Opportunity Knocks, Literally

Bad Dragon

Opportunity Knocks, LiterallyOpportunity Knocks, LiterallyLiving in the Mid-Atlantic area provided me with a lot of fun as a cross dressing slut. There was the Baltimore and the D.C. area and lots of kinky people in that hugely populated region. I had already made a lot of friends and had started my experience in being a submissive to a wonderful and beautiful dominant mistress. I had also found several bars and clubs where my kind were in high demand. Public sex was easy to accomplish at least from spring through fall.This particular afternoon I was preparing for an evening out. I was all dressed in my white lace panties, bra, cincher, and garter belt with sheer suntan stockings. My black patent leather strappy sandals complemented my pale yellow silk long sleeved shirt dress that buttoned up the front. It moved with my every step and the skirt swished back and forth as I walked. God, but it was so sexy. My make up was heavier than normal because I was going out for the evening. I had made up my lips with a fire engine red lip stick with gloss and crowned it all off with my vanilla blond wig that was my usually long style and very curly. I was just gathering my purse and a lightweight coat when the doorbell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone and since I was dressed up I was afraid it might be someone I knew. I quietly went down the carpeted stairs to the front door and onto the rug. I looked through the peep hole and did not recognize the man there. He had a case or portfolio of some kind.“Who is it?” I asked in my best female voice. He replied that he was volunteering for some nonprofit group whose name I won’t mention. He glanced up and I could see he was cute, and in his twenties. I decided “what the hell” to myself and decided to have some fun. I opened the door and watched his expression change from business like to somewhat surprised and then pleased. Like all guys, he was happy to be suddenly conversing with a pretty woman. I smiled and shrugged.“A girl can’t be too careful now,” I said. He smiled and nodded as he introduced himself as Mark. etiler escort He began explaining the group’s function and I nodded in understanding. I noticed as only a cross dresser, or a woman can, that he was checking me out as discreetly as possible. As I listened I adjusted my stance and stared at his crotch. After a few moments I suggested he come inside. He eagerly accepted my invitation. I could feel him staring at my backside as I climbed the small set of stairs that led to the living room in my split level home. He mentioned how beautifully it was decorated and asked if I had had a professional do it for me. I smiled and thanked him and added that I did it all myself. I motioned for him to sit and joined him crossing my legs and allowing him a nice look at my legs. He was a little nervous as he described different functions of the organization. I listened intently and crossed my legs again hoping that he could see up my dress. After a few minutes I asked if he was paid anything for his work.“No, it’s all volunteer work, but I like it. It’s all for a good cause,” he said sincerely. I asked if he would like something to drink and he said he didn’t want to impose. I insisted and he asked for a glass of water if it wasn’t too much trouble. He was so polite and innocent that I was convinced he was most likely inexperienced sex wise. He rose as I did and then joined me in the kitchen. I reached up to get a glass from the cabinet on my tip toes and felt my dress rise, so I turned and smiled. Then I filled the glass with ice and water and handed it to him. He smiled as he accepted it and I leaned against the counter looking him over. He sipped it and asked if I didn’t want something. I got a can of diet soda and he remarked that “you hardly need to drink that”. I smiled and told him he was sweet to say that but I keep my figure by drinking diet soda. He laughed and I moved nearer to him and set my can on the counter.“Mark, do you have a girl?” He nodded affirmatively. I took his glass and set it ümraniye escort down on the counter he was leaning against. He seemed a little nervous.“Does she please you?” I said very softly.“Well, um,” he paused. I smiled and licked my lips.“Mark?”“Yes?”“Does she go down on you?”“Does she, wait, what?” he stammered now. “Does she suck your cock?” He seemed embarrassed now.“Well, no, no. She doesn’t.” He paused and looked away for a second. “I’ve never had, no one’s ever done that…” he paused again. I felt his crotch and it was stiff and getting stiffer. I moved closer now and whispered in Mark’s ear kissing it softly.“I want to suck your cock Mark.” He groaned against his will.“But, but, you’re actually a guy,” he said gently. I pulled back and stared into his eyes.“Mark, do I look like a guy?” I asked. He grinned sheepishly. And replied.“Well, no. Not really.” I took Mark’s hand and led him into the dimly lit guest bedroom. I undid his pants and told him to just relax. A moment later his pants were down and I had him sitting in a comfortable chair. The setting sun could be seen through the window and I could hear him sigh gently as I took his cock into my mouth. A few moments later he sighed again, deeper, and then moaned. As I swallowed him all the way to the base I felt his hips rise and he gasped.“Oh fuck!” he cried out. I continued sucking him and stroking the shaft as he began to moan louder. Every so often I would slip his member out of my mouth and moan, and then tell him how good he tasted and how much I loved sucking and licking his big cock. He was super sensitive so I took my time so I wouldn’t get him off too quickly. Instead I took him as close to the edge as I dared and then backed off letting him calm down a little. I glanced at the clock and saw that I’d been going down for over thirty minutes. I asked him if he was ready to cum for me and he sighed saying he had been ready since I started. I giggled and began again. I stroked him a little and then sucked him deep and moaned sarıyer escort loudly as I bobbed up and down. I swirled my tongue around the head and got him very wet with my saliva and slurped loudly. It didn’t take long and soon he was moaning as I took him higher and higher. He was ready to blow his load now and I could feel his shaft swell suddenly. I sucked furiously on his dick as he bucked his hips upwards. Crying out he came shooting his creamy cum into my mouth again and again. I swallowed and moaned as I moved on him feeling him ejaculate, each spasm jerking in my mouth. I lost count of how many times his cock spurted but it was a huge load of spunk and I let it dribble out of my mouth some for the sexy effect. I could see my cum splattered reflection in a mirror, the sun glowing red and the tracks of wet goo dripping down my face. Mark’s ragged breathing was slowing now and as he opened his eyes and looked into mine I licked his cum from his cock and my lips.“Oh my, wow oh wow,” he whispered. I smiled and eased off as he gasped since his cock was really sensitive now. I gently tucked him away and got up letting him zip himself up. I went into the bathroom and tidied up my cum glazed face a bit, and then touched up my lipstick. He moved to the hallway and looked in at me.“That was incredible,” he said. I smiled.“Yes, it was, wasn’t it?” I said as I closed my lipstick and kissed him gently. I switched off the bathroom light and he followed me to the stairs.“I loved it too.” I said as he got his things together. I stepped into the kitchen for a moment and returned with my number on a business card.“My number. Just give me a little notice, okay?” He nodded.“Sure. Gee, a girlfriend who likes giving head,” he said unbelievingly shaking his head. I nodded as I put my arms around him.“That’s right. And you can’t get me pregnant. I never get a period. And, I will never tell you “No”.” I kissed him again and then turned around in a flourish.“And Mark?”“Yes?”“I love it up the ass too.” Mark smiled and nodded.“It’s a date baby.” I smiled and watched as he went down the stairs waving goodbye and blowing me a kiss. A moment later and he was gone. I reached down and felt my panties which were wet. I finished my diet soda and then called a few cross dressing friends and left them messages that I was available tonight. I then got my coat and purse and headed out for the evening.

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