Oak Street Yuletide


This is the conclusion of the saga of the families of Oak Street. To all outward appearances the families are typical conservative upper middle class households but what goes on behind closed doors would shock the rest of the neighborhood. For background on our seven lust-filled families check out “Oak Street Beginnings” and the other seven prior chapters of this series which conclude here with the neighbors Christmas party. (Chapters in this series are in alphabetical order.)

Apology: Sorry that this chapter is several months late but things in life interfered.


Nine months pregnant, Betty Rashid, bundled up to deliver the sheet of paper Inga had prepared detailing the neighborhood Christmas Party plans. She went from door to door handing the flyer to each household so that no one would miss the festivities at the school gym two days prior to Christmas Eve. She didn’t really understand using the gym or all of this planning after all it would just be the six Oak Street families and the Allen’s from around the corner.

She shrugged her shoulders and did as she was asked as she knew Inga would make sure that everyone had a good time. Ringing the last doorbell Betty was feeling a bit winded so when Mike Olson answered she asked if she could rest for a minute. He invited her in and offered her a Hot Cocoa. Gladly she accepted and removed her coat taking a seat on his couch.

“The rest of the family is out shopping so it will be nice to have company for awhile to break the quiet.,” Mike said as he brought the drink into her. He almost dropped the cup when he saw her round full belly and her massive full breasts. The best sex he ever had was with pregnant ladies. He didn’t know just what it was but there was something extra erotic about a woman when she was pregnant.

He sat down beside her on the couch knowing there was no way to hide his erection. He squirmed trying to get comfortable as Betty looked on. She felt her own stirrings as well as Mike was a very sexy man himself. Almost whispering she replied, “Thanks Mike, with the baby due in 10 days I seem to get tired easily and my feet get swollen.”

He stared at her breasts wondering if she were lactating yet. But he decided it was much too early for that. Then it hit him she had given him a tiny opening. He asked, “Betty would you like a foot massage before you leave. I am world famous for my foot rubs.”

“That would be wonderful,” Betty responded and quickly laid her feet in her neighbor’s lap. Gently Mike removed her shoes and was awe struck at her perfect, but swollen, feet. Deciding that anything he said would get him into trouble he cupped the heel of one of her feet and began slowly but firmly massaging it.

His massage felt marvelous to Betty but she was sure that he wanted more as he was practically drooling as he brazenly had his eyes locked on her chest. To test her theory she calmly moved her other foot to his crotch and rested it on the large bulge. When he did nothing to move the invading foot she began grinding her heel against his manhood.

Not sure of what to say Mike just kept rubbing her foot. The grinding of her heel became more and more insistent causing him to audibly gasp. Betty smiled slyly at him looking him right in the eyes. She found it hard to make eye contact when her boobs seemed to have him transfixed. Speaking up Mike said, your feet feel wonderful Betty.”

“Mike, it is not my feet you’re thinking about. So get off your ass and show me what you really are made of,” Betty boldly cooed as she ground her heel even harder against his erection. To leave no doubt in her host’s mind she reached down to the hem of her blouse and pulled it off over her head revealing her large volleyball of a stomach and the bra that was barely constraining her extra large boobs.

“Fuck Betty, you are so sexy. Damn you are sexy; I want you right now.” Mike blurted barely restraining himself from pouncing on her. In seconds, though, he dropped her feet and pushed her legs on each side of him and was caressing her belly and kissing her navel.

Gently she pushed him away and smiled sweetly. “Take it easy big boy; I’m all yours. Why don’t we pause long enough to get naked?” That was an easy request for Mike to comply with as he wanted to see the rest of this hot woman’s body. They both stood up in front of the couch and peeled their garments off. His cock was pointing straight at Betty as they sized each other up.

Her nipples were the largest he had ever seen, twice the size of a pencil eraser, and were standing erect like mini-penises. They fell into each other’s arms exchanging a torrid kiss Then Betty resumed her seat on the couch as Mike laid across her lap and sucked her boobs into his mouth as if nursing on them.

Betty cradled his head with her arm as he worked from boob to boob. Her other hand caressed his side as she began moaning loudly at his expert sucking. At the same time his hands were pulling and tugging on the magnificent orbs. He jumped when he felt her hand work down tuzla escort to his cock as she began stroking it.

