Oh Oh Daddy!

Big Tits

“Daddy, I’m home… It’s your daughter… Daddy.. are you here? Daddy, where are you… are you upstairs? Hello… Hello… are you in your room?… Daddy?…”

“Shit Susie! Don’t you knock?”

“Oh Daddy you’re beating off… Oh Daddy don’t stop. I want to watch you… God… Your sooo big. Much bigger than the guys at school.”

“Oh so you’re fucking guys at that college. Is that what I’m paying for?”

“No Daddy I’m really studying hard.”

“Oh yah I’ll bet you’re studying hard cocks.”

“Oh Daddy don’t be mean… Oh my… your dick is getting bigger and bigger. Daddy?”

” You want to watch do you? So why don’t you come over here and help.”

Oh Daddy could I? I’d love to touch your big prick… Daddy Your skin is so soft but your cock is so hard.”

“That’s it baby stroke Daddy’s cock… Oh yes cup my balls.. Oh… Oh.. Ooh… Oh… Uuh yes.”

“Like this? Does it feel good?… Oh.. your getting thicker as I stroke your long dong. Oh Daddy my pussy is getting wet. Oh yes, slide your hand down my panties and…”

“Oh baby, your cunt is wet and hot and tight. Where is that little pearl of yours… Oh here it is.”

“Daddy, your making kaynarca escort my clit so hard.”

“Can I suck your pert little tities, baby girl?”

“Oh yes daddy I would loooooooooooove…”

“Your nipples are so hard. I love the way they stand out.”

“Daddy I can feel your sucking all the way down to my pussy… Ohh Daddy.”

Daddy loves to nurse on your titties… Feed me baby.”

Daddy, can I suck your cock? I want to taste you.”

“Oh yaha Baby suck your Daddy’s cock. Oooh that’s it lick it. Suck it in honey… suck your Daddy’s cock… Play with my balls… Uoh… ya take my balls in your mouth… OOOOOH Your finger up my ass… that feels soo wonderful.”

“Um Daddy please cum in my mouth… Please… Please… I want to taste your cum and swallow it all.”

“Okay baby-girl Daddy is going to shoooo… Ohhh I’m CUMMING! Ohh baby take it all.”

“OOOO Daddy umm… your cum is so hot and thick… yummy good.”

“Daddy…I want you to fuck me… would you fuck your little girl’s pussy?”

“Oh baby keep kissing my cock and you’ll get it hard enough to fuck your tight little cunt.I want to eat your pretty pink pussy while you orhanlı escort keep sucking me hard.”

“Oh Daddy I love the feel of your tongue in my pussy… Oh yes my clit… lick my clit oh Daddy no body sucks my cunt like you. Yes Daddy… Yes Daddy… I’mmm Cumming ooh Daddy… Oh Daddy. Yes lick my butt crack. Oh your tongue is so wet… ooh Daddy… my asshole? Oh god I never…”

“You like being rimmed baby? You have such a sweet rosebud.”

“Daddy do you want me to rim your butt hole?… Like this… Mmmmm”

“Yes baby… lick it… suck your Daddy’s butt hole. Your a natural… oh yes Daddy’s little girl is a great ass rimmer.”

“I’m ready baby… Daddy is going to slide my big cock in your creamy cunt… Get on top and sit back on my meat… Ooh there’s the head knocking on your lovely hot lips.”

” Oh Daddy you’re so big I don’t know if I can take it all in.”

“Slowly baby… Daddy will ease it in – inch by inch by inch. There your tight twat has swallowed all of my nine inch dick.”

“Oh Daddy fuck me… Fuck your naughty little girl… Ooh Daddy I love feeling your big cock in my cunt. Ooooh Daddy!”

“That’s it baby ride my rod… tepeören escort ride it like a bucking bronco… Yes little cowgirl yes… fuck your Daddy.”

“Oh Daddy I want to be your slut… fuck your little whore… Daddy… I’m cumming… I’m CUMMING!”

“Okay baby here cums Daddy… Ooh baby… Ugh… Oh baby.”

“Daddy your wonderful… Oh Daddy I love you. I’ve been wanting to suck your cock and have you fuck me for a long time. I remember, the night of my eighteenth birthday, sneaking down the hall to watch you and Mommy fuck Ever since then I wanted to take Mom’s place.

“Speaking of Mom where is she?”

“Carol? She is visiting her sister, Your Aunt Connie. She won’t be back for two days.”

“Oh Daddy that gives us more time together.”

“Yah baby… why don’t we take a shower together.”

“Sounds great, Dad… Oh the warm water feels so good on my pussy. It’s a little soar from your pounding prick. My, my… look who’s getting hard.”

“Yes honey your horny Daddy wants more. Face the shower wall and brace yourself. That’s it and I’m going to soap up your asshole and slide my sudsy shaft up your butt.”

“Oooo Daddy Oh… Uuuh… yes Daddy fuck my ass oh Daddy. Fuck my fanny, Father… fuck my fanny! Ohhh your hot cream just shot up my rectum… Oh your filling my asshole with your jizz.”

“So this is what you do when I’m out of town!”

“Carol – OH SHIT!”


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