No Regrets


Ever said something you instantly regretted? Sure you have, we all have but usually its something you are able to wriggle out of or explain away. How about asking your mother if you could cum on her face? Well I did and as soon as the words were out of my mouth I knew I’d been a complete idiot. I stammered out an apology as she looked at me open mouthed too shocked to speak.

It was a Friday evening and we’d just about sat down to eat. Dad was away for the weekend on a golf trip so it was just her and me. I’d had this fantasy festering away in my head since I was in secondary school I was in the second year of my A levels now, I’ll be nineteen in a few months. Anyway with dad out of the way something must have clicked in my head and I just came out with it.

When I’d run out of reasons to excuse my behaviour, anything but the truth that is, I picked up a coat and beat a hasty retreat, muttering as I left that I’d eat my dinner later. We live about five miles from the nearest shop which is in a village of maybe ten houses. So my options were limited at that point. Sure I could have biked somewhere but that would have meant going back into the house and at that point wild horses wouldn’t have dragged me back in there.

So I took a walk, up to the ridge of a hill where I like to sit and watch the sun set, on really clear nights you can just see Cardigan bay which is only ten miles away. Anyway that’s where I headed fully intending to spend the night.

I’d been there maybe two hours, the sun had just slipped into the haze, no view of the sea that night, when I heard foot steps which could only mean one thing!

‘Hi hun, I thought I might find you here.’

‘Mom about earlier, I’ve no idea why I said what I did, as soon as I heard myself saying the words out loud I realised how stupid they sounded. I really am sorry about it.’

‘I know you are and I’ve come up here to tell you not to fret about it, but first I want you to know I’m not mad at you. Okay?’

‘Thanks mom.’

‘Do you mind if I join you? It’s not much of a sunset is it.’

I told her of course I didn’t mind and agreed with her. We sat in silence for a few minutes before she asked,

‘So. How long have you wanted to, cum on my face?’

I looked up at her before saying I really didn’t want to talk about it.

‘No I’m serious, how long?’

‘Since I was a kid, if that makes any sense.’

‘That’s a long time to keep something bottled up.’

We sat in silence for a few minutes before she handed me a lighter and asked if I could get a small fire going. It didn’t take me long to find a few sticks and logs to put a fire together, to be honest I was glad of the diversion! Once it was going I sat down again beside my mother, both of us were leaning back on the same log.

‘You know that psychology course I took a few years ago?’ She asked after I’d been sitting for a few minutes,

I nodded without speaking.

‘Well it delved into teenage suicides and the frightening thing was, almost all of the failed suicides admitted to having unresolved sexual desires. Obviously they can never be sure what motivated successful suicides, but it’s a fair guess sex or lack of it, was a leading factor.’

Not knowing what to say I continued to sit with my head in my hands looking at my feet.

‘I’ve never told you this, but when I was about your age there was a girl at my school who took her life, most of us figured it was about the lad she’d been seeing, we never really found out any details but I remember the effect it had on her parents. The thing is if anything happened to you, I don’t think I could cope. I’m not saying I think you’re suicidal, but I know it isn’t healthy for a lad your age to bottle up his desires. I also know it’s not easy for you to meet some one, living where we do. What I’m trying to say is that if cuming on my face is something you’ve wanted to do for as long as you have… Paul look at me.’

Reluctantly I raised my head, what she’d just said had left me numb. I looked at my mother as if I was seeing her for the first time.

‘Do you still want to do it?’

‘Mom at this precise moment I feel like I’ll never want to cum again let alone… you know!’

‘Well Paul, you know you’ve jumped two big hurdles this evening’

I could only look at her as I wondered what she meant.

‘Admitting to some one you have a secret desire isn’t something many of us are ever able to do.’

We sat in silence for a few moments before I asked what the second hurdle was.

‘Unwittingly you’ve admitted you masturbate.’ My face grew bright red as what she said sank in. ‘All men and most women do it but for most it’s something they do in the dark, with the lights off and always lie about it afterwards!’ She said with a laugh.

‘Arr mom!’ Was the response that escaped my lips. But I couldn’t help laughing with her.

Again we sat silently watching the fire, it was almost full dark by then. For my part I was digesting what she had been saying. There was a certain level kaynarca escort of relief too, part of the reason I’d been so, scared, I suppose, was that she might have told dad what I’d done.

