Over the Sink Ch. 02


Author’s Note:

I’m sorry this took so long to get out the door. I am always working on multiple stories at the same time, and on top of that I had to rewrite the middle of this chapter last minute, which ended up in the entire second half of the story being rewritten and extended a few pages. I was pushing the story too fast with no real emotion involved. I think that I have a better product now that is actually worth releasing. Unlike all of my previous stories, I am proofreading this one, so if I get anything wrong it isn’t because I use spellcheck blindly, it is because I don’t know how to write. As always, feedback is appreciated, and I hope you enjoy the show.


The next few weeks for Matt went pretty much the way that first one did after having sex with Jen, the younger of his two older sisters. The two of them went on fooling around for the most part, and only having sex when they thought that they had the house to themselves, like when their father and sister were at work, and their mother was shopping, or out jogging in the afternoon between lunch and dinner. What they never seemed to realize was that their older sister Sally had caught them during their second sex session, and had been secretly keeping her eye on them as well, wishing that she could join in. Her only problem was that she wasn’t as outgoing as the other members of her family. She was actually quite shy, unlike everyone else who seemed to have a well of courage as deep as the ocean.

While Sally was spying from the shadows, their mother, Julie, was noticing changes in them as well. She noticed that their playing around became a lot more familiar, and physical. She also noticed that they were spending a lot more time together, and in each other’s rooms a lot more than they ever had been before, even when they were young. Her husband was oblivious when she asked him, but she knew that something was up, even though she couldn’t quite place a finger on what was actually going on between her younger two children.

Even though Julie was in the dark about what was going on, she wasn’t that far behind her daughter Jennifer in her lusts for Matt. When his body had grown to it’s current shape, she found herself getting slightly excited when she would see him walk around in boxer shorts on the weekends, and she got downright wet when she noticed a sizable bulge in his pants from time to time. After a time, her guilt at her feelings went away, and started doing all that she could to encourage him to grow hard around the house. When he was growing up, she was a very proper mother who was always fully dressed, and not wearing anything too revealing. Lately though, she had been hardly wearing anything around her son at times. She would make sure to tease him just a little bit more each time she would see him. At first, it was just a few buttons undone on her blouses, but after time it became removing blouses to iron them in front of him while he ate breakfast, or running around in a half closed robe. The other day she had the lower half of her robe so open that if he chose to look he could have seen her pussy as she passed him.

Matt was looking. He saw that, as well as every other bit of flesh that she had decided to show him. He had suspicions that the flashes were intentional for a while now, but he had no idea what to do about it. He figured that his affair with Jennifer had been a fluke. Once he had realized what he had done, he was surprised that she hadn’t called the cops on him, and gotten him kicked out of the house. He was glad that things had worked out as well as they had, but he wasn’t sure that things would go as smoothly with his mother, and he didn’t dare push the line any further than she was willing to set it before hand.

One morning, after fooling around with his sister before breakfast, Matt found out just how far things could go with his mother. The two children had been groping each other up in his room until they heard Julie banging some pans and dishes around in the kitchen. Jennifer went to take a shower before going out with her friends while Matt decided to just show up for breakfast as is, in a pair of boxer shorts and a t-shirt. He wasn’t worried about his erection tenting his shorts, as he was almost sure by now that his mother was showing off for him.

When he arrived down in the kitchen, he found his mother by the stove in a slightly darker than skin tone blouse with a nice floral pattern on it, and a slightly darker loose and flowing skirt hanging from her hips to her knees. It wasn’t until he got closer that he noticed it was flesh colored for a reason. It was practically see-through. The flowers that seemed scattered randomly around the back and sides were strategically placed on the front to camouflage, but not entirely hide her nipples. The skirt, upon closer inspection, proved to be almost but not quite as see-through as the blouse, it was a slightly darker tone. Matt couldn’t make out any details, but he could escort bayan also tell that his mother wasn’t wearing any underwear. He could also see quite clearly that she was shaved down below (he had know for a while, as she had flashed herself to him many times by now, but it was still a nice sight), otherwise the skirt would have shown quite obviously any bush had she chosen to grow it out. She looked hot, and Matt couldn’t believe she was being so brazen about her sexuality.

