Of Mothers and Mushrooms


My last year of high school, my dad took me down to the basement for “men talk”. The excuse was the fact that my parents found out I was having sex with my then girl friend, and mom insisted he should do it. But he didn’t care much about his son gifting him an unwanted grandkid or acquiring an STD or whatever; no, he was really drunk, and he just wanted to finally unload his secret. Well, mom’s secret, really… so we sat on the gym bench – my dad was into fitness, and had a really impressive setup installed – and he talked for over an hour, straight. Nothing much about me and my sexual activities – something I was over the moon about, but regarding which I could have really used some grown-up advice, mind you! – but rather about him and mom. I learned a lot about my mom that day, but it was nothing a young son should learn about his mother – certainly not from his drunken dad…

I’ve had a thing about her for many years; it was the sight of her in a summer dress, with her amazing tits almost spilling out, that fed my first jerking-off session, ever (and many since). She was a very pretty woman, with a scathing sense of humor which I thought was very cool. She was on the large side, a bit heavy-set, which I always thought explained why we never went to the sea, or her preference for large, flowing dresses – now I found out there was another reason…

Things were never the same after that “talk”; I used to be close to my mom, but now I avoided her (never talked to my dad much, anyway), and when I got accepted to several schools, I chose one in California, just to be as far away from home as possible. My parents were divorced soon after I left home; my dad did say that he was only staying for MY sake. After that I didn’t see much of him, but I did go home for holidays. I never talked with my mom about that… thing… but we did get to talking a lot on the phone. She seemed to be taking the divorce rather well; she went back to work – lots of stories about all the assholes there! – but the thing that seemed to give her joy was the fact that she started working out in the basement gym, seemingly really getting into it. She didn’t date or anything – well, nothing she would tell me about, anyway.

Right after graduation I landed a job at an international construction company, and went directly overseas, spending almost two years in the middle-east, never coming home for a visit. But when I got offered a promotion, and had to go back to visit company HQ in Chicago, I decided to stay with my mom, in Evanston. I did a lot of thinking, while overseas, and figured it was a chance to fix our relationship. I was really thinking about her a lot – even when with my girlfriend at the time, she was on my mind, a lot. She wasn’t on social media, and she wouldn’t send me any pics, but she said she was building up mass like crazy. My girlfriend – a Turkish girl – was an amature bodybuilder, and I found it really turned me on. And I was thinking about my mom, down in the basement, pumping those irons, and, yeah – it got me excited. That was actually the reason I eventually broke up with Meral – thinking about my mom as I was fucking her was getting to be too much. And, yeah, that thing my dad told me was always on my mind, but… I was getting used to the idea. And I really wanted to see my mom. She sounded glad when I called her to say I’d be visiting, and told me she’d come and pick me up, which sounded very encouraging.

When I saw her at the airport it was quite a shock. She looked pretty amazing for her 44 years – she had always been a beautiful woman, and her ash-blonde hair was cut in a sort of funky short style that really suited her. But she seemed much bulkier than I remembered her – huge, really, even taking into account her heavy winter coat – and at first I thought she had put on a lot of weight; but her still-pretty face had no sign of fat, and when I hugged her it was obvious even through her heavy clothing that it was not fat – she felt really muscular! Apparently she was not exaggerating when she told me about the gains she was making…!

I complimented her on this as we were driving home. She smiled happily. “Told you! I really like it, and it looks like I have just the right genes for it. I’ve been working out 6 times a week for almost 18 months, now!” I whistled, impressed. “It’s not that I didn’t believe you, it’s just that I never took you for the athletic type, mom. Good on you!” I was really impressed – but I had no idea just HOW MUCH she had changed…

I woke up late, the next morning, still jet lagged. I went down to the kitchen, where mom was making breakfast. She was wearing a large t-shirt over sweatpants, but I could tell that her back and shoulders were really wide. It made me forget for a moment about that other… thing.

“Wow, mom, you really weren’t kidding about those gains! Your shoulders look crazy wide!”

She smiled proudly. ‘Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Take a look at this.” She rolled up her left sleeve, revealing a very ripped, very powerful-looking arm. I touched her bare arm kurtköy escort and was amazed by the tightness and muscularity of her biceps. And then she curled her arms; Her biceps exploded into raw pumped muscles atop her meaty triceps. Her flesh was iron hard. Her egg shaped bicep was HUGE – way bigger and stronger than mine. “So, was that girlfriend of yours anything like this?” I laughed in disbelief. “God, no, mom, I’ve never SEEN anything like this!” I let go of her arm after trying in vain to squeeze it. “Mom, this is unbelievable! Your arm, it’s… well, HUGE!”

