One Unfortunate/Fortunate Erotic Night


One Unfortunate/Fortunate Erotic NightdeleteddeleteddeletedI work as a hotel receptionist in Bangalore and live with my brother Aditya (28) who is in IT.So you might think I’m Muslim because of my name. But the thing is that my dad is Hindu and my mother is Muslim. Mom picked my name and I was raised as a Hindu. So because of their inter-religion marriage, we were isolated from all the relatives from both sides.We lost our parents to a car accident when I was 16, and since then my brother became my everything. He took care of me, my education on his own. He even left his studies for a while to do multiple part-time jobs before completing graduation and getting hired in Oracle.Telling about me, I’m 5’9¨, fair, with a structure of 32C-30-34. Due to my family situation, I have never been in any kind of relationship until now.Enough introduction right? Let’s get to the story.So I and my brother (I call him Aadi and he calls me Zee) were returning in an Uber from a common friend’s birthday party. we were hammered to bits. Maybe 6-7 tins of Carlsberg each. I was 20 and he was 24 then. So in the cab, we were talking about a couple who were making out in a corner of our friend’s home.I thought it was little over the top. He was justifying their act with alcohol as an excuse. The cab dropped us near our apartment. While in the elevator to the 9th floor, I asked him did he kiss anyone, whether he has felt anyone’s lips on his? A little perplexed, he said no and asked me the same I said no.We reached our room and got changed into our comfortable wears. He was in shorts and a tee. I wore a sleeveless tee and a short, which was loose. Generally, I don’t wear a bra at home. But tonight for some reason, I didn’t even wear a panty.So I wished him a good night. He was doing bursa escort something on his laptop on the couch in the hall. He was again sipping a can of Carlsberg. I asked him about it. He told me to get one for myself from the fridge and sit with him for a chit chat. With a beer or without it, I always enjoy spending time with him.It was Saturday night, so I joined in. But he was just doing his work with his laptop while I was sipping my beer in silence. To break the silence, I asked, “So never kissed anyone huh?” He turned towards me. the annoyance clear in his eyes that we’re still discussing a topic that makes him uncomfortable.He said, “Zee, I told you. No.” Just to annoy him more I asked, “Wanna try?” Believe me guys and girls I never had any such intentions towards him. But when I asked him the question just to annoy him, there was a strange feeling of rebel inside me and I wanted it now.He, on the other hand, was bamboozled. More disgusted with that thought and yelled, “NO!” while closing his laptop. He shot me a “What? Are you crazy?”This triggered me more and I asked, “Just one kiss Aadi, just to know what’s the fuss is about, please.”He looked a little calm and said, “Just one kiss Zee, nothing else.” I said okay and kept mine and his can aside in excitement. We came closer and slowly pecked on each other’s lips initially. It didn’t feel any different than what we do when we kiss each other’s cheeks normally.He said, “Maybe we’re doing it wrong.” He jumped on me dropping me down from the couch and kissed me intensely for about 2 minutes. It was so much better that I orgasmed by just that, and while doing that I moaned into his mouth. He asked me, “What happened?”I was still looking for my breath not being able to utter any words. I just took his bursa escort bayan right hand kept it on my crotch, on my shorts. They were drenched in my cum. I said, “See how good your kiss was.”We were lying there. Him on top of me, me on the floor between the couch and the tea table. With his left hand behind my head and the right one on my wet crotch. Then the most amazing thing happened. He put his hands inside my shorts and rubbed my pussy for a while and inserted a finger inside.I asked, “Aadi, what are you doing?” I didn’t want him to stop. He, without stopping what he was doing said in a composed manner, “I’m inspecting the source of this wetness.” I pushed him up onto the couch and got rid of my shorts and tee jumped on him.I said, “Then you better do it with more than just a finger,” and started kissing his lips madly. He, with his left hand on my cunt with a couple of fingers inside, got rid of his clothes too with my help in an instant. We were naked, playing with each other’s bodies.My boobs pressing on his chest. His fingers exploring my new depths, kissing, sucking lips and tongue fighting. All were too good for me to handle. I cummed again and wanted more. He was surprised at my stamina. Now he got on top of me, concentration diverted to my breasts.They got the attention that they deserved. He caressed them, pressed them, fondled them, and mauled them for 10 minutes. Like he was preparing dough for making a soft roti. He then started licking one by one and sucked each of boobs while biting my erect nipples gently.Then he started flicking my nipples rapidly with his tongue. I cum another time, drenching the couch again. I told him, “Aadi please, I can’t wait anymore.” He said, “What Zee? What are you waiting for?” Even though he knew damn well escort bursa what I wanted.I put my hands on his rock hard cock and started pumping it up and down and said, “For this.” He sat back and said, “It’s all yours,” maybe expecting a blow job. I just got up and sat on his lap with my both legs wrapping his body. I positioned myself on his dick and just sat on it with full force.The cock plunged into my well-lubricated cunt, fully tearing my hymen. I didn’t know it would hurt so much. I left out a loud grunt. But Aadi closed my mouth with his hands so that there won’t be much noise anymore. I felt like I was getting knocked out.Even though the lights were on, everything turned dark. I just sat there hugging my brother, closing my eyes. After about 5 minutes I was awakened by a tap on my shoulder, and Aadi asking “Zee, are you okay?” He handed me my tin of beer. I looked at him in pain.His cock was still plunged deep into me. I took a couple of sips and said no. I tried to get up but he held me down, saying, “It’s okay.” He started moving his hips. The pain was reducing now and being gradually replaced by pleasure. I started kissing him.I started feeding him beer through my mouth while his cock was exploring new depths inside me. After I finished my tin I asked him to come on top of me while I lay back, spreading my legs far apart. He, being the kind brother he was, willing to do anything his sister demands.He obliged and inserted his cock again inside me and started fucking rapidly. After 10 minutes fucking in that position, I cummed again. For the 4th time within an hour and he was still going strong. So I asked him to do it harder. He started going like a machine gun and said I’m cumming.I told him to cum inside me and I’ll take the pill. Within seconds he flooded my tiny pussy with loads and loads of his love and slept on me.That’s it, guys. The first part of the story. I know it’s quite long but I’m sure it might have helped you get off the edge. Feedbacks welcome

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