‘Paul, do you have any other, desires, that you’ve bottled up?

‘There are some.’ I said after a few minutes, ‘Most frighten me a little.’

‘That’s the nature of fantasies, they allow you to do things which mostly couldn’t happen in reality. If they were P.C, they just wouldn’t stimulate us. Would you like to hear some of mine?’

‘Sure.’ I said fully expecting her to tell me about an old boy friend.

‘I often fantasise that I’m being kept as a slave by a man who uses me as his play thing.’

‘Christ mom!’ I said.

‘In another, I have to work as a prostitute. Often someone is making me do things which in the cold light of day I find repellent.’

‘Mom. I had no idea. I thought I was some kind of freak, imagining the things I do.’

‘I’ve told you mine, how about I hear some of your’s. Only if you want to that is.’

‘This is going to sound odd but in my fantasies, I’m a man who owns slave girls and makes women do things, which would normally disgust me.’

I added a little more wood to our fire and again sat beside my mother.

‘That’s creepy, that our fantasies mirror each others like that.’ Mom said.

Feeling a new found confidence I asked her to tell me more about her slave fantasies.

‘God, where to begin. Usually there are other slaves, men and women. Our owner treats us like cattle, he makes the strongest male slaves impregnate the females as if we were pedigree cows. When I’m serviced like that there will be a crowd of people watching. Sometimes I’m being sold at an auction, standing naked in front of hundreds of people as buyers manhandle me like I’m a piece of merchandise.’

As I listened to mom’s secret desires I felt myself harden, before long I was harder than I’ve ever been in my life.

‘Paul, do you still want to cum on my face? Doing something that… dirty, is the kind of thing I’d do when I imagine I’m a prostitute.’

Not giving it a second thought, I stood up and told mom to kneel in front of me. As soon as she had I undid my jeans to let my prick spring free. I let mom look at it for a few seconds before telling her to close her eyes. Less than ten seconds later I shot a stream of hot sperm onto her upturned face. I’m sure I heard her moan but she didn’t open her eyes or move as I fastened my jeans and sat back against the log. I looked at her kneeling in the firelight with my cum still glistening on her face and realised she was waiting for me to release her. I told her to clean her face and sit again. Mom wiped her face with a tissue before she moved to sit back beside me.

It was maybe ten minutes or so before she spoke. For my part I was struggling to get my head around what had just happened. In a relatively short space of time I had experienced possibly the lowest and highest points in my life.

‘Do you know Paul, in all of my quiet life that has to be the dirtiest thing I have every done.’

I started to think that she was regretting what had happened, when she went on to say. ‘You’re the only person I’ve ever been able to talk to about my fantasies and what just happened…’

I waited for her carry on, when she didn’t I asked why she hadn’t told dad.

‘Your dad, and he won’t thank me for saying this so don’t you ever let on that I’ve said it, doesn’t have a very high sex drive. For him sex is more like a chore than a pleasure and I think I’ve always known he wouldn’t understand, so I never told him’

‘Wow. So all this time you’ve been bottling up your desires as well!’

‘It sure looks that way, a classic case of, physician heal thy self! So how was it for you, to coin another phrase?’

‘Mom, you have no idea! Hearing you telling me about your secrets and the way you knelt in front of me… there are no words.’

‘Oh Paul, you have no idea how glad I am to hear you say that.’

I got up to find some more wood and wondered if we should head for home. As I got back to the fire she was talking to dad on her phone. She told him where we were and how dark it was. I think he gave her the idea of staying put until the morning because she said how good an idea that was and the fire would keep us warm.

I think I’d have been ok about walking back but maybe mom wasn’t as happy to walk in the dark. So we once again settled by the fire, this time we sat with our legs and sides touching.

‘Your dad sounded like he was having a good time, they got in a round before dark and plan to be up pretty early for another in the morning.’

‘I expect we’ll be up with the sun too. You sure you want to sleep up here?’

‘Yes, it’ll be a little adventure, I’ve not slept under the stars since I was a teenager.’

‘There’s some bracken in the trees, I’ll get a few arm full’s to lie on.’

