Now I’am a Black Cum Eater


Now I’am a Black Cum EaterI’m going to tell you what happened to me and my wife Jennifer as it really happened. We went from mild swinging to…well, you’ll see. It’s all true. You have to understand that Jenny is a beautiful gal. Actually, at 5’4″, 135lbs, long blonde hair and hazel eyes, she’s a stunner. And believe it or not, she’s got HUGE tits (38F) and yeah, they’re real. (She always makes me add that.). Jen also has great legs and a beautifully rounded ass. She just turned 28; I’m now 31. Jen comes from an academic family. Her family and friends were pretty repressed about sex. In her college days some of her geek friends got together every now and again for some giggly liaisons, but she didn’t go for that type of scene. Perhaps because of her enormous breasts, she only wore sweats and other baggy outfits. I come from a different background. I was considered the “bad-boy” type during the 80’s and 90’s. I was well known for getting it on with willing girls. When Jen and I met she was 18 and yearning to be free from the boredom of her restrictive life. It was the classic case of the repressed girl wanting to break out. For whatever reason, I was her ticket to fun and glamour. After thinking about it, and talking with me, she wanted me to introduce her to everything sex had to offer. I started slowly. I had her shave and took her shopping for revealing attire. We went out on the town. She’d heard stories from girlfriends of their first times with guys who had the same amount of experience as they did, and they all were disasters. When we made love I made sure Jen had a great time. What I didn’t realize is that I was creating a monster. Over the next few months we continued her “education.” She was very eager and took to all forms of erotic play like a fish to water. I then moved to Los Angeles. Jen felt cut off from the fun and freedom she had recently discovered. We stayed in contact and met for occasional weekend trips, which resulted in 72 hours of wall-to-wall sex. A year later I returned to the area. Jen and I were soon married and moved in to a house I was living with a friend of mine, Billy. His girlfriend joined us, and the girls were soon enjoying each other almost more than me and Billy. Jen would do oral with Billy and his girlfriend, or sex with me while they watched. (Jen loved to be watched.) I would sometimes fuck Billy’s girlfriend, always with a condom. Jen had never liked condoms, so Billy had to settle for suck offs and jerking off over Jen’s ample tits. Billy’s girlfriend was a dancer in a strip club, and Jennifer (who was made for a “titty bar”) soon started working there as a waitress, not as a dancer. We then moved into our own house, and Jenny often brought home girls she worked with, sometimes with their boyfriends or husbands. I also started introducing her to our local swing clubs. She loved them. At the clubs our fun only involved other women or couples. Jen didn’t want to go beyond oral sex or being watched while I did her. As she became more experienced, Jen became more aggressive about getting what she wanted. I went the other way. She would approach men and women and invite them in explicit terms to have sex. One night, we were at the favorite club we frequented. We happened to pass by the “Voyeur Room,” which had windows for three walls. When Jenny saw what was going on inside she became silent. I looked in to see four black men fucking the hell out of Linda, a white girl we’d played with before. I saw her husband in the corner in a chair. Linda’s nylons were holding his arms in place. (I guess he could have moved if he’d wanted; he was a big guy.) It was strangely erotic to me. I looked over at Jen, who had both hands rubbing herself slowly, one pulling up her frilly skirt a bit, the other slowly but deliberately massaging her soaking pussy lips. Her eyes were fixed on what was going on, as if she was in a trance. I watched her for a couple of minutes, and although she was right beside me, she didn’t seem to be aware that I and a couple of others were looking at her. “You’re staring, honey,” I said.”I wish it was me in there instead of her. I loved the look of those beautiful black bodies using her.””God, Jen, are you crazy?””Look at the savage way they’re taking her. I love the power they have over her and her husband.”I was shocked. I’d never seen her talk like this.”Honey,” she said. “I really like watching those black cocks enter her. I can imagine how it must feel.” Whatever I thought, watching them had created something in her. I