed more of Daddy’s cock.

As the feelings started to subside, he pulled his cock out of her and looked down to see if there was blood. But there was none. He got to his knees beside her head and took her hair and pulled her face to his wet cock.

“Now suck your Daddy’s cock and make it come, Kate,” he told her. Her eyes opened wide but she had no time to protest as he pulled her to his cock and she was forced to open her mouth and take him in.

“Use your lips and tongue on me, Kate. Daddy needs to cum too. You are going to swallow all of it,” he told her as he sawed into her mouth. She obeyed and used her tongue on his hard cock as he fucked her face. He held back so as not to batter her throat. He knew she would need to learn that technique at another time. But right now he needed to cum and she was sucking and swirling her tongue on him as he face fucked his young Kate.

“Yes, baby, Daddy is making his girl a cumslut. Daddy’s cum swallowing slut,” he groaned as the sensations overcame him and his cock twitched in her mouth.

“Take it,” he demanded and he fired cum into her sucking mouth while holding her head onto his cock. She swallowed and swallowed as her Daddy pumped her face and belly full of his warm spunk until he was empty. Releasing her hair he watched as she opened her mouth and began to lick and clean his cock with being told. She kept her mouth on him for a long time until he finally pulled away.

“That was very good Kate. From now on, Daddy is going to use his little slut whenever he wants her. Tonight you sleep in this bed with me,” he told her.

“Yes, Daddy.”

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