Not Your Typical Family Ch. 04


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Chapter 4


Using the clef notes version — Our parents traveled to the Philippines to BDSM Ranch that Dad and Mom were going there for her training as a Pony Girl, after a fuckfest the night before they were to leave. The second day of their vacation a major Typhoon hit the island and wiping out the Ranch losing Mom and Dad. Dad’s body was recovered and after six months of searching we declared Mom (MPD — Missing Presumed Dead)

the story continues……

I leaned back in my chair swung around putting my feet on the ledge and starting gazing out the window on the twelfth floor of the office building. The firm, Dad and his partner, own the entire building and I had a corner office overlooking downtown. June in the city was beautiful and I looked back, I started to reflect on the last twenty-four months since Mom and Dad untimely death. Zoning out — you know looking but not seeing only what the mind’s eye will see — I traveled back to the “phone call” one that changed my mind on family and my relationship to my sister, my then girlfriend, now wife, and their devoted sister slave.

The phone call, which I dreaded, to our Uncle Jack, which I never knew we had until Mom told us the day she left for the Philippines. It turned out that Uncle Jack lived in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I called him that evening and reluctant I tell him that Mom and Dad died in the severe typhoon in the Philippines at a BDSM resort.

“Hello? Master Jacks house. How may I help you?” A sultry voice said.

“Hi, my name is Jason Chase Cooper. Is this Jackson Kyle Champion’s residence?”

“Yes, this is his residence. How may I help you?” A sultry voice of a female asked.

“Can I speak to him, please? I am his nephew?”

“Just a minute.” The phone silent for a few seconds then a male voice.

“This is Jackson. How can I help you?”

“Do you know someone by the name of Pauline Cooper?”

“Wow, haven’t heard that name in a while. I know her she is my sister. Why do you ask?”

“I am her eldest son, Jason; I have some bad news Uncle Jack. Mom and Dad went on vacation to the Philippines just before Christmas. The day after Christmas there was a huge typhoon that ripped through the resort were they were staying. We have not heard from them since then and Mom said to call you if anything happened. Well, here is the call Uncle Jack.” Why cloud the issue? I thought to myself, come out telling the truth it is the best way.

“Oh wow. Ok, how are you and Jasmine holding up?”

“Hold up. How do you know about my sister and me?”

“We are holding together. Well I am a lot better than Jasmine. She seems to have gone into a depressive slump and I am having a difficult time doing my best to get her out of it.”

“Ok, give me a couple of days I will be up there before the end of the week.”

“Uncle Jack, I can handle it.” I stated.

“Jason, I know you can. I also know that you need some time to think and get some things in order for the inevitable outcome. I am not trying to be morbid about it, but reality is reality.”

“Ok, yea your help would be greatly appreciated. I didn’t know you even existed until Mom gave me your number the day she took off.”

“We will discuss the finer points of why I have not been around the family. I will see you by the end of the week.”

“Thanks, Uncle Jack. See you soon.”

Three days later, as I finished the funeral arrangements for Dad, there was a knocked on the door. I called Krissy over and had her answer the door, naked — as per my house rule.

“Wow, nice tits toots. Is Jason around? I think he is expecting me.”

“Just a minute sir, I will go and find him.” As she closed the door in his face, Krissy walked to me in my study.

“Master, there is a man at the door asking for you. Should I let him in or send him away.”

“Krissy, I will go to the door and see what he wants. Get Jazzy and put on the clothes I laid out on our bed. Then come down to greet our guest.”

“Yes, Master.” Krissy bound up the stairs and disappeared.

Getting out from behind my desk, I walked to the front door peered through the peep hole, open the door. Standing at the entrance was this long-haired tuzla eve gelen escort braided bread burly guy about Dad’s age, with tattoos going down each arm wearing a twenty-year-old leather jacket with motorcycle and other type patches decorating it.

“Yes, can I help you?”

“Yeah, are you Jason?”

“Yes, I am Jason Cooper. Whom might you be?”

“Oh, nobody important other than your Uncle Jack, are you going to let me in or am I going to have to find a hotel room for the night while you run my credentials.”

“Come in please Uncle Jack. Sorry, but I was expecting someone totally different when I called you.”

