Paradise Island Ch. 08


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The first few weeks of Tom’s married life were incredibly sweet. Macy’s sexuality was deepening as the virgin bride slowly shed her inhibitions, guided by a delighted Tom. Tom was also incredibly relaxed – he had been confirmed as the head of the Fontana household but he had not yet taken up active duty on the council.

He would get up in the morning to birds chirping on the cool morning breeze and a girl sucking his morning-hard cock. Sometimes, it was Macy sucking him and sometimes one of the other women. Tom would lie back revelling in the warm, wet feeling of the girl’s mouth round his hard cock. He would keep his eyes closed so he could enjoy the sensations better as the girl – whoever it was – slowly took his long cock into her mouth and then pulled back using her tongue on the head of his cock. He often wondered what he had done to deserve such luck. As the girl sucked longer, he would move closer to his orgasm and reach out to the head between his legs and twist his fingers in the girl’s hair. Tom would normally open his eyes at this point and fuck the girl’s mouth, holding her head still and jerking his hips up and down until he spurted his cum into the girl’s mouth. The girl would swallow his cum and look up at him smiling. Tom would normally pull her off his cock by her hair and drag her over his body for a hard kiss.

After his morning ablutions and a bath helped by two or three lovelies, he would go in for breakfast with Macy – usually fruit, served by girls in short dresses who didn’t mind where he looked or touched. After breakfast, he would take Macy for a horse ride through the tropical woods. They would usually end up making love somewhere along the ride before returning home.

Lunch was followed by a siesta – accompanied by Macy and one or two other girls. John would visit sometimes and they would go to the beach with some girls and have a barbecue and everybody would swim in the warm tropical waters and much horse-play would occur. After a few weeks of this indolent, if blissful, lifestyle, Tom started taking on more interest in the running of the Fontana household. He discovered that agriculture and fishing were the main sources of wealth. He met some of the young men on his estate and sent them to university off the island – mainly to study engineering. He went out on some of the fishing voyages with some of the men of his estate and found that some of them had good ideas to improve the boats. He got them working on the improvements.

He soon received a message from his sister Kate that she was returning back to the island. She had gone back home to help her mother after their father had died unexpectedly. Both Macy and Tom looked forward to Kate’s return and couldn’t wait to see her again.

The days ticked away and finally, it was the day of Kate’s return. Tom and Macy both went down to the docks to wait for Kate’s boat. Tom remembered how he himself had landed at these docks just a few months ago. He had almost refused Kate’s invitation to Paradise Island and wondered what his life would have been if he had never come here. Would he still be working long hours at a law firm? Would he still be ecstatic if a woman showed a passing interest in him? Accepting Kate’s invitation was definitely the best decision he had made in his life. He looked at his young wife by his side and smiled happily. He wouldn’t have met this lovely lady if he hadn’t come to Paradise Island.

In a little while they saw the boat on the horizon and it soon grew bigger and bigger as it came closer. As the boat docked, they saw Kate jumping up and down on the bow, waving at them in excitement. As soon as the ladder was in place, Tom went aboard and hugged Kate. A delighted Kate hugged him back and looked up at him with, staring into his eyes.

“He’s matured.. the boyishness is gone,” she thought. “A murder trial would change anyone. He’s much more comfortable with his role now.”

She hugged her brother back fiercely and reached up to give him a big kiss. John’s arms tightened round her as their lips melted into each other. John’s tongue probed her lips. Kate opened her mouth and gave a moan as their tongues touched in a sweet dance. John’s left his left hand round his sister’s waist and dropped his right hand to her ass. He cupped her lovely firm bottom , roaming his palm all over. Kate’s waist ground hard into her brother’s groin. The feel of his hard cock against her melting pussy produced another moan even though there were several layers of cloth between her pussy and his cock. They separated after a long kiss and Kate left him to rush squealing into Macy’s arms.

Tom looked up smiling and kartal escort froze in shock. His mum had just come out of the cabin! There was no way she had missed the way Kate and he had shared a very non-platonic homecoming. Tom was surprised to see that she did not look angry or upset. In fact, she looked unsure. Tom finally recovered enough to go up and greet her with a kiss on her cheek when Kate and Macy came up behind him. Kate introduced Macy to her mother-in-law and the three ladies started hugging and talking to each other, ignoring Tom. After a few moments, he shrugged and went to talk to the captain.