She smirked. “God had nothing to do with it, just a lot of hard work and dieting!” She put her right hand on her bicep, stroking it lightly. “This puppy is almost 17 inches when pumped!” She looked at my own reedy arm. “So, what about you? Your muscles seem to be half the size they were in high school! All those years of living the good life in the desert, with the girlfriends and the Baklava and the Knafeh…” she rubbed my arm, roughly. “You’ve gotten too soft!”

“Com’n, mom, that’s not fair…!” I tried to jerk my arm away, but she seemed to be in a playful mood. She suddenly grabbed me by my arms, her large hands completely surrounding my soft biceps. Veins jutted out of her sinewy forearms as she tightened her grip on each of my biceps and slowly, unbelievably, started to lift me in the air… My mom was an inch shorter than my 5’11”, But in a matter of seconds my feet were dangling a foot off the ground…!

“Mom, what are you doing?” I shouted, alarmed.

She laughed affectionately, putting me down. “Just kidding, Jacky…”

My face probably showed my feelings of fear and embarrassment, as mom hugged me, saying: “I’m sorry, it’s just been so long and I’ve missed you so much – and I guess I do feel a little resentful about… well, look, baby, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you…”

I was feeling all sorts of feelings – embarrassment, confusion, regret – and something else, that I couldn’t quite pin down… maybe it had something to do with my mom manhandling me – or maybe it was the feeling of her breasts as she hugged me – as well as that… other thing that I felt rubbing against my thigh… I tried to recover. “It’s alright mom. Don’t feel bad, I over-reacted.”

Mom perked up. As she got back to the food on the counter, she asked me over her bulging shoulder, smiling mischievously: “So tell me, Jack. Does this make you feel scared, your mom being stronger than you?”

This made me really uncomfortable, but I tried to be an adult about it. “I don’t know mom. Yeah, maybe I AM scared a bit… But I can adjust.”

She turned and looked at me levely, her face serious. “Is my strength the only thing that’s scaring you?”

I gulped. I was not ready for that talk, not yet. “Look, mom, I have a long day ahead of me. We’ll talk tomorrow, OK?”

She smiled again. “Sure thing, son. Go get them!”

That incident stayed with me all throughout the day. And the worst thing was, whenever I thought about it, I felt myself getting erect… the thought of my mom’s breasts, smashing into my body as she hugged me, of her muscle-bound arms holding me, my feet hanging in the air, was really turning me on! And, yes – that bulge that pressed into my thigh – yeah, that thing was on my mind, too…

I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and I knew that I just HAD to see her body. I was at meetings and interviews at company HQ, all day, but all I could think about was that body, hidden by the huge shirt… those wide, pumpkin-sized shoulders, her thick, shapely neck, her large breasts… and that python, lurking underneath her sweatpants – I had to SEE!

I knew it was wrong, and I was really fighting with myself… I stayed in the city till the evening, going for drinks with some of the guys I knew at the company; what I really wanted was to go back home and see my mom, but I made myself stay, trying to shut the temptation down… I came back home late in the evening. Mom was curled up on the living room sofa, dressed in her regulation Chicago-winter clothing of sweatpants and large sweatshirt, watching TV. She asked about the meetings I had; there WERE news – I got offered a very nice position – but I was not really in the mood to talk about it. she could tell; after a while she told me she was turning in, kissed me goodnight and went up to her bedroom.

I went up myself, 10 minutes later, hoping that I was tired enough – drunk enough! – that I’d just fall asleep immediately… but, as I passed her room, I noticed the light coming out of her bedroom door keyhole. It was a large keyhole, made for a large key, and there was no key in the door… As if in a trance, I tiptoed over, leaned down and peeped.

She was standing in the middle of the room, and all I could see were her butt and thighs; but, oh, what a sight…! Her thighs were huge, very muscular, wide like tree trunks, her quads bulging out to the sides, clearly visible from behind. She was wearing a thong panty, and it barely covered anything aydıntepe escort – her butt was very large, very round, and apparently very muscular. I could tell she was unfastening her bra, and saw the play of muscles on her lower back, as her mighty arms went backwards, around that wide back. And then she bent forward, and her majestic butt was directly in my face, her asshole barely covered, peeking at me from behind the tiny cover of her thong…

I could hold myself no longer. I released the throbbing erection from my pants, and started beating myself frantically – thinking about her insanely huge bicep, her powerful butt, those tantalizing breasts that I still needed to see… I had my jacket in my hand, and somehow remembered to put it over my penis; I was ejaculating into it like crazy, eyes closed, barely holding myself from groaning, when I heard the doorknob turning. Opening my eyes I saw my mom standing in the open doorway, dressed in a tiny tank top and thong, looking at me incredulously.

