On the Loveseat Ch. 18


Hello Readers!

First off, I want to say thank you for continuing to read this tale. Your interest is what has kept this story going for this long.

Then I want to say I’m sorry for the delay, this installment took much longer to write than expected, as I, the same as you the reader, have been dreading what is to come and have been delaying in getting there.

Which then leads me to warn you, this chapter is longer than usual. Much as the last one grew too long for one chapter (and the need to break it into two — Ch. 16 & 17), this one is also long. Very long! But this time I decided to keep it as one chapter because of the way the story flows.

This chapter has lots of events in it leading up to the big one that has been looming since chapter 14. From here on until the end, it should be a wild ride! At least I think so! (And yes, there is an ending.)

Keep up with the comments and suggestions, I love to read them. I will say though, that the major plot points are kind of finalized. However, that’s only for this story! I may use any suggestions for a number of stories still in the works.

Note: There is a synopsis of the story up to that point in Chapter 10 for longtime readers to refresh their memories if needed. New readers, I would love if you started from the beginning.



I rose the next morning earlier than anyone should have to on a vacation day.

Or any other day for that matter!

I would also need to buy a new alarm clock sometime during the next week as I had left mine in a pile of pieces when I had thrown it across my room.

I was the last one in the bathroom, as my brother and sister had risen earlier than anyone else and had gotten themselves almost completely ready without any assistance. I myself was in dire need of my mother’s aid! The cold shower did little to rouse me further and though I was truly excited for the day, my body still protested this tortuous treatment.

I had been surprised that dad had suggested a trip like this at such a last minute as he had. He normally was one for planning and investigating all the associated costs and best times for such an extravagant excursion. That he announced it only the night before was out of character for him. It might have made me worry about my father if not for the fact that this would probably be the last family vacation we would have with all of us together. Had my father realized this at the last moment? I was grateful for the effort that he was making for the family, even if it had been unplanned.

The amusement park, Willie World, was just under an hour and a half away. I had been there twice before with my parents and a few times with friends. My brother had gone the second time with our parents, but he had been only seven at the time so he had been limited to only the ‘kiddie’ rides. Jojo was four at the time and had been left at Grandma Sharon’s. As such, this would be a new experience for them both. Thus, they were very excited for the trip. I was worried for Jojo’s vocal cords before she even set foot in the fabled fantasyland as she talked nonstop the whole way there.

It was pleasantly warm, much as it had been the previous day. I wore a printed tee shirt and a loose pair of shorts. I didn’t know what mom and I would be able to do with the family close by and the masses that would be swarming the large park around us. Mom was wearing loose khakis, but that still displayed the firmness of her buttocks. She also wore a white semi-sleeveless women’s tee shirt with a pink halter-top with thin straps over her shoulders atop it. I doubted the presence of a bra. My mother’s attire made me hope that we would get a chance at something some time during the day! She noted my gaze and smiled measuredly in return.

I managed to doze for part of the trip, even with my siblings going on a mile a minute.

We parked in the acres of concrete lot and rode the tram to the entrance. We had arrived within twenty minutes of the opening and were able to get tickets for the five of us before the gates swung open and let in the crowds that had already gathered. It seemed like quite a lot of people, but I hoped that once they were spread throughout the park that it wouldn’t seem so full.

Willie World was known for the variety of roller coasters that it had, among the many other attractions there. I loved coasters, as did my mom. Dad got motion sickness, so he avoided all but the tamest of the rides. I hoped to use this as an advantage to get mom alone at some point during the day. Jojo would be limited to kiddie rides and I wasn’t sure if Johnny would meet the height requirements for some of the more extreme coasters.

Once in the park we huddled to make a plan for our assault on the various attractions. Mom and I were anxious to get on a few coasters before the lines got too long. It was decided that dad would take my siblings and go take on some of the tamer rides while mom and I hit a couple coasters before meeting back up matadorbet in about two hours. Johnny wanted to join us, but mom worried about him being able to get on the rides and that he was young enough that she didn’t want him left alone if he couldn’t. He complained loudly, until I promised that I would take him on whatever coasters that he was tall enough to get on later that afternoon. This somewhat mollified him. Only the fact that dad was joining him and it wouldn’t be just him with his little sister that he didn’t protest more.