“Yeah, I get that allot lately.” Jack said with a smile.

I called for the girls to meet him. Jazzy strolled to the foyer, Krissy came bouncing in both wearing the summer dresses I had laid out that day just for this reason. We made our introductions, Uncle Jack appraising Krissy and Jazzy.

“So, who was the beautiful woman that answered the door naked?” He asked.

“That would be slave, Kristine Kimberly Kracen and this lovely woman next to me is Jasmin, your niece.”

“Must say Miss Kracen, you do have lovely tits and such nice color areoles, those nipples look tasty.” He said with a smile and an evil grin.

“Thank you, Sir.” Krissy was blushing from head to toe. Uncle Jack walked up to Jazzy then hugged her and he whispered into her ear “I miss them too.” ,then hugged Krissy and finally shook my hand. With the pleasantries out of the way, I showed Uncle Jack the house and set him up in the Guest bedroom.

“Uncle Jack thanks for coming with such short notice. I have arranged for funeral services, Dad’s body will be arriving at the funeral home sometime today. We have an appointment at the funeral home around one this afternoon. After that we will go to the lawyer’s for the reading of Dad and Mom’s will.”

“Wow, you are very thorough with the preparations. I thought I would need to do something but you seem to have it under control. What can I do to help?”

“Uncle Jack could you talk to Jasmine, please. I have tried to get her out of the slump she is in with the loss of Mom and Dad. She is not taking it really well. My slave and I have done our best, but doesn’t seem to be helping.”

“Jason it will take time but I will talk to her and see what I can do. I will do my best but I am still trying to cope myself with the loss of my sister and your dad.”

Thanks Uncle Jack.” Jack left and I stayed in the study looking over some of the papers Dad had left for this occasion. Jack left about thirty minutes after we walked into the study. Two hours later, Krissy came in and kneeled beside me.

“Yes, my sweet one?”

“Master, my sister Jazzy, and your uncle have been in her room for some time and I have fixed lunch. Should, I go and let them know it is ready?”

“Yes, knock and tell them that lunch is ready. I will meet you at the table. Do not wait for an answer. Come back down stairs and we will start without them.

“Yes, Master.”

After a while, Jazzy and Uncle Jack joined us for lunch in silence. My thoughts running from Uncle Jack; not knowing him for my entire life, to Jazzy, her devotion to me through thick ant thin, to my sweet wife to be Krissy, planning our wedding and her collaring ceremony. Jazzy and Krissy cleaned the dishes. We got dressed in silence and headed toward the funeral services. The viewing, funeral service, and burial took over three hour and I know Mom and Dad would have loved it. We left the burial site heading toward the lawyer’s office. During the drive I held Jazzy on one side and Krissy on the other, both crying and heaving. It took all my strength and will power not to bust down with them. We went into the lawyer’s office sat down. Jazzy and Krissy would not stop crying and in my fragile state I told to stop and be quite or punishment would be severe when we returned home. Soon they were quiet and the lawyer started.

“This is the last will and testament of Reginald and Pauline Cooper. In the event of our death together or separate our estate is hear by remanded to our son Jason Chase. Cooper and daughter Jasmine Christine Cooper, she will retain two percent (2%) of the estate. Jason is now owner of sixty percent interest in the law firm of Cooper, Brackston, and Chase, LLC PA. Upon my death — Reginald Francis Cooper — Jason Chase Cooper is the Managing Partner of the law firm mentioned above. Of our many assets — the house in Maine, the summer house in Jamaica, and the cabin in Colorado donate for safe shelter for battered woman and children, unless Jason decides to keep one or all. The Sailboat “Pauline’s Escape,” the speed boat “Pauline’s Getaway,” the cars, the house, and other assets in my or my wife’s name are now property of Jason C. Cooper. Jason will find a blue envelope in the safe — combination is my birthday and our wedding date — once this is open — for his eyes only — he will understand he is the sole beneficiary of our estate. All financial tuzla otele gelen escort bills, loans, and any other monies owed to individuals, corporations, or banks are not be transferred to this estate nor to Jason C. Cooper. We love you both. Please celebrate our lives don’t morn. Move on. Much more love than can be spoken. Reginald C. Cooper. Dad”

