Peggy the Pegger Pt. 03


All characters involved are over 18.

This is a work of fiction.

No characters or events are real.


After that fateful train journey during which Peggy, myself and the redheaded girl fucked each other’s brains out, the three of us happened to end up in the very same university. I was studying law, Peggy medicine and Beth (the redhead) was studying English. Therefore we seldom saw each other during the day, although we sometimes crossed paths during lunch.

In the evenings, I studied and often went out with Peggy, who was now officially my girlfriend. Occasionally, Beth would join us for a threesome, but we were all so busy that we were rarely all in the same place at once.

It is about 3 weeks into my university course that I wish to start this story. Peggy and I were on our way back to the dorms (we were living on campus for our first year). We were a bit tipsy, having just had dinner and a lot of champagne, and we decided to crash in my dorm for a little late night fuck. However, what we walked in to was far better. My roommate, Roxanne was with another girl, a sight that made me instantly hard. The two were wildly fucking on my bed, crying out loudly and moaning in excitement.

Peggy and I stood and watched for a while until Roxanne noticed and dove for cover under my sheet. The other girl – a Japanese girl called Rachel – raced out of the room, her tits flapping around wildly as she ran, embarassed.

“What was that about?” I asked. “Why was she so embarassed? Everyone knows she’s into pussy.”

“Yeah,” said Roxanne, “but I don’t have a pussy.”

“What does that mean?” Peggy said. “You’ve got a dick?”

“Yeah,” Roxanne said.

“Erm,” I said, “why?”

“Well, I haven’t always been a girl,” she said. “I went through all the surgery and therapy and that, but I backed out of the last stage. So yeah, I still have a dick… Guys, please, promise me you won’t tell anyone about this.”

“Of course not,” Peggy reassured her. “But come on, let’s see it!”


“Let’s see that cock that was making Rachel moan so loud. I bet it’s massive,” Peggy said, moving towards her.

Roxanne was unsure, but the seductive Peggy managed to convince her to pull away the covers. And there she was, her slender, feminine body, her supple, perky boobs and finally the big, thick meaty cock between her legs. I gasped, the sight turning me on. I’d never seen anything like Roxanne’s sexy body, and I was filled by a sudden urge to touch that beautiful cock.

“Can I feel it?” Peggy said, beating me to it.

“Uhm, sure, I guess you could if you want t-” Roxanne was cut off as Peggy slipped her cock into her mouth. Peggy sucked on Roxanne’s big cock voraciously, tasting her manly meat, which looked so much hotter attached to such a beautiful female body.

“Hey, would you mind fucking me?” Peggy asked me. “Eating this cock is making my cunt hungry.”

I eagerly obliged, yanking down Peggy’s skirt and panties to reveal her wet pink vertical smile. I stripped naked and sank my hard cock deep into her wet cunt, making Peggy sigh with relief. Meanwhile, Peggy kept sucking off Roxanne, making her moan with pleasure. As I took Peggy from behind, I pulled her top off. Peggy had to let go of Roxanne’s cock for a second, but she attacked it hungrily again as soon as I had taken off her top. I then took off her bra, grabbing onto her big, soft tits as I ploughed into her from behind.

Peggy came a couple of times as she was double-stuffed in the mouth and cunt. Then, Roxanne was seized by a huge orgasm. ataşehir escort She unloaded a jet of cum straight into Peggy’s open mouth, then shot a couple more on her face.

“Hey babe, do you want a go on this cock? It’s fucking delicious!” Peggy said.

I hummed my assent, then proceeded to suck Roxanne’s big manly cock, licking her cum from the delicious meat. This incensed me with a mad lust for her exciting body, and I went down on her lovely tits, sucking her hard nipples. As I sucked on her tits, I grabbed her cock and mine in one hand. Then, I started fucking my hand, our cocks rubbing together tightly. I soon came, splashing hot cum on her toned belly. Peggy came down like a vulture, licking my cum off of Roxanne’s belly, also giving her cock a few licks.

“Wow,” Roxanne sighed, breathless, “that was so good, you guys.”

“It’s our pleasure,” Peggy smiled, giving a mock bow. “Now, lets start fucking. I know he’s bursting to get a cock in him.” I agreed, as Roxanne was making my asshole crave a nice, big cock in it.

