On the Sofa in front of Hubby with my new Black Ma


On the Sofa in front of Hubby with my new Black Ma….this story is following on from my 1st night out with my new BBC stud, hunky Jazz and the homecoming.KJust to re-cap, my little dicked bald white hubby and I were out for the eve. I was on a 1st date with my new stud and he had treated me to a BIG slice of negro pie…lol!Mick had said he had been out, but more than likely been spying on our young teeny baby sitter, as she usually sat with her black boyfriend Jamile, who loved his white cunt! Sue loved big black dick as much as me and like me is not choosy about looks in a negro man, so long as the cock is big, long, fat, bent or any combination of!!!Ok, so as in the last story, I had caught her on Facetime with another older black man. He was showing her something she wanted and clearly had had the taste of from the overheard chat. She was being ordered, without resistance to show what he liked to see, young white teeny ass and cunt!I went down from the nursery where Sue was composing herself, not knowing that I had seen her with him. I wondered now where was Mick? Had he in fact gone out with his mates? Where was Sue’s boyfriend?Jazz my black lover was sat in the lounge waiting for me. I say on the big sofa next to him and we kissed. I loved that hot mouth of his, those big puffy black lips and his invading tongue…mmm. I felt my clitty tingle and nipples harden at the trill of the kiss. His hands held me tight and I felt all woman at last.I stopped and looked into his eyes,’Would you like me to change into something for you, something hot?’ I said.’ Wow yeah Doll, you bet, go for it,’ he replied quickly.With that I went back upstairs to change. I looked in my lingerie draw and found my red baby doll, red hold ups and red heels;with fluffy fur on the toes, in the wardrobe. I thought a pair of black frilly lace pants would go well with this outfit?. I dressed and re-did my make up, which had been messed up by sucking his big cock and his tongue jobs on me. I noticed the knickers would not cover my poor battered pussy, The front of the knicks just fell into my gaping wet slit! I thought, since Sue was about I better wear my white knee length silk gown around the house for now!I tottered down the stairs, being careful not to stumble on the fluffy heels! They are so high at 6″!Sue was in the kitchen and about to leave. She was waiting for her lift, explaining Mick had taken her boyfriend home. She looked at me and giggled?’Oh Mrs Smith. I see you did have a great night out and see you have a friend back,’ she said, still smiling at me.’ Oh yes Sue. Well thought since he was so nice to me, that why not invite him back for a coffee, you know?’ I feebly said.’Oh yes, I would do that too. I love your gown, is it real lace?’ she asked.’Thanks Sue, yes. Mick bought it for me. But I don’t think he appreciates me in canlı bahis it though.’ I explained to her.’ You see it should make him hot, well especially if you see what I am wearing under it! But he just does not seem to get excited at all?,’ I said, but not complaining about that.Then there was a knock on the front door and Sue went.I tottered into the lounge and stood in front of Jazz, still sat on the sofa.’Wow, Doll, I love that cheeky nightgown. I see it is not all you are wearing either. Give me a twirl.’ he said. I twirled and twirled as he sat back looking at my ass, then my tits.His big black hands reached under the white lace gown. I was facing him as he opened the front of it. It fell away to both sides of my thighs. He stared now at my fucked up pussy, the black frilly pants pulled into my wide gape! Suddenly a tongue hit my satin lined cunt lips. The material thin enough to allow his tongue tip to do its magic on my overworked clit! The hem of the red baby doll was not in his way as it did not cover the knickers! My nipples hardened and I came as they rubbed excitedly against the silk. Next within seconds my cunt squelched and spat out nigga seed, all over my black knicks! It was so loud as it gurgled and spat out onto his big tongue, contents he had had stored in those huge black balls hours earlier.’Fuck, you dirty bitch. You just cum in my face…haha,’ he roared.I never thought a mans cum coming out would make me cum, like when it is going into me, but it did and I held his head to cum hard….mmmm.Jazz slipped his tight pants down to his ankles and his huge poker flung out and went high into the air. He sat back down on the sofa and took me by one arm? I was tugged over his knee now and my gown lifted, then wriggled off me. He took sight of my big fat ass on across his knee. The red baby doll hem, just about covering my ass. He could see the big white mounds of cellulite dimpled white flesh, between the red hold up tops and the red baby doll. Only my thin g string cut up my ass to spoil his view of the willing white flesh.I looked to my left and saw that ebony lady pleaser towering over my waist, it glistened in the lamp light and flicked about with excited anticipation. Jazz rubbed my ass hard with his right hand, then slapped his palm hard down onto my bare ass cheek.THWACK-KISSHH-followed by a little woo-er, from me, as the cheek stung with the 1st smack!’Hey Hun, you OK,’ he asked without care in his voice.’Erm yeah, I am O-; I uttered without finishing another blow rained down on the same cheek.THWACK-KISSHH. Then a soothing hard rub of the now glowing skin!’Yeah that’s it. We getting a bit of colour in you again..haha, ‘ he joked pausing now.I took a my small hand and grabbed that rigid, pulsing cock, still laying over his knee. I did a backwards wank of him and he groaned with approval.’Hello bahis siteleri love,’ I heard as Mick popped his head around the lounge door! Both Jazz and I looked at him a bit surprised anyone was in the house?’Hey mate, how you doing? We is having a good time here. Your Mrs is sumtin else. Keeping her busy, you get me?’ he quipped at Mick.’Yes I see that, sorry. I had no idea you guys were here. I just heard a noise in here, sorry,’ Mick apologised to Jazz.Then THWACK-KISSHH, THWACK KISSHH. 