Needless to say, I had a thousand questions with no answer by the lawyer. I signed where I needed, make sure the taxes were paid, Jazzy was hysterical about receiving only two percent of the estate. It surprised me as well, but he did say a blue envelope in the safe. We drove back, Jazzy crying the entire way Krissy doing her damnedest to calm her down. Jazzy just kept saying, “Mom and Dad never loved me. I was a mistake.” I put the caddy in the garage everyone got out. I proceeded to stop Jazzy when she came around to the front of the car. I grabbed her putting her in a huge bear hug and let her wail on my shoulder. Krissy and Jack went inside while I dealt with my sister.

“Jasmine do you trust me?”

“Yes, Master.”

Right now, I am not your Master. I am your brother and you are my sister. I want to know if you trust your brother not as you trust your Master, but as your brother.”

“Yes, always.”

“Good you and I are going to the study. I am going to open the safe and we will read his letter together. Got it?”

“Yes, Jason.” We walked into the house holding onto one another. I felt her huge sigh letting out her breath to ease her tension. She relaxed a little, not enough and I will have to see to that later. We walked into the living room, the study was to the right, I saw Jack and Krissy sitting watching some TV.

“Uncle Jack and Kristine, we will be in the study for a long while. Please Krissy make some dinner for all, Jasmine and I will eat later. You two please give us some time and we will join you.”

“Hey that’s ok. I can go see some old friend’s in the area. Would you like to come along Kristine?” Uncle Jack said. Krissy looked at me and I nodded my head.

“Where something nice but revealing when your with my Uncle.”

“Of course Jason I will.” With that I took Jasmine into the study and shut the door. Once inside the study, I sat Jasmine down in the lounge chase, I went to the safe dialed in the combination opened the safe grabbed the blue envelope moved over to sit next to my beloved sister. Opening the envelope I pulled the contents out spreading them on the coffee table. Four Letters two addressed to me and two addressed to Jasmine. Looking into her sad green eyes I said, “See Mom and Dad did love you. You are not a mistake. Hell how could you be a mistake if you have a brother like me.” She smiled.

“I know it was just embarrassing to be given only a small percentage, now please read Mom’s letter to me.” I picked up the envelope marked to Jasmin Christina Cooper in Mom’s hand writing pulled out the letter

“My dearest, sweetest, and loving joy of my heart daughter this is the hardest letter I have had to write. I have to address it to my daughter who by now is a wreck. From losing us and finding out you received a small inheritance. There is comfort though in the fact that your father and I both knew you two would become intimate. Yes, I We just hoped it would be after we were gone from your lives, but alas it is not so. You see we suspected something was going on before Jason finished his junior year. We were wrong, your father sent you away without telling me breaking my heart, and I believe his as well. I found out when I returned early from a social event the weekend following Jason’s return from college. Jasmine, you seemed rather antsy and hyper to hear your brother was coming home. I heard you one evening, while your father was way, masturbating to your brother’s name. You started to be happier, more energetic the closer to Jason coming home. I accepted that and was not really thinking about the summer just that he was coming home too. The second day of his return, Jason went to go running and you came down wearing the shortest running shorts — I wanted to say to you go back and change, but I let it go. You bounded down the steps to the drive way and both of you turned left down the street. I decided to follow at my own pace but keeping both of you in sight. It was difficult; you and your brother run so well together. When you stopped at the bench and then slipped behind the bushes out of sight. I saw my son and daughter hiding and was wondering what was going on. When suddenly I see Jasmine removing her clothes, I wanted to run over there and yell at the both of you, but couldn’t I was to voyeuristic to stop it. I knew it was wrong and it really turned me on and I watched as my daughter gives herself to my son. As I watched your brother slamming into your pussy, I was fingering mine as well. When you both came, I came as well. He is impressive and would love to have his cock in my pussy one day — don’t say anything to your father about it. Oh hell, he already knows I tuzla sınırsız escort want to fuck both of my kids. My kink and I digress.