“Well, I’m willing to get my cock in that hot ass,” Roxanne purred, giving her cock a few preemptive tugs as she beckoned me over. I eagerly went over and straddled her as she lay on my bed, slowly letting her cock sink into me. I moaned as I felt my asshole getting filled up by her she-cock, and Roxanne started fucking me slowly from below. I met each thrust, pressing down with my ass. My dick was hard as I took an even bigger one up my asshole.

Peggy came behind me as I was getting fucked and started eating out Roxanne’s ass. Roxanne moaned as her cock and asshole were stimulated. Then Peggy started munching at Roxanne’s big manly balls, licking the wrinkled ballsack and sucking on each testicle one at a time. She went on to run her tongue up the length of Roxanne’s dick as it went in and out of my butt.

Roxanne and I changed position then, with me lying on the bed, my legs in the air, as she pounded me in the ass from above. As I was fucked I ate out Peggy’s sweet, juicy cunt, which was so wet that juices trickled down my chin. I took the big cock in my ass until I felt a flood of steaming hot cum erupt into my bowels, shooting deep inside me.

“Do me, do me,” Peggy cried eagerly, getting on the bed and presenting her smiling pussy and winking asshole. Roxanne pulled her cock out of my asshole and instantly slipped it into Peggy’s streaming wet cunt, getting balls deep with little effort. She then started fucking her hard and fast, her cock squelching in her pussy as it was so wet. Peggy cried out in joy and pleasure as she was fucked, and in no time she was cumming. An explosive jet of girl-cum shot into the air, dousing me in Peggy’s sweet juice.

As Peggy was rammed from behind, I stuck my cock in her mouth and face-fucked her, meeting Roxanne’s strikes. Peggy was gagging on my cock and I pinched her nose to choke her properly. When I sensed she’d had enough, I let her breathe again and she gasped desperately for air. Peggy came several times as she got fucked, but Roxanne was holding on strong, so I decided to join her. Poising myself over Peggy, I pressed my lubricated cock against her puckered butthole and penetrated her smoothly.

Peggy let out a shuddering moan, and cry in incredible pleasure, until we both came inside her. Load after load of hot cum filled Peggy’s bowels and pussy, and she squealed as she too orgasmed, leaking juices onto my bed. We dismounted Peggy and the three of us, naked and breathless, lay on the bed together, lustfully kissing and feeling each other.

“So, kadıköy escort who wants to get fucked next?” Peggy asked spritefully.

Roxanne eagerly accepted, begging for her asshole to be filled so that she felt like a girl getting her pussy fucked. In the blink of an eye I was on her, sinking my cock into her warm asshole. It was tight, clamping onto my cock with a vice-like grip, but I managed to pump in and out at a reasonable pace that drove Roxanne mad with pleasure. She moaned and cried out as I made love to her asshole, and she rubbed her thick cock as I did so.

“Peggy, wanna get your signature toy out?” I asked.

Peggy went to my nightstand and pulled out a big purple dildo attached to a harness. We always kept one in my room in case we ever needed an impromptu fucking. She strapped it on, the sight of her fucking amazing body sporting the big purple cock turning me on immensely. I kept fucking Roxanne’s little asshole as Peggy made me suck her plastic cock, forcing it into my throat so that I gagged and spluttered.

Then, Peggy stuck her cock up my ass, roughly but not too much so, and started fucking me. The feeling of Peggy’s lovely plastic cock stuck deep in my ass was the most arousing thing I have ever experienced, and it was made better by the fact that I had my own cock stuck deep inside a beautiful shemale. I kept fucking Roxanne as I was myself fucked, the three of us groaning in a chorus of pleasure. Roxanne was the first to blow, her throbbing cock pumping out a jet of white cum that formed a puddle on her toned abdomen.

I came shortly after, spurting my cum into Roxanne’s bowels. Peggy fucked me a while longer, then stopped as she herself came. Roxanne’s stomach was now covered in lashings of delicious cum, which Peggy licked up voraciously. Then, I ate out Roxanne’s ass, sucking my own cum from her warm insides. I kept eating her out, rimming her hole and burying my tongue into her tasty, juicy anal canal. Roxanne growled in pleasure as I pleasured her butthole, then I stuck a couple of fingers in and started finger-fucking her. I fingered and licked her ass until she came yet again, at which point I got her cock in my mouth and swallowed her cum.

We were all exhausted, and lay down on my bed, amorously intertwined, naked and dripping with each other’s fluids. We stayed there for a while, panting and recovering from our vigorous fucking, but we were interrupted suddenly by the door opening. It was Beth.

