One House, Two Families Ch. 01


This story will feature MILFs and daughters with big tits along with sons with big dicks – – it’ll probably be light on plot, heavy on the sex and definitely not to be taken seriously. If that isn’t what you’re after, then just move along.

As always, everyone is 18 or over.

This first chapter is something of a homage to Sitting on My Son’s Lap by retired04 and Mom Takes A Ride by NakdSalr, both of which you can find on Literotica.

† † † † †

Times were hard for many people since the big market crash – – people lost savings, lost jobs, lost houses.

Janine Lloyd was one such person. As a single mother of two eighteen year old kids – – twins Pete and Amy – – she’d hadn’t been that comfortable to begin with but losing her job and being unable to find a new one after a few months of living on her savings meant a life changing decision had to be made.

Her own twin sister, Tricia Hawkins – – twins ran in her family – – was in a similar position. Her husband Mark had died three years before in a factory accident and while she’d received an insurance payout, it wasn’t enough to set her up for life. It had paid off the house and allowed her own twins, Lisa and Craig, to finish college even though they were both still living at home, unable to afford to move out.

So to help each other out, the two sisters had decided that Janine would move out of her house and rent it out to get some money coming in, and in the meantime, she, Pete and Amy would move in with Tricia and her kids. Tricia had a larger house with a small guest house in the back garden – – the twins would end up sharing while Janine would take the guest house. It wouldn’t be perfect and there’d be some adjusting for all of them but it made sense until they could get back on their feet.

First things first, Janine and her kids had to get to Tricia’s house. On the day of the move, Tricia had loaded up her car with as many things as she could and headed off, leaving Janine, Pete and Amy to load up their car. Most of their stuff was planned to end up in the Hawkins loft but there was still plenty of it and, as they squashed, folded and crammed as much as they could into it, Janine began to wonder if there was too much.

“We might have to make two trips, kids,” Janine said as Pete and Amy forced yet another box on to the back seat. The passenger seat was already loaded up with things that were too long to fit anywhere else, jammed in the foot well and sticking out of the half open window.

“Come on, mom, it’ll be fine,” Amy said. “It’s only about an hour to Aunt Tricia’s as it is. You don’t want to come all the way back and then drive all the way there again, do you?”

“No, but it’s going to be cramped in there,” she said, eyeing the available seating. She smiled at her son. “You might have to put up with me sitting on your lap,” she said with a laugh.

Pete gulped and blushed a little, pretending to struggle with the last box. “Ummm – – okay,” he said, trying to sound nonchalant, all the while thinking Oh fuck, yes!

Pete was a perpetually horny 18 year old, just like every other boy his age. Adding to his natural state however, was the fact that both his mother and sister were insanely hot. Janine’s figure had often been compared to that redhead from “Mad Men” – – all huge tits and a big, round ass but with a slender waist and long legs. She was good looking, too, with blue eyes, pouty lips and long blonde hair. His sister was a younger version of her mom – – slightly (but only very slightly) smaller in the bust and ass and just as good looking. Pete had lost count the amount of times he’d jacked off thinking of one or both of them.

“Oh, I don’t think Pete would mind that, mom,” Amy said, teasing her brother. She suspected he’d spied on her and their mom over the previous summer when they’d been walking around in shorts and T-shirts because of the heat. She was pretty sure he’d deliberately walked in on her when she was in the shower on one occasion, too. He was a handsome young man, as blond and blue eyed as her and her mom, and brother or not, she was flattered by his attention.

“Well I was joking,” Janine said, looking at the back seat which was stuffed with boxes and bags. “But I think I am going to have to sit on you for the journey, Pete,” she said. During a birthday celebration a couple of years before, Janine had gone on a bender and been arrested for drunk driving, losing her licence for five years. With Pete having failed his test earlier in the summer, that left Amy as the only driver.

“I guess we better get going, then,” Amy said, holding the back door open. “In you get, little brother,” she said, never letting him forget she was five minutes older.

Pete climbed in, wedging himself up against the boxes that were stacked on one side of the seat, his knees resting against the large, flat mirror that stood upright, the glass facing away from them, the frame reaching over the matadorbet height of the front seats. Once he was settled, his mother leaned down and looked in.