“Milk my cock while I milk your tits,” Mike moaned as her hand was now wrapped around his pole pumping it wildly. The juices in Betty’s pussy started to flow freely as she thrust her tits hard against Mike’s mouth. Mike swore he tasted a dribble of milk but wasn’t sure if his imagination was working overtime. A loud grunt escaped Betty as the heat rose and she knew she couldn’t wait any longer.

“Take my hot pussy now; I need your hot cock inside of me,” she gasped as she let go of his cock. Then she lifted his head reluctantly from her chest as she pushed herself from the couch and onto the floor. She got on all fours and wiggled her ass at him. Animal lust filled Mike as he saw her big boobs and round belly dangling toward the carpet with her hot pink flower opening right in front of his eyes glistening with wetness under the lights of the room.

As Mike slid to the floor behind her ass he noticed that Betty’s skin seemed to have a special luster; it almost seemed to glow. Wasting no time the lust filled man grabbed her hips with one hand as he rubbed his cock up and down her ass crack and pussy with the other hand. Betty looked back over her shoulder and urged, “Quit teasing my twat and get busy fucking me!”

Slowly Mike inserted his rock hard cock into her depths. He couldn’t believe how tight her pussy was. As he grunted pushing in deeper and deeper a thought raced through his mind that there was no way in hell that the baby could come out of there. He felt her bottom push back against his cock helping him in.

“Oh gawd, you are fantastic; this feels so fucking good,” Mike roared as his cock made it all of the way in. Pausing for a moment to get used to the tight confines Mike lightly caressed Betty’s back. Gently he ran his hands over her reaching around and cupping her massive globes and stroking her stomach.

Betty locked her feet around her lover’s ankles and breathed deeply anticipating the pounding she was about to receive. She wasn’t to be disappointed as Mike pulled back and gently moved back in a couple of times before grabbing on to her tightly and furiously began pummeling her pussy.

His hips slapped against her buttocks as he rammed in and out and in and out of her. Betty arched her back and met him stroke for stroke with her cunt. Mike’s balls slapped her clit over and over as sweat poured from their bodies. Betty yelled, “Give it to me; give me your cum. Come fuck me harder, fuck my pregnant pussy!”

“Oh fuck yes Betty; oh shit; I’m gonna cum, Mike gasped. He had to stop his pounding momentarily to catch his breath but Betty continued to contract and release her cunt muscles around his member. With one more hard thrust they both came in an explosive orgasm that rocked their bodies.

Pulling out Mike sat back on the floor and was surprised when Betty still had enough energy to lie in his lap and clean off his cock with her tongue. Between licks she whispered, “You know I won’t be able to get fucked for several weeks after the baby is born. But, I will still be horny as hell and hope I can count on you to let me play with this sweet cock and play around whenever I have the energy.”

“Oh fuck yes Betty, just give me a call and I’ll come running,” Mike gasped as her tongue worked over his cock head. Methodically Betty worked over his cock until he spilled the last of his cum into her throat. Then realizing that Ben might be missing her by now Betty hurriedly got dressed and kissed Mike one last time before jogging home.

Betty needn’t have worried about Ben missing her as he was busy himself with Linda Goldman. Linda had recently returned home for winter break from school and this was Ben’s first opportunity to fuck the girl’s massive EE titties. Over the few month’s since Ben had first fucked her boobs Linda had really begun to love the feeling of a guy’s cock between her tits and how the sticky seed felt against her skin.

As Linda walked home with her blouse clinging to her sticky chest she waved at Betty coming out of the Olson’s. Neither of them was about to volunteer what they had been doing so they went on their way without speaking. Fucking Mike had only seemed to make Betty friskier. She was surprised when she walked into her house and Ben was waiting and pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately.

It seemed fucking the Goldman girl’s tits had a similar effect on him. They didn’t even make it to the bedroom as clothes flew off right there in the front room. Within seconds Ben was suckling his wife’s melons as she wrapped her hand around his prick and yanked it harder than he could ever remember her doing before.

It was only a couple of minutes later that Ben had his wife on the floor. He lay behind her nuzzling her neck as she pulled her knees up to meet her round belly as she lay on her side. The birthing teacher had told them that this position was more comfortable for the woman. So, pendik escort gently Ben inserted his throbbing organ into her burning pussy. As he began pounding her pussy Ben fondled her tits pinching her nipples in his fingers.

