OMG Omegle!


OMG Omegle!I recently noticed that I really like stroking my cock alot more. I’ve always enjoyed it but it seems to be more now than ever. I think the thing that may have started it was one night I found Omegle online and noticed guys stroking off hoping to get a girl to join them. Oh I’m sure it happens now and then, but I wonder how many guys get frustrated by the fact that there are more guys and gays on Omegle than girls who like watching us stroke our dicks. One night just before Christmas I couldn’t sleep so I thought a JO session would help. I had the computer on and took a chance with Omegle…after a few gays and a bunch of guys from India, I hit on a young lady from China who is a foreign exchange student, going to school in AZ. We chatted for a while then she asked if I was like most of the guys online that bakırköy escort just wanted to blow a load in 30 seconds and then disconnect.I said no…I actually liked chatting with her.She told me that she enjoyed watching guys pleasure themselves and that she has only seen it online and mainly the 30 second load blowers. I started getting excited thinking I may have hit the jackpot. I asked her if she wanted me to do it, promising not to blow my nut after a few strokes. She said yes with a big smile. I wanted her to join me and she did not hesitate…her shirt was off in a second (no bra and small asian boobs…sweet)I postioned my cam so she could see me stroking my cock for her. My cock was half hard and the minute I touch it it went fully erect in a heartbeat. Her innocent chuckle beşiktaş escort was so cute. I could tell from her eyes and her breathing she was getting excited too. She liked tweaking her small nipples while watching me in my slow drawn out stroke method. What she really liked was when I cupped my balls in my hand and continued to stroke it up and down…I saw her hand go below screen level and I knew what she was doing. I asked her to show me what she was doing and she slid up on her bed and pushed her panties to the side showing me her dark landing strip. Her fingers were in her pussy in a second as she continued to watch me. Her motions were getting faster and she wanted me to stroke faster…who was I to argue?I picked up the pace of my stroking and noticed her back was starting beylikdüzü escort to arch…she was close.Her breathing was now quite audiable. I repostioned my hand on my hard dick and she said…”ooh dont stop now”. I said i wasn’t and she asked me if I was close and I moaned yes. She said something in Chinese and then said “shoot it for me!” I really started stroking it up and down and rubbing my balls. I could really feel the cum building in my balls, my sac was tightening up and my balls constricting. With a final stroke my cum was flying out of the end of my penis…I bet it flew a foot above me and landed on my chest in big thick globs…again and again…at least four really hard shots. As the cum started running down my chest and belly she moaned and let out a little cry and squirted!!!! Wow, I did not see that coming…so to speak.It took her a minute to regroup and we talked how fun that was. We talked about how we could do this again so we exchanged emails and today she wrote to me that “SKYPE” was installed on her laptop and we could get together whenever we wanted…who am I to argue!More later!

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