“What THE HELL are you doing?!”

I was standing there, panting, my now-spent, semen-covered penis in one hand, the other holding my crumpled jacket, tiny droplets of semen coming out of it, dripping to the floor. What could I say? What WAS there to say?

“Mom, I’m… I’m sorry, I just… I just couldn’t control myself, you’re just… just so, so…”

“So Sexy…” She completed my sentence.

I lowered my eyes. “Yes, mom.”

There was a moment of silence. After a moment I gathered the courage and looked up. And my breath caught in my mouth. There it was – that massive monster that had once enchanted my dad, and then drove him away… her girl cock, almost curled into the front of her thong, its girth almost unbelievable even though flaccid, two large balls hanging on each side of the thin fabric. She was circumcised, the dark-pink crown huge and massive, standing out against her abs, abs that almost took my mind off of the monstrosity stirring in her thong. Her silken tank top started just above her navel, revealing the bottom part of very massive, washboard abs, that seemed almost out of place on her fairly small waist. The top was cut low, revealing her generous breasts; they weren’t as big as they used to be – the dieting had quite an effect on them – but they were still quite sizeable, the dark nipples thrusting against the silken fabric. I saw that she had large, well-defined pecs, that were pushing her beautiful breasts even farther forward. On top of it were her wide, craggy shoulders, her thick trapezius tapering of to a thick, graceful neck…I followed it all and looked at her face – and she was smiling. She seemed to be amused by this.

“So, my son is a pervert who is turned on by his own mother’s body – is that it?”

I swallowed my saliva, hard. “Mom, I… l’m really…”

As I struggled to find words, her look of amusement disappeared, a predatory gleam coming into her eyes. I felt alarmed, and stepped back, but she was too quick. Her thick, muscular arms lashed out, and she caught my wrists, easily pulling my hands aside. Unable to meet her stare I looked down, only to watch in horrified fascination as her massive womanhood snaked upwards, pushing roughly against my stomach as it incredibly, unbelievably, kept on growing! I raised my head, only to encounter a pair of lips and a searing kiss.

Our bodies pressed together as one. Her strong hand slid down my back, cupping

my buttocks and holding me to her, her pillar pressed between us, throbbing against my body. Hesitating, my tongue joined hers in frantic, heated exploration. A sweet, silken moan rose in her throat as my own cock, now almost at its full, now rather puny-seeming size, pressed against her hard, unforgiving body, her own rock-hard phallus towering over it, like a parent over its child. She broke our kiss, and looked at me deeply. Her rough hands were holding my buttocks, pressing my body against her, her soft breasts squishing into me, the nipples large and hard against my soft flesh, her penis now monstrously enlarged, rubbing against me, the top almost reaching up to her breasts. She smiled, moving her body slightly, her cock nudging my own.

“So, you’d like to put your little penis in mom’s vagina?”

I mumbled, “Yes, please…”

She laughed. “Well, that’s too bad, because you can’t.” She laughed again at the look of agony on my face. “Don’t worry, baby, I got something almost as good for you.”

Her hands dug into my soft buttocks, painfully, and she lifted me off the floor as if I weighed nothing. Turning, she carried me into her bedroom, and dumped me unceremoniously on her bed. I sat up, and looked at her, my mouth agape. She raised her monstrous arms, and took her tank top off, throwing it on a chair. Locking my eyes with hers, she lifted her arms, and struck a double-bicep pose. My jaw dropped as I watched the mountain-like peaks that jumped up as she flexed, huge veins snaking around them like ropes. Muscles were jumping out all over her body, her thighs corded tuzla içmeler escort with writhing, veiny muscles… and at the center of it all – that gigantic, monstrous girl-cock, pointing at me with its dark crown, impossibly thick, veins running up and down its length, 16 (or maybe even 17) inches, a devastating battering ram powered by a body built like a tank. A sexy, mind-blowing tank… I gulped, hard.