“Good morning, Mom.” Matt said as he reached up to the cabinet above the stove for a coffee cup.

He could have gone to any number of other places for any number of cups, they were all over the place with five coffee drinkers in the house, but he didn’t. He chose that particular cabinet to judge her reaction when he glanced his boner up against her barely covered ass. He expected her to just continue frying up the sausages and pancakes, but she did what he had always dreamed she would do, but least expected of her. She pushed herself back up against him firmly.

“Good morning, honey. You’ve been Up and Able quite early a lot lately.” She returned, emphasizing “up” and “able”, while glancing just so quickly down to his crotch for a split second, and then smiling as she dished out the goods from the stove. “Would you like to have breakfast with me?”

“I’d love to Mom.” He said as he took his coffee to a seat at the table, with her right behind with plates and forks.

Just after he sat down, she followed suit and sat in the same chair right in his lap, pressing her back into him, practically spooning him as they sat at the table, his erection planted square between the cheeks of her ass, and no denying the motives behind it. She placed the plates and forks on the table, then hugged her son tightly from the side as she turned to him and kissed him on the cheek. She was trying to make a move on him, and desperately wanted to kiss his lips, but she just couldn’t bring herself to do it.

“I love you Matt,” she said with a wide-eyed smile, still struggling to hold herself back from devouring her son.

“Me too Mom,” said Matt. He saw the look of lust in her eyes, and was tempted himself to lean forward and suck her into him. But just before he could make both of their wishes come true, she quickly stood up as they heard Jennifer start the shower upstairs. “Would you like a glass of milk with that?” she asked as she walked into the kitchen again.

“That sounds great, Mom,” he replied as he grabbed a fork and started eating his breakfast.

They both ate in silence, each trying to figure out where this would all go from here, and stealing furtive glances at each other. Julie couldn’t believe that she had been so careless as to forget that her younger daughter was still in the house. She needed to change to keep Jennifer from seeing her like some kind of cheap whore. She waited until she was finished eating before quickly clearing her plate to the sink and went into her room to change into something more fitting for a mother to wear, but still enticing to a teenage boy.

When Matt was finished eating he too cleared his place and went to change into something for his basketball game with friends later in the morning. As he rounded the corner at the top of the stairs, he saw Jennifer through the bathroom door, which was open just enough to give him a peek at her as she brushed her hair naked. He pushed the door open wide as he watched her with a grin on his face.

“Little miss naked sis isn’t afraid Mom is going to catch her with the door open like that?” he asked as he stepped into the room and hugged her from behind and pressed his bulging shorts into her rear.

“Look who’s talking? Aren’t you the one who fucked me from behind with that very same door wide open, while Mom was sleeping just a couple feet away downstairs?” she replied as she pressed back against him. She loved the feel of his cock between her cheeks, and wished that he wasn’t wearing his shorts so that he could fuck her where she stood.

“Why yes I am. Wanna try it with her awake this time? We just ate breakfast together.” He said, moving her hair out of the way and kissing her on the shoulder.

“You’re kidding! She’s up this early? And you still want to do it?” she gasped. The idea excited her beyond belief.

“Well we might have to gag you to keep her from hearing us, but that could be fun to do sometime anyway.” He said smoothly as he pressed tighter into her ass, grinding his covered cock into her soft posterior.

“And the spanking? You don’t think she would get just a little suspicious hearing you slapping the hell out of her daughter’s ass?” she asked, reaching back to push his shorts down and revealing his cock to the fresh air. He backed away for a moment to step out of them, and then picked them up before rubbing his naked cock up against her bare ass. He knew she was already talked into having sex with him. All that he had tuzla genç escort to do now was take her.

