Playing at Tom’s House (Part 2)

Big Tits

Playing at Tom’s House (Part 2)I walked back from Tom’s house with strange feelings, I was slightly ashamed, thought I might have done something wrong but mainly very excited and couldn’t wait to explore more, on my own and with Tom. I went up to my bedroom when I got in and made sure the door was closed and the curtains were drawn, it was nearly dinner time and my parents were downstairs and I often went to my room to read so they wouldn’t think anything of it. Making as little noise as possible and listening for anyone coming up the stairs I pulled my jeans and underpants down around my ankles and started wanking my already stiffening penis. The smell of my dried semen from earlier only made me more excited and I thought about Tom watching me as I pleasured myself. My cock became very stiff quickly and in a couple of minutes the familiar feeling of the building orgasm was upon me, I thought about stopping but before I could I was convulsed in spasms and my legs were shaking as let out a small gasp and spurts of white jizm came out and landed on the bed canlı bahis sheets. I slowly stroked myself as the last drops of my cream were released then I wiped up the mess with a handkerchief from the drawer noticing that the liquid became thinner in a few seconds, changing from the fairly thick consistently immediately after ejaculation.After dinner and watching some TV I went to bed fairly early, saying I was tired. I didn’t have a bath or shower and when I got into be the smell of spunk was really strong, I pulled my pyjama bottoms down and started to masturbate again, this time it took longer and I had time to think about all the sexy pictures I had looked at earlier and of Tom watching me as I cried out and I released sperm all over my legs and the floor. I managed to hold on for at least ten minutes before the sensation was too strong and I tipped over, lifting my back off the bed as my penis throbbed and pulsed out more of my warm seed. This time I just pulled my pyjamas up and let them absorb the wetness on my tummy and thighs.I masturbated one bahis siteleri more time before I went to sleep and pulled on myself harder and faster until I spurted out a fairly small amount of semen which was easily absorbed by my pyjamas. I woke up the next morning and my testicles ached and the end of my penis felt sore but before long I had an erection and, lying on my left side I stroked myself to another orgasm, coming inside my pyjama bottoms.For the rest of the week I masturbated at least twice a night and on one occasion I coaxed five orgasms out of myself but I stopped on Thursday with as I knew I was going round to Tom’s again on the Saturday and wanted to save myself. I went round to his house on the Saturday and my heart was pounding all the way there. Although I had been wanking at almost every opportunity it felt more exciting and special doing it with him and I was also excited about looking at his magazines again. We talked for a bit and he asked me how I’d been getting on and I knew exactly what he meant. I told him I had masturbated bahis şirketleri several times and I really enjoyed it and he said that was good news! He had placed some magazines on the table in the living room and without being invited I took off my jeans and under pants as Tom sat in the chair near me and watched. Looking at the magazines I became hard very quickly and was completely without shame as I wanked in front of Tom. I hadn’t ejaculated for a couple of days and the feeling of being watched made me more excited and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would spill my seed for him again. Looking over at Tom I was shocked to see that he had taken his cock out of his trousers and was stroking it! His was dark brown and thicker than mine with a dark purple head, I watched him as we both masturbated together and then I heard him let out a low moan and as the thick white semen ran out of the end of his penis I also ejaculated, more powerfully than before and cried out as I came. Thick streams of my white sperm landed on my legs and even on the table in front of me. After orgasming together we both relaxed back and waited for it all to subside before Tom wiped himself with a handkerchief and came over to mop up the jizm which was running down my legs. ‘Thank you Simon’ he said.

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