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Only After every 28 Days28 days. That’s 4 weeks since my last orgasm. And I was so horny, to the point of constant distraction. It was all I could think about. My locked little penis was dripping into my panties, and my little balls were swollen.Six weeks ago my wife, Angie, caught me jerking off to interracial cuckold porn, a video with the cuck locked in chastity. She’d come home early from the gym and caught me. She was pissed, but made me finish as she watched, commenting all the while about my small penis and how it should be locked as well.Two days later the deed was done. On a Saturday afternoon there was a knock at the door. Angie answered it and invited some guests in. Angie introduced me to her coworker Janice, who introduced both of us to her sissy cuckold husband Davie. Davie was dressed in pink shorts and a white top, with pink sandals highlighting painted toenails. He looked quite feminine, with no hair visible on his body.Angie explained to me that Janice was here to help me with my fantasy, locking up my little penis. Janice then ordered Davie to remove his top and shorts, which he promptly did. David’s penis was locked in a tiny metal cage, two locks, one at the ring, the other securing a pierced ring to the cage. Above the cage was tattooed “Sissy Cuckold”. On his thigh was a tattoo saying “I ?BBC”. He turned around to show us his tramp stamp, scrollwork surrounding “Slut for Big Black Cock”.Looking at me, Janice said, “Let’s see what we are working with here. Remove your clothes, Stevie.” I looked at Angie and she nodded. Meekly, I protested. But Angie made it clear, do as told or face an end to our marriage. Slowly I stripped off my clothing, standing there naked and embarrassed, submitting. “My, my. You were right, Angie. He is tiny,” laughed Janice.”It gets bigger when hard,” I stammered, eliciting laughter.”Well, no need to worry about that after today,” answered Janice.An hour later my body hair was gone, my penis was pierced with a small ring, and a tiny cage, even smaller than Davie’s was installed. Janice gave me some saline spray and said no erections for 10 days to two weeks.Afterwards Davie and I took turns licking Angie and Janice to multiple orgasms. Davie seemed really good, bringing them both to ferocious orgasms quite quickly.Life certainly was different from that point forward. In the morning, and istanbul escort again in the evening, I licked Angie to orgasm. After about three days my penis stopped hurting from the piercing and began swelling in my cage as my horniness increased. It was about a week before I was able to sleep through the night without having to get up for an ice pack.The second week I started getting really horny. After two weeks I asked Angie about removing the cage so I could cum. Smiling, she told me I’d have to earn my orgasms. And so that Saturday morning we were off to the local mall to purchase panties to replace my male underwear. Embarrassing would be an understatement, as Angie held panties up against me, judging fit.After ceremoniously tossing all my male underwear in the trash I again asked Angie about removing my cage. She told me to relax, that Janice would be stopping by later to check on my piercing, and the cage could come off then.Two hours later I was standing before Angie and Janice, dressed only in panties, hands cuffed behind my back. Angie pulled my panties down, telling me to step out of them. Janice then bent over and lifted my caged penis with her forefinger. Bending over to get a closer look and giving the ring a slight tug she was satisfied that my piercing was fully healed. I was so horny I was panting and squirming.”You can go ahead and remove the cage,” Janice said to Angie. I could hardly stand still enough for Angie to remove the cage. My little penis instantly became rock hard and throbbed with anticipation. “Wow!” exclaimed Janice. “It’s really tiny, even hard!” She reached into her purse, pulling out a cloth tape measure. After measuring my length and girth, she added, “Not quite 4 inches long and about 3 inches around.””I knew he was small. But I’d never measured before,” replied Angie. “Let’s get this done and get him locked back up.””I think we should have a little fun,” said Janice. “You do know that boys with little dicklettes like this are natural sissies, and premature ejaculators. I bet we can get him to cum with just three strokes.”I stood there, dicklette throbbing, hands cuffed behind my back, as they continued.Reaching again into her purse Janice produced a bottle of lube. Squirting a little onto her fingers she reached behind me and began avcılar escort rubbing my anal entrance, ticking me. Involuntarily, I bent forward and spread my legs, slightly moaning. It felt good. Then her finger