“Maybe I should just tie you up?” he suggested as he slid the shorts up her side, and then showed them to her. “Here, suck on these. They’re clean.”

She did as he requested, and let him stuff his shorts into her mouth, but she was reeling from a bolt of electricity that shot through her when he said he should tie her up. She had thought about being tied up before, but had never dared ask anyone to try it on her ever. She didn’t trust any of her boyfriends that much up to this point, but this was her brother who she could trust with her body, mind and soul. He would never do anything to physically endanger her, and if he wanted to tie her up while he fucked her senseless she was going to let him do it!

Matt had been thinking of tying her up for a week or so now, but the idea of bondage had been in his head for months, and he even asked a couple of his girlfriends from school if they would let him. The answer was always no, but the gleam in his sister’s eye told him that he might finally hear a yes, and have a subject that would be willing to go along with his perversions. It wouldn’t be today, but soon he would tie his pretty sister up and have his way with her.

For now though, Matt was content to just bend her over the bathroom sink for the third time in a month. He grabbed her by the hips and looked her in the eye through the mirror as he eased his cock into her from behind. She woke up excited every morning just at the thought of playing around sexually with her younger brother, and they had been fooling around just before she took her shower, so she was wet enough already that he didn’t have any trouble pushing into her in one long, slow, agonizing stroke.

Jennifer whimpered at how he was taking his time to plug her hole. She liked her sex hard and fast, and the pace he was taking was torturous to her. He took his time pushing into her, and he seemed to take even more time pulling out. She could feel every bump and ridge on his cock as it slid across the walls of her vagina. It was torture, it was driving her insane, and she was about to explode with an orgasm after only five or six strokes!

Matt grabbed his sister’s tits and felt their weight before adjusting his grip and pinched her nipples. They were so stiff and erect that they felt like pencil erasers between his fingers and thumb. Once he pulled them out he noticed that her entire body was convulsing in what must have been an Earth shattering orgasm. Her knees trembled, her head thrown back, and her eyes closed, and even though she was braced up against the sink he had to hold her up to keep her from falling to the floor, but he never stopped slowly pumping himself in and out of her pussy.

She was on the edge of insanity. All that she could feel was her brother’s cock sliding in and out of her cunt, and his hands palming her breasts and pulling her nipples. The rest of the world had disappeared from her as she writhed in orgasmic bliss. Just as her focus started to return to her, she opened her eyes and looked into Matt’s through the mirror. As they locked onto each other he picked up the pace a little and she felt it start all over again. She cried out through the shorts in her mouth when he pulled her hair back and kissed around her neck. She was headed for another orgasm and she was getting there faster than she ever had before.

Matt could see the pleasure on his sister’s face. Even with his shorts stuck in her mouth. They weren’t muting the cries of her second orgasm in as many minutes as efficiently as he had hoped they would, but with any luck their mother still wouldn’t hear them fucking in the upstairs bathroom. After what they shared at breakfast, he wasn’t expecting her to be up here while Jenny was still in the house. His mother seemed to be making a move on him, but there was no way she could be dumb enough to attempt it with her daughter so close by, could she? At least downstairs there were other rooms to duck away to, but up here there isn’t much room to move. Maybe that’s why screwing his sister in the bathroom with the door open and his shorts in her mouth was so exciting? He was fairly certain that there was no chance of their mother coming up here this early in the day, but if she did then they would surely be caught with no escape.

No such thoughts were entering Jen’s mind however. She came twice with her brother pumping her hole as slowly as he could, and now that he was finally giving it to her at a good and steady clip she was headed for a third. She was proud of Matt for his control and endurance. Most other men that she had been with, if not all of them, would have just shoved themselves into her as fast as possible and blown their wad the moment that her pussy clamped down on their dicks, but not her brother. He started out slow and got faster from there, and even though she was coming for a third time…

She tuzla kendi evi olan escort passed out from being fucked so well, and never finished that last thought. Matt was able to ease her down to the floor without much fuss, and keep the noise to a minimum. If he had let her drop the noise would be sure to arouse the suspicions of their mother, and he just couldn’t let that happen. He pulled her wet hair out of her face and petted her forehead to try to rouse her in a soothing manner, which he was thankful appeared to be working. He didn’t exactly know what to do with a fainting victim, and was just happy to see that she was going to pull through this.

