Past Life of Mary Alice Ch. 02


“Dude, you look wiped,” Kevin said, swinging a companionable arm around Josh’s shoulder. “Where’d you get to this weekend?”

Josh grabbed his books from his locker, and didn’t turn around, suddenly afraid that he would blurt everything out right there. “I just had some stuff I had to do,” he said flatly.

Kevin probably would’ve left it alone, just let him slide, because that’s what friends did, but there were a bunch of guys hanging around, and one asshole just couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

“Probably up all night boning his mom,” he said smirking, and everyone else laughed.

And that was fucking it, because Josh was tired and angry and guilty because his mom had been giving him looks all weekend like she wanted to tuck him into bed and feed him soup and he didn’t know whether to be comforted by it or turned on beyond all belief.

He didn’t even remember hitting the guy. Kevin told him later that he’d charged through the crowd like a bull and slammed the other kid up against a row of lockers about five times before he started punching him.

All he remembered was struggling against Kevin and Phil, his hands sore and bright red with blood before Coach Lewis dragged him off down the hall to his office.

“What the hell was that?” he asked, slamming the door behind them.

Josh was still trembling with the adrenaline rush of anger and breathing heavily, hands clenching and unclenching at his sides. Thankfully, Coach didn’t rush him, just sat on the edge of his desk with his arms folded until Josh got himself under control.

He still didn’t know what the hell he was supposed to say, but at least he could talk without yelling.

“Sorry, Coach,” he said finally. Coach raised an eyebrow and continued to wait until Josh started to squirm. “I didn’t meant to –” hit him, he thought, but that wasn’t entirely true. “He was talking about my mother,” he said, straightening his spine. “He shouldn’t have been saying stuff like that.”

Mostly because Josh had wanted it to be true, and he wasn’t exactly sure how to handle that quite yet.

But Coach nodded, as if he understood. “Automatic two day ISS for fighting,” he said conversationally, and Josh let out a long breath. Because Coach wasn’t asking, which meant that he wouldn’t have to lie.

“Yeah, okay,” he said, eyes downcast so he wouldn’t be so obvious in his relief.

“And we’re going to have to call your mom,” Coach added.

Josh’s eyes shot up, then narrowed a bit at Coach’s smirk. Because, yeah, his mom wasn’t going to let him off so easy. *** In School Suspension wasn’t so bad. Just boring, and a little humiliating because it was like time out for teenagers. He knew he was supposed to think about his actions, and he’d already gotten a stern lecture from the Vice Principle about fighting in school, but he couldn’t think about any of that because he still couldn’t stop thinking about his mom.

Eighteen. She’d only been eighteen when she started doing those films, the age he was now, and he had like a million questions he wanted to ask.

How had she gotten into the business? Why?

How did it feel to fuck on camera? He knew her parents had died when she was young, but hadn’t she had a guardian? Hadn’t she had friends? What had they thought about her career?

Had she been pushed or tricked into the industry? Had she been desperate?

Had one of those men she’d fucked on camera been his father?

His mom had never talked about his dad. She’d just said that he was a good guy who wasn’t ready to be a father. Josh had never been curious enough to follow up, but now he wondered.

Was the year break in her movies because she was dating his dad?

And then it occurred to him: a sudden flash on insight that left him breathless. His mother had done three additional movies after that break. She’d been almost twenty-one.

And later that year she’d give birth to him.

Holy fucking Christ. His mother had done three movies while she’d been pregnant with him. He’d been inside her while she’d been fucking men on camera.

Josh’s whole body tightened with sudden desire, and he had to close his eyes and bite his lip before he did something escort kartal stupid. Because all he could think about was going home to his computer and watching one of those films.

All he could think of was that he’d been inside of her once while she’d been fucking, and he wanted to be there again. *** “Dude, what had you so fired up this morning?” Kevin asked, after taking pity on Josh and driving him home.

And, like his mouth was completely separate from his brain, Josh heard himself say, “I want to fuck my mom.”

He froze in mortification, but Kevin just grinned. “Dude, everyone wants to fuck your mom. I’m pretty sure people who don’t even know your mom want to fuck your mom.”

“Man, I’m being serious,” Josh scowled, getting out of the car as they pulled up to his house.

“So am I, man,” Kevin said, just as solemnly, as he followed him inside. “So am I. Your mom is a full on hottie.”

“And I’m her son,” Josh said pointedly.

Kevin sprawled back on the couch, full of cool and easy grace. “Doesn’t mean you’re blind, man. So what’s the big deal anyway? You have a wet dream about her or something?”

“Or something,” Josh muttered, and then figured, what the hell, he’d already gone this far. “You remember that porn we watched on Friday?”

“I remember you lit out of there like your dick was on fire,” Kevin replied with a smirk.

Josh huffed a laugh, and then dropped down next to Kevin on the sofa. “You remember that hot chick, the blond one with the rack?”

“Yeah,” Kevin said dreamily, his eyes half closed.