Mom thought that was a good idea and came with me. As I headed back to the orhanlı escort fire, mom said she’d be right behind me only she needed to pee. As I spread the bracken out I pictured her squatting in the trees, her trousers around her ankles. Then I recalled her face as I shot my sperm onto it which sent blood pumping to my dick.

Leaning back against the log I listened to the cracking of the fire but as I listened another sound reached my ears. I could hear my mother moaning and gasping. I’d watched enough porn clips on the net to figure out what she was doing. And the realisation did nothing to easy the stiffness in my jeans!

After what seemed like ages mom came into the firelight which her load of bracken which we duly spread out beside mine. That done I collected enough wood to last through the night and we sat together against the log again both happy to watch the flames licking into the night air.

After a while we both yawned and decided to test out the bracken. We lay beside each other both staring up at the stars.

‘Mom, I just want to say thanks for this evening, I really glad you came up to find me and we decided to sleep up here.’

‘Paul there’s no need to thank me, if anything I could thank you!’

‘You really enjoyed what happened?’

‘You bet I did and I hope you don’t think less of me for that.’

I felt what she said infuse into me in almost the same way that a hot drink seems to fill your whole body.

‘Tell me what you’re made to do when you’re a prostitute.’

Mom was quiet for a few moments and I began to wonder if I shouldn’t have asked.

‘It’s usually a man I owe money to. He tells me to go to his house. Once I’m there he’ll tell me to strip, often there are three of four other men watching. Once I’m naked he gropes me before telling me to expose myself to the watching men. Sometimes he’ll fuck me while they watch sometimes he tells them to fuck me, he’ll say how and where.’

Hearing mom speaking like this was to say the least a massive turn on, it also generated a feeling of acute euphoria in me.

‘In another fantasy I’m O, a character from a book I once read. I’m required to always be ready to service certain men in any way they choose, often they beat me with belts and whips.’

‘In your fantasies you like men to control you.’

‘I guess that is what it boils down to.’

Neither of us spoke for a few minutes as we watched the fire. Hearing my mother’s X rated fantasies had displaced all of the guilt I had from earlier.

‘I can’t help but wish I was the man in you fantasies.’ I said, not really appreciating the enormity of the statement.

‘You’d enjoy treating me like a slave or a whore?’ She asked in quite a serious voice.

‘I’d enjoy doing all the things the men do to you in your fantasies. They’re exactly what I dream of doing in mine. Stand up and remove your clothes.’ It was like someone else was in my head controlling me. But to my astonishment she did as I’d asked.

It was as if she were alone in her room getting ready for bed, within a few moments she had removed her bra allowing me to see her full breasts which hung down like melons as she bent down to slip off her jeans. I couldn’t suppress a gasp as she stood up to let me see that she had pushed her knickers down along with her jeans.

Completely naked mom stood up straight totally unselfconsciously in front of me. I took my time to study her minutely by the flickering light of our fire. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine anything as mind blowing as this. Although she was almost forty I’m sure there are not many women in their twenties who looked half as good as she did. I asked her to turn for me so that I could see her back then to turn back to face me.

‘Tell me what you thought about while you masturbated in the trees just now.’

‘I was thinking about what had just happened and then about the fantasies I’d told you about.’

‘Did you know I could hear you?’

‘After I’d cum I did think you might have.’

‘Do it again.’ I said.

I watched as she slipped a hand between her legs and started to rub herself. When she started to moan I got my dick out and started to slowly stroke myself. I told her how dirty she looked standing naked in the firelight playing with her self. Her moans grew louder. I told her there were maybe a dozen men just outside the light of the fire, they were all masturbating as they watched her. At that point I came with a grunt and a gasp, more or less at the same time mom let out a moan which I’m sure could’ve been heard half a mile away. Her legs gave way and she ended up on her knees gasping for breath. I’d seen similar scenes in video’s but I’d never seen anything anywhere near half as erotic before.

Although I’d only just cum, my erection hadn’t wilted. I got to my feet and removed my clothes. Moms watched me with out a flicker of emotion showing on her face.

‘Sit up straight.’ I snapped, her back straightened and her head came up in an instant. Put tepeören escort your hands behind your head. She did as I commanded. Her breasts were now pushed out invitingly towards me. I circled her slowly still unable to fully believe it was really happening. She sat immobile staring straight into the fire. I ran my fingers across her shoulders and onto her neck as I leaned in close to whisper in her ear.