Dad gave mom a husbandly kiss on her lips as we parted. I felt a twinge of jealousy but fought it down.

Mom and I hurried to the first coaster we wished to ride, Monstrous.

You might think that we would use this time alone to get up to some hanky panky.

Not that I wasn’t willing, and I’m sure mom was also, but today wasn’t about that. Dad had paid a good amount of money already, and I really did want to ride the rides. I’m sure at some point mom and I would no longer be able to resist each other, but for now all either of us wanted was the thrill of the heights and the adrenalin of the speed.

The first line was still short and we were being fastened in our car within fifteen minutes. Half an hour later, we were getting on our second ride. Mom and I managed to hit five of the top coasters in the park before we were scheduled to meet back up with the others. We screamed together, we laughed together, we were together. There had been nothing sexual between us, but the way we acted with no one around that would know or recognize us, we were no longer a mother and son. We hadn’t kissed and had only briefly held hands as we walked between rides, but there was an openness in the way we treated each other. We were just Jenny and Jeremy, having fun together at the amusement park, and nothing else mattered. I tried to pretend that mom was there with just me as we went from ride to ride, that she was my girlfriend in reality, and dad and my siblings didn’t exist. My real life had become a fantasy, why couldn’t my fantasy be as real?

We were laughing and giggling as we exited the Mighty Miner, a wood coaster that seemed to be made from a forest of lumber. I had reached out and my hand slipped easily into mom’s. There was no glance from her to acknowledge that simple act, no glare of rejection and no smile of acceptance. It just was.

As we were walking towards the next coaster on our mental list, I looked at mom and I noticed the effect the exhilaration had had on her body.

“Ah … Jenny” I started. I had been making a point of using mom’s name, not in fear of anyone seeing or hearing something that would appear out of place for relatives, but that I wanted to treat her as herself and not as a mom, or as my mom.

“What Jeremy?” She smiled without care at me.

“Your excitement is showing.” My eyes were pulled back to her nipples that were very evident, even through the two layers of cloth.

She glanced down at her chest. She gave me a sly grin.

“Watch it, or I’ll make your excitement show!” Mom made a playful grab towards my crotch. “I’m sure it will be more of an embarrassment for you.”

I dodged her feeble attempt. Then stepped closer to her.

My arm slipped around her back, my hand on her waist as if it had been meant to be there. Mom didn’t resist this blatant show of affection, only grabbing my hand as it rested on her hip and held it there. She didn’t look at me as we continued, and I saw an inner light shining from her face while we walked.

“Do you want to ride the Big Willie, Jenny?” I asked casually.

Mom froze in mid-step.

“Jeremy!” She gasped loudly. She looked around to see if anyone had heard my question.

I laughed hard and then had to explain to her that that was the name of one of the rides. She still looked at me with disbelief. I pointed to a sign that showed the way to the huge coaster. I was still chuckling as we headed in the direction indicated while mom’s face looked perturbed at my teasing subterfuge.

Mom was in much better spirits when we exited the purple steel behemoth. Her flushed face, wind-blown hair, and gleaming eyes evidence of her enjoyment.

I then suggested we go on the Venetian Gondolas.

Mom eyed me suspiciously.

It was a ride in imitation of the famous Venice watercraft. The boats had an animated gondolier that took you through a recreation of the famous Italian city’s Grand Canal. It was a ride meant for young couples to make out in, or for older couples to pretend they were young again. It was a close scale approximation to the real thing, so you could pretend you were actually there to see the Doge’s Palace, St. Mark’s Campanile, the Bridge of Sighs, and many of the palaces built along the waterway. Mom’s gaze at me told me she knew why I had suggested it. She steered us towards the line’s entrance letting me know that she was fine with my choice.

While we stood in the short line, matadorbet giriş we drew quite a few stares. Our age difference made us stand out among the like-aged couples. The scorn in one older couple a few people behind us was withering. A few of the younger guys eyed mom admiringly, and one even gave me a grin and the head nod of approval. I nodded back and mom noticed. She jabbed me with an elbow, but I saw the small curl on her lips of her appreciation of the positive attention. I casually placed my right arm around her back and put my hand on her shoulder as if that was where it was supposed to be. She pretended to jab me again, but then put her right hand on mine to keep it from leaving. Her lip curl strengthened into an actual smile. I’m sure I wouldn’t have gotten the same response if I had gone with my initial inclination of placing my palm on her ass!