“Yeah,” Josh said softly. “Now think of her with brown hair, straight and shorter. Think of her a little curvier, more filled out, and with less makeup.”

“Mmmm,” Kevin said, shifting further into the couch, and Josh glanced down long enough to see that Kevin had a pretty good imagination and knew what he wanted to do with it.

“Okay,” Josh said, his voice going clipped and a little hard. “Now think of her ten years older and wearing a baseball jersey while she cheers at our little league game.”

And Josh saw the moment that Kevin got it, his whole body tensing up and his eyes flying open in realization. “Holy fuck!”

Josh nodded.

“Holy fuck!” Kevin said again, leaping to his feet. “You’re mom’s a total porn star!”

“Not so much star, but yeah,” Josh said. “Yeah. ” He dropped his head back on the couch, staring blindly up at the ceiling, as Kevin stood slack-jawed in front of him. “Kind of puts a different spin on a few stray fantasies when you’ve seen her naked and fucked, and jacked yourself raw while doing it.”

“Josh,” Kevin said, seriously if a little breathless. “You’ve got to be straight with me here, man.” Kevin waited until Josh was looking at him again before he continued. “Are you telling me that you have, in this house right now, under your mother’s roof, movies of her having sex.”

“Yeah,” Josh said finally, voice rough and dry. “Yeah I do.”

Kevin looked almost angry for a second, his mouth going pinched and tight, and his face flushing red.

“Then as a friend,” Kevin said sternly, “I’m now saying that you’re a fucking asshole, and why the hell didn’t you say something in the first place?”

Kevin was practically yelling by the end of it as he grabbed Josh’s arm and yanked him off the couch.

“I mean, Jesus, we’ve already wasted like fifteen minutes,” he exclaimed, dragging Josh into his bedroom and closing the door.

“What the hell?” Josh asked, but it was obvious what Kevin meant, because he was already toeing off his shoes and working on his jeans.

“Well come on,” Kevin said, nodding to the computer, his eyes bright with anticipation.

Josh rocked back on his heels and smirked. “You’re supposed to talk me out of shit like this,” he said, hooking his thumbs in his pockets. “You’re supposed to think I’m a pervert.”

“I already know you’re a pervert,” Kevin said, his voice muffled as he dragged off his t-shirt. “And when have I ever talked you out of anything?”

He wasn’t quite hard in his boxers, but he was getting there, and he was grinning wildly like Josh had given him the best present ever.

Josh could help uğur mumcu escort but grin back, because this was almost normal. Kevin had made this normal because they’d been friends since they were ten — trading comic books and handjobs, ghost stories and girlfriends — and Josh knew Kevin’s body like he knew his own. Loved Kevin like a brother, and maybe this whole thing with his mom wasn’t really all that weird.

“You honestly think I’m going to just stand here and let you jerk off to my mom?” Josh asked lightly.

“I honestly think,” Kevin said cheekily, before skinning out of his boxers, “That you’re totally going to join in while I jerk off to your mom.”

Kevin didn’t have anything to be embarrassed about. Certainly not physically, with his messy black hair, tanned skin over lean muscles, and heavy cock between his legs. And not emotionally either, because it wasn’t his mom.

But it wasn’t all that different either. Josh’s mom had bandaged just as many of Kevin’s hurts, had taken him camping with Josh, and had even taken care of him one year when he’d been sick and his parents had been away. They’d roamed wild in Josh’s house for years, so maybe it wasn’t so different for him. And maybe that was why he’d accepted it so easily from Josh.

“Grab the lube,” Josh said, shoving him towards the nightstand, “I’ll start the show.”

On the way to his computer, Josh shed his clothes, almost tripping over his pants in his haste. He quickly scanned the titles, searching for one of the ones she’d done at twenty, his hand almost absently curled around his cock.

“Dude, you’re blocking the view. Get your skinny ass over here.”

Josh laughed and crossed the distance in two steps, settling on the bed next to Kevin. “We are so sick and twisted,” he said, shoving a pillow behind him, and leaning back, his cock sticking out in front of him like a beacon. “I really mean that.”

“You’re sick and twisted,” Kevin replied. “I’m just watching porn.” Josh opened his mouth for rebuttal, but Kevin elbowed him in the side and said, “Now shut the hell up before I fuck your face and you don’t get to see any of this.”

And that would be a damn shame, Josh thought, as he watched him mom come on screen. One big fucking shame.

Because she was still gorgeous. Filled out some from the earlier movies, her hair cut short short, like a pixie, but still more blond than he was used to. The camera panned from her recognizable smirk to beautifully full breasts and her waist that was just slightly thick around the middle.

He could hear the guy behind the camera ask, “What made you come back?” as he panned down her panty covered pussy and long, long legs.

He moved back up to her face as she answered. “Actually,” she said wickedly, “you’ll be the first to know.”

“Know what?”

