Old man fantasy-Part 2


Old man fantasy-Part 2As i got home after i finished my job I got horny again,I have been thinking about the experience all the time since it has happened.I could not take off my chastity cage to masturbate..I did not know what to do I could not keep my mind off him so I called him and told him about this…i heard a lusty laughter for the first time and he sad “You will get addicted to me..I am gonna turn you into the best cum-dumpster,I will see you tomorrow”.I barely slept that night,he clearly succeeded in controlling me..it was a big part of his plan,I was fingering myself without even noticing the reflex and i barely could control myself.The next day i took a shower,dressed in some tight jeans and shirt and went to his house,i knocked and he immediately opened surprising me by grabbing me my the hips and kissing me like a teenager,while he did this i noticed another reflex that i have never had,when he pulled me towards him my palms got avcilar escort on his chest instantly,like a girl.He kept kissing me and rubbing my ass and i loved it.After he was done he told me that he had another surprise for me and that it’s waiting me in his room,I couldn’t wait to find out.As i got in his room i saw a pair of black floral stockings and transparent black panties on his bed,he asked me if i liked them,I told him that i love them and that i could not wait to try them out.I went to the bathroom to change myself and put some makeup on ,when i was done i was stunned about the way i looked in them and so was he.He told me to walk around him a bit so that he can observe my ass better,i gladly started walking,”you surely are sexy,you will be great after i’m done with you” he sad.After a few moments i asked him if he wanted me to get on my knees and start doing what i was meant to,he chuckled and sad that today şirinevler escort we will have another lesson and he took 3 dildos and a plug from his drawer,he told me to lay on my chest with my ass up,i was excited but a bit scared at the same time since i’ve never experienced with dildos before..only my fingers.As he took some lube on his finger and reached my asshole with the tip of it I felt my nipples getting hard and instantly got goose bumps while i let out a lusty moan.After my asshole was lubed and ready for cock he teased it with the small dildo’s tip,it was so good and excited as i was i saw a bit of cum on the chastity cage..”Wow..you must really enjoy it” he says and pushes the whole dildo inside me,i had the time of my life as he was fucking me with that small dildo while touching my nipples,but,after a few minutes i wanted more and told him that the dildo was not doing the job anymore,so,he switched to taksim escort a bigger one.When i saw the 2nd dildo i started drooling and instantly lifted my prepared ass up,”Please get that thing inside me” i sad to him,as he was teasing my asshole with it he suddenly stopped and told me that i am just a fuckhole and he will not take orders from me.I apologized to him and begged him for forgiveness,I even started crying a little witch surprised me..it was another step of the feminization process,he slapped me and got his foot on my neck while holding the 3rd dildo in his hand,he told me that for that..i will not be able to walk for 1 week and..without hesitation he pushed the dildo half way into my asshole,i was breathless and speachless,watched as he was fucking me and spanking me hard,it was painful but i enjoyed it a lot.As i was crying,with my make-up all over my face while grabbing the pillow hard with my hands and teeth i let out a loud feminine moan and after 2 seconds of heavenly pleasure,i saw cum dripping from my chastity cage,he kissed me on the back,slapped my ass and told me”we are gonna have so much fun together”.I was so happy and jumped in his arms,he hugged me and told me “you did ok today,good girl!”

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