Party fun


Party funI was sitting at home one day dressed like I always was in my sissy outfit. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do that day when I got a call from a good friend. He asked me if I was available for a party at his house that evening and I asked him well what kind of party? He said well your kind of party you will be the entertainment for the guests, and I said sound like a fun party. He said well be at my place around 5 so we can get you ready for the guests and wear something sexy. I said okay so I went and got a shower and shaved all I could clean I made sure my toes were nice and red and I went and got out some of my toys and started to play with my ass fucking myself deep and making sure I was ready for a night of fucking. I got dressed in a sexy little red outfit complete with nice silver heels to show off my toes and feet. I put some stuff on over my sissy outfit and put my heels in a bag and then got in car and went over to my friend’s house. He had a nice little 3-bedroom ranch and when I got their he welcomed me over. I said so what is happening tonight, and he said well we are having a little party tonight with some beer football and a lot of fucking. I smiled and said well I take it that I am the one that they will be fucking and he smiled and said well yes a bunch of my friends mentioned you and how much they enjoyed your ass mouth and toes and wondered if I could get you over again and I told them I would check. Nobody knows you will be here so it will be a real surprise. I said okay so were will I go and he said this way and led me into one of the bedrooms. He opened the door and he had a special bench in the room that he just bought I would kneel on it and my legs would be spread apart and he could tie me to it legs and arms. My mouth would be open in the front also for blowjobs. I checked it out and smiled and really loved the bursa escort bench, so I got undressed and put on my heels and got on the bench. He put a hood over my head that only left my mouth open and tied me to the bench, so I was very helpless. I loved the feeling. It did not take long till I heard people coming inside the house and lots of talking and stuff I just waited for the fun to start and it did not take long. The door opened and in walked a couple guys that said all right you brought the sissy over for us I love fucking him. Soon I could hear a bunch of men walk inside and say great I was hoping to see him soon his ass and mouth are the best. I soon felt all kinds of hands playing with my body and soon I felt someone cut off my red baby doll nighty exposing me for all to see. I then had all kinds of hands playing with my cock ass feet toes and nipples, someone was pinching my nipples while another guy fingered my ass and another one took off my heels and started to suck on my toes. Another guy started to jack off my cock nice and slow and soon I felt a mouth on it and someone was sucking my cock. I was really enjoying all of the stuff but soon I felt a hard cock at my ass and soon it started to fuck me deep and hard. This is what I was waiting for and I just enjoyed the fucking but soon I had another one in my mouth so I started to suck him. The one in my ass was fucking me hard and deep and soon he stopped and started to fill me with a huge load of cum that I just loved. He started to fuck me some more so he could pump all of his cum in my ass and I just loved it. Soon he fell out and the one in my mouth took his place and started to fuck me deep and he also filled me with a big load of cum. I was loving it all but soon I felt something different and realized that I was getting fucked with a strap on cock. I took it deep and could tell that it was bursa escort bayan a real large one bigger then any cock I had taken but I did not care and just enjoyed it. Soon it pulled out and I heard a woman’s voice say I wanted to get you ready for my husband and then felt a cock that was big. It felt like it was at least 10” and very big around and It felt wonderful it took a while for me to get use to it but when I finally did I told him to fuck me deep and hard and fill me up. He pounded my ass deep and then I felt something in front of me and stuck out my tongue and could tell it was a shaved pussy so I started to lick on it. Soon she got up on the bench somehow so I could really get her pussy and when I finally found her clit and started to lick it she exploded over and over and tasted wonderful. About that time her husband exploded and filled my ass with what felt like a gallon of hot sticky cum that I just loved. He kept pumping my ass and I loved it. Soon the other men at the party took turns fucking my ass deep and filling me with cum a lot fucked me while friends stuck their cocks in my mouth or they sucked on my red toes. I just loved the party. After most had fucked me the host came inside the room and untied me so I could relax a little so I sat on the bed and relaxed. In walked a very pretty blond about 19 maybe and she had on a strap on cock. she smiled at me and said damn am I too late and I looked at her and smiled and said anytime you want to fuck me I am yours master. She smiled and said okay slave spread open that sissy ass for me now. I lay down on the bench and reached down and spread open my ass for her and she got behind me and stuck her strap on cock deep in my ass and started to pound my ass deep. I was loving it and so was she because she fucked me deep and hard for a while. A couple of men came in to watch and I got to suck escort bursa them dry while she fucked me deep and I loved it. Soon she stopped and said damn you are great I just love using your ass to take out my bad day and I got up and smiled and said well any time you need to use my ass just call I will gladly spread it open for you. She thanked me and took a look at my now rock hard cock and smiled and said well I think you need a little attention first. She took my hand a led me to the bed and told me to lay down so I did and she got between my legs and started to slowly lick and suck on my cock and balls. I was really horny by now and she could tell so she got up and slowly moved around and I could finally see she had a very nice shaved pussy. She positioned herself over my cock and slowly sat down on it and started to work it deep in her pussy. I was loving it but new I would not last long and soon I exploded as she milked every drop out of my cock and into her hot pussy. I was really spent and happy but she had another idea and she slowly worked her way up my body and put her shaved pussy over my mouth and said okay slave clean me out now. I was excited so I opened up my mouth and started to lick and suck on her pussy and swallowed all of my cum and her hot pussy juice down like a good solve should. She tasted so sweet I was in love and started to lick her clit and make her cum so I could taste more of her. After she had exploded many times she finally got up and lay down next to me and smiled and said damn you are a great slave. I said well you are a great master and we both smiled and laughed and she said my name is Cindy I think I will be calling you a lot more. Finally after a lot of cocks fucking me the party ended about 2am and I got ready to head home. Cindy asked if she could come over and we could play some more so I told her to follow me and she did and we fucked and sucked all day and night long. I lost count of how many times I got fucked that night but it was over 20 and also a bunch in my mouth and a couple strap on cocks and a pussy and loved it all.

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