The point is Jasmine, please don’t limit yourself to just Jason. Find a nice man — I didn’t say boy find a Man. Age is relative it only matters to your relatives. I don’t know your sexual preferences whether it be male, female, or whatever. I love your brother, as you know and if he makes you happy then by all means stay with him and be happy. If on the other hand you don’t seem to be as happy, find someone who will make you happy and make them happy, love them as you love your brother.

Jasmine, I have no regrets in life. What I will miss is helping plan your wedding, watching you grow with my grandchildren, listen to your millionth complaint about your absent brother and wanting to say so myself. I will miss you both. I love you both. I have to stop now because I cannot see the paper from crying through all of this. Please Jasmine find someone to love, be loved, and want love nothing less. Love Momma.”

“Holy Shit! Mom fucking knew and never said anything!” Jasmine said after a millisecond pause. Her loud voice made me jump a little in my seat.

“Holy fuck fuck Holy shit fuck. Mom and Dad knew” suddenly snapping her head around leveling her eyes at me.

“Jason Chase Cooper, I said this at the beginning of that summer and I will say it now. I didn’t care then and I don’t care now, I am happy and want no, I need to be your slave. I am professing my heart, mind, and soul to serve you in whatever capacity I may serve as your property. Jason Chase Cooper, I am now your property inherited by our parents. You are my Master and I will obey and trust your instructions, commands, and if you see fit to punish me when I might be disobedient, a little testy, back talk, or just because you want to smack by ass Big Brother, Master, and Lord of this lowly slave. How can I please you Master?”

“Ok, I understand but — SHIT — SHIT — SHIT — SHIT. Man o Man…..damn it just damn it. Sorry Jasmine had to get that out. Right now let’s finish read the letter from Dad to me. Then we can figure this out.” I opened the letter and started to read.


The difficulties I have writing this letter to you will be profound and it is one of the most difficult letters I have ever written. Reading this letter means I have passed way, missing presumed dead, or some other fortuitous reason I have been declared deceased.

I have watched you grow into a fine young man and look forward when we can work side by side at the firm. However, I guess if you’re reading this I am dead. Which really sucks. Well I figure you have a million unanswered questions about why your sister only received a small inheritance. Oh yeah, I bet your really pissed and just cannot understand why. Well, I did say that the blue envelope would explain things. When your sister became obsessed with you, I watched her when you were around. Jasmine wanted you more than as a brother; she was submissive around you Jason. I shipped her off to a private retreat to help her get over her addiction to having her brother become her Master. I read jasmine’s diary and instead of handling it myself like a Father should, I shipped her off to some god forsaken hell hole of an institution for her re-education into proper sexual morality. It didn’t work, she came back more determined to be your slave and she seems to hate me for sending her away, well that is my suspicions. I felt lousy, I felt alone, and I felt I lost my little girl because of this, when in fact I gained much needed respect for her. I know but why did I leave her with so little because she told me upon your return that she was going to submit to you and beg you to be her Master. I tried to be the father she needed, but alas it was too late. Jasmine had already committed to you when I tried to talk to her about it. She told me in so many words that her brother had already claimed her as her slave. What I didn’t know was the length of time between you and Jasmine. There is a key in the envelop, that is the key to the storage closet in the kitchen — secret stairs down to the basement and turns right into a fifteen hundred square foot dungeon with reinforced steel beams, and sound proofing. If Jasmine is really your slave now then you get a chance test it out with Jasmine. Jason be good to her if I find out you have harmed her or done something bad to my little girl I will haunt you for the rest of eternity.

With that said, I must close this letter out. I will bring one more sage advice to the newest managing partner at Cooper, Brackston, and Chase, LLC PA — go in confidence, hold your head high; you have a law degree just like the other partners in the room just not a lot of experience but experience means set in your ways and don’t get set in your ways. Biggest difference is that you manage a lot of lawyers and I know you can do it and I own, well you do now, sixty percent of the firm and as my successor. Daniel Brackston — he is the Senior Partner and other forty percent of the company don’t try and buy him out he will not sell. Everyone in that firm, now works for you and Dan, be wise in your decisions. Most importantly talk to them and treat them with respect with any luck they will respect you. Son, I will miss you and our ladies. Take good care of Jasmine and the firm. I love you dearly son be good. Love Dad.”

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