Soon, they were off the boat and back in the Fontana house. Tom managed to get Kate on her own and guided her into a secluded room.

“Why did you bring Mom?” he asked.

“Didn’t you want to see her?” she replied, acting innocent.

“Of course, I wanted to see her,” he replied fiercely, “but how is she going to take the situation here?”

“Don’t worry, little brother!” Kate replied, stroking his cheek. “I’ve explained the situation to her and she doesn’t mind. She is quite thrilled that you are the head of the household. She loves the fact that her son has so many women to please him!”

“What about us? Does she know that?” Tom asked.

“Yes. She doesn’t mind. She thinks that after my husband died, you are the best thing to happen to me.”

Looking at his still-doubtful face, Kate said, “Truly, Tom.. Don’t worry about Mum. You are the head of the household and she is cool with that.”

They rejoined the others and went in for dinner. After dinner, Tom went out on the verandah in the gathering tropical darkness. The surf hitting the beach could be heard in the distance. Crickets could be heard in the woods and the musky night-queen’s fragrance filled the air. His mother came and stood next to him.

“It’s lovely, isn’t it?” she said.

“Beautiful..” replied Tom. Suddenly, overcome by emotion, he turned and hugged her tightly. His mum was surprised and stiff at first, but she slowly relaxed and melted into his embrace. They stood like that for a while and surprisingly, Tom’s cock started to stir. He quickly let her out of his arms and kissed her on the forehead.

“I love you, Mom.”

“I love you too, son.”

“I know you are the head of the household here, Tom. I also know what it means. Nobody deserves it more than you. I know that you will do a fantastic job and you are entitled to all the privileges that go with it,” she said and went into the house looking for Kate and Macy.

Tom stayed on the balcony for a long time before he went in.

Macy and a couple of girls were waiting for him. They soon stripped his clothes off and one of the girls squatted down and took his cock into her mouth. She swallowed his cock totally in her mouth and ran her tongue round it. As his cock hardened and expanded, she slowly drew back until she had about three quarters of it in her mouth. Her soft lips formed a ring round his cock. Tom gave a grunt and pulled Macy into his arms. His hands went straight to her tits – fondling and squeezing them. He played with her nipples, rolling them round between his thumb and forefingers, occassionally squeezing and pulling them. Macy moaned and her hot mouth joined his in a deep kiss. The other girl squatted down behind Tom and separated his ass cheeks with her hands. She then licked his ring and made Tom almost blow his load. His hips bucked and almost gagged the girl fellating him. Macy’s firm tits were squeezed roughly until Tom stopped himself and drew away from the three women.

He went to the bed and beckoned Macy. The sight of his tall, willowy wife sauntering to his bed was breathtaking. Her narrow waist flared into generous hips. Her flat stomach led to a trim pussy. Macy’s generous tits stood proud and defiant against gravity. Her nipples were hard from his tweaking and her own excitement. Her generous lips were parted. She looked the very picture of a sex goddess. When she reached the bed, she climbed over him and straddled his waist. Her parted thighs opened her pussy like a flower and she slowly pressed herself against his erect hardness. She was already very wet and he slid into her like a hot knife in butter.

Macy gave a low moan and put her hands on his chest and threw her head back, arching her back. It took all of Tom’s willpower to lay still, waiting to see what Macy would do. She slowly sank down until all of his cock was embedded into her cunt. Her cunt muscles contracted and expanded round his cock in cycles and suddenly Tom could take it no longer. He put his hands on her waist and started moving his hips up and down, fucking her urgently.

“Aaahhh! Oh my God..” moaned Macy.

“Yes, baby. Take that!” grunted Tom.

He swung her round without letting his cock out of her cunt and Macy was on her back with Tom on her. Regardless of the pleasures that other positions give you, sometimes there is nothing to beat the missionary position. Tom fucked his wife hard while she tightened kartal otele gelen escort her legs round his waist and raked his back in the throes of pleasure.

Such fierce fucking couldn’t last long and it didn’t. Macy started coming first, shouting, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

She raised her hips to meet Tom’s downward thrusts, driving his cock deeper than before. Her slick tunnel turned molten and set off Tom’s climax. He crushed her lips in a heavy kiss without changing his rhythm and started shooting cum into her cunt. He shot loads and loads of cum, until it mingled with Macy’s own juices and leaked out. Soon, he collapsed onto Macy, his cock still semi-hard and lodged inside her. His chest crushed Macy’s tits and his face nuzzled her neck.