“There really isn’t much room, is there?” she asked.

Pete couldn’t reply – – his gaze was fixed securely on his mom’s huge tits that, thanks to how she’d bent over, had pushed the neckline of her summer dress down, revealing a deep, tempting cleavage. Fucking hell – – look at those tits, he thought.

“Oh well,” Janine said as she stood up. “I guess there’s nothing for it.” She flashed her son a big smile. “Sorry, honey, but you’re going to have to put up with me on your lap for the next hour or so.”

Pete watched in awe as his mother levered one of her legs in, draping it over his own, her dress riding up her smooth, pale thigh as she managed to get it down between his own leg and the boxes. Her ass – – her gorgeous, round ass – – followed as she eased into the back seat, landing solidly on his lap as she lost her balance slightly. She and Amy laughed as she basically fell into the car, falling back against Pete’s chest as she managed to get her other leg inside so that Amy could close the door.

“Sorry, Pete,” she said as she tried to straighten up, her ass inadvertently grinding against his crotch. “Didn’t mean to fall on you like that.”

“S’okay, mom,” Pete managed to say, fighting the urge to take hold of his mother’s round butt as she squirmed around, trying to get comfortable.

As Amy climbed into the driver’s seat, Janine used the back of it as a brace to pull herself up and at an angle, putting her head between the seat rests, the mirror masking everything except her head and shoulders.

“You drive carefully, now, Amy,” Janine said. “We’ve got a lot of things in here that we don’t want rocking around, okay?”

“Sure, mom,” Amy said. “You and Pete let me know if you need a break at any time, okay?”

“Thank you, honey,” Janine said before looking over her shoulder at her son. “Are you comfortable, Pete?”

“Yeah, mom,” he said.

Janine frowned a little as she realised he was clearly staring at her ass. She wondered if she should suggest making two trips after all but before she could speak, Amy gunned the engine and drove off, accelerating faster than she needed to, Janine falling back against Pete’s chest again. Instinctively he put his arms around her, his hands suddenly full of her huge tits, resting there for the briefest of seconds before he whipped them away.

“Sorry mom,” he whispered, trying to put his hands as far away from her as he could.

“It’s okay, honey,” she whispered back. “Accidents happen.” She braced her hands on his knees and pulled herself upright again, her hips and ass rolling in his crotch once more. Janine looked over her shoulder and silently mouthed “You enjoy the view,” and smiled at her son’s shocked expression before she turned back to look out the windscreen.

As his mom and sister chatted, his mother now resting her arms on the back of the driver’s seat, Pete did indeed enjoy the view. His mother’s summer dress was stretched tight across her round ass – – she’d worn it as they moved house and packed boxes because it was an old one and it didn’t matter if it got dirty. Due to its age it was thinner than she realised and Pete could clearly make out the thin strap of a black g-string appearing from between her ass cheeks and wrapping around her trim waist. The dress had a scoop neckline which was duplicated on the back – – he could just see the back strap of her bra peeking out the top, just below the ends of her long hair. While her g-string might be thin and flimsy, her bra looked thicker, more practical – – hardly surprising when he considered what it had to contain: her pair of enormous tits that were so large he could see their sides from where he sat.

The hottest woman he knew was sat on his lap in a tight dress, her underwear almost visible, her big tits – – that he’d actually had his hands on, even if it was just for a second – – peeking out around her back. What happened next was inevitable.

Janine paused in her conversation with Amy as she felt something nudging into her left butt cheek. She looked back quickly but Pete’s hand was still as far away from her as it could be in the cramped space. She turned back and answered Amy’s question about something, at the same time, moving her ass slightly, trying to get comfortable as whatever it was in Pete’s crotch poked into her ass.

Whatever it was – – in Pete’s crotch!

Oh my God! He’s got a hard-on! she realised, freezing still, not moving at all.

“Mom? You okay?” Amy asked as she drove.

“Sure, honey,” she said, trying to recover her composure. She slowly looked back over her shoulder, Pete’s gaze still transfixed by her ass. “What about you, Pete?” she asked, making him look up quickly. “You comfortable?” she asked and, without planning to or thinking about it, pushed back into his matadorbet giriş lap, rotating her ass slowly.