entered me.Soon Janice was finger fucking me with her left hand, holding my hip with her right. My dicklette was leaking as I rocked back and forth in time with her thrusts. “Little sissy likes that?” she asked.”Yes, Ma’am,” was all I could reply. Angie chuckled as a second finger was inserted.Soon I was panting, rocking and moaning. “You were right. A natural sissy,” Angie said.”Sissies don’t need real orgasms,” said Janice. “Let me show you how to give a ruined orgasm.”With that Janice stopped finger fucking me, telling me to stand up straight and get ready to catch my cum in my hand. With her slick forefinger and thumb she stroked just the shaft of my dicklette three times. Just as I was ready to cum she squeezed my balls tightly. Looking downward I saw the cum pour out of my dicklette in a stream, filling my hand. Just an emptying without the sensation of cumming.Angie laughed, “That’s so cool. And he still looks so desperate.” Looking at me, she added, “Now lick it up.” Nearly in tears, I did.After an ice bath caused me to soften and shrink it was back into the cage for me. I still felt no sense of relief.That was four weeks ago. Our relationship progressed, with Angie becoming more dominant. She had me doing more of the chores around the house, as she spent more time ‘at the gym’. I continued licking her to orgasms at least twice a day, often unsure whether I was also tasting male cum. On one occasion I had the temerity to ask, resulting in a fairly severe paddling. She also introduced a strap-on, fucking me several times a week, sometimes laying there as I rode the fake cock.Which brings us to today. This morning Mistress Angie took me to the tattoo parlor. ‘Sissy Cuckold’ was tattooed just above my locked dicklette. I wanted to ask if I was actually officially a cuckold, but didn’t dare. Afterwards she told me I was being a good boy and would get a special treat today.Later that afternoon I was on the floor painting Mistress Angie’s toenails when the doorbell rang. Dressed only in my lavender panties I got up to answer the door. Opening it, trying to hide behind the door, I saw şirinevler escort a tall, well-built, black man. Mistress Angie, looking over, said, “Oh. Hi Malik. Come on in.”As Malik entered, looking at me with a smirk, Angie introduced us. “Malik, this is my sissy husband I told you about.””Nice to meet you Sissy. I hear your useless little pecker is locked up.””Yes Sir,” I meekly replied.”Show him, Sissy,” ordered Mistress Angie.I pulled my panties down, revealing my locked up dicklette throbbing and straining at it’s cage.Laughing, Malik said, “That’s really pathetic. Good thing I’m around to take care of that hot little wife of yours.”Had he fucked her already? Was he going to fuck her today? Would I have to, or get to, watch? My head was spinning.Angie, still sitting on the couch, beckoned me over to finish her toenails. As I sat on the floor at her feet, Malik sat next to her on the couch. They chatted and my hands shook as Angie casually rubbed her hand along the length of the outline of what appeared to be a huge cock. My hands shook as I finished her toenails.After blowing her nails dry, Angie stood and headed to our bedroom. Malik followed her, telling me to come along.In the bedroom Malik told me to remove my panties. He then asked, “You ok with me fucking your little wife?””Yes Sir,” I meekly replied.”Good. Then go ahead and remove our clothing. Make yourself useful.”Hands and legs trembling, I removed Mistress Angie’s clothing. She looked so beautiful there naked. I then turned to Malik, removing first his shirt. Hands shaking, I managed to unfasten his pants and pull them down. He kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants. Hesitatingly I grabbed the waistband of his boxers and dropped to my knees in front of him as I pulled them down. There in front of me was a huge black cock, hanging down half hard, long and thick.Stepping out of his boxers and grabbing his hardening cock, Malik asked, “You like? Want to watch this cock fuck your wife? It was probably close to a foot long, thick as my wrist, with a head the size of my fist.I trembled, “Yes Sir!” Looking over I saw Mistress Angie smiling.”Good. Get her pussy nice and wet for me.”Mistress Angie motioned for me to lie on the bed, my head at the foot. She climbed on top of me, sitting on my face. I licked her with abandon, until her juices were flowing. She lifted herself up and bent forward.I watched from underneath her as Malik stepped forward, gripping his massive cock and aiming it at Mistress Angie’s pussy. He rubbed the huge stiff head along her juicy slit. When he pushed the head inside, I started jerking around, muttering “Oh god!” as I came in my cage, releasing 28 days worth of cum.

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