After a little while, he slipped off Macy and lay on his back.

“That was just wonderful, darling!” he said.

“Mmmmm..” agreed Macy.

They suddenly turned on their side towards each other and embraced and kissed. Even after the kiss finished, they remained in each other’s arms. Tom threw one of his legs over Macy’s hips. The candles went out and as the darkness gathered in, Tom drifted off to sleep.

Suddenly, he felt a hand caress his balls. He woke up in surprise and saw that Macy was asleep. Before he could disentangle himself from his wife and turn around, he felt lips on his spine, kissing him up from the base and slowly moving to the nape of his neck.

He soon realised that two women were involved because the hands fondling his balls did not let up even when the lips reached his hairline. He finally managed to free himself from Macy’s arms and turned round. It was quite dark but he would know the woman anywhere.

“Kate!” he whispered, greeting his sister.

“Yes,” was all she said, dropping her mouth to his in a kiss. He had really missed Kate all these days and he hugged her tightly, kissing her hard. Kate’s mouth opened up to Tom and his tongue slipped into her mouth. His hands moved to her tits. He took her large boobs in his open palms and squeezed them. Her hard nipples poked into the middle of his palms.

Even in the middle of this kiss, he wondered who the other woman was. She had stopped playing with his balls and had taken his cock into her mouth. She was a really talented cock sucker, much better than most of the girls who serviced him. She took his semi-hard cock totally in her mouth and then slowly pulled her mouth up, withdrawing his cock through the tight O of her lips round his cock. She then used her tongue on the little pee-hole, exploring the sensitive area with the tip of her active tongue. By now his cock was hard. She then slipped his cock back into her mouth, going all the way down until her chin touched his balls and his cock hit the back of her throat. The woman had no gag-reflex at all.

Tom gave a grunt and jerked his hips up and the deep-throat never stopped. He kept kissing his sister but more than half his attention was on the other woman. She let go of his cock and straddled him facing his feet. Taking Tom’s cock in her hands, she slowly let herself down, sinking it into her wet cunt. Once he was fully inside, she bent forward and held his feet and started fucking him. Tom pulled his sister up and made her straddle his mouth. Kate opened her legs wide to give him full access to her pussy. Tom placed his hands under Kate’s bottom and moved her pussy into position and started licking it.

He started at the bottom and licked upwards, over the folds and a little bit inside her pink sheath and upwards still until he reached the little nubbin of her clit. As his tongue raked over her clit, Kate moaned with desire and opened her legs even wider. The noise woke up Macy. She didn’t seem too surprised as she saw two women enjoying her husband right next to her. She slipped her hand between Tom’s hands and poked a finger in Kate’s anus. Kate shrieked and came copiously. If Tom hadn’t been supporting her bottom, she would have collapsed. Her musky odour filled Tom’s nostrils. His tongue concentrated on her clit, worrying the little nub out its hiding place. Macy’s thumb slipped into Kate’s cunt driving her deeper into ecstasy.

Meanwhile, Tom kept jerking his hips, pushing his cock in and out of the other woman’s cunt. She was moving in time with him, taking the cock deep inside herself. She started coming and the contractions of her pussy, pushed him over the edge. He squeezed Kate’s bottom in his hands and grunted as he pushed himself one last time into the warm cunt before he exploded. He shot a surprising amount of cum into the unknown woman’s womb and slowly let go of Kate. She rolled away and Tom looked down at the woman he had been fucking. She was still hunched over him facing his feet.

She got up slowly and turned around and Tom’s dark-adjusted eyes widened in surprise and shock.


“Hi Son, you were wonderful!”

“How..” he spluttered, still not getting over the fact that he had just fucked his mother.

His kartal eve gelen escort mother stretched out besides him and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

“I love you,” she said.

“I love you too, Mom” he said weakly.

He suddenly turned to Macy, “You knew!” he accused.

Macy grinned and said, “Of course. It is your right to take any woman in the Fontana household.”

