Not Always As They Appear


If you are only interested in ‘action’ this might not be a story you want to read. But, if you like an emotional aspect; being treated with respect, then, this is the first installment in what I hope will be a series. I will, of course, look forward to any comments you, my reader, might have.

I had been widowed several years back. I still missed my wife – think about her everyday, but have decided I needed to get on with my life. I am in my early 50’s and still have a lot of life to live. Took me a long time to realize that. I had just come into a little money. And since I had always wanted to live at the beach, I purchased a beach house just outside of a wonderful city, Charleston, SC. The view from the windows and back balconies was incredible; watching the waves hit the white sand was not only mesmerizing, but energized the spirit, as well.

We had been married for several decades. Susan, in spite of the wheel chair, kept herself slim and actually worked out everyday. She was a great partner with whom to go through life, and as I said, I still miss her – but the pain of the loss is growing less. My name is Jack, I am 6’0″, slim, in decent shape and am balding. For me that’s a case of it is what it is. However, Susan always told me that if it weren’t for losing the hair, I’d look ten years younger. Even with it, I still get told I am not hard on the eyes.

The house needed some remodeling. You know, bathrooms, kitchen, install an elevator since I never planned to move and stairs might not always be my friend, and on and on. I was having it all done before moving across the country – and had engaged a designer to make sure not only the colors, furniture, etc. all blended and worked, but to insure that all of the features to make life easier were there.

That was when I met Alex. Several people referred me to Alex and assured me he was inventive, creative and sensitive. After looking at his work, it was a no-brainer to talk with him. I made an appointment to meet and interview him, review plans, and determine what needed to do. Alex was a wonderful surprise.

His office was located in a small light industrial area. I entered his office and was greeted by a friendly male who introduced himself as Alex, which was kind of surprising – he did not have a staff of people. He was in his late 30’s, about 5’8″, slim and with long, thick hair tied back into a pony tail that reached his mid-back. I was taken by surprise by the long hair – just goes to show that I should not have had expectations, huh?

When I asked him why his office was located ‘off the beaten trail,’ he told me that the rent was low and he didn’t need to have a place to show furniture samples since there were so many stores in town; that his fees could be very competitive and he would still make a good living since he had limited overhead. Made sense to me, but I barely listened to his words – I listened to his soft voice with the Carolina drawl.

To make a long story short, after talking for Maltepe escort bayan two hours, I decided to engage him, agreed on a rate and determined the best way to work since I was still living across the country. During our next meeting, we worked out a specific job calendar and the dates I would be in town to check on progress – I’d be making trips every couple of weeks to insure the house would be done for summer. I told Alex that my basic rule for decorating and design was: “People always be a little surprised when they walk inside; they should learn that things are not always as they appear.’ This caused Alex to smile – which I would understand better later.

During my second trip, Alex and I were sitting in his office finishing what had become a three hour meeting determining flooring, wall color and some landscaping issues. It was getting to be late in the afternoon and I asked Alex to recommend a place to get dinner. He suggested a place, but said it was hard to find and that since he needed to eat dinner, too, why didn’t we go together? He asked me to meet him at his place and we could go together. I was a little surprised by this, but since it was always to pleasure to be around Alex, I agreed.

I went ‘home’ to clean-up and change. I had no idea why I was a little nervous, but I was. Since I did not ask Alex how I should be dressed for the place, I decided I couldn’t go wrong with chinos and a nice shirt. And, at the appointed time, I knocked on Alex’ door – and was a little surprised.

First, he smile dazzled me…it was wonderful to see. You need to understand that Alex’ normal work clothes consisted of jeans and a shirt. Tonight he had put on a pair of pants that looked like they were pretty tight and a cotton shirt. His long hair was still pulled back, but he had used a black ribbon to contain it. There was just the slightest feminine flair to how he looked; it was not one thing – but the total look that whispered feminine. And, then there was this light floral scent – I thought it was coming from the fresh-cut flowers. Mentally I shrugged my shoulders and told myself that it was just Alex.

I have no idea why I opened Alex’ car door – I never opened a car door for a guy before. It was automatic. As he got in, his hand brushed against my hip – and it was as if I had been shocked by electricity – my cock twitched! Alex was a guy, right? What was happening? You have to understand that my wife and I had not engaged in any intimate behavior for many years before she passed, the pain from her disease and then the wheel chair made it impossible. I had always been faithful and nobody had touched me like that in years. I took a deep breath and decided it was just an accident.

We chatted and laughed in the car as he directed me to the place. Our hands touched once or twice as we shared the arm rest, but again – no big deal, right? Once we arrived, Alex actually waited for me to open his door – he expected me to open his door, which I did. To this Escort Maltepe day, I am not sure why I did – it just seemed to be the thing to do. I also opened the entry door to the restaurant for him. Each time I opened a door for him, I was rewarded with a light touch, that could have been accidental. I was getting a little confused – but, again, just kind of shrugged my shoulders. After all – it’s Alex.