The ride attendant did a double take as we took our seats in our personal gondola, but mom and I ignored it.

The boats were spaced far enough apart and the gondola’s gunwale’s high enough, that no one could really see anything that an amorous pair might get up to along the ride’s route. Thus, once out of view of the teen supervising the embarkation, mom and I glanced at each other for only a moment and were then lip-locked for the duration of the canal tour.

I had never gone on this ride before, as it was strictly for couples and I had only come to the park with family or friends before. I will say, I still have no idea what Venice looks like!

We arrived at a separate area to get off the ride, both of us flushed and out of breath. We followed a few other couples in a similar condition to the exit.

Little had I known, but there had been a camera along the canal’s route. As we passed through the ride’s gift shop I noticed a group clustered around a counter looking up at video screens. Curious, I went and found out that our making out had been electronically captured. Mom stepped up next to me and her jaw dropped open when she saw me eyeing the screen with the two of lip-locked.

“Oh my God! Jeremy! Did you know about this?” She tugged my arm as she growled at me through gritted teeth.

“No, of course not. It’s pretty hot though!” I grinned in opposition of mom’s reaction. “I’m going to get a copy.”

“Jeremy! No! You can’t!” Mom’s rough whisper grew more vehement. She glanced around at the other people, checking to see if anyone was looking at ‘our’ screen. “It’s bad enough that it’s up there for everyone to see.”

“Muh … Jenny. It’s okay. No one knows about … us. Relax.” I whispered back.

I stepped up to the counter, gave them the screen number, and ordered my print. A few minutes later, I took possession of the proof of our passion contained in a white paper bag. Mom continued to glare at me throughout the transaction.

“You can not let anyone see that!” Mom ordered me with a more normal volume of her voice, but her tone still made it seem a shout.

I grinned at her indignation. “I swear mom, the only ones that will ever see it are you, me, and whatever higher powers might exist.” I gave a glance skyward, even though heaven existed right there beside me.

“See that it does.” She glanced at the slim package in my grasp. I could almost have sworn that a quick smile crossed her lips. Was she secretly thrilled that I had a picture of us being so risqué? I liked to think that she was.

Mom suggested that it was nearly the time that we were supposed to meet back up with Johnny, Jojo, and dad. I gave her a quick peck on the lips, barely touching them before withdrawing. She stared back almost aghast, even though we had just spent however long, far more connected. She looked around nervously at the milling crowds that cared nothing about the two of us.

“It’s okay … Jenny. Nobody knows us. Or cares.” I took her hand and tugged her into a walk.

Our hands stayed together for only a few dozen yards and then with unspoken acknowledgement, both hands dropped to our sides.

We met up with the others and listened happily to Jojo chatter on about the rides she had ridden. Johnny was less enthusiastic about the experience. He was noticeably unhappy about being in that limbo age-frame of too old for the kiddie rides but too young or short for the more thrilling coasters.

“Johnny, we’ll go on some roller coasters that you can ride later this afternoon, just you and me. How’s that little bro?” I told him cheerily with a playful jab at his shoulder.

This helped somewhat, but I could see his disappointment in not being able to go on the extreme rides.

I also noticed dad greeted mom with a longish peck on her lips that I had so recently kept warm. I tried to ignore the interaction and looked away when mom glanced my way to see if I had seen. To hide my angst I turned to my sister.

“Jojo! You haven’t ridden the best ride here yet!” I said as I half-bent to her height.

Both my sister and brother stared at me blankly.

I grabbed Jojo and swung her up and around until she was seated on my shoulders. I took hold of her ankles tightly and leaned my upper body around in a wild circular motion, spinning as I did so.

“The Jeremy Twister!” I exclaimed as she shrieked loudly with glee, waving her arms around over her head.

Others close by turned to look at the source of the screams but smiled when they saw the exuberant expression on the little girl’s face.