Pete blushed as he looked at her, not knowing what to do or where to put himself.

“Are you getting pins and needles?” she asked him. “Here, let me help.” She pushed up, lifting her ass off his lap, almost raising it up to his face, her dress rising up her thighs a little. “You should be able to sort that leg out, now,” she said, smiling kindly before turning back to face the windscreen.

Pete’s mind whirled at 500 miles per hour, trying to figure out what his mom wanted him to do. Eventually, his boner won out and, figuring he’d never have this chance again, he quickly rearranged himself.

“Thanks, mom,” he said. “You can sit back down, now.”

Janine lowered herself back down. Just as she realised Pete was surreptitiously pushing the hem of her dress up even further, her now bare but for a g-string ass cheeks landed back in his lap where a very obvious – – and very large – – hard-on was resting. She whipped her head around, her eyes wide as she realised Pete had opened his shorts and pulled his dick upright so that it rested against his belly, the only thing separating it from her ass was the cotton of his boxers.

“That’s better, isn’t it, mom?” he asked her. He was still blushing, his eyes still half scared, wondering how she would react, but he’d made his play and had to wait and see what happened. To his surprise, Janine turned back to Amy and – – after a pause where Pete convinced himself she was about to ask Amy to pull over so she could tear a strip off him – – continued their conversation.

Pete waited, his dick hard as it nestled between his mom’s butt cheeks, pulsing slightly, the shaft extending up and out the top of his boxers, the head of his prick covered by his T-shirt. He knew he was big – – he’d only had sex a couple of times but both girls had near fainted when they’d seen his dick, saying there was no way they could take all of it. And now that same hard-on was sandwiched between his mom’s perfect ass cheeks – – and she hadn’t told him to remove it.

Jesus, that’s big! Janine thought madly as she realised just how much cock was beneath her butt. It had been a long, long time since she’d felt anything near that size and it brought back all sorts of memories, most of them of her being fucked by the owner of the biggest dick she’d ever seen. And now here was another that appeared to be the same size at least – – and it belonged to her own son.

As the car drove along, her son’s big dick wedged between her butt cheeks with only his boxers in the way, Janine couldn’t help herself. She’d had a few one-night stands over the years when things had gotten too bad for her but mostly she’d held her lust in check. Now though, the situation of riding on her son’s lap, Pete’s big dick and the memories it had brought back made her feel things she’d thought she’d given up on.

“Amy, honey,” Janine said, “I’ve got to straighten up. My back’s beginning to hurt in this position.”

“Okay, mom,” Amy said.

Janine moved from the tilted angle she’d been in to be able to talk with her daughter and instead sat up straight on her son’s lap, her hands on his knees again, her legs spread wide either side of his own. She looked back at him and – – without saying a word – – clenched her butt cheeks, deliberately squeezing his dick with them.

Pete’s eyes went wide when he felt her grab at his dick with her butt and couldn’t help but make his cock throb and lurch beneath her. She responded by rolling her ass up and down his dick, sliding her cheeks along his length a few times, all the while staring at him. Slowly but with growing boldness, Pete moved his hands on to his mother’s ass and – – when she didn’t stop him – – moved them under the hem of her dress. He almost groaned aloud when he felt her cool flesh in his hands but somehow managed to stay silent. Instead, he squeezed her butt tighter around his dick and started to thrust his hips as best he could in the cramped conditions, the pair of the working together, jerking him off with her butt.

Janine knew she should stop – – this had gone way too far already – – but she was scared. Scared she’d mess up Pete’s head by stopping abruptly, scared she’d freak Amy out, but most of all, scared she’d never get this close to her son’s monster cock again.

She and her sister Tricia had been wild teenagers, getting into too much trouble way too soon, both of them ending up pregnant in high school and having their twins when they were eighteen. They’d both calmed down since then, Tricia had even gotten married, and managed to control their desires. Now those desires had been reawakened by her own son, his hands on her ass, his dick between her cheeks. All she could think about was how to get that thick shaft inside her.

“Mom? Could you sit up again for a second?” he asked her, breaking into her thoughts. Janine levered herself up once more and heard him moving around a little. “Okay, that’s good,” he said. As she sat back down, she felt him brazenly flip her dress up around her waist, completely exposing her ass to his gaze and hands – – thankfully the large mirror between the front and back seats would prevent Amy seeing what was going on should she glance back.