After spilling his load in her womb the two of them fell asleep right there and a couple of hours later groggily found their way to bed repeating their hot fuck. As for Linda Goldman she walked into her house and found her mother waiting for her. Peggy gave her daughter a once over and noticed something different about her blouse, “Linda, why is your shirt stuck to your shoulders?”

“Mommy, I just got tittie fucked and it is his cum. Do you want a taste?” Linda walked closer to her mother already knowing the answer unbuttoning her blouse as she approached. Peggy licked her lips as she peeled the material from Linda’s shoulders and chest. She assumed it was Bill Peterson’s and Linda wasn’t going to tell her any different.

Her daughter was covered in semen; some of it was dry and crusty and some of the bigger globs were still gooey. It all tasted great to Peggy as she licked and sucked her little girl’s skin. Linda couldn’t believe how great her mother was at tit kissing and thought she would cum any minute. She latched onto her mother’s tits and held on for dear life squeezing the hell out of them.

Soon every drop of Ben’s cum had been skillfully removed with Peggy’s thorough mouth. She then ripped down her daughter’s pants and panties then finding her strap on gave Linda a hard fucking just before her husband pulled up into the driveway. Linda scampered to her room as her mom threw on her clothes to greet him.

Meanwhile, Inga Fiskin had been watching all of the developments on Oak Street. She figured more activity of a sexual nature was going on then anyone knew. After all, she had no trouble getting any man or any woman on the street in bed with her. She planned to find out at the neighborhood Christmas Party.

Her plans were coming together well. Maggie Nelson had arranged for them to use the gym at the high school. The party would be the day classes let out for winter recess so that the party could last as late as they wanted. In addition to getting all of the food and alcoholic drinks to loosen everyone up she convinced Roger Nelson to turn up the heat ten degrees so that everyone would sweat and maybe drink more and wear less.

December 22 finally rolled around and the seven households made their way to the gym. Everyone was impressed at the spread Inga had laid out. It was much better than it had ever been. To protect the floor mats had been laid down and even a couple of area rugs were put down to spruce the place up.

Soft music wafted in the background and the lights were turned down low. A ten foot Christmas tree sat in one corner near the drink station. Inga had dared several of the ladies to wear something sexy to see which of them caused the men to drool most. The only trouble was she couldn’t tell those whom she had challenged apart from those who she hadn’t gotten around to. Every lady was dressed to kill.

The party got off to a slow start with people milling around and sipping drinks. Occasional laughter rose up from one corner or another. About an hour into the festivities Roger Nelson and his son, Jerry, were standing near the tree gazing out on their neighbors. Jerry told his dad, “You wouldn’t know it is the middle of winter by how skimpily dressed the women are.” “Yeah, it looks like Patty Olson’s tits might fall out of her top.” Roger was glad he was behind the drink table so the bulge in his trousers was not as noticeable.

“How about Gracie Allen? I swore I saw her nipples when she took off her coat. Gawd I need to cum!” He moved closer to his father so that they could compare notes on the women. They were both practically drooling.

“I know what you mean. All of them are so fucking hot,” his dad replied. Their shoulders now touching Roger mindlessly reached down and wrapped his hand around his son’s cock through his pants and began squeezing it. In seconds Jerry put his arm around his dad’s waist and unzipped Roger’s fly with the other. Father and son kissed passionately as they freed one another’s cocks and began wanking each other at a fever pitch.

“Is this just a twosome or would you mind if a horny lady joined in?” Judy Allen asked as she squeezed both of their balls. The men broke their kiss dumb founded and embarrassed. Judy didn’t give them time to answer as she first planted a vigorous kiss on Roger and then Jerry. While they paid attention to her kiss she rapidly grasped both of their members and gave them a hard squeeze.

The next thing Roger and Jerry knew Judy had fallen to her knees and was stroking their hard on’s as she alternatively sucked from one cock to the other. Inga walked over and saw what was happening and smiled as she walked off. She knew her plan would soon be in full swing. Waiting for a fire to light Inga went over to give Bill the dance of his life.

Roger aydınlı escort couldn’t take it anymore and had to fuck Judy. So, while she had his son’s cock in her mouth Roger walked around her sweet ass. Falling to his knees he lifted up her skirt and yanked down her undies. His cock slid into his neighbor’s pussy smoothly. In seconds he was pounding in and out of her.