The camera zoomed back a little to see her hands caress the skin over her belly. “I’m pregnant. Four and a half months.”

“Jesus Christ,” he heard Kevin whisper, the slick sound of his hand on his cock almost drowned out by Josh’s breathing. “That’s you. You’re inside her.”

“Yeah,” Josh said roughly as his mother’s hands moved over her slight baby bump. “Yeah, I am.”

Sick and twisted, he thought again, but it didn’t matter, because his mother was unhooking her bra, freeing her pregnancy large breasts, cupping them and pinching the nipples, her face flushed with pleasure.

The man who stepped on screen was pale haired — like his mother, like himself — and he feasted on her breasts, suckling them, biting them gently as his hand caressed the bump of her stomach, and then slid easily into the dark red lace of her panties.

Josh could feel Kevin next to him, the muscles in his arms bunching and flexing as he pulled rhythmically on his dick, just as Josh was doing. But Josh couldn’t pull his eyes away from the screen, from his mother as she threw her head back and moaned, the man’s fingers working inside her beneath the damp red fabric.

“I want to taste her,” Kevin said, breathless with want. “Her mouth, her skin.”

“She’s soft,” Josh said, thinking of every time her arms had come around him in a hug. “And strong.”

And çavuşoğlu escort she looked it, up there on the screen. She looked vital and powerful as the man knelt at her feet and peeled her panties down her still slim legs. He guided her to the couch, and she laid a hand on his head for a brief moment: like a benediction.

The camera moved in close as the man spread her thighs, and Josh could hear Kevin’s breath hitching, and then his moan. She was shaved again — bare and clean and begging to be tasted — and Josh yearned so badly to be the one spreading her with his tongue that he was leaning forward before he even realized it.

“I bet she smells amazing,” Kevin said, breaking Josh out of his daze. “She always smells good, but man.”

Pots and jars and bottles of mysterious creams and lotions that Josh had avoided, but he could imagine her rubbing them on her skin, could imagine the faint taste of it as his tongue touched her breast, her belly, her inner thigh.

She was writhing now, spread open and moaning, thighs trembling in teasing pleasure. The man drew his mouth back from her only to plunge two fingers inside, bringing his mother up off the couch with a wordless cry.

“God,” Kevin said, his hand moving faster on his dick, the other cupping his balls. “God, can you imagine how tight and wet she is?”

And Josh could. Could see her pussy glistening with proof of her pleasure, could see the clench of her swallowing up the man’s two thick fingers.

“In the last one,” he started, licking his dry lips before continuing. “In the last one she was fucking a guy and a girl. The guy was in her ass and she was fucking the girl and her own cunt with a two-headed dildo. It was-it was the most amazing thing I think I’ve ever seen,” he gritted out before gripping his cock hard as he mother shuddered and gushed, her come squirting out of her in one long stream.

She trembled when she was done, and then begged with her whole body as she dragged the man on top of her and fed his cock into her pussy.

“I think this is going to kill me,” Kevin said roughly.

“Yeah,” Josh said, starting to stroke again. “Just imagine having to sleep down the hall from her after watching this. Imagine wondering if she’s remembering her past life and all the men she’s fucked: her fingers inside her own pussy, a vibrator against her clit. Imagine her fucking herself in the ass with a dildo, burying her head in a pillow so you don’t hear her moans down the hall.”

And it was the wrong thing to say — or maybe the right one — because Kevin tensed and shouted; his come hot on Josh’s stomach like a brand.

“Imagine walking down the hall to her closed door in the middle of the night, hard and aching, and knowing that you can’t ever do anything about it because you’re her son; you got to be inside her cunt once so you can’t ever be in there again.

His mother was facing the screen now; her face slack with pleasure, her hands cupping her breasts. She was astride the man on the couch behind her; the only part of him that was really visible was his cock spearing up into her. He was anonymous. He could have been anyone.

He could have been Josh.

Taking his mother’s hips in his hands, feeling her soft skin and her pulsing cunt as she came apart around him.

The man’s cock stuck up lewdly between her legs, rubbing against her clit, as she came again, spraying his dick and the couch and the floor with come. She grabbed his cock again; sliding it over her slippery pussy and then pushing it back inside.

He almost couldn’t reconcile his steady and dependable mother with this woman who couldn’t seem to bear being without a cock inside of her, but he wanted to. More than anything he had ever wanted in his entire life.

He wanted to see his mother come apart at the seams, trembling and shaking with the force of her own orgasm from Josh’s fingers, his mouth, his cock. He wanted to see her wrecked and almost weeping with pleasure as she took him inside of her again and again and again.

His own orgasm was inevitable; like a tidal wave finally crashing down over him as his mother rode the cock in her ass, and the three fingers stuffed in her cunt.

He was still twitching with aftershocks when he glanced over to see Kevin already half hard again.

“I’m going to hell,” Josh said over his mother’s moans.

“Yeah,” Kevin agreed, without taking his eyes off the screen. “Save me a seat.”

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