Pete held her ass once more as she lowered herself but this time the cocky bastard pulled her cheeks apart – – she knew from this angle he probably couldn’t see more than her g-string disappearing beneath her and maybe the tightly ringed muscle of her asshole but she had never felt so exposed – – or excited. Her pussy was soaking through her tiny g-string and it wouldn’t surprise her if he could feel the heat of it. As he pulled her down, she realised what he’d done – – he’d pushed his boxers down and the hot, hard, naked shaft of his dick now rested between her cheeks which he pushed together, wrapping them around his dick.

“That feel okay, mom?” he asked. “Not uncomfortable?”

That feels fucking fantastic! was what she wanted to say but, for Amy’s sake, managed to say “I’m fine, honey,” in as level a voice as she could as she felt his dick slide back and forth a little between her cheeks. Still looking back at him, she slowly moved one of her hands from his knees around her back, placing it on her ass, just above his own. As he watched, she moved it down and around to the middle of her butt until her fingertips grazed along the hard meat of his cock. She moved her hand lower, her fingers wrapping around his dick, struggling to meet around his thickness, before she slid her hand up.

They stared at each other, a look of surprise appearing on Janine’s face, one of confidence growing on Pete’s, as she realised he wasn’t just thick but long as well – – there were several inches of shaft before her fingers found the slightly spongy head of his knob and slid around over it.

Fucking hell, he’s huge! she thought as she stared at him and his smug grin. My son has the biggest cock I’ve ever felt!

“Almost there, you two,” Amy suddenly called from the driver’s seat.

Janine whipped her head round and saw that they were much farther along than she’d realised. Reluctantly she let go of Pete’s dick and lifted herself up off him, flipping her dress down, knocking his hands away. As she complimented her daughter on the quick drive, she could feel her son rearranging his clothes and – – hopefully – – putting his dick away.

When she sat back, he was obviously still hard, but at least his clothes were in place.

As they pulled into Tricia’s drive, Janine looked over her shoulder at Pete who grinned sheepishly. She winked at him and blew him a kiss just as the car came to a halt.

Tricia and her twins stood waiting to greet them as Amy got out of the car followed by Janine, both of them rushing over to give hugs to Lisa and Craig. Pete exited the car already carrying a box held in front of his crotch.

“Wow, you’re keen to start unpacking,” his aunt Tricia said, giving him a hug from the side, holding his head on her shoulder, thus giving him a look down her loose T-shirt at the slopes of her tits. She was his mom’s twin sister and had the same face and figure, including her round butt and massive tits.

“Just want to get everything stowed away quick as we can,” he said.

As Tricia guided him to where the box needed to go, Amy watched him. She’d noticed a flush in her mother’s face as she’d got off Pete’s lap and the way he was holding that box made her suspicious.

“Hey, Amy,” her cousin Lisa said. “Come see if the room’s okay for you.”

As they all headed indoors, Janine hung back for a second, looking up at her new home, at the same time thinking back to what she and Pete had done on the journey here.

Things are definitely going to be different now, she thought.

The rest of the afternoon was spent unpacking with everyone helping out. Most of their things went into the loft, but as Lisa and Amy were sharing a room now, as were Craig and Pete, some boxes of course went into those rooms, while Janine’s things went out into the small guest house that was to be her place.

Once most everything was in one place or another, the whole family sat down for a meal and chatted, catching up on things, Tricia officially welcoming her sister, niece and nephew into the house. Eventually, time wore on and plans were made to head off to their beds.

Without saying anything to his cousin Craig, Pete quietly picked up a box from the room they now shared and headed down stairs and then out into the back garden, heading for his mom’s guest house. He could see through the window that she was still pottering around in there, moving things about before she went to sleep. The guest house was basically two rooms – – one large one made up of a seating and kitchen area near the door where he walked in, with a bedroom area, then a smaller room with a shower and toilet beyond that. When Pete stepped inside, his mother was kneeling beside the bed, looking through a suitcase of clothes.

“Hi honey,” she said, looking up as he walked over.

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