“Jeremy! Be careful with your sister!” Mom called out nervously.

“It’s okay Jenny. She’s safe with him.” Dad said with a bit of a grin on his face as he watched us.

“Do you want to take a ride on the old Dad-anator, Johnny?”

Johnny looked at our father in surprise and some slight apprehension.

“No, that’s uh, alright dad.” My brother said diplomatically.

Mom giggled at that.

I ceased my gyrations with my passenger, to her dismay.

“I want to go again! Jeremy Twister!” Jojo declared loudly.

“Sorry sis, the ride operator is taking a break at the moment.” I saw a nearby attraction. “How about I let you drive me around in a car?”

“Really? Driving?” My sister asked.

Mom glanced at me with worry until she saw we were by the Old-Time Car ride. I’m sure you know the ride. Scale replicas of cars from the beginning of the last century that followed a guide rail so that drivers of any age felt like they were in control. Every park has some kind of similar attraction, whether its cars, trucks, or other type of vehicle. I headed for the entrance where a small group of parents and youngsters stood.

“I’m not going on that, its lame.” Johnny said before I was out of earshot.

Fortunately, across the way was the Tilt-A-Whirl.

“Let’s you and me go on that.” Mom told him, taking his hand and leading my brother away. I saw dad head for a nearby bench.

I sat beside my sister as she gleefully drove for the first time. Her joy made up for the placid ride. She waved and called out to dad as we neared where he sat.

“Daddy! Daddy! I’m driving!”

“Hands on the steering wheel honey! Watch where you are going!” Dad called out in mock concern. His grin was almost as big as hers. Or mine.

Johnny appeared happier when each of our rides was finished and we rejoined dad. I hoisted Jojo to her royal seat as mom took Johnny’s hand and dad slipped his arm around mom’s waist. We were just another happy family among the countless others.

“What’s that in the bag Jeremy?” Dad asked out of the blue.

Mom’s eyes went wide.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just a picture from one of the rides.” I stated flatly.

“Let me see. Did you get a good shot of your mother?” He asked as he held out his hand.

I opened the bag I was carrying and handed him the 4″ x 6″ glossy.

“It’s a good shot of me, even if mom is in the picture.”

Mom’s eyes were so wide I was sure I could see her brain right around her eyeballs!

“You don’t want to see that! I look terrible!” Mom shouted hysterically making a grab at the picture.

“This is from the Monstrous, isn’t it?” Dad asked after a glance at the photo.

Mom grabbed it from his hand and starred at the innocent picture of the two of us with our arms above our heads, the wind whipping her brown hair and wild expressions on our faces.

Although I knew I had upset her with my obfuscation, the look on her face was priceless.

“What’s that still in the bag?” Dad then asked.

“Oh, just a copy for a friend.” I replied as boringly as I could, now a bit nervous myself. But dad accepted my answer. Mom’s blazing glare at me could have blistered crops for miles around!

“Its okay mom, you may have almost ruined my picture, but I love you anyway!” I smiled innocently and gave her kiss on the cheek, Jojo giggling from above. My hand on her back drifted down but she pulled away from me before it got too close to dangerous territory.

“We should take a break and get something to eat.” Mom said and took two steps to separate us.

“How about one more ride before we do. Something we can all ride?” I suggested.

“No spinning rides, or twisting coasters.” Dad declared.

“How about the Tunnels of Terror?” I offered.

“I don’t know if I like that name.” Dad said warningly.

“Trust me dad, it’s about as tame as you can get. It only has a lap belt, and I’m sure that’s only because the insurance company makes them. They let five year olds on it!” I explained.

It wasn’t too far from where we were, so we headed in that direction.

Regardless of the name, Tunnels of Terror was more fun than terrorizing. It was a dark ride in which riders sat in a ‘runaway’ mine car through a haunted mine with ghostly figures popping out, a narrowly missed cave-in, tracks that were rickety, and a bundle of ‘dynamite’ with a lit fuse that appeared a number of times during the ride. It was a great attraction, but wasn’t in the same class as a roller coaster. The darkness and tight turns made the speed of the cars seem much faster than the reality. Even without the lap belt, a rider would have to climb out of the car to be in any type of danger.

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