looked back into the room and heard the black guy give a loud groan. He stiffened and quivered as he came. As he pulled out of Linda, one of the other black men untied her husband, Don. He dove between her legs and put his mouth to her crotch. He was gobbling the cum out of his wife’s open cunt. I was amazed. Here was another creampie lover! You see, my first sexual experience was with my best friend’s slutty sister. She was three years older, rather dominant and experienced. When she let me fuck her I got so excited that I came too quickly. She told me to go down on her, so I did. I licked out my cum while she squirmed with pleasure. The taste was wonderful. Since then I’d eaten out every woman I ever fucked. I love eating out pussy, but it tastes better after it’s been fucked. My technique was to perform oral on a girl for a while until she was cumming and then say “Hang on; I’ll eat it more in just a minute.” Then I’d fuck her a while longer, shoot my load, and go down to my creampie treat. So I’d been a cum-eater for quite some time when I saw this man in the Voyeur Room enjoy several creampies in a row. This was different. ¦I’d only eaten my own cum. Or was it? I didn’t know. Without missing a beat, the next two black men filled Linda back to back. Again her husband went to his knees between her legs and ate her as we watched it all. By now Jen’s breasts were rising and falling heavily as she breathed. Her eyes glazed over, and looking down, I saw she had one hand massaging her clit while holding the front of her skirt up, and the other slowly rubbing her dripping pussy. After the last black man finished, Jen snapped out of it, and all at once turned to me and declared, “I want to do that!” I was shocked. She’d never so much as fucked another man, much less a black one, since she’d been with me. That evening after when got home I was taken back by the zest Jen showed in wanting to do what she had seen.”Tim,” she said, “next Saturday we’re going back there and I’m gonna find those guys and talk to them.” “I don’t know if that’s a good idea.””When I saw Don eat out Linda I knew you would love to do that too, wouldn’t you, darling””I don’t know…””Whether you like it or not, I’m going to talk to them and see what happens.” It seemed odd to hear nevşehir escort her saying this because she had been hit on by countless black men before and never even thought about it till that night. As her she became aggressive about what she wanted, I was taken aback a bit. Still, the flutter in my stomach, and desire for it to happen (and especially this way) took hold of me. I was a bit surprised at how eager I was to surrender my wife to these black guys. It somehow crept out of some dark recesses of my desire. Anyway, I couldn’t talk her out of it if I’d wanted to. The next weekend we went back to the club, and waited. We expected to find at two of the black guys we were somewhat acquainted with. As neither were married, we’d never asked them to play before, but that was about to change. Being regulars (one, Andre, was a bouncer on some nights and hung out there frequently), they were sure to show up. Well, Andre and Chris, another black man we’d seen before, were there. Jen was like a woman possessed. Her eagerness and control of the situation served to make me sit down and shut up. Suddenly it was me who was submissive. Strangely I was getting aroused by the idea of Jen with these guys. She went to the bar and spoke with Andre. I followed a little distance behind and stood off to one side, barely close enough to hear what they said. Jen would do the talking for us. It wasn’t the first time either of us had spoken with Andre. He had often approached us when we were looking for other couples. He had a playful way of trying to seduce Jen, saying things like once you go black you never go back. He liked to tell Jen how much he loved white girls with big tits and little waists and rounded hips and asses.To be perfectly honest here, I am partly responsible for Andre’s interest in my wife. One night at the club while Jen was in a private room with another couple I took a break at the bar. Andre sidled up to me to chat.”You got a beautiful lady, Tim. I’ve been admiring her for a long time. I bet she’s a great lay.”I must have been a little intoxicated because I found myself talking to him about just that.”Yeah, she really loves it. I mean being taken. You know, it makes her feel naughty.” Somehow I must have also told him that she loved being spanked when getting it from behind or that she really loved having my hair