Party Mom Ch. 04

Big Tits


First off, I really enjoy comments and messages, so if you post comments here, even if anonymous, I am more motivated to write more. I also love suggestions so feel free to email me as much as you want in the feedback section.

This is part four of the Party Mom series, but it also begins a longer arc in what has so far mostly been a decently episodic series. If the initial chapters served to introduce the main four characters, this new storyline will comprise the rest of the chapters. It’s a different direction, but it’s in the same vein as the original intended.

The category for this story is BDSM because humiliation is a form of masochism and sadism. I will not be getting into any more physical forms of pain other than mental and psychological humiliation, though the threat of death and other pain is psychological and mental, and thus fair game. I also will not have any incest, just humiliation where sexual thoughts of a relative is taboo, and so watching your mom get fucked is humiliating and not hot. Think of this as a form of cuckolding, but with mom and son.

Chapter 04 (The Resort)

My mom had really undergone a transformation over the past months.

It all started when my mom drove me to a party held by my crush Sonny and her boyfriend Josh. Josh was an intelligent kid, strong and athletic, but mysterious at times. He traded stocks in his room, making a suspicious amount of money. When he wasn’t doing that, he was flashing around his sexy girlfriend, bragging about how gorgeous she was and feeling up her big tan tits in public. I had masturbated to those tits for so long, even though I was kind of friends with Josh, but I had never really spoken to their owner.

At this party, my mom insisted that she come too, but under the allure of the sexy young man and his sexy girlfriend, she took a few hits on the bong. I don’t know what was in that weed, but my mom did not emerge the same. After sucking off one of the party guests in the living room, Josh ended up getting my mom topless in the hot tub, where even sexy Sonny couldn’t help but be entranced by my mom’s busty figure. I had to listen downstairs as Josh banged my mom so hard her torso moaned out the window with her tits jiggling to the world.

The next morning, my stoned mother had not snapped back to her usual self at all, as I found her topless in the kitchen making bacon. The adventurous and open relatonshipped Josh and Sonny planned a party for the evening, and Sonny and I spent some time with Sonny’s porn star friend Alex, a big black man intrigued by the concept of my sex bomb mother. While Sonny raved at how well my mom ate pussy, Alex decided to try to get a lot of men to cum on my mom’s face at once at the party, something that was an incredible success. He offered my mom a deal to shoot a porno.

My mom absolutely agreed, and I walked with her on the beach with my small cock exposed, asking strangers if they wanted to bang my mom and sticking my hand down their pants to check that their size was enough for her. There were more than a few takers, and even the camera man got to tap my mom hard and good.

A month after the release of my mom’s porno, we had spent most of the money. The influx of wealth we had momentarily had was poorly spent, wasted, and drained. My mother called Alex, offering to suck him off, do another video, but he had moved on. There was only so much that a nice pair of tits could do.

Josh and Sonny were spending more and more time at my house. It had been standard for the three of them to go to bed together each night, to try kinky things around the house. If I was lucky, I would catch a glimpse of Sonny’s beautiful bust, even if it was only as Josh was shoving his cock between the two globes.

Josh was never very nice to me, and since he began banging my mom, his attitude changed from a cold distaste to a more active scorn. I don’t know what the beef he had with me was; maybe because he was so successful in his business endeavors and I just coasted off my mom. There was a time in grade school when I took an idea for a project he had wanted to do. Maybe that was it.

Anyway, Josh was callous to me around the house. When he banged my mom and his girlfriend, he would knock things over, knowing I was the one who would have to set it right. He ate messily in every room, staining the carpets in the living room with cheetos. Once, I came home to him flicking pomegranate seeds against a wall while Sonny sucked him off.

When Josh was busy with work, Sonny and I spent a lot of time together. There wasn’t a moment where I didn’t feel her sexuality pulsing in the room, but we grew close anyway. There was a clear imbalance to our relationship. She knew that I wanted to fuck her silly, and that I masturbated to her image constantly. She also knew that while I was alone each night, wanking myself dry, she was getting to sample not only Josh’s monster orgasmic penis, but my mom’s swift kartal escort bayan tongue and rocking body. When your mom licks your friend’s asshole on a daily basis, there will never be full equality in a friendship.