“What happened?” she asked with a glazed look on her face.

“You came so hard you fainted,” he said as he brushed his knuckles over her cheek. “I was worried there for a moment.”

“The way you fuck me, I don’t think I’d mind if I died with you in my pussy,” she nearly whispered as she looked up into his eyes from the floor. She reached out for something to hoist herself up, but all that she could find was her brother’s stiff prick jutting out from his groin. “Unconscious girls turn you on there, Matt? Are you one of those guys who likes to take advantage of the first girl to pass out at a party? How many times have you done me in my sleep, Matt? Are you doing the rest of the family like that too? Even Dad?”

“Actually, I never finished. You passed out before I could.” He responded, helping her sit up. “And I would never do anything gay with Dad. There isn’t anything attractive about men.”

“Maybe not for you, but I love a nice hard cock to suck on. Now give it here and I’ll have that swelling down in a jiff. I’ll even suck all the bad stuff out for you,” she said as she tugged him closer and leant down to suck his dick into her mouth. She sucked in as much as she could as fast as she could before coming up again. “I just love the way you taste after being in me.”

After that last comment she went back to sucking him off as fast as she could. She gobbled him down and sucked as she let him back out. She swiveled her hand back and forth as she stroked him up and down along with her vacuuming mouth. His sister worked his cock for all that she was worth, slobbering all over it in an attempt to get him off and get him out of the bathroom so that she could finish getting ready for her day. She loved and needed the fuck that he had just given her, and she really enjoyed sucking his cock, but after the slow fuck he had just given her, she felt the need to do this fast. She looked like a porn star the way she bobbed her head up and down his shaft. Matt leaned back against the wall. Even though he was breaking a sweat just from the feelings running through his shaft, he was in heaven with his sister going hog-wild on his cock. She felt like she was going to suck his brains out through his dick, or that he would simply turn inside out. She paused her head bobbing for just a moment and her tongue went mad on his cock head. This was too much for her younger brother, and he uncontrollably spewed into her mouth without warning her. He didn’t have any warning himself. He was breathless one moment, and cumming in her mouth the next. She didn’t seem to mind at all that he came without warning her and just continued sucking on him as hard as she could, swallowing every drop until she milked him dry.

After unexpectedly sucking every drop out of her younger brother, Jennifer got up off of the floor, wrapped a towel around her, and said to Matt, “You worked up quite a sweat just now. You should take a shower before you go back downstairs.” And with that she left the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Matt just sat there on the floor for a few minutes until he could move his legs again, and as soon as he had enough strength to pick himself back up he took his sister’s advice and jumped into the shower to wash the sweat from their encounter off of his body. When he went for a towel to dry himself off, he noticed that he hadn’t planned this impromptu shower ahead of time, and had neglected to bring one into the bathroom with him. He really didn’t feel like donning his sleeping attire again, so he decided to make the quick trip to his room naked. Since the only person he expected to see was his sister, who had just sucked him off, and was unlikely to bust him for being naked in the hallway, he thought it would be the best solution to his problem.

When he reached his room, he quickly wished that he had put something on, as what he found was his mother kneeling on the floor, picking up his dirty laundry from around the room. She was leaning over away from him, showing off her ass in a white pair of short shorts as she reached under his bed. He could see the whale tail of her blue thong peaking out of them. When she moved around he could see that she was also wearing a light blue baby-t, and her big tits were hanging down and wobbling around bra-less as she picked up his clothes. For just a quick moment he thought about going back to the bathroom and waiting for her to go downstairs, but after thinking about the way she was acting at breakfast he decided to give her a show and see what her reaction would be to her naked son.

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