‘Do you have any thing to say before I grope your tits?’ she didn’t speak.

‘Nothing?’ I said as I reached my arms around her to touch her naked breasts for the first time. Christ they felt every bit as good as they looked. Mom never even blinked as I touched her or when I pinched her hard nipples. As I held her I pushed my erection hard against her back.

‘Can you still see the men watching you? I can hear them whispering. They want me to push my dick into your mouth.’ As I spoke I continued to fondle her deliciously soft breasts. Soft mewing noises escaped her lips every time I pinched her nipples.

‘How much do you usually charge for a blow job?’ I said as I stood up and moved to stand in front of her. I pushed my right hand into her hair and forced her head back.

‘Do you have anything to say before I fuck your mouth.’

‘Please don’t make me.’ She whispered. ‘I’ll do anything you ask but please don’t make me suck your hard cock.’

Somehow I knew that was all part of the act because as the tip of my dick touched her lips she willingly opened her mouth. Maybe I should have teased her but I doubt many men could hesitate at that moment. As soon as her lips parted I pushed all of my erection into her soft warm mouth.

Mom gently sucked me before slowly sliding her mouth up and down my shaft. I let go of her hair and had to hold both her shoulders to keep from falling. I was as they say in heaven!

Although I wanted to last for hours I guess it was closer to a couple of minutes before I came, this time it was my turn to drop to my knees. Today just couldn’t get any better I thought. When I got my breath back I reached up to roughly grope mom’s tits again. I couldn’t help but notice, the rougher I was the louder she moaned.

I told her to lie down and open her legs. In that position I had a fantastic view of her completely exposed pussy. I couldn’t believe how wet it was, the inside of her thighs were completely soaked.

I ran my hand up the leg before probing her with my fingers. I pushed one and then two into her which made her start to moan again.

After a few minutes I leaned back and told her to play with herself but to make sure I could see what she was doing. She slipped a hand between her legs and gently rubbed her clit in small circles. I told her to tell me what was going through her mind.

When she didn’t speak I slapped her thigh, more for effect than anything. But it had the desired effect.

‘I’m imagining the men are still watching and they know you are my son.’

‘Imagine them fucking you one after the other, for hours.’

Her moaning grew more guttural.

‘Do you ever imagine men slapping you?’ I slapped a little harder this time when she didn’t reply.

‘Yes.’ Came her quiet reply. I smacked the other thigh hard enough to leave the red imprint of my hand. True to form her moaning increased. I have to admit at that point I was so close to feeding my dick into her, yet I didn’t, maybe then wasn’t the right time, but I did push two and then four fingers roughly into her. As I pushed savagely she howled like a dog and collapsed flat onto the bracken, totally inert.

When she hadn’t moved a few minutes later I figured she’d fallen asleep so watched her for a while before reluctantly draped her coat over her. I fed a few more logs onto the fire before slipping my clothes back on and sitting back against the log.

For the next hour at least I sat watching her sleeping in the light and warmth of the fire. Occasionally a soft moan would escape her lips and she’d move her arms and legs, but she didn’t wake. As I watched her I continually went over the events of the evening, reliving each moment in my mind. After a while I moved on the imagining what life would be like for us now. Would mom wake and regret everything, which could mean it would never happened again. I labelled that as worst case scenario! Maybe the best I could hope for was that she had enjoyed it as much as I had, enough to want it to happen again, maybe not often but now and then. But maybe, just maybe…

Before I settled down for the night, I made up the fire and lay as close to my sleeping mother as I could with out disturbing her. I must have been out like a light because the next thing I knew I woke to see my mother dressed and sitting where I had last night, watching me as I had her.

‘Good morning sleepy head.’ Was her cheerful greeting. ‘I thought you’d never wake.’

‘Good morning. Did you sleep ok?’

‘Like a lamb. I am starving though so what do you say we head for home?’

It took only a few minutes to check the fire was out before we were able to set off. But before we did mom told me she wanted a hug. We held each other, closer and tighter than we’d ever hugged before. As we set off for home mom took my hand and we walked in silence for ten minutes before mom spoke. ‘That was one crazy evening.’

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