On the path

On the pathWhen I was a c***d growing up, I remember I that from time to time I had these moods where I just had to squeeze something… hard until my arms or my clenched teeth started shaking.Weird “episodes” that maybe lasted 30 seconds to a minute and when they subsided, there was this huge feeling of release.. of accomplishment… even if I had no idea what I accomplished.So, even though I thought is was weird, the feeling afterwards made me not hate or fear this feeling when I felt the onset of an episode coming.Now fast forward a number of years and here’s me in college, having the occasional girlfriend, but nothing overly ambitious or strange. A real ladies man I certainly wasn’t.And then I met this girl called Linda. I was 22 at the time, she was 24 and a bartender in one of the bars that I visited regularly with my friends. One night our casual “over the counter” conversations went a little further and even though I wasn’t a ladies man, I was still horny enough to try at every opportunity and this time my attempts to chat up a girl seemed to work.When my friends left at closing time I hung around talking to Linda and we both knew right there and then that the night wasn’t going to end with a cup of coffee and a pat on the back.When she was done with her shift we went to her place and I was on that happy middle ground of liquored up enough not to be too nervous, but not roaring drunk and “unable to perform”. Linda on the other hand, was just plain horny.. she damn near couldn’t wait until we reached her apartment and as soon as we were inside she threw herself at me, ripping at my shirt, kneading the bulge in my pants with her hands and kissing me hard..We just made it to her bed and by the time we got there we were both naked.Linda was tall for a woman, almost 6 feet, but I am still a good 10 inches taller than her so I picked her up, and dropped her on the bed, where she bounced on the mattress and her big, reasonably firm boobs jiggled in tune.I looked at her with an enormous erection at the ready, it was so hard it was almost painful.Linda pulled up her knees and spread her legs, illegal bahis revealing a very moist, clean shaven pussy. I wasted no time getting on top of her and thrusting my big hard cock deep inside her. She moaned and so did I as I felt my cock surrounded by her tight hot, wet cunt. I knew right then that I wouldn’t last very long.I sat on my knees with my hands under her firm round butt, thrusting my hips forward as hard and as deep as I could. Linda’s tits were bouncing and she rubbed and squeezed her nipples as I fucked her.I have always been a tit-man so I was mesmerized by her boobs and her hard, erect nipples, and when she started pulling them, lifting them up far from the areolas that pretty much sealed the deal for me. I groaned and started cumming. I squirted wad after wad of cum deep inside her hot throbbing pussy as I watched her torturing her own tits.When I had stopped cumming and looked at her with a wondrous look and I guess a pretty dumb smile on my face she laughed and said “yes boy, this girl can take all you can dish out.. and probably much more”.The meaning of that didn’t immediately register, my mind tends to be less than sharp immediately after I cum, so I kind of took it at face value.We started talking about how horny we had become and how it had never before that the “connection” was there.The Linda said something I remember to this day: “I watched you and I could see you wouldn’t be afraid to hurt me”. She then explained how she enjoyed the rougher side of sex… how she liked being spanked and Dominated in bed.I had of course heard of BDSM but this was the first encounter I had with it, and I didn’t even seek it out, it found me!At that point we had both left the bedroom and were in Linda’s kitchen getting something to drink to refresh ourselves. At some point, she turned around, to lead me back to the bedroom when I “came into action” for the first time: I stopped her, rather unceremoniously, by pulling her hair.. She veered back, but before she could turn around and say anything I lashed out my hand and hit her butt cheek hard. “Where do you think illegal bahis siteleri you’re going?”, I asked her. She managed to turn around, even though I still had a hold of her hair… “I was going back to..” she started, but then she saw the look on my face and she just smiled. I push/pulled her down by her hair so she was kneeling in front of me and I said: “Suck it… suck my cock hard!”.. Actually it was more of a whisper than a confident instruction, but it didn’t miss its effect.Linda opened her mouth and without using her hands took my cock into her mouth and started linking the shaft with her tongue, circling the head and sucking it deep into her mouth.She was excellent at giving blow jobs so it didn’t take long before my cock sprung back to life and grew thick and hard in her mouth. She took all of it in her mouth and throat… from time to time gagging a little when the tip hit her throat. When it was hard as a rock again, she let go of my cock and whispered: “Let’s go”. I followed her back to the bedroom where she climbed on the bed on all fours, sticking her ass high up in the air. “Spank me please”, she said and suddenly I realized my hands were squeezing tight and my teeth were grinding… then I let go, and that feeling, the one from early c***dhood came over me.I stepped towards the beds, and my body just took over, or so it seemed.I spanked her hard, 20 slaps on each butt cheek, and I made her count aloud as I did so. When she reached 20, her ass was a rosy red color, and I could see her pussy glistening with moisture below..I turned her around , spread her legs and proceeded so spank her pussy lips.After 10 of those I went down and licked her lips and her clit.. spreading my saliva and her pussy juice all over. I sucked her clit hard, then let it go, flicking my tongue over it before repeating the action.Pre-cum was oozing out of my cock and I didn’t want to delay fucking her any longer. I told her to get back on all fours and I proceeded to fill her cunt with my cock from behind. I fucked her hard and deep, increasing the pace steadily. I knew that since canlı bahis siteleri I had just cum before, I could last a reasonable time.From time to time my hands reached around Linda to squeeze her tits and pull on her nipples. I knew I had to be hurting her like this.. and I liked it… the feeling I started out with didn’t diminish, in fact it was getting stronger.After a while I looked down at Linda’s firm ass to see my cock moving in and out of her pussy. What I hadn’t done before now felt naturally… I took my thumb, pressed it against her asshole.. and penetrated her there… fingerfucking her ass in the same rhythm as my cock was pounding her wet cunt.I felt Linda tensing up, her muscles clenching hard… when suddenly she asked: “Please sir, may I cum for you?”. As surprised as I was by the question, it also gave me an almost regal feeling, realizing I had full control over her body. I smiled, laughed almost and gave her permission as I continued to ram my cock deep inside her and my thumb up her ass.Linda spasmed, groaned and almost screamed as her orgasm overwhelmed her and with every thrust of my hips inside her hot pussy I felt how her muscles were clenching around my cock. when she had finished she pleaded with me to squirt my cum in her mouth.The power rush almost made me say no, but then I realized that before this evening, not very many girls wanted my cum in their mouths so I quickly made her turn around and started fucking her mouth.. Linda frantically worked her tongue around my cock wherever she could touch it and before long I felt it rising from deep down in my balls. I squirted hard, looking at her face as she greedily lapped it all up and then swallowed it.”Good girls swallow the cum of their Master”, she said after I finished.Just the mention of the word made my cock stagger a little again, but I needed a little more time to recover.That night was the first step I took on the road to becoming the Dominant I am today.Linda and I dated for about 5 months, but in the end the “real life” differences between me and her were too big to sustain an excellent Dom./Sub. relationship.I am still grateful to her for introducing me to BDSM and allowing me to realize that feeling I had as a c***d had a place where it could be released, allowing me to feel accomplished, in control and the true Master of someone else’s emotions and body.

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