Our first encounter “The Hotel Room….&quot


Our first encounter “The Hotel Room….&quotWe’ve had dinner and drinks to get to know more about one another. Talking, laughing sharing with each other as the evening is waning. You get a devilish lil look on your face as you ask if I’d like to continue this in your room. The elavator ride is full of sexual tension and excitement. Looks of desire between us followed by smirks and winks.our eues wandering all overveach others bodies. Wsnting and lusting to taste, touch and feel…..We enter the hotel room, As you turn I grab and hold you firmly around your hip and shoulder as I kiss you deeply and passionately. My hands are running all over your body as I unzip your dress and let it fall to the floor. I cup your braless breasts in my hands as I begin to suck your thick hardening nipples into my mouth. esenler escort Flicking them with my tongue and sucking them into my mouth, alternating back and forth I am now sucking your breasts as far into my mouth as they will go while circling your nipples and areole with my tongue. I feel your body start to tremble as I sit you back in the chair next to the bed. Setting your legs up on the arms. You’re wearing a pair of silky shear panties, thigh high stockings and heels. I begin softly running my finger over your pussy. Over your lips and across your clit just hard enough to have you feel it through your panties. They are getting wetter and wetter from you juices as I use my other hand to play with your wonderful breasts and nipples. I lean bahçeşehir escort forward and run my tongue upward across your wet hole and circle your clit flicking it with my tongue gently then back down to your hole sucking on the fabric to taste you through your soaked panties. They are so wet now, they are almost see through. Staring deep into your eyes I remove them and spread your legs wide over the arms of the chair to take a long look at your beautiful pussy all slick, wet and open. I fold back the hood of your swollen clit and softly circle it with my finger. Still staring in your eyes I can see the ecstasy building in your expressions. I lean forward and suck your huge throbbing clit into my mouth. Sucking you as my tongue circles başakşehir escort it and runs along the underside a nod across the tip. One or two fingers are stoking your lips and juicy wet hole. As I glide them inside you I feel your pussy squeeze them as I start to finger fuck you slowly with long deep stokes stopping deep inside you for you to feel the pressure of them inside you. I am lightly flicking and vibrating my fingers inside you as I am sucking and tonguing your beautiful clit. I remove them and sit back to watch you as I circle your hole and run them up under and across your clit. As I’m spreading your juices around your hole and across your lips with my fingertip I can see your pussy pressing outward, twitching and convulsing, wanting to explode. I am Telling you now how hot this is, how wet your pussy is and how hard I am. Telling you How badly I want to fuck you……..as you start to squirt and spurt streams of hot juicy cum into the air soaking your belly and thighs……omg I want to feel you squeezing and releasing my thick cock as you orgasm. I stand before you cock swollen and hard throbbing with anticipation. 😉

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