pulled.Hey, man, she must be really hot. Does she love that when you fuck her?””You bet,” I bragged. “It makes her arch her back more so that she slams onto my cock, although she tells me it can be difficult when her knees are weak after a really powerful orgasm.””Man, does she like to cum?””Yeah! Jen’s a real cum queen. Especially when I spank her when she tenses up before she cums. It gives her an even bigger orgasm.””I really want to bang her, man.”I was used to this. A lot of single men approached Jenny at the club.”You know we only do couples and women. No single guys. I’m sorry.””We’ll see about that,” he grinned. Somehow Andre had let us know that sex the way he and his friends did it would be different. We had chuckled with him about it. Jen had even blushed when he complimented her body in front of his friends. We were polite, but moved away to other women and couples we liked. To his credit, Andre always backed off politely.Later, Jen mentioned to me that she found Andre attractive, but didn’t consider his proposals seriously. He didn’t hound us every night but at least once in a while would try again with the same approach. Each time he walked away saying we probably couldn’t take it anyways, that we would come around, and that it would be easy when we did.So when Jen approached him that fateful night he looked rather amused. “Hi, babe. I knew you would be here.”Jen seemed to hesitate.”Have you been thinking about me, babe?”Yes.””I’ve known for a long time that you would like to be with me. If you’re serious, you don’t have to prove it to me. You have to prove it to your husband.” He bent over and whispered something. I couldn’t hear. Jen’s eyes widened.”I watched you and your friends with Linda last week,” she murmured. “Yeah, I know. We took it easy on them. Since you’re younger I’m gonna really get loose. But if you want it, you have to do everything I say.”Jen blushed and looked as if she felt hot all over. When she looked at me I felt like I was watching the most interesting movie I’d ever seen. Jen sensed I wanted this as much as she did. Andre gazed at me, smiled, then kissed her deeply and grabbed her ass hard. Over the next couple minutes, I watched him slide her tight spandex skirt up and put his fingers into her. His friend Chris grinned at me.When we had played before I was always involved, and the farthest swap we’d enjoyed was oral with the other partner, unless it was me having sex with the other woman. Jen had kept to just oral, except with women, or toys. Now here she was talking with Andre, his fingers working inside of her. Chris reached around and played with her big tits. I’d known Jenny wasn’t wearing underwear to the club, but as I watched, I started to wish I’d worn jeans instead of my loose fitting slacks, which made covering my raging hard-on all but impossible! I’d never been this turned on. I knew Andre and his friends, knew how they talked and acted, always talking about their hobby being nailing white women. The previous week I’d had seen just how nasty and aggressive they had pounded our lady friend. I also knew how Jen liked it done to her, and in the back of my mind understood they were going to make her their slut.”Hey, Tim,” said Andre. “Come a bit closer. Your wife tells me how you and she liked watching us last week give it to Linda and how you liked seeing her husband clean her out. She wants me to introduce her to becoming a whore like Linda, don’t you baby?” “Yes. I want it.” “You gotta really want it, hon.” “I really do want it, please!” “You want me and my black friends to pound your pussy with our fat pricks?” “Oh my, yes!” “We don’t use condoms. We’re gonna flood you with our semen and then have hubby here eat it out.” “He loves creampies!” “You sure you want to be a Black Cock Whore?” “YES!” “And a little white slut who’ll do anything we want?” “Yeah. I’d love to be your slut!” Andre made Jen drop to her knees right there, next to the bar, and right beside the dance floor, and suck his cock to convince him. She pulled out his cock, and without any hesitation, gave him the best, nastiest blow job I’ve ever seen her give. His friend Chris ran his fingers through her hair while saying something to her, which made her suck it even more hungrily!”We have a special friend help us to break in white women,” said Andre. “You’re gonna have a new experience. After getting it from him, you’ll be a different woman.” He sent ordu escort Chris to the pool tables in search of this friend who I’d never met before, but had seen there a few times. His name was Russell. This guy was massive, and didn’t look like anyone to mess with. When Andre saw that both his friends were ready, he grabbed Jen by the hair, and made her stop sucking his cock and stand up. For the first time I actually got a real good look at Russell’s cock. It was HUGE! He was putting it away as I walked nearer him. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. He laughed, and said to me, “Here’s the way it’s gonna be. I’m gonna break in this little white girl so she’ll appreciate black cock. I’m gonna ram my dick up your wife’s hole right up to my balls. And then I’m gonna fuck her silly.” While listening and nodding blankly, all I could think about was how bad I wanted to see that huge black thing sliding into my wife.”And honey I like to pull your blonde hair hard as I rip you open and ruin that sweet white pussy. Y’all ready for that?”Andre looked at me and gestured for me to follow them as his two friends started down the hall with Jen in tow. Her big tits jiggled in her bra as she tiptoed in her high heels. Jen looked flushed with excitement, almost as if she were drunk. She told me later she felt a throbbing inside her pussy which craved to have him inside her. She just couldn’t fight it. While some sex acts take place in the main room, most people meet up with others, talk for a bit, and head to one of the slightly more secluded areas of the club. They took us into a corridor that led to a private room. Each room at our favorite club has a “theme” to it. The theme of this particular room was mirrored walls and ceiling. Once in the room Andre told Jen to lie down on the bed. “Put on a little show for us, slut. Let’s see what you’ve got for us.” Jenny opened her laced up top, exposing her oversize breasts. She fondled them lecherously. “Magnificent. I love big white tits. Show us your pussy, whore.” Jen slid her stretchy little skirt up over her hips, and spread her thighs. She rubbed the pussy lips. “Is this what you want?” “Yeah, babe. I’m gonna fuck that cunt!” “Tim,” Russell addressed me, “instead of being at the other end of the room I want you to see just how bad your wife is gonna love becoming our slut.” He told me to lie back on the bed. “Good,” said Russell. “Your wife has such a beautiful pink pussy, but she’s gonna need to be really wet, so you better should eat her.” “Now, slut, kneel over hubby’s face in a 69 position, and let him eat you.” As Jen did so, her huge breasts hung down and rested on my stomach. As the men undressed I remember thinking: “He’s gotta be k**ding. My wife is always very wet, and at this moment she’s ten times wetter than I’ve ever seen her.” “Don’t open his pants, slut.” She did as she was told. My cock was straining and throbbing against the material. Geeze, couldn’t I even get a suck? “We’re gonna do this a bit different than you saw the previous week. A special treat just for you folks.” I wondered what Jenny had might have said to them. Then Andre’s thick black penis appeared at the entrance to my wife’s pussy, its golf ball sized head slowly rubbing up and down her slit an inch above my face. I now knew they wanted me to watch them fuck my wife at the same time I licked her clit. “Are you ready for it, you little white whore?” “Yes. Give it to me!” With a grunt Andre shoved his black prick in deeply, penetrating up to the root. His pubic hairs tickled my nose. Jen trembled and then grunted. Andre then pulled it all the way out for moment. In my position I could hear a slight “pop” as his penis emerged from the hole. It was glistening with cunt juice. “How bad do you want it, slut?” “Very bad! Please put it back in!” He shoved it back in and then gave it to her hard for about a minute. I could feel Jen tense as she was about to cum. Before she did, Andre pulled out again. “Now do you want it, whore?” He pulled her hair and slapped her ass repeatedly the way she loves it. “Oh, God, give it to me, please fuck me!” she begged. “Your hubby is going to have to watch me stretch you out. Do you want him to see that?” “Yes,” she moaned. “I want you to cum inside me again and a gain and make Time eat it out. He always loves to eat cum from me.” “OK, bitch. You asked for it. Now suck Chris while I fuck you.” As she started sucking Andre’s friend, he pounded her even harder. Jen loves being filled with cum. She usually has an orgasm just from the feeling of that alone. I knew she was on the birth control regiment she had been on for years, but I still couldn’t believe that she was gonna let them cum in her. Andre fucked her like a piston, bringing her