One Time Deal


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You know how some women just ooze sex from every pore? When I took my new job, the secretary for my Section head was one of the most fantastically desirable women I had ever seen, yet she gave off no signals whatsoever to indicate that she was available. In fact, Dianne made it extremely clear in all her words and actions that she was only there to work and was very happily married and intended to remain so.

The other horny guys and I respected her position and lusted from a distance. It was obvious that she was well aware of our lust, but intended it to be a passive thing. Damn, that woman made me horny!

In my case, I had recently asked my wife of seven years for a divorce because her idea of marriage seemed to be that it consisted of a woman and her kids with supporting staff. I had asked her many times to cooperate with me and let us raise our children together, but she was determined to do it her way. After seven years, I gave up and asked for an out.

Her response was to go ballistic and threaten to do all sorts of terrible things to the kids if I left her. Knowing her, it was too likely that she would go through with some of the outrageous things she threatened, so I agreed to stay with her, but I knew she would never change. I actually stayed nine more years, but this story is about the first year after the blowup.

My work went well. My new company worked at the state of the art in Aerospace electronics and I had a lot of catching up to do.

Moving around the offices in the normal course of duties brought me frequently into close contact with Dianne. Although I was careful to make no overt moves, it was clear to me that she was well aware of my attention and reveled in it.

One day, out of a clear blue sky, she came to my desk and told me that she needed my help with something. This was not unusual. I was a big husky guy and was regularly called on to move furniture or office equipment by the various secretaries, so I dutifully followed. Nobody noticed anything out of the ordinary, and neither did I.

As we went through her bosses office, she mentioned that he was out of town, then led me into the conference room. The first indication that something unusual was about to happen was when she locked the conference room door behind us. My engineering mind began trying to come anadolu yakası escort up with an explanation for a need to lock the door if all she wanted was help in moving something heavy.

My second indication was when she bent over the end of the conference table and flipped her short skirt over one of the finest asses I had ever lusted over. It went far beyond my fondest expectations. Now I knew that some sort of life-changing experience was about to take place. It was hard to think rationally because my mind was overwhelmed with the implications that she had been wearing nothing under that skirt. Was this normal?

How often did she do that? Had I been missing out on the added titillation from knowing that her coochie was bare under those frilly miniskirts she usually wore at the office?

“Well, don’t just stand there and slobber over my ass. This is a one-time thing and we don’t have much time. I just found out that my husband has been fucking around on me and I intend to get even as quickly as possible. You’re it, but don’t expect more. Ok?

“Damn betcha”, I promised as I dropped my pants and slid all the way in, to the bottom of Velvet Heaven.

My cock felt so good when it was fully embedded in her dripping pussy that it made me wonder how long she had spent working herself up to this revenge?

“Hurry and get your rocks off. We aren’t making love, we are fucking. I want to be able to tell that cheating cocksucker that I had a cock up my cunt within fifteen minutes after finding out about him.”

Hurry up? Bullshit! As long as I had fantasized about bending Dianne over a desk and pounding her guts out, I was going to string this opportunity out as long as possible. I short-stroked her, I long-stroked her, I pulled out fast and slid in slow, I wiggled my cock like an eggbeater. I was going to give this sexy slut a reason to think about me every time she had a cock in her pussy for the rest of her life.

“Unh, unh, unh, unh”, she grunted as I slammed into her, raising her ass a few inches with each homecumming.

“So big, so wide, so long”, she chanted. “Fuck me Hotten, fuck me good. Give me something to remember when Needledick gets between my thighs again.”

I did as I was told and fucked her like there was no tomorrow, which is exactly ataşehir escort what she had promised me.

Her first orgasm nearly caused her to scream, but I moved one hand from her tit to cover her mouth when I sensed she was getting there. I continued to pinch her other nipple as I slammed into her, over and over and over and over…

She started to come down from her high a little bit and I knew I had to do something different or my first ride on this train would be my last. There was plenty juice leaking down her thighs, so I scooped up a bit on my thumb and sunk it to the hilt in her asshole, in one quick motion.

Talk about going into overdrive! My guess was that Dianne had never had anything going in that direction at that particular place. I covered her moan again with my free hand and gave her a few more slams all the way to my balls while her ass was getting accustomed to an intruder.

In one smooth motion, I pulled out my thumb and replaced it with a plum. Perhaps I should write nursery rhymes?

She wanted to scream or complain or order me to pull out, but I was a couple of steps ahead of her and knew what she wanted before she knew it was an option. My love affair with the beautiful Dianne may have been silent to this point, but she gave me an opening and I took two.

I suspect that she had never considered how much she might like to be ass-fucked. She went from pulling away to pushing back in only a few strokes and I was trying to think of something to stuff in her mouth because she was making more and more noise as her subconscious mind took over, telling her conscious mind to shut the fuck up.

As much self control as I had developed finally ran out and I flooded her bowels as she got off for the nth time. (I told you I was an engineer.)

Dianne was a quivering mass of jelly, lying totally collapsed over the end of the table. I rolled her over and sucked one more cum out of her before lifting her up and standing her upright. I straightened her dress and helped her stand while she regained some control over her legs.

“Hotten, I never dreamed…”

“Hush”, I said. “Now you are even.”

“Even? Hell! I’ll give him passes for the next 30 days. Maybe then we will be even. Thank you, Hotten. I’ll stop teasing you so much from now on.”

“Don’t ümraniye escort you dare stop teasing me. Your teasing is more fun than fucking most women.”

We agreed to continue as before and started straightening the room before someone came by. Someone did come into Ed’s office as we were leaving, to ask Dianne a question.

He started sniffing. “Something smells funny in here.”

Dianne was way ahead of him, as usual. “It sure does. I asked Hotten to help me see if he could help me find the problem. I’m afraid that it is a dead mouse or something.”

“It doesn’t smell like any dead mouse I ever smelled. In fact, it actually smells like…” He slowed to a stop as he began to match up remembered smells with what he was smelling now. When he got a hit, his eyes started to light up, but then he tried to match up what he thought he remembered with the possibility that I had been nailing our goddess in the bosses conference room during working hours. The light in his eyes slowly dimmed.

“Maybe it’s this you are smelling.” Dianne opened a can of Elmer’s glue that she had been using and waved it under his nose. There was just enough similarity with the cum smell and the Elmer’s was strong enough to overcome his olfactory memory, that he gave up.

“That must have been it”, he sighed, obviously reluctant to give up the fantasy of one of his peers getting so lucky. If me, then possibly him? A guy can dream, can’t he?

Things went back to normal around the office. Relations between Dianne and I were relaxed and casual. Nobody would have guessed or believed how much meat I had shoved up that cute little ass. Also, I was the only one who knew that Dianne rarely wore panties. When it was 100% safe, she would flip her skirt over her ass when walking away from me, but we never got caught.

Not long after our one-time thing, she changed jobs, which was heart-breaking for me. It was such a delight to work around someone so smart and efficient who also happened to have a killer body and knew how to keep everybody around her hard as blue steel.

On her last day, she came to the TGIF party that many of us went to every Friday and I got the opportunity to dance with her.

“If you were going to leave, why couldn’t you leave before I fell in love with you?”, I asked.

“Oh, Hotten. You fell in love with me the first day. Did you think I would fuck someone who didn’t love me? My husband never cheated on me. I just had to try you for a joy ride before I left. This way, we don’t have to worry about anybody getting clingy, do we?”

Then she gave me the sweetest kiss I can ever remember having and walked out of my life—forever.

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