While the state of my mom’s finances got worse and worse, Josh’s got better and better. What had been a small operation of a young man trading stocks had now gotten very important. I can’t say I understand how all of details worked, but I knew Josh was making a lot of money and treating it very well.

I was playing cards with Sonny one afternoon, catching glimpses of the braless deep cleavage in her v-neck, when Josh barged into the house with a fat smile on his face. He had his arm around my mom, who was dressed in a killer top with all her boobs sticking out, and one of the shortest skirts I’d ever seen.

“Babe, come celebrate,” he yelled to Sonny, who quickly threw her cards down and ran to him. I stood up slowly and followed. Sonny leaned in and gave Josh a big kiss while he used his left hand to paw at her fine short-shorts-covered ass.

“What happen, doll?” she asked him.

“Our stud’s made a lot of money,” my mom answered, giggling.

“Fuck yes, and it’s time to party,” he said. He slipped both hands down Sonny’s shirt at the shoulders and yanked it down, exposing the soft heavy flesh of Sonny’s breasts. The shirt slid down her body and onto the floor, leaving her topless in only her red short shorts.

“Get some beers for us all babe,” he ordered, and the topless Sonny stepped past me and into the kitchen to grab the drinks.

They all sat down in the circle of couches in which I was already sitting, my mom having rolled up her shirt to expose her full midriff. At least she wasn’t as topless and the beautiful Sonny, I thought.

“You know what, you go get a beer too, scout,” Josh said, indicating to me. Not one to argue, even if he was being rude, I got up and got myself a drink.

Josh went on and on about how his finaces were so successful, all with the two girls at his side. His left hand was creeping up and down my mother’s thigh, while the other lay over Sonny’s shoulder to cup at her breast. I wasn’t even trying to conceal my gaze at Sonny’s miraculous boobs. She gave me a devious wink.

“This is fucking fantastic,” Josh shouted, “This is amazing. We need to have the most bad ass party ever for this!”

“Do you want me to call some people?” my mom offered, getting up to use the phone.

“You know what? Sit down. I have a better idea.”

Josh pulled out his cell phone and sent a text message out quickly.

“What was that?” my mom asked.

“We’re not having a party,” Josh said, smiling, “We’re going out instead.”

My mom got up again, ready to go put on a new sexy dress.

“No need,” Josh said, “It’s not that kind of party.” Josh himself now got up and stretched.

“It’s not a party,” he said again, “It’s a party vacation.”

Sonny’s eyes lit up. “We’re going on vacation?” she asked, beaming.

“You bet. An exotic, fun sexy vacation to Mankai.”

I had seen a travel channel documentary on Mankai and I was relived. Rich and luxiorous, Mankai was the business capitol of the world. With so much wealth, but lax laws, the rich were free to live out their dreams in extreme grandeur. It may be a wild city, but at least it wasn’t an orgy, which I thought Josh was leading up to.

The girls ran to pack their bags, but Josh called them back. “There will be plenty of new clothes and things to buy there. Just get into the limo when it arrives as is.”

I sat in my seat, wondering for a moment if Josh’s kindness with the beer extended to this vacation too.

“Am I coming?” I finally asked. Josh glared at me.

“Fuck no,” he said.

My mom got on her knees in front of Josh.

“No, he has to come, I want him to come with us, he’s my son! Please, baby.”

Josh looked as if he was considering it.

“I don’t know, he will just get in the way.”

“No, honey, he’ll be great, he can sleep in my room so you won’t have to buy him a room, and he keeps Sonny company all the time when you’re not fucking her.”

“That’s true, but he’s a little dickweed.”

“I know you think that, baby, but maybe I can change your mind.”

On her knees already, it wasn’t a huge transition for my mom to pull out Josh’s cock and ease it between her lips. Josh held my mom’s held to his pelvis, shoving it all down.

“Maybe it won’t be so bad,” he finally said. I took that as a yes. Josh was just finishing shooting his load down my mom’s throat when the limo arrived, and we all piled in.

When we arrived at the airport, the limo driver asked Josh what terminal. When Josh told him Mankai, the limo driver’s eyes lit up and he asked what resort. It turns out that each resort has its own private airline, that’s how wealthy the nation is. Josh told him the resort was called Mauve.