She smiled, that dangerous glint back in her eye.

“So, you think you are ready for this?”

I swallowed again, my eyes fixed on her enormous rod. “It’s, it’s so… big…!”

Her smile widened, and she brought her arms down, taking hold of it in her hand, stroking it gently. “Why, thank you, sweetie, I’m very proud of it.”

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from it. “It looks… it looks like it could tear me in half…”

She nodded. “Well, your dad took it for many years, and he had no complaints…” her voice took on a wry tone. “Well, for the first 15 years, anyway…”. Her smile almost disappeared, and for a brief moment she seemed almost vulnerable. My heart went out to her. I stood up, shakily, wanting to hug her, but…IT was in the way. My own cock was at full size, 7 or 8 inches, almost pulling me towards her, but I was scared. Scared of crossing that most sacred of lines, that between a boy and his mother; but, mostly – I was just terrified of the throbbing, veiny python swaying in front of me, ready to bore into my body.

I was feeling real panic. “Mom, I don’t… I’m not sure I…”

That predatory gleam that I saw in her eyes before flashed back, and I was suddenly, truly terrified. But it passed as quick as it came, and she was smiling gently, her eyes amused. She pushed me, lightly, and I fell back on the bed, mouth agape. She stroked her shaft, thoughtfully. “Oh, I think you’ll like it, in time. Just give it a chance… remember how much you used to hate mushrooms as a kid? It grows on you.” As she spoke the giant phallus suddenly twitched, making me startle, mom smiling mischievously at my reaction. Her hands were now on her hips, her wide upper torso almost blocking out the room.

I was trembling now as I sat up on the bed. “Mom, please… I… I just don’t want this…”

She considered this for a moment, then nodded and stepped aside. “OK. Good night, sweetie – don’t forget to brush your teeth.”

I stood up, uncertain. “So – that’s it?”

“Yep. See you in the morning.”

She was standing, gigantic arms on wide hips, waiting, her cock hanging huge and proud, seeming to dare me…

“Oh.” I stood for a moment, torn between deep, primal fear and even stronger lust. I glanced at her giant rod, shuddered, and sat back down on the bed. “Please… just be gentle…”

Her beautiful face lit up as she smiled. “Good boy!” She moved forward, towering over me. Bending, she kissed me gently on my forehead, and took my chin in her strong hand, gazing deep into my eyes. “Of course I’ll be gentle, baby – I’m your mom…”

I melted into her eyes, stammering: “it’s just, I… I’ve never done anything like this before…”

She looked at me innocently. “What – fuck your mom or take it up the ass?”

She laughed at my look of hurt confusion. Yeah, that was my mom, all right, the way she was before things started to sour between her and dad. She was funny, and she gave absolutely no fucks…!

As I watched, transfixed, she lowered her thong, stretching and pulling it down her mountainous thighs, her huge balls now free underneath her meaty cock. Once finished, she took me by my armpits, and raised me as if I weighed nothing. She looked at my now-crumpled clothes critically. “Impressive outfit, baby, but I want to see that hot bod of yours!” She helped me out of them, tossing them over to the settee, and held me up in the air, again looking at me appraisingly. “Well, I have to say you’ve kept yourself in pretty decent shape. I bet it was all that sex with your Turkish hottie! And that dick is not half-bad… Maybe I WILL take it for a test drive, later!”

I blushed, and my hands went instinctively to cover my crotch. “Mom…!” She laughed. “Well, it’s quite larger than your dad’s! Good to see you did inherit something from me…” not waiting for an answer, she lowered me back to the floor. Taking my face in her rough hands, she locked lips with me for a long, slow kiss. For a few moments there was nothing else in the world – just those soft lips, the tongue moving languidly against mine, the incredibly soft breasts, with their diamond-hard nipples, squashed against my chest, and that gigantic, throbbing pillar of womanly meat, pressing against me, moving gently as she swayed her hips, ever so slowly… my hands were on the small of her back, roaming up and down the rock-hard sides of her small waist, moving to the back, feeling the round, powerful glutes dancing enticingly…

After what seemed like an eternity – but still ended too soon! – she broke, pulling back, her hands now holding my shoulders. “Ready, babe?” I nodded. Ready? I was close to bursting, and we haven’t even started, really! Her hands pressed gently on my shoulders. “Take it in your mouth, baby. We need to have it nice and slippery for you…” I started. Reality was rushing back in. We were DOING it! Once my lips were on her cock, there was no going back…

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