to a fever pitch. This time she shook all over as I felt her orgasm. I couldn’t keep my mouth on her clit; she was grinding and bucking against Andre. “That’s a good slut. Is that what you want?” “Oh my God, yes! This little white girl needs big black cock so badly! I’ll do anything if you’ll fuck me all night.” I was mesmerized by the way his huge cock stretched her cunt out, especially because Jen has really creamy alabaster white skin, and the contrast was incredible. She came at least five times in the next few minutes. “Oh I love it like this! It’s soooo good! I want your cock! Please give me more! Fuck me!” At this Andre tensed and I knew he was about to fill her pussy with his cum. Watching from an inch away his balls pull up and twitch as Andre filled my wife was unreal. Just looking at her very swollen, reddish scarlet, gaping pussy was intense, but when Andre finished pumping into her, then held his cock in her as deep as he could for a couple minutes, while I licked the outside of her pussy. It didn’t yet have cum dripping from it, but was frothy around his cock and on the outside. When he finally withdrew, I was ready. Almost before he was completely out, several globs/streams, well rivers actually were sliding out into my mouth. Immediately my tongue dove inside to lick out every bit of cum it could find. The smell was amazing. I felt the heat on my face as her cum covered my cheek and his sperm covered my tongue! It was the first time I’d eaten another man’s cum. It tasted wonderful, different from mine. I’d always eaten my cum from her, but the musky, strong, hot, pungent smell I was used to was diluted compared to the salty-ish, intensely musky-ish aroma I smelled and tasted! It was incredible! I later learned then that every man’s cum tastes a bit different, like beers do. Best of all is fresh semen mixed with the juices of a lady’s orgasm. I remember vaguely the others talking while I sucked it out. “I knew he’d love it,” said Jennifer. “Man, she’s one amazing piece of ass. You’re gonna love creaming rize escort this slut.” Jen continued to suck on Chris, who seemed to love oral. After viewing his cock, I was surprised, thinking that black is bigger was a myth. I was bigger than him, and maybe Andre, who was pretty big, was just a fluke. And then there was Russell. Apparently she couldn’t take Russell into her mouth; he was just too damned big. So she licked it all over instead. “OK, slut. I’m gonna have to teach you a little lesson. If you can’t suck it, you gotta fuck it. You ready for your lesson?” “Yes,” she answered, eagerly if a bit nervously. “I’m ready for it.” I looked up and saw Russell’s huge calves cum up behind her. I was still upside down. As I looked up at his gigantic thighs, I saw an enormous dark black cock partially erect hanging down almost to his knees. It had a head that was uncut, making it look almost frightening, especially at two inches from my face. Thank God he hadn’t been the one to go first. My wife gaping pussy was able to accept it more easily (a little more easily at least), after Andre. Russell slid it in a bit. I was entranced. He withdrew it a bit too far and a plop sound let me know he had pulled it out. “Put it back into her, hubby.” Timidly I grabbed it. The feel in my hand was exhilarating. I tried pushing it back in to my wife’s little pussy. It didn’t seem to go. Russell laughed and instructed me again. “Just put the head in, boy. Pull back the skin and it’ll go in nicely.” “Please, darling,” added my wife, “put it back in!” I did has he asked. I felt a thrill re-inserting that big black knob. Once it was in, Russell put as much into to her with one stroke as he could. It took a little time to get her to accept it all. Let’s just say that if Jen was flying with Andre, then she was in heaven when their enormous friend got into her. When he got going fucking her, he intentionally pulled it out every now and then, and made me hold it in my hand while I slid my tongue deep inside Jen’s pussy. God it felt hollowed out! The taste then was somewhat similar to before, but with a sweaty taste as well, and even wetter. “Lick my balls, boy. I like my balls lick while I shoot my load.” I did as he asked. I felt him tighten up. “Please cum inside her,” I heard myself gasp. He was way ahead of me. “I’m gonna do just that!” His balls twitched as he fired his cum deep in my darling’s broken pussy. Jen was crying now. I’ve since seen her do that again and again when Andre and his friends fuck her especially hard. Russell had his cock in up to his balls as he