The limo knew where to go, taking us down a ramp that descended into yakacık escort the ground. The path just got steeper and steeper as we descended farther away from the rest of the resort and closer to the Mauve terminal. In the end, we must have been very far away, and the limo driver let the four of us out at a quiet desolated steel elevator door before speeding away.

We entered the elevator, which was strong and ominous, and ascended. We rode up and up the dark shaft, Josh with both arms around his girls, until the doors opened into a fiercely lit room with a tough looking man.

It was just the five of us in the room, and he directed us to a slick black leather couch and the lights shut off. On the wall across from the couch, a darkened television lit up with the picture of a smiling busty woman in a purple bikini.

“Welcome to your first stop on your way to the Mauve Resort, Mankai!” beamed the woman on the screen, her sexy figure swaying.

“Mankai is a decadent location full of wealth, women, and fun. But Mauve is set apart from the rest not only by its prestigious clientele, but it’s, let’s say, ‘peculiar’ policy.

“The name Mauve is short for the Mauve Market. As you may know, around the world, there is a serious epidemic of sex trading. Poor women are taken from their homes, promised a better world, and then sold to the highest bidder for their bodies. This kind of practice is one of the worst things that could ever happen!

“Some of the top researchers out there worked effortless on the problem, and their solution was the Mauve Market. As a solution to the ugliness of the black market, the Mauve Market was established in Mankai due to its ritzy international population and its lax social laws. Many of the frequenters of Mankai, whether they be residents or vacationers, were those wealthy men who purchased these women. Often, the kind of men who earn money in this world are ambitious, masculine, dominant figures. These men not only desire, but deserve sexy young sex slaves in their lives. But the Mauve Market is a solution to the suffering that this can cause.

“All profits from the Mauve Market resort are utilized to end the sex traffic market. Here, these men who may have otherwise sent their money to an evil cause can rest assured that it is going to a positive place.

“But what about that craving? That innate desire to own a woman, to use and degrade her the way these men want? Well, in the Mauve Market, that’s exactly what you can do!

“Here, all women are consensually brought, either because they too are wealthy gorgeous figures or because they’re looking for some consensual sex play. Our high standards test all parties for STDs and sexual competency before entering our game. Because that’s kind of what the Mauve Resort is, a game!

“At the Mauve Resort, all guests are labeled as either a trader or a slave. Traders are the men, and given expensive clothes, nice cars, and a mansion sized apartment located at one of our incredible waterside locations. For traders, there are shopping malls, beaches, movie theaters, sports arenas, luxury restaurants, and more!

“Most importantly, traders are given a special electronically linked card. Each card is linked to the trader’s name, account, and Mauve place of residence.

“What might this card do, you ask? We’ll get there in a moment.

“Slaves are the women, and they are given a slim plastic belt with a light and a card reader. And that’s it!

“If at any point any party wishes to stop or leave Mankai, all they need to do is say their own last name out loud. At that point, one of our many operators who is watching on one of the many cameras around the resort will come and escort that person and all the members of the party out of the resort. So that means, if you’re all sitting here watching together, you all leave the moment one of you decides to leave. So keep that in mind!

“Slaves, you’ll have a day to explore the resort, enjoy the beaches and the amenities. At that time, the little light on your belt will be a pure safe green. At the end of the day, however, it turns red! Any woman with a red light is free to be claimed by any man at the resort! All he must do is swipe his card across her belt and voila! She’s his, and he’s free to do whatever he wants with her. When a slave has been claimed, her light turns green again.

“But once again, watch out! At the end of two days, the ownership automatically expires and the girl is out on the resort again! Though of course there’s nothing stopping the trader from reclaiming her right immediately.

“At any given time, a slave must remain within a ten foot perimeter of her master, unless she is being stored in his residence. At the residence, doors open only by the entrance of that trader, and slaves with green lights will be unable to make the doors budge an inch. Any attempt to leave the perimeter of the trader will be greeted first by a gentle vibration of the belt and finally by an automatic expulsion from hürriyet mahallesi escort the resort of you and your party! So watch out and obey, ladies!

