Panty Party


Well it started like other dress parties I had gone to. You know you get together with a few of the gals, bring along your best (and sexy) under things and have a good time. Only it ended, well, I guess you can say it ended quite differently.

Let me start from the beginning. Like most CDs I was living two different lives. The most obvious was the one that most everyone sees. You know, you get up, get dressed(in regular clothes), go to work, watch TV, etc. then when you can take out your favorite piece of lingerie and just kick back.

While it feels good, it kind of gets boring. I mean think of it, traipsing around the room, feeling yourself up and down, thinking of how hard you’re getting while doing it, but, isn’t there something missing?

After a while don’t you want to have some fun? And wouldn’t be nice to have someone around to share those moments?

Tried cruising the net, and did the chat room scene but it was almost like you were still by yourself-which you really were, a bar scene without the alcohol.

It was becoming pretty monotonous until that day I met Bob.

Now, let me tell you from the outset, I am straight. Okay, I am not attracted to the male sex whatsoever, but this was a different thing, like meeting up with a fellow mason in some foreign country. It was like finding another member of an exclusive underground club.

I was shopping, really just pushing a cart in a local Wal-Mart. Of cause, one of my stops was in Intimate Apparel. I wasn’t really stopping, just sort of being a voyeur. I still feel out of place there only because I really can’t be secure with all those women clerks and customers poking all about.

I would just love to have the place all to myself and be able to go through those lovely ensembles at leisure. Most of all I would love to be able to take a few of those outfits and try them on. I don’t have the nerve to show the clerk at the counter guarding the dressing room the things I would just love to try on.

Passing by,-ever so slowly-I was watching a guy looking at the bras and panties adorning the racks. He was so cool while he took them off the racks examined them, matching some to his chest or waist, then putting them back like it was nothing. He didn’t mind the other customers nearby at all.

I was going to go over and say something to him, but then I figured maybe he was just shopping for his wife or girl friend. But right before I passed by he glanced over my way. I just moved on.

Then, we met again, I was having a snack at the store McDonalds and he came over and sat nearby. I didn’t think anything about it till he bent over slightly revealing the lace top of the panty he was wearing.

Taking a breath I walked over and introduced myself. This could have ended real badly with him cold-cocking me right there and then, but I had to know. As I did, I noticed some of the outfits he was looking at were in his cart.

Walking over my heart pounding, I calmly sat down, introduced myself, then told him I couldn’t notice the outfits in his cart, and asked about them.

He smiled, and then told me what a bargain they were, and just the right size. I told him thanks, I might get one myself, and he replied too bad we can’t get to try them on without raising eyebrows.

It was all downhill from there.

Bob was a real cool person. Like all of us CDs he was living two or more lives, only his wife knew about it and thought it spiced up his marriage. When he dressed up both of them got off. Only now, he was thinking about the other CDs. He asked me about it and I told him it wasn’t the best thing for me to show off with my wife. She wasn’t a prude, she just didn’t like it. So I kept it hidden. But to be honest, it was part of the turn on that I had when dressing.

We traded cell numbers and he suggested that we meet for a drink or two sometime. I soon took him up on it.

We finally got together a week later. I felt really wicked. I put on my sexiest lacy and black hose. We met at a local bar, found a booth and ordered a few drinks. About the middle of the second round, he asked me if I had ever met with gals for a panty party. I hadn’t, so he suggested we have one.

He told me he knew a few gals who liked to get together and that we should plan a party. I thought it would be nice to socialize without having to hide what you wanted to dress like.

About a week passed before he called again and told me where to meet. There would be us and three more gals. He had partied with them before so he knew we would all be having fun.

We met at a motel near the airport, an out of the way place right off the main highway out of town. I didn’t know what to expect, but I when I saw Bob getting out of his car, I just said to myself, here goes nothing.

The three others were already there; they had gotten a two room suite big enough for a small party. When we got in they were already dressed.

I felt a little weird, like when near Intimate Apparel, but they seemed like such a friendly group. Bob Pendik Yabancı Escort slipped into the bathroom to dress and I into the other room.