2 blows to me same cheek. I had to hold Jazz’s hard dick tight to stay put as the shock moved me about so much! I gasped as the air was thrust out my lungs with the pain!’Are you OK, love,’ said Mick quietly to me?’Jazz replied for me,’ Yeah look at that big ass mate, all nice and red, matches her pussy, want to see?’Mick said nothing. I stood weakly and looked on as Jazz flicked off the black satin knicks. Slid them over my stinging ass and down over my hold ups. He left them round my ankles. With that he opened my legs and displayed my wide, fucked cunt lips, like his trophy.’There you go mate, she all red now…haha,’ he roared out.Jazz finished off removing my knicks and as soon as, he sat me on him. He sat me looking forwards at Mick. His big hands now cupping my sore ass cheeks? With a tug either way of my big floppy ass cheeks he raised me high enough to sit me on the tip of his big hard snake! The cunt lips did not or more like it could not refuse him! The bell end tickled my lips and fell into the huge gape! I reached back to steady myself and he held me there. I quivered and my thighs shook. I could not hold in this position for long as I weakened! Jazz knew this. He let go of my ass and I slowly sank, sliding down his huge fat pole. My cunt did not resist. I took one hand and grabbed his dick.The hand was pushed down as I slid, until I had his balls.I loved it…mmm. i cum very fast and moaned.Jazz lifted me and pulling out, slapped the big black poker hard on my belly. It went slap and splash! I held it against me. The bell end well above my belly button!Jazz looked round, holding my waist. I sat proudly with his hot sticky shaft against my belly.’Big enough for her mate?’ Jazz quipped!With that he span me around and sat me back onto his big black drill rig! Both huge hands held my ass, one side burning like crazy! We wriggled about, until the shaft settled into me, his balls ramming my ass!Mick could now see him sat, his trousers around his ankles. Me on top, ass in the air, occasional sight of the black poker leaving my wide open cunt, then disappear again into the spunk lined depths.’Woo Babe, that’s it. Ride my shaft again, Yeah fuck it Babe. Ohh yeah your so juiced up, so slippery and open, love it,’ he moaned sucking my tits, undoing the red string on the baby doll.The tits fell out of the poorly supported bahis şirketleri nighty and smacked against each other as I bounced up and down on him. He risked a face slapping from the anxious milkers as he went in for one nipple to suck, missed it then tried again. His hands could not help him as he was busy holding my ass. Then clamp! He connected onto my left titty. Sucking hard he got my milk flowing like a tap. As he sucked the protein made his cock even harder as I felt it bang my cervix. The cervix ring puckered and snapped inside me. He sucked, bit, chewed and I rotated my hips as I wanted him deeper.’NAAH KNAW, GUMP, SLURRP,SUCK, SUCK,SUCK,MMMM,he uttered a****l like.I in turn wimpered,’OOO, SHEEET, OOO, NAH-OH,YER,DA, D,D, DARE,JUUUST DARE-AAAAAAH!!!***’. As Jazz slowly sank to the depths of my womanhood. I felt the cervix deep in me snap open and the bell end force its way in. I kissed his sweaty, shaved head. his veins all raised with the hard work, pushing into me. I stroked him and said,’ There slowly love, that’s it nice and slow. In you go-OH YES.’ I cum again and snapped closed, clamping him.’THIS IS THE MOMENT THESE BIG NIGGA BOLLOCKS EMPTY! RIGHT IN YOUR SLUTTY WIVES CUNT! WAAAAHHHH, FOOOOOOOK, SHEEEEET. YOU FOOOOOKKKIIINNNGG CHEAP WHOOOOORE!’ Jazz shouted out bucking me high the low.I felt the hot seed fly out of his fat cock slit and hit my womb walls. I was cuming hard as I was being pumped up, like an old tired bike tire tube!’WOOOOOOO, THAT IS SSSOOO HOT. OOOOOH YOU MAKE ME CUUUUUM. OH JAZZ FILL ME, FILL ME RIGHT UP WITH YOUR SPUNK,’ I moaned loud.’ Babe, take this, BAAAAAH, and this, FOOOOOK, and this big one cum, cum cumin. ARRRRGGGH!’ he cried out.I rode that rod, like a true cheap whore. The slippery pole making it easy. I felt each cum blast in me. Jazz loved the relief. Shit how many times in the night could he fill me with that black seed?Mick was on his knees, hardly daring to look!Jazz and I finished off. I rode his pole until the last drops of his cum had been squeezed out. Jazz sucked a bit more milk from me, then I pulled off his semi soft rod. It fell slowly onto his muscled thighs and my cunt just gaped at it. Spunk slowly sliding out of me and dripping back onto its master! I stood up and wobbled weakly. Jazz stood, his dick still long and arching out, all gazed with our love juices dripping onto the floor. Mick looked up at us both, our sex organs splattered with spunk, like a used plasterers bucket! I took the big fat, slack rod and wanked it a few times. Jazz stood hand on hips and let fly a jet of jizz. As if by slow motion the big greasy streak shot upwards and then lazily curved to make it’s way as ordered by the cannon over my face and head. I saw it twisting and coming to me. Even so when it landed on me it made me jump back!!! Jazz groaned as it shot out. I took most of it across my wide open mouth. The string of seed fell in and it tasted nice. My chin dripped the thin stuff onto my red baby doll.Jazz said,’ Your Mrs loves niggas mate, but I guess you know that…hahahaha.’

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