“At the end of an ownership period, both parties will be monitored for a rating of their owner. If they enjoyed it and had a good time, all he and she must do is tap discreetly the number of stars out of five that onto the card or card reader. Any traders with a 4.5 average rating can stay at the resort free of cost for as long as he wishes! This is to ensure that the very best slaves and traders have some incentive to stay.

“If you have any questions, feel free to ask the attendant here. Remember, have fun here at the Mauve Resort!”

The lights turned back on and I could not believe the video. This was the kind of place Josh was taking us? Letting go of the idea that my mother would be a virtual sex slave to anyone, I let sink in the idea that I too would have a card and could use on any women with a red light that I wanted! Maybe even Sonny!

I could tell from the smiles on their faces that both girls were pleased with Josh’s surprise. Sure the vacation wouldn’t be about them all having sexy together, but they were polyamorous and devious enough that they were all excited at the prospect of fucking and being fucked by other strangers.

The big brute man approached us all.

“One by one walk down the hallway and state your name to the attendant. She will make sure you are dressed in the right outfits and seated in the appropriate cabin for your party. The plane will be the last time the party will be together perhaps, and it is a long flight, so make the best of it.”

First, Josh walked down the hallway and disappeared. I sat with Sonny and my mom, listening to them chat about the arrangements.

“Isn’t this exciting?” asked my mom to Sonny.

“Absolutely. I can’t even imagine the thrill of a man coming up to me, swiping his card and taking me up to his residence for some sweet fucking. He could ask me to mount him right there in the streets and I would have to obey!”

All this talk of Sonny being fucked was making me very aroused.

“Oh please, I can practically feel your erection over here,” Sonny said to me.

“Sorry, I’m excited too.”

“Oh that’s right, you’ll get to go around the park too, won’t you? Well, if you can catch and swipe me, I guess I’ll have to obey, but I really doubt you’ll be able to catch me. The minute I see your horny ass coming at me, buddy, I’m running the opposite direction!”

“Like he’ll encounter you with a red light,” my mom answered, “Honey, with your young body, I’m sure you’ll be scooped up by the first man who sees you.”

“Says the milf of the century. Holy shit, Chad, can you imagine how many men are going to be fighting over the chance to cream on your mother’s tits?”

“Next!” yelled the guard. My mom went through the hallway, giggling at the idea of big studly men arguing over the chance to blast her with their seed.

“Seriously, Chad,” Sonny said, I bet your mom gets a five star rating and never leaves.”

“I hope not,” I responded sheepishly.

“I’m just teasing you about the running away thing too,” said Sonny, “If you’re the one around me when I am red, I’ll just have to let you fuck my sweet pussy, won’t I?”

With this cryptic remark, Sonny winked and found her turn down the hallway.

I sat in silence at the couch, immensely turned on by this prospect, until I too walked down the hallway.

The woman at the table was smiling widely and dressed in a purple bikini like the woman in the video. Going with the whole mauve thing, I thought.

“Name?” asked the busty model, and I answered.

“Oh, so you’re an accessory,” she responded.


“Oh it’s kind of rare so we don’t go through it in the video, but I can explain it to you real fast. Traders and slaves pay the full price, but accessories are a less pricely ticket. Some women, mostly dominant wives with wimpy cuckold husbands, want to bring their significant others along, but of course don’t want to grant them the right to play the game. Instead, these men get brought as an accessory. It’s like a slave, except you’ll be a slave to a slave, but you won’t have a swiper. You’ll be tied to your owner, actually with a literal line. For slaves, their consent is everything. But since you pay less and won’t have any trader or slave act directly on you (it’s against the rules) you’ll just have to sit put! Kind of like a dog. So you won’t be kicked out for trying to stray too far because, well, you physically won’t be able to! You’ll just get to spectate and relax. Sound okay?”

No, it did not sound okay, and I felt the color draining from my face.

“Now which of the two slaves were you an accessory too?”

Oh my god! She didn’t know that Josh had probably meant to pair me with my mother! I could answer Sonny and be tied to her, watching her sweet body as the men of the resort ravished her senseless!

“Oh, woops, it looks like it says here on the other page. You’ll be tied to, wow, your mother? We don’t get a lot of mother bringing their sons, but okay!”

I slung my head in defeat. From under the desk, the woman in the gorgeous purple bikini handed me what looked like a wet suit.

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