Tom grinned and fell asleep surrounded by his three favourite women. The next morning, as usual, he woke up to a warm mouth sucking his cock. He opened his eyes and saw his mother sleeping next to him. She was sleeping on her back and he saw her for the first time, clearly in the nude. Her breasts had a bit of sag and her tummy wasn’t very flat but other than that she had a very good body. She must have been dreaming a pleasant dream because she had a smile on her face. Tom’s eyes wandered over his mother’s body down to her pussy. She had shaved most of her pubes and he could see her cunt-lips clearly. He suddenly felt the urge to fuck this woman who had given birth to him and twisted his fingers in Kate’s hair and pulled her off his cock. He put his finger across her lips in a ‘be-silent’ sign and carefully rose and covered his mother making sure that he didn’t touch any part of her body. Kate immediately understood and took his cock and pointed it at their mother’s pussy.

His cock was slick from his sister’s sucking and slid in easily into his mother’s cunt. He slid deeply in with one stroke before his mother woke up with a start. Before she could say anything, he covered her mouth in a kiss and started fucking her. His mother’s cunt became wet very quickly and she responded to his tongue in her mouth very passionately.

“Mmmmm..” she moaned against his lips.

Tom broke the kiss and closed his eyes, concentrating on the feel of his cock in his mother’s warm and wet cunt.

“Mom.. That’s lovely.. Yes!” he said.

“Yes, my son. Fuck me! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she replied.

Meanwhile, Kate slipped her hand between his legs and gently stroked his balls. This, combined with the thought that he was fucking his mother pushed Tom over the edge and he came in a rush, exploding his cum into the same womb from which he had come out so long ago.

“Oh Yes, Mom.. That’s so gooooood..” he cried.

His cock slowly shrank and he slipped out of his mother’s arms and fell by her side. His sister immediately, dove between his mother’s legs and started licking her cunt. His mother had just been on the edge when he had started coming, so she soon started climaxing with a wild cry.

Tom went out to take a leak and brush his teeth. Once this was finished, he went back into the bedroom to find Macy and his mom kissing each other. His sister was still between his mom’s legs licking her cunt. He stood at the door looking at the sight. He moved over until he was directly behind his sister. She was on her knees and he could see her pussy and her lovely rounded ass with the hole opening and closing between the cheeks as she moved back and forth laving their mom’s pussy. The sight hardened his cock and he moved in and placed his cock on her cunt. As soon as Kate felt her brother’s cock at her cunt, she widened her legs to allow him an easier entry. Her brother took her with one stroke and the force of his entry pushed her mouth hard against her mother. The sudden pressure brought off her mother and she started coming copiously. Kate was now being thoroughly fucked by Tom. He spanked her ass cheeks and thrust his cock deep into her cunt. The spanks left red marks on her white cheeks. She couldn’t see them but the rosy marks excited Tom even more and he continued fucking his sister hard.

Kate’s face pressed harder and harder into her mother’s cunt, muffling her own cries and grunts as her brother fucked her hard. Her mother gripped the sheets on the bed and pressed her thighs round Kate’s ears. Kate couldn’t be sure but it sounded as if her mother was screaming with pleasure. Tom pulled out of her cunt and Kate said, in disappointment, “Oh?”

Kate’s mouth pulled a little out of her mother’s cunt, but before her mother reacted, Kate was driven back into her mother’s cunt.

Kate’s mother screamed, “Oh! Yes, baby. Oh! Yes! Yes! Yes…”

Kate grunted half in pain and half in pleasure, “You bastard.. What are you doing? Oh, my god! Fuck! Fuck! Oooh! Fuck me!”

Tom had pulled out of Kate’s cunt and then thrust his slick cock into her other hole. She had no idea of what was happening and before her anus winked shut, Tom was about a quarter of the way in. He grunted at the tight vice like grip of her ring round his cock. Tom stayed put with his cock and gently stroked her back until she relaxed. Tom then slid the rest of the way into her tight ass. He revelled in the tight, warm feel of her ass. Her rounded bum fitted into his thighs exquisitely. He slowly started stroking his cock in and out of his sister’s ass hole. Once he had a nice rhythm going, he leaned forward and gripped his fist in Kate’s hair and lifted her mouth out from their mother’s cunt and twisting her round, kissed her hard on the mouth. Kate’s face was smeared with their mom’s juices and the smell drove Tom mad. He let go of her hair and putting his hands on the mattress over Kate’s back, started fucking her hard.

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