emptied the last drops. Before he had pulled out more than a couple inches, I smelled that pungent freshly fucked odor that was so strong it almost knocked me out. He pulled all the way out and it took a second for my tongue (inserted to the point where my jaw hurt) to find it. His load however was not small, just deep I guess. It rushed out all at once, and my mouth was so far open, I got most of it but some ran down my chin and cheeks. It no longer tasted like before, but now tasted like pure cum. VERY salty, not as thick as Andre’s which was some extremely thick cum, but thin at first and very salty, followed by globs of more thick cum, which tasted bitterer. This combined with that beautiful smell I’d come to love as the most intense, powerful and intoxicating taste I’d ever experienced Jen’s pussy has always been described as “sweet” by me and just about everyone who has tasted it, but now it was rawer tasting, muskier. I can only describe it as the smell of fresh sex. “So, how did you like that, slut? Was it nice?” Russell asked my bride.”Yes. I loved it. I want it again.” From then on it was a roller coaster ride. Much of the time she sucked on Chris’ cock. He seemed to love it for hours. I remember after a long while he announced he was going to cum and somebody pulled out of her pussy and the next thing I knew Chris was unloading his cum in her hole. It tasted so delicious I wondered whether sucking sweetens the semen. I later asked Jen how many times she came and her reply was “I never stopped.” She’s always cum easily and often, and is seriously wet almost always, but that night, I’d NEVER seen her so wet! She was very vocal, from the first minute to the last. What really sticks out in my mind was the way she begged them to fuck her more, her telling them she loved them, her telling me just how deep they were, how good it was, how she felt so full she thought she could barely breath, and later ordering me to lick lower, on their shafts where they entered her, and even to lick their balls as they had told her to tell me. They loved that! I remember begging them myself to fuck her harder when I saw how she responded. The rest of the time, she was screaming, moaning, and later just incoherent babbling in time with their poundings. My face was soaked with juices periodically shortly after her more vocal orgasms. And as I licked her pussy lips and the point where they were wrapped around one of their cocks, I felt them harden/stiffen/tighten (I don’t know how to describe it) to indicate she was cumming, as she’s always gotten incredibly tight when she’s having an orgasm. This was more the case in the beginning of the session, as towards the end she’d been so stretched and loosened and generally worn out, I don’t think her muscles had the ability to continue from exhaustion. We continued for what seemed like hours, but it was only about two. I felt like I drank like a quart out of her that night. When we got home my balls were blue and swollen, and I was going out of my head. So much pre-cum had leaked out, my boxers were stuck to me! Jen only laughed, and said she was exhausted. “We’ll play tomorrow. I’m so tired.” I was going out of my head, and tried curling up behind her to put my cock into her. She shouted “NO!” really loud, and I was amazed at myself later to find that I’d accepted her order, and rolled over. The next day, when we first discussed the previous night, she told me that she intended to make this a regular thing. My eyes were almost crossing as my cock throbbed so hard…I needed to cum! “Look, honey. Andre made me agree to not to let you cum…all week. That way he’ll be sure that we’ll return for more next Saturday.” “But he isn’t here right now, and will never know. Please, let me cum?” She was adamant about it. I was pissed. “I’ve heard of orgasm denial, and we’re NOT going to do it.” “Well, I’m not going to touch you all week. And I don’t want you masturbating in the shower and being a sneak.” She put it to me was half as a plea, and half as a challenge. In the end I figured “no big deal, I can handle it.” Boy was I wrong! It was all I could think about all week! Every minute I was around my wife, and every minute I thought about nothing but sex. It looked like the only thing to do was to go along and see if I couldn’t get some relief when we returned to the club.The next week my wife surprised me with a gift, just to be sure you don’t cheat and masturbate your little cock your going to wear chastity belt and I hold the key.

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