I was feeling a bit funny coming out but when I saw him all dolled up, I just forgot all my inhibitions. He had a matching blue blouse and skirt and dark hose. All the eyes in the room went over to him. In a short time we were just talking up a storm, drinking and just hanging out.

We all had plenty to talk about. I told them how weird I felt shopping for panties and how I would love to just be able to try things on in the store. Some of them felt the same, but others said they had gotten over that a long while ago. Bob told me how he had worked himself up to doing just that, and really didn’t give a dam about the fitting room clerks. We were soon talking about some of the nice outfits we saw and traded some ideas about how to buy them without feeling strange about it.

We didn’t talk about guy things at all, and it was really nice feeling so femme with other guys.

Time passed really quick, the two that were sitting by the television were really in deep conversation and looked like they were getting real comfortable with each other. I guess the drink and the soft music were taking effect.

When Bob and I first came in I guess that they thought we were a couple. Bob was sitting near me most of the time, every-now-and-then looking at me and giving me a glancing touch on my legs or treating me like I was his date. I didn’t give it too much mind as I was kind of new to this thing and a bit nervous anyhow.

It kind of felt good, the attention, so I didn’t stop him. It was then I realized the scent he was wearing, plus the time and drink was actually turning me on.

Bob then asked me if I would like to dance to a slow number from the sixties coming from the radio. Surprising myself, I got up.

I was only wearing a slip with my best panty-bra outfit underneath and pantyhose. Not realizing I was hard when we first pressed together both of us started rubbing each other as we moved around the motel room floor.

Each time our hips moved we rubbed. I was leaking and beginning to get really turned on.

We must have an effect on the others, they started getting close and I could see hands running up legs and zippers running down. Before I could say anything we were in the next room.

In the darkness his hand went down to my thigh then up my back to un-snap my bra. I had unzipped his blouse. As it came off I could see he was wearing the panty outfit he had purchased when we met, I couldn’t help but feel how hard that made me.

My hand went down to unzip his skirt; I could see his pulsating member through the sheerness of the panty leaking streams of semen.

Like I said, I’m straight, but something was clicking, and I liked it.

I didn’t realize I was on the bed and my clothes off until he slipped my panties off. His mouth was down on my cock, my hand on his.

How long it took, I don’t know. All I felt was such pleasure that it was more than sinful.

His slow moving mouth and articulating tongue made me spasm more than once. He was good at it. I realized I never asked him if he was bi, but that was moot now that he had me down and was pleasuring me so much.

As we settled into the bed, his long, pulsating cock moved back and forth each time his mouth moved on mine. It was something I thought I could not do, but when I held it and caressed it with my hand it moved into my mouth. Only for a second did I feel strange doing it, than somehow it seemed to be the natural thing to do.

In a few minutes I was sucking and caressing his throbbing penis like a pro. We were both in synchrony, as his mouth went down on me; I was coming up on him. He held my thighs with a tight crushing force while his mouth played up and down my dick, as it grew more sensitive with each lap.

It wasn’t long before he started pushing his cock deeper and deeper; I was reacting in the same way as the seminal fluid started steaming out steadily. It was then he ejaculated almost overcoming my ability to suck out and swallow his hot sticky fluids. I tried to continue, but his dick grew limp and I soon gave in to the overwhelming sensations flooding over me.

He then pushed himself over me pinning down my arms, and legs. Like this I couldn’t move, but there was nowhere for me to go anyhow. The only thing I cared about then was the sensation of my dick inside his mouth.

With each stroke the intensity grew. His saliva ran down my cock making his strokes easier each time and the pleasure greater.

One thing he knew and that was how to tease. He would go down slowly then up again, then stop at the top to lick, then would take me to the edge of climax then stop and make me look up to see why he stopped. Managing to stop at each peak, he would leave me there then just as I was going to say something he would start.

That bitch, that cunt! That no good whore, give me more, more. Then without Pendik Yeni Escort warning he tightened his lips and without stopping pushed and pulled as rapidly as he could.

I was almost gasping for air when I felt my legs go numb, and as all that pleasure came to climax he sucked all my semen until there was nothing left.

