Our Beginning… Ch. 02


“Daddy….” I murmur, my mouth hanging open in half a moan.

My legs still tremble, brushing my sticky wet thighs along side one another.

“Shh baby” he murmurs, patting a finger over my open lips, “you almost woke up the whole house.”

“I’m sorry…” I blush; suddenly shy as I sit naked on my bed.

He shakes his head, staring into my big blue eyes and ignoring the rest. I shiver under his gaze but reach up and cup my breasts. My nervous fingers twist over my swollen pink nipple. My eyes flicker to his crotch. I hope he likes it. I blush harder, wondering what I’ll do with myself if perhaps he doesn’t.

His eyes flicker down. I imagine his breath catching inside him. His heart beating faster as he gazes upon my slender build, my slim curves only broken by a set of bouncing breasts. Beginning to shake on my knees, I stammer out “d-d-daddy… d-do…y-y….” I can’t finish. My words turn to raspy moans inside my mouth.

“Its okay sweaty, shhhh….” he silences me again, this time looking away from my eyes and peering between my legs instead. My lips are swollen and pink, teased apart and squeezing to each of my thighs.

“You’re a little wet” he understates, slipping a single finger between my folds. I moan again, nearly losing my balance. His hands steady me, holding onto my shoulder at first but slowly traveling up to cup my cheek.

“I c-can’t help it…I h-have to….” I gasp out, gurgling as I vainly try and foil the feelings inside me.

Try and help it sweetie” he says. His breath is a bit ragged as well.

I nod, trying my best to control myself but knowing I’ll probably fail. My lips, too sensitive already, seem to burn as his finger drags between them. The sensation of pins and needles alternates with a cooling wetness, and I know without looking that my juices tuzla escort have started to swirl again. I clutch his shirt, widening my legs, my body aching for something inside.

“Shhhhhh…..” he whispers, brushing his thumb over my hot cheek. I squeeze my mouth tightly shut, curling my lower lip inside and nibbling in distraction. My head spins with thoughts of what I can do for him or what he can do to me. I nuzzle my cheek against his hand, pushing forward and muffling my next groan on his crotch. Standing above me, he gasps and tightens his fingers around my head. My tongue quivers against his cotton boxers, the thin fabric no match for my passion. I feel him swell under my tongue, his shaft widening as I wobbly my head up and down, searching for the tip.

“Oh sweetie do you really want it?” he groans.

I pull off him, and stare up in disbelief. Do I really want it? Do I?

“Yes.” I whisper softly. My hands run against his waist, and edge aside the elastic holding his boxers up. As I do, his finger sinks slowly inside me. The tip plunging in and jerking out in rhythm, but reaching a new depth each time. I gasp, clapping my hands over my mouth and squirming my hips about his hand.

When I recover, I see him grinning mischievously at me. I smile back. I know how to make him squirm too. My hands tug his boxers down, revealing inch after inch of throbbing hardness. My hand circles his cock, suddenly feeling little as it barely closes about the base. He strokes my hair, looking expectantly at me. I won’t disappoint. My hair tangles between his fingers, as I surge forward, stuffing him deep into my mouth. It swells between my lips, pressing my slender lips wide. I feel the pinch at the corner of my mouth. Shivering breathless, I realize why my girlfriends warned me against oral sex. Those truth and dare tales tuzla escort bayan weren’t any lies. I stiffen and force myself lower. Determined to please him, I drag my tongue along the underside of his shaft. My little hand stroking the seconds away as I lick into the minutes.

He groans, then remembers his own warnings and stifles the sound. My own noises translate into hums that vibrate down his length like code on a telephone wire.

Suddenly I feel a second finger plunging into me. My walls clench it next to his first one. I can’t help but spasm. My head bounces in his lap, and the tip catches on the back of my throat. My gag startles him, and he slides his hips back, pulling his shaft from my mouth. Before he can even ask me if I’m okay, I’m down again. My mouth wobbling to the half-way mark, and my hand stroking upwards to cover the full length.

I slurp noisily and he simply sighs, “I’m glad you’re fine…” his hand brushing down my back. I lean forward. My knees push to the edge of the bed, and pour myself against him. He can’t let me fall, I think. He won’t pull me off, I hope.

A new taste fills my mouth. Warm and bitter sweet, it pours from his tip in stringy dribbles.

“Oh baby” he murmurs, “I didn’t know you’d like it….do you like daddies precum? Will you like my c-c-” he stammers off as I slurp the tip. I have him. He’s mine. I moan triumphantly, teasing my tongue around the sticky slit in the mushroom tip. His body jerks forward and plugs his shaft back into my mouth. I gasp surprised as he takes my head into his hands more firmly. His hips bounce forward, dashing against circling hand. I squeeze my lips down hard, hearing it make little wet pops as he thrusts in and out.

His fingers move faster inside me, blindly jerking up and inward. They move in jagged arches, hooking escort tuzla my inner walls and tugging them apart. For my part, I squeeze my legs closer, pinning his hand between my silken folds.

“Oh baby…. I’m… I’m cumming” he yelps too late too late for me to do anything. I pull back just a bit, just enough for the first glob to catch my tongue instead of the back of my throat.

I swallow. I want more. I want him. I need him. I can’t… I must…. I do.

Popping him out of my mouth, I quickly bounce to my feet and stand on the bed in front of him. My hand steadies his cock. His sticky juices ooze out onto my fingers, and squelch under my palm.

I grab onto his shoulder for support and wobble my hips forward. One of my legs curls around his thigh, and I brush his shaft against my wet lips.

“What’re you doing ….” he chokes out. My eyes flutter, and I squirm against him, half-blinded and swiftly approaching orgasm. Shaky as I am, it’s a miracle that I’m able to find the right angle to lean against him, but when I do, the swollen tip splits my lips easily.

Three inches down, I spasm. My body jerking forward faster than I intend. We both feel something break inside me. I barely feel the pain. Pleasure overwhelms me, spreading from between my legs and sending my whole body into a tingle. The pressure building inside me is insane, and my head spins. I wonder where all the blood is rushing…. I wonder….

My pussy clamps down on his cock, and the last thing I feel is his last squirt… a quick jerk from him and a warm swirl inside me.

My eyes flutter, and things start to lose their color.

I groan. Clapping my hands over my mouth….

I twist from side to side, my little body impaled on his shaft. I feel him thrusting into me, our waists spanking together and the bed squeaking under my head. It’s too much…..

…… The next morning. I finally wake up.

My legs spread, and my panties around my ankles. I know it wasn’t a dream. It happened. It was our beginning.

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