Picked up at a party


Picked up at a partyI met him at New Year’s party in our company.He was a perfect stranger to me; but he was fun to talk and then we had instant chemistry. We danced and shared several drinks.We both fell into an easy playful game that became more and more sexually charged as the night went on…When it was time to go, I did not want to go home alone; because my loving husband was out of town for the long week end.So, he offered to let me check his place out. It was a veiled invitation, but it still left me an out, not that I wanted one. When we got to his place, he had me sit in a comfortable couch, as he sat on the opposite side of the room on a wooden chair.He turned on music and I relaxed moving my head back and forth.I opened my eyes to find him staring intently at me. Smiling, I slowly crawled across the floor and knelt between his knees. He looked at me very serious and asked if I was sure…Then I asked him just a simple kiss. He finally surrendered and lowered his head to kiss me. My breath shuddered a bit and he deepened the kiss; his hands moved up my arms to my head and grabbed my curly hair. Breaking the kiss, I moved up and straddled his lap. Smiling down at him, I pulled my top over my head. He ran his hands around my back and up my sides to hold one tit in each one. He took first one and then the other hardened nipple in his mouth. He bit down just a bit harder and made me moan.Then he raked his finger nails down my back.Suddenly he pushed me back off his lap and onto the couch. Then he knelt between my legs canlı bahis as he pulled off my skirt.He smiled when he saw my neatly trimmed mound…Soon he lowered his head and explored me with his tongue. I was wet and out of my mind with the need to cum. He ran his tongue around the inside of my pussy lips, stopping to lick up the juices that were flowing, but staying clear of my throbbing clitoris. His hands held firmly to my thighs, keeping me from wriggling enough to get him to touch my clit and make me cum. I started to reach my own hand down to relieve myself, but he held my wrist and pushed my arm underneath my body. Then the bastard continued to torture me with his tongue and finally he gently bit down on my clit. I came instantly, screaming loud…I pushed him back against the arm of the couch, and I lay on my stomach with my chin resting near the bulge in his pants.I licked my lips and pulled off his trousers.He ran his fingers into my hair again as I wrapped my hand around his cock and started to lick the thick head. I licked about halfway up the length of his now hardened dick. He had control of my head with his hands in my hair and soon I was sucking down the length of his cock. I could sense the salty taste of the pre-cum leaking from the tip. I sucked as much as I could and then as I pulled back my head, I held just the tip between my teeth and ran my tongue around it…He moaned and was soon urging me to suck him faster.I did the best I could to keep up with the pace he set with his hips and my head until I bahis siteleri could feel he was about to cum. I shoved as much as I could down my throat and felt the throbbing contractions as he shot his warm semen into my mouth. He smiled and warned me to get ready for round two…Moments later he took my hand and grabbed me outside.He led me to a big tree standing next to a wooden fence. From behind, he put his arms around me, placing his hands on the top rail of the fence and bending me over a bit. I compensated by holding onto the top rail myself. Then he put my left foot on the bottom rail. He knelt behind me. Once again his magical tongue explored my body; but this time, he tongued my ass, something that I was not expecting from him…He kept his hands on my ass cheeks and ran his tongue up my slit to my clit and back to stick the tip of his tongue in my tight rosebud.I was in heaven. I enjoyed it even more when he pushed his thumb inside my very tight rear door. He licked my clit at the same time.I was soon coming again, as my clit and asshole received his attention at same time. I wanted him to fuck me properly; but he was not ready yet. He turned me to face him.He knelt down again and clamped on my clit with his teeth and started sucking. This time he buried a finger in my asshole…I could sense another brutal orgasm build. He sucked my clit and finger fucked my ass, as I slowly experienced the longest, most intense orgasm of my life. He bent me over further, pulling my legs apart, and with one hand grasping my shoulder bahis şirketleri and the other on my hip, he rammed his cock into my wet cunt.I came instantly and did not stop the whole time he pounded into me from behind. He felt so good; he thrust in deep and started filling my cunt with his potent burning semen….He slipped off and led me by the hand back into the house and to his bed. This time, he asked me to get on my hands and knees in the middle of his bed. My ass was still wet with the mixture of our juices, and he slipped a finger into my tight rosebud again. He was kneeling behind me and surprised me by smacking my ass with his free hand. I protested feeling pain; but he grabbed my hair again and let me know that we were not done yet. He made me stare at his dick, which was harder and bigger than ever…He smiled and pushed the head of his cock against my sphincter. As soon as the head popped in, I could feel my orgasm build in my belly. He pushed himself in all the way and I loved the feel of his warm body against my buttocks.Then he pulled out slowly. He was trying to savor the feeling, but soon he was fucking my ass hard. I tried to resist, but I reached down to make my naughty fingers play with my clit. I started coming immediately. And I screamed telling him I was coming, he grunted in response and I could feel his cock swell and start to shoot his hot cum in my anus. My legs gave out and we fell in a heap on the bed. He slipped out of my ass and rolled off me. He was breathing hard as he played with my curly hair between his fingers.I arched my back so he could kiss me. I licked all around his mouth, loving tasting myself on his tongue. I knew then he was not done yet.Taking me by the hand, he led me to the shower . . .

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