“Hey guys, I couldn’t sleep and -” she began, cutting off when she saw the three of us lying there naked. She was speechless at first, then said, “you were having a threesome without me? There was a chick with a dick here and you didn’t even bother calling me?”

Beth whirled round and stomped out of the room. Guiltily, I jumped up and ran after her, catching her by the arm and coercing her back into the room. Roxanne was sitting up now, her flaccid cock resting on her slender thigh, not bothering to cover her big, round tits. Peggy, still wearing her strap-on, had gotten up.

“I’m sorry, Beth,” I said, “I would’ve called you but it all happened so fast.”

“Still,” Beth sulked, “if you cared at all about me, you would’ve made an effort.”

“Babe, we care,” Peggy interjected, putting an arm around her and pressing her naked body against her. “We’ll prove it to you. We’ll make you feel so good to prove how much we care about you.” Beth gave a fleeting smile and timidly accepted, allowing Peggy to lead her to the bed.

Roxanne made a bit of room for her to sit down, and we all helped to undress bostancı escort bayan her, revealing her thin, sexy body, with the perky little tits and tight, firm ass. I kissed her, turning her head to meet me, as Peggy knelt down and ran her tongue slowly and seductively along Beth’s cunt, tasting the juicy flesh. Beth moaned in my mouth, her body seizing up as her pussy was passionately eaten. Roxanne, from behind Beth, ran her hands around her body and grabbed onto her boobs, kneading them in her hands as she lightly kissed her, leading a trail of ghostly kisses from her earlobe, down her neck and finally settling on the tender flesh on the side of her throat.

Beth was moaning maniacally now, her body stimulated in so many different ways that she was plunged into a sweltering abyss of orgastic pleasure. Peggy was now lapping at Beth’s butthole as she passionately fingered her dripping cunt. At last Beth came, giving a shuddering sigh of relief as her cunt gushed freely like a sweet trickling stream. Peggy gave a yelp of glee as she lapped up Beth’s sweet juice, that was warm and tasty from her insides.

“Did that feel good?” I whispered into Beth’s ear. She nodded slowly as I kissed her throat, moving further up her neck as I went. Her head lolled back as I traced my way up her neck, her eyes rolling back into her skull and a whispering moan emanating from deep within her.

Roxanne was now poised and ready to fuck. Beth lay down on her back across the bed width-ways, her legs hanging off one side and her head dangling down off the other side. Roxanne entered her slowly, tenderly thrusting into her, her cock squelching in her soaking pussy. She ground and gyrated her cock in her, passionately tantalising her insides. Meanwhile, I went over to the other side of the bed. I slotted my hard cock into Beth’s mouth, which was hanging ajar. I got my cock all the way into her mouth until my balls were resting on her nose and my cock was right in her throat. Beth sucked on my cock hungrily, driven by an animalistic lust. Soon she came, her whole body seizing and convulsing on the bed, her back arching and her pussy spraying jet after jet of scintillating juices into the air. As Beth came, she suddenly clamped down on my cock with her mouth and sucked with renewed vigour, her head, bent backwards at a strange angle, moving in spasmodic, jerking movements.

I freed my cock from Beth’s mouth and Roxanne pounced, thrusting her dripping cock in. Beth ravenously licked her own fluids from Roxanne’s big girl-cock as Peggy penetrated her with her big plastic cock. Peggy started fucking her hard and fast, rocking her slender body back and forward with each savage blow. I leaned over as Beth’s pussy was pummelled and flicked my tongue rapidly across her hard clit, right next to the big plastic cock. Beth came again, squirting juices up he length of Roxanne’s cock and some into my mouth.At this point, I lay on the bed and got Beth to mount me, placing her hands on my chest as she slotted my cock into her cunt and sank down.

Then, Peggy, lubing up her dildo, slid into Beth’s asshole, making Beth moan as both her holes were stuffed. Then, we started fucking her, my cock ravaging her wet cunt as Peggy fucked her tight little asshole with her big strap-on. As this happened, Roxanne stood up on the bed and got Beth to suck her off as she was double-stuffed. Her feet were placed on either side of my head, giving me a lovely view of her asshole and balls from below, and of the bottom of her cock as she was sloppily sucked off by Beth. Beth came again, gushing onto mine and Peggy’s cocks, and we kept fucking, making Beth go wild with pleasure and suck Roxanne’s cock with renewed vigour.

Eventually, after everyone’s holes had been thoroughly fucked by everyone else, the four of us collapsed on the bed together. Soon we were fast asleep.

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