Prep School


Mike and the rest of the facility at the small Northeast prep school were listing to the head master telling them what they had known for some time. The school was struggling financially just to stay open. All of them were beginning to worry about their jobs for the next year. Their spirits perked up when he announced that they would implement a new program that could very well save the school.

“It is something we have not tried before. Other private schools have worked similar programs with good success. We will begin to take in young people that have not made the grades to get into college. We must train them to be able to pass the test to play ball at the college of their choice.”

Some of the teachers groaned that they would have to teach the jocks at the school. Always before it was kids that had plenty of money but no desire to learn anything. He called out five of the youngest teachers and asked them to stay after the meeting was dismissed. Mike was the youngest of the young at only twenty-five years old. The oldest was thirty.

After the others had departed he had the five sat down. “I am going to tell you just what the program is about. Boosters for different colleges will pay a large amount of money to have us teach athletes to take the test. This first group will be five young athletes that will bring in enough money to keep us a float for next year. “

“Each one of you will take one of these young men to live in your home. He want even attend classes with the other students. You were chosen because you each have a wife that stays home every day. Most of them have teaching degrees and can home school these young men. Our goal will be to pass the entrance exams to enter college. If that happens we get a huge chunk of money donated to the school. If it doesn’t work and the student flunks then we get nothing.”

“All of you have two choices. One, you can work at this and make it work. Second; you can go ahead and turn in you resignation because there want be any jobs here next year. I want an answer by tomorrow. If the one staying with you makes it then you will receive a nice bonus.” He stood up and left the room without answering any questions.

Mark looked over at Todd. “Wonder just what are we suppose to do with some dumb jock that never cared enough to study. Gail is not going to like the idea of someone staying with us for six months”

Todd spoke up, “I don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t have any choice. I don’t have any money saved and no other job prospects. Amy will just have to do her part.”

The rest of them were in the same shape. Between the five men they all agreed to make the most of the opportunity. They now had to convince their wives.

Gail had dinner on the table when Mike arrived home as she usually did. She watched as he picked at his food. She knew that something was wrong since he usually dug in when he sat down at the table. “What is going on?” She knew that the school was in trouble and they were worried that Mike might be let go. He was the last one hired and would be the first to be fired.

“We had a faculty meeting today. Mr. Townsend told us that we were having to start a new program if we wanted a job after this year.”

“That can’t be to bad if it can save the school and the teachers jobs.”

“It is just experimental now and only five will work in it this time. I have been chosen along with Todd and three others. We didn’t have any choice, either we do it are we pack our bags. None of us have any money saved. I guess we don’t have any choice in the matter.”

“What can be so hard about a teaching program?”

“One thing, it is illegal to do what he wants to do. We would have to take one of the young men into our home for six months. He wouldn’t even go to school with the other students. You would be expected to teach him here at home. He would only take the test at the school. We have to give him an answer by tomorrow morning. I guess we will get the details then.”

Gail didn’t like the idea of a stranger living with them. They had plenty of room but she liked her privacy. At the same time she didn’t want them to lose their job. “I can make it work for six months. You can be looking for another job before next year. I guess it is time I finally did my part.” She had taken the news much better than he expected.

Gail and Mark had been married since their senior year in college. Since then he had taught three years at the prep school. The pay was good and every thing had look well until the school started losing money. Gail had not had to use her teaching education until now.

All five of the chosen couples were similar. All were under thirty and their wives didn’t have full time jobs. The similarities didn’t end there. All men were handsome men with very attractive wives. Gail and Amy were both short blondes with nice figures that caught a lot of attention from the male side. One was a pretty red head with long shapely legs and a nice rack on her chest. The other two bitlis escort were just as attractive as the first three, only with black hair.

It was this group that was summoned to the head masters office that Monday afternoon after they had reported that morning that all five would take part in the new program.

Mr. Townsend introduced them to an attractive lady that must be in her forties but looked much younger. “This is Nina Smith. She has overseen this program at other schools and will tell you each what your responsibilities will be. She will be the one that you answer too. The school is staying as far away from this as possible. I think you can understand why.”

He left, shutting the door behind him. Nina stood up as the door shut behind him “Let me tell you how this program works. Not even your husbands will know unless you tell them. I would suggest that you five keep it between yourselves for now.” The five wives looked from one to the other wondering what could be going on that they could not even tell their own husbands.

