Online Dating: The First Encounter

Group Sex

Friends tell me the online dating services have improved vastly over the past couple of years, so I should stop sitting home fantasizing my life away, and give it a try. I just divorced after two decades of monotony and torment, so I’m raring to get out and live a little. I figure I’ve nothing to lose, so I register, write my profile, and sit back and wait.

Within a few days I’m receiving one exciting email after another. I begin my “screening process” by first eliminating those who appear illiterate (I was married to one of them…not interested in another!). Then I chuck out those without pics (chances are they’re miserably married!). Next I dismiss those that are more than 30 miles from my neighborhood, and finally I dump anyone who claims they’re interested in a “long term relationship”.

After whittling down the group, I have a handful remaining that I optimistically send responses to. After a few emails back and forth to these “candidates”, then a few phone calls, I enthusiastically pick you! We agree to meet at an Italian restaurant off the Allentown exit of the Northeast Extension for a bite and a few drinks.

It’s a sultry night in mid-July so I wear a sleeveless sundress made of cotton. It’s black with a slit up the left leg, and the material has just enough spandex in it to make it very “fitting” to my body, but not slutty-tight. I wear my favorite high spiked black heels with a garter and stockings…no bra, it’s too hot!

As I walk from my car to the door of the restaurant I see you sitting on the park bench in the front. You look just like your picture, and that’s a good thing! You stand immediately and the smile on your face says you’re as pleased as I am. We give each other a small peck on the lips and head inside.

As we’re eating our meal, drinking our beers, and sneaking glances at each others bodies when the chance arises, we talk about everything from our childhood memories to our failed marriages, then onto sex. We both feel amazingly free and comfortable with each other, so the conversation flows easily from what we like, to what we don’t like, to what we’d still love to try.

Before long I feel the need to drag you out of this fine establishment and fuck your brains out, but being newly divorced and afraid of STD’s, I decide against it. We talk a little longer and it becomes apparent that you too are halkalı escort thinking the same dirty thoughts, and I’m guessing your pants are beginning to bulge in the front. The issue of STD’s comes up, and, being new at this dating game, we both agree that safe sex is the only option when you’re with a total stranger.

As we decide enough is enough, we pay our bill and head out to the parking lot. You walk me to my car and before I realize what’s happening, your tongue is dancing in my mouth, and I am enjoying it! I pull back for a breath and you reach for my car door and open it for me. You lean in and push the automatic lock so that the passenger side is now accessible, and after a light tap to my ass, you scoot around to the other side of the car and get in.

Once inside we are lost in each other arms, and neither can stop themselves from the touching, kissing, lusting and needing. Our hands roam from our faces, to our chests, to our groins, never hesitating or doubting the rightness of our movements.

I lean back to rest for a minute and lazily throw my right leg across your lap. You look down and place your right hand on my ankle, then lightly caress my foot while still in the high spiked heel. Your hand slowly moves up my shin and you comment on the soft silkiness of my Wolford stockings. As your hand travels to my knee, I shift somewhat in my seat, pretending to make myself more comfortable, but really ensuring that my secret spot is clearly reachable, should you decide to go there. Your hand seems to have traveled this road many times. Knowing every curve and vulnerable spot, it slides effortlessly from one erogenous area to another. My breaths are deepening and I’m feeling a wetness that will soon become obvious to you.

The closer your hand gets to my awaiting slit, the louder and quicker my heart beats. Your hand is halfway up my thigh, and you for the first time realize I have on stockings with a garter. Your eyes leave my legs to examine the look in my eyes, and I can see passion and desire burning in you. I once again shift to a position that reveals my wants and needs to be as undeniable and blatant as yours.