The moans of the threesome soon caught everyone’s attention. Inga was near orgasm herself from the grinding she was giving Bill as they danced. Seeing what was happening Tammy’s juices began to flow and she grabbed the person closest to her which happened to be Ben Rashid. Sliding up against him she put his hands on her melons and ground sensually against his erection and whispered, “I need a cock in my pussy now.”

“You are the sluttie little girl aren’t you,” he said licking her ear as he scooped his hands under her blouse and on to her firm tits. She ground even harder against his manhood as he pinched her nipples. Licking her shoulders Ben rhythmically fucked her ass crack through their clothing. He was in no hurry as they had all evening.

“Ben damn it; pull down my panties and get that cock inside of my pussy now. I don’t want to miss any fun!” Tammy said almost begging. Obligingly he pulled up her skirt and down her panties and bending her over rammed his pole into her pussy. Tammy shrieked at his forceful entrance.

The noise caused Peggy Goldman to come over and kiss Ben while fondling Tammy’s boobs. Peggy then moved her hands to both of their asses and gently caressed them as she continued to kiss the hard fucking Ben. While keeping one hand firmly on Tammy’s hips Ben used the other to at first squeeze Peggy’s tits and then reach and cup her pussy through her panties ordering, “Fuck lady strip, be the first one to get totally nude!”

In a matter of seconds Peggy had tossed her clothes aside. A few gasps came from around the room. But, it was now clear what the party was turning into and nobody tried to stop it. Ben was now fingering Peggy’s pussy as Peggy was finger fucking both Ben and Tammy’s assholes. Inga stopped dancing with Bill and had his cock in her mouth.

Peggy’s daughter, Linda, all but jumped on Gracie Allen ripping the girl’s clothes off to get at her pussy and eat her out. Janice Nelson saw Mike Olson looking around and stroking himself and thought she might be able to help him with that tent in his pants. Janice caught his eye and motioned Mike over to her while flashing him her black lacy crotch. The older man literally ran over to her.

“You are being a devilish little slut aren’t you?” Mike asked the girl panting with lust.

“Well, if a girl wants all of her holes plugged by this big cock she has to take things into her own hands, Janice cooed as she ran her fingers up and down his length.

“I’m all yours! Do with me whatever you wish little lady,” Mike had regained some of his composure and was trying to be cool even though he was aching for her body.

“Mmmm, why don’t we get our clothes off and after you give me a sweet kiss you can start by kissing my ass. What do you think of that sexy man?” Not waiting for her answer Janice quickly took off her blouse and bra. Mike just stood there gawking at her luscious chest and then cleared his throat to answer.

“Oh fuck yes that sounds fantastic,” he said as he tore off his clothing. Wrapping his arms around the young girl he gave her a passionate kiss with their tongues doing a tango in their mouths. Then as they fell to the gym floor Janice presented her ass to Mike. No more words needed to be spoken as they ravaged one another.

Bonnie Peterson, full of sexual energy, saw George and Paul Allen by the food table eating snacks and watching the action as if they were at a movie. She thought this had to change right now. She crept up behind them and caressed their asses causing George to turn toward her. She locked her lips on his while squeezing Paul’s prick.

“George, which hole of mine do you want; my ass or pussy?” The young man’s face turned pink at this very forward question from someone his mom’s age. Bonnie was determined to have a double penetration experience with these two handsome young men. Waiting for George’s answer she slid her hands around both of their members.

“Oh Mrs. Peterson this can’t be happening to me. But, if you’re not teasing me I want your pussy,” George was gasping with excitement and thought he might spring a leak from her caressing. Bonnie smiled broadly at him and turned to his younger brother and hungrily kissed Paul and pulled down his zipper.

“Paul, that leaves you with my tight little asshole. I think you’ll like it. Now boys get these clothes off and let’s get to it,” she whispered seductively. Letting go of their rods she dropped her dress to the floor and walked the few steps to one of the rugs Inga had laid down Taking off her bra Bonnie played with her tits until they joined her.

Lying down on the floor Bonnie grabbed both of their heads and brought them to her boobs. George and Paul dove in like they were starving. Their sucking and licking felt so good to her. Reaching down she played with their cocks and squeezed and teased their balls. She rolled on to her side facing George and brought his lips to hers.

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