Just when I thought it was over, he continued to slowly lick and caress the top of my penis sending more sensation up and down my spine. He kept it up till it shriveled limp.

We both dropped in exhaustion. After a few minutes we got up to take a shower together. I guess neither of us wanted to stop as we locked lips and explored each other while the soap and water danced over us. While my cock remained limp, his erected.

I got to my knees and put it into my mouth. This time I slowly turned my tongue around it savoring its stiffness. He gently rocked his hips as I held on to his soft buttocks. This time I was ready as I felt him stiffen up and I sucked in steadily as his fluid came out.

Only when he told me to stop did let go.

After that we saw each other about once a week. Each time we met it was better then the last. I started to overcome my shyness about shopping for women’s wear as both of us would go together.

One day he told me to meet him at his house. I didn’t know what to say since I never would meet with one of the gals where they lived.

When I arrived I noticed three cars in the driveway. One was his, the other I knew belonged to his wife, but didn’t know who’s belonged to the third. When the door opened it was his wife who had greeted me. She was wearing a mini skirt and a very revealing blouse. There was another attractive woman there named Sue. Bob was in the kitchen dolled up in a red dress. I felt foolish since I hadn’t put on any of my femme clothes.

Right away she put me at ease, sat me down and gave me a drink. After she introduced me Bob came over and kissed me like we were alone, and laughed at my surprise. They thought it was also funny.
Coming back from the bedroom Jenny brought me a baby blue teddy set and said she got it especially for me. I just smiled went inside and put it on. When I came back both women were undressed. His wife was wearing a fire red panty set with suspenders. Sue had a sheer black nightie with matching panty and bra.

We sat down and had some drinks, and then Bob told me we were going to make some vids. When I had asked what kind he told me man-woman-man, woman-man-woman; woman-woman and if we still could do it, man-man.

I couldn’t refuse an offer like that, no matter what.

Ten minutes later, I was fornicating his wife, while his wife was felatiing Sue, and Sue was giving Bob a BJ. Jenny was like a bucking horse. No sooner had I gotten into her then her legs wrapped around mine like twin boas. Sue’s cute little apple buttocks were in my face so she could get Jen’s tongue inside her while her tongue wrapped around Bob’s stiff throbbing cock.

I was almost getting jealous of her horning onto my territory, but Jen kept me otherwise occupied. It was almost comical that all of us came about the same time. Later on, it was Jen on Sue. While Bob held the cam I sort of played with his butt.

Jen and Sue were on each other for almost an hour. They fingered and tongue each other, while every chance we could get we embraced. Bob really wanted to cam them, so it made it all the funnier.

Then it was out turn.

I was refreshed from the shower, Bob was still sticky. That was all right with me, I loved the smell coming from his body. I was amazed how hard I was so soon after having Jen. But then that’s what he did to me.

I wanted to show his wife how good I could treat him, so I told him to sit on the edge of the bed and spread his legs while I kneeled down. I’d be doing all the work this time around.

Working his cock with my lips I felt it grow as stiff as an iron rod. In no time his juices were flowing. My hands were holding his buttocks in a grip of steel. Sometimes with all the saliva and juices his cock would jump out of my mouth. Without using my hands I grabbed it back.

Jen came in back of me and put her hands on my nipples. I felt them grow out. Her ample breasts were rubbing gently on my shoulders. Sue put the cam on the tripod, got down by my side and siding sucking me. Bob was groaning each time I stoked him.

Sue’s lips were strong but gentle. She licked my dick down to the end, then back up. As she put my penis in her mouth she made little sucking sounds. Although it was nice, I started missing stokes on Bob.

When he stiffened up he grabbed my head; my lips went taut trying to keep his dick from slipping out. Sue must have felt me moving since her mouth sped up.

It was always the best time, when he finally came. I was exploding also but I hung on to catch his ejaculation. Sue was sucking on me hard inhaling as I came into her mouth. Then Bob came and I felt the hot semen come streaming into my mouth.