You now lean closer to me and slide both hands up the sides of my outer thighs, under my dress. My dress takes a ride on your wrists as taksim escort they slide all the way up to my lower abdomen, and as the street light is shining brightly through the sunroof, you see my entire black lacy garter and sheer thong panty inviting you for a taste. You lean forward and kiss me right between my thighs, and the heat of your breath is all that I need to lose control of the restraint I had been practicing. I moan out loud and spread my legs as wide as I can in this confined space. I want you to make love to me with your tongue, to taste me, to eat me, to devour me.

You pull off my thong and toss it to the floor, and return to your dessert. I am so wet I can feel the cum and saliva dripping down my ass. Soon, your finger is entering me and exploring the depths of this long neglected pussy, and I am so wild with passion I will do whatever you ask of me. As I am losing control of everything in me, you stop and whisper that people are walking by and catching glimpses of us. I assure you that “I don’t care if they stand by and stare, go back to my pussy and finish!”

You tell me to sit up and I reluctantly comply. Once up, I pull my dress up and turn towards the window to show you my naked ass. Your hands quickly grab each cheek, and they feel wonderful! Soon I am lifted slightly off the seat and your fingers are again probing my hot, dripping pussy, and I am begging you to give me more.

Having no patience left, or any room to do as you’d like in this cramped space, you say “If we’re going to do this, let’s do it right! Start up your car and take a left out of the parking lot.” You seem to know exactly where you want to go, and I am so ready to do anything you say, that I do as I am told.

All the while I am driving, you are directing which way to turn, and your finger has never left my pussy. I tell you that I can hardly concentrate while being finger fucked, but you just laugh and say “We’re almost there”. Within a few minutes we pull up alongside a quiet, deserted park. It is well after midnight and the park is closed, but who cares?

I turn off the ignition and you quickly hop out of the car and gesture for me to follow you. In my high heels I keep up with you as you descend a small embankment and trek cautiously into the middle of the field. The ground is so soft that I şişli escort can feel my heels from time to time sinking in a muddy spot, but I don’t even care. We reach the far end where there are enough surrounding trees that the moonlight is not casting light across us, and we immediately grab each other and kiss deeply and without any reluctance or shame.

You lift my dress again to my waist and tell me to bend over. I do so, and as if it’s a routine thing, I grab both of my ankles and wait for you to please me. The air is hot and sticky and we’re both perspiring from our intensely frenzied appetites for each other. Without warning I feel a sudden plunge of your finger into my hole, and I scream in ecstasy. Your finger inexplicably feels better than my ex’s cock, and I am begging for you to insert another. Soon I lift my dress the rest of the way off, and resume the bent over position you want me in, standing in nothing but heels, stockings and a garter.

I am so desperate for an orgasm I begin to play with my clit. You see me and say “Oh yeah baby, masturbate for me while I jerk off on this fine ass of yours!” I am so turned on by your words I rub faster and harder with my right hand while my left hand is still holding fast to my left ankle. Your fingers continue to poke in and out of me, and I hear the slurping of my cum with each thrust, and I feel it trickling down the back of my thighs. I never knew how much I could cum in one encounter until now. You say “Baby, your little pussy is so fucking wet I’m using it to lube my cock, and there’s plenty more to go around!’

The more I hear my cum making slushy sounds as you stroke your big hard cock, and as you finger my cunt repeatedly, the more my senses begin to intensify. Soon, I am losing my sense of reality and I forget that I am in a public park, I forget that people’s houses are near and there are cars driving by, I forget that this is a man I only met hours ago, and I enter into that state of arousal that violates all aspects of decency. I cannot explain the intricacies or complexities of the sensations that are racing like pandemonium throughout my entire body, and I surrender to the orgasm as I cry out loud and a gush of my previously suppressed secretions flow freely from their safe harbor down my inner thighs, mixing with the potion you are now spraying from your cock all over my ass and thighs…and it is paradise like I’ve never known.

As we stand up you jokingly tell me my ass is glistening under the stars, and you wipe your hand across it, scooping up our mixture onto the tips of your fingers. I turn to kiss you but instead you diligently place your fingertips into my mouth. I suck them clean, and it is sweet.

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