It was a little dark inside and were seated at a booth along the wall where we could see the entire place. After a few minutes, my eyes completely adjusted and I began to notice the people – seemed to be more women than men. Some of the women were gorgeous and dressed very well. Then, I noticed that some of the women – or those dressed as women, were actually men. Where had Alex brought me?

As I had been looking around, Alex had scooted a little closer to me – almost touching. How do I tell him to give me a little distance without being rude? Then, I heard his soft whisper near my ear, “Well, what do you think?” Somehow, any tension I had been feeling melted away, and I answered, “Things are not always as they appear.” I heard his soft laugh and we spent a wonderful hour enjoying dinner together. During dinner, his hand touched my arm as we talked…touched my hand…even rested just above my knee. Several people, most of them lovely women, stopped by the table to say hello to Alex and to catch-up a little. I didn’t mind. Most of them were very easy on the eyes. The few who looked like guys in a dress, were okay, too. Maybe they didn’t look as good as the women, but Alex liked them – was very accepting – and it made everyone feel just a bit better.

And, being true to my training as a child, I stood up each time anyone in feminine clothing came to the table. I kind of thought that if these folks dressed like a woman, they should be offered the same respect. Alex teased me a bit and said I didn’t need to get up every time, but I thought it was the right thing to do. It had to be every time, or not at all. Besides, I think it made the ‘women’ feel good. I think Alex liked it, too.

As Alex talked with these folks, his hand would rest on my leg…and at some point he had begun to lightly caress it. His hand going higher up my leg bit by bit. I was trying to remain composed and concentrate on the conversation, but it was becoming more difficult. I couldn’t believe how hard I was becoming! It had been years since my cock was so hard.

After the last friend left our table, Alex turned to me, “So, what do you think?”


“About my friends, Silly. You do know they were all men, right?”

“All males? Even the lovely one in the blue dress?” I was more than a little surprised.

“Yes.” Alex was smiling. He knew he had surprised me. No, shocked me.

“Well…” trying to gather my thoughts, “some look better than others. But, I think they all have the same desire inside: to be feminine. To feel special. Perhaps to feel respected. This Maltepe Rus Escort place,” looking around, “gives them somewhere to be and feel feminine with others.”

Alex just looked at me. I could see tears in his eyes. Then, he leaned into me and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. His words were whispered:

“I have never heard to put so well, or with so much understanding and acceptance.”

“And, what about you, Alex? Are you really a special woman?”

Alex’ answered by just nodding his head. At that moment, Alex went form being a guy to being a woman, at least to me. I put my arms around her, pulled her a bit closer and just held her. I could feel her softly crying as I gently kissed the top of her head; her hair touching my lips. I looked out into the restaurant as I held her and saw several people watching us and smiling.

After a few minutes, Alex slowly stopped crying. Gathered herself and sat back up. She looked at me, smiled and touched my cheek with her finger tips. Her eyes still shining from the tears – she looked lovely to me. It was only for a moment, and then,

“I must look a fright. Excuse me while I go take care of my face?”

“You don’t need to, but if you will feel better, sure. I will take care of the bill and wait for you near the door. It’s gotten to be a bit late.”

I stood up as Alex left the table. Then, as I sat back down, I watched her cross the room. Her walk – the swing to her hips and the grace with which she moved was incredible…and a touch seductive.

The bill paid, I got up and waited by the door. As I stood there, several women came up to me and told me Alex was very special – like I had not already figured that out. In a few minutes, Alex rejoined me. She was so very lovely – not only had she cleaned her face of any trace of tears, she applied a bit of makeup around her eyes which only made their color, blue, stand out even more. She really was breath taking.

I held the door open for her and as she moved close my arm went around her as we walked to the car. Once at the car, I wrapped my arms around her, held her close and then tipped her face up toward mine. Looking into her eyes…into her depth…seeing the pain from the past that lived there…the hope for the future…I softly touched my lips to her’s. The kiss lengthened. My arms wound around her more tightly. Our tongues began a dance of their own…sliding, tasting, exploring. It was a minute; a moment that seemed to go on and on.

The kiss ended and she melted against me. Her head coming to about my shoulder. My hand softly caressing her hair. Slowly, after several minutes, turned in my arms so her back was pressed to me. Her hips began moving from side to side and I suddenly became aware of how aroused I was. A soft moan escaped my lips. The feeling was wonderful. My now very hard cock against her perfect, soft and firm rear.

“So, you aren’t dead,” She said chuckling. “You feel so nice and I would love to find out what’s in there, but it’s been an interesting and long evening. You have a lot to absorb and think about. And, then there’s that early meeting at the house in the morning. How about dinner tomorrow night? My place?”

I looked at her. Smiling. Yes, that would be very nice.

To be continued…

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