As Pendik Masaj Salonu it was, we were all exhausted. We just piled up on the bed and fell asleep; I mean if you can sleep with someone fingering your spent limp dick. Jan was on one side, Bob on the other. Both would alternately caress my testicles or try to tease my dick up into an erection. I slapped both their hands.

Just as I was falling asleep the doorbell rang. Jen got up put on her robe and went to answer it. I got up to relive myself. As I got back into the bedroom, I heard a familiar voice coming from the living room; I hastily dressed and went there.

It was my wife Marie. She and Jen were talking, when she seen me I thought I was a dead man. Jen showed no surprise. She was as calm and normal as could be, Marie just stood there looking at me, and I didn’t dare speak.

Okay, she said, why is it that you think you could sneak out have all the fun and leave me sitting at home alone? I know what you have been up to these past weeks and I am tired of it.

By this time Bob and Sue had come in, he had only a towel covering him, sue had a robe. You know something, she continued, I know all about what you have been doing, and with that she pulled off her blouse and zipped down her skirt in one motion. She was wearing my sheer bra and panty beneath. She looked great in it. They were about one size too small for her so the bra made her nipples point out, and the panty squeezed her pubic hairs.

I nearly fell down, but then she went over to Bob, looked him straight in the eye, and unraveled his towel. She grabbed him by the hand and pulled him straight into the bedroom. I saw her bra, then her panty go by the door.

Before I was able to get my composure back and follow them, Bob was already deep inside her. I went up to the bed and before I could say anything she told me to put my dick into her mouth.

As limp as it was, it grew as she began to message it with her mouth. I couldn’t believe this was happening, but just let it go as the three of us started working as one.

My dick was being shared by both of them. When it popped from her mouth, Bob would catch it with his. As he came down on her, his motion would go down on me. Between both of them I was going wild.

Bob was doing to her with his dick what he did to me with his mouth so many times. He would push himself as deep as he could get into her, and then pull back until only the tip of his dick was in her. Other times he would take it completely out about a inch away from her vigina, then push it back in just as she looked up waiting for him to thrust it back in again.

She came a few times; I know the look on her face. I could hear the squish of juices as their genitals met. Then I came. My dick was out and cum squirted out on her face. Bob’s tongue came out to lick it, then share it with her.

Marie took over then. Her legs tightened around his legs and banged against him with such force that she nearly knocked him off. When he came he pushed himself in as far as he could possibly go then shook his dick as he attempted to empty as much as his sperm inside her as possible.

When we all woke up all of us lay in a heap on the bed. It was almost impossible to see whose legs and arms belonged to whom, as we slumbered.

A few weeks past since then, Marie and I not only go lingerie shopping together but see Bob and Jen on a regular basis. At least now I have bras that fit me, and sometimes duck into the dressing room to try on some of the outfits I just wish to try on.

We keep each others clothes at each other’s houses since we never know where we might wind up. Marie and Jen often go out with each other, and sometimes like Bob and I will take a weekend out of town.

I don’t know if they go alone, meet some other guys or other girls and don’t really care as long as I have Bob with me and able to fondle him and his stiff throbbing member.

But even that didn’t last long.

I had gone out one night to buy some things. I was checking out there was a beautiful woman ahead of me who kept on looking at me. She was dressed so absolutely prim that even the hint of slip peeking out from beneath her dress didn’t detract from her slim well endowed body.

She had left ahead of me, but when I had reached my car, she was still trying to get in hers. Walking over casually I had asked if she needed any help.

She seemed very distressed, almost on the verge of tears. I asked her what was going on and she pointed out her keys were in the car and the door was locked. I didn’t know if I could help with that, but I happen to have a wire hanger in the car, so I got it, twisted it and just by luck had managed to open up the door.

When it opened she came close up to me and said in a whispery voice that it was so good of me to help and coyly dropping her eyes said how can I reward you for being such a gallant knight?

I would never think that I would be so lucky. Bob was with his wife and Marie would be working late. I had a few hours to spare. I replied by asking your place or mine?

Twenty minutes later we were at her place. It was a modest apartment in a nice neighborhood. We took the groceries in and she brought me a shot of peppermint snapps while I was waiting for her in the living room.

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