“We want even go into the money that makes this program possible. Some very rich men are financing this program here and other places. It must be kept secret since it would make the young men that take it lose any chance of getting a scholarship and cost the boosters a ton of money.”

“Each of you will be assigned a young man to help him learn how to take and pass the entrance exams to get a college scholarship. This man will be with you twenty-four hours a day for the next six months. You will be expected to teach him not only the reading, writing, and math but how to function in the world.”

“These young men are coming from places worse than you ever dreamed off. They have been on the streets most of their lives. When they did go to school they were so far behind that they loss interest and were more troublemakers than students. Only their ability on the football field kept them in school. Their grades were handed to them so they could play on Friday nights.”

“All of these young men will more than likely play pro ball someday. Right now the boosters want them in their favorite colleges and are willing to shell out a tremendous amount of money to see that it happens.”

“For the next six months they will be closer to you than your husband. Don’t worry about your husband, they already know what to expect. All time will be spent teaching as much as they can take. It want be an eight hour job. You will teach everyday until late at night. The only time you want be teaching is while they are asleep.”

“Teaching includes taking them shopping and showing them how to buy clothes and what ever they need. The money will be furnished for them. Take them to restaurants and movies. Get them use to what goes on in the real world. You are their date for the next six months.”

Gail and the rest were looking from one to the other wondering what they had gotten into. “I see all of you looking around. Don’t worry, I can promise having a well-built young man following after you everyday want be that hard to take. You have to remember that these men are a lot older than their years. Sex has been a part of their lives since they can remember. For the time they are with you they will not be allowed to date. How you fill that void with them is up to you.”

Gail looked across at Amy, Does she mean what I think she does?”

“That is what it sounded like to me.”

Gail wanted to find out just what she did mean. “Nina, what you just said, does that mean what it sounded like?”

Her answer came right back. “That is why I said that I think you should keep what goes on with your student to your self unless you know your husband doesn’t mind his wife being hit on everyday. These men are going to see just how far they can get. How far that goes depends on you. They are not going to get expelled for hitting on the teacher.”

After a question and answer cession they broke up. Gail and Amy walked to Gail’s car. She had picked up Amy at her home and she dropped her off back there. On the way they talked about what Nina had told them. Finally Gail asked the question that both had been slipping around on the drive. “What will you do when you get propositioned?”

“I don’t know. If we refuse and get mad we may loose any chance of getting them to study. I’ve never been with another man but Todd.”

“Me neither, Mike was my first and I have never wanted anyone else. What she said about being with them night and day is going to make it hard to make him behave. I guess I will just have to work it out when the time comes.”

The next day the bus arrived with the five boys on it. The women were there with Nina waiting for the bus. As the bus stopped the door opened and the first one off the bus was a giant of a man. Gail heard all the others catch their breath when they saw that they were all black! No one had told them the men would be black. For a couple of wives it wasn’t a problem. They had bolu escort been around blacks all their lives; one had even dated a black boy before. The other three were trying to think how they could back out of the deal now without their husband loosing his job.

Nina read their minds. “There is nothing you can do now. It want take long and you want worry about them being black.”

Gail wasn’t so sure about that. She had never touched a black person before. She wasn’t sure she would be able to handle it very well. She looked at the huge man and hoped that she wasn’t going to be the one to get him. He was three times as big as she was.

She was lucky. Amy got the big guy. Amy just looked at the huge man standing next to her while they were being introduced. She didn’t have to worry about having sex with this huge man. He would crush her tiny body.

Gail was assigned a young muscular man that even in his old clothes was outstanding. She looked him over when Nina introduced them. He was dirty his hair was long and braided. It looked like he hadn’t washed it in years. Even under all the dirt she thought she saw what could turn out to be a decent human being.

She wasn’t the only one doing the looking. Paul was helping himself to looking over this woman he would be with for six months. Of them all she would have been his first choice. Man! She was really built. He could get real close to her in that time.

At home Gail showed him his room. “This is your room. The bath is through that door. Take a bath and put on some clean clothes and come to the kitchen and eat lunch.”

“I don’t have any other clothes.”

She thought for a moment. Mike and Paul were about the same size even though Paul was in mush better shape. Get a bath and I will lie out some clothes for you. My husband is about your size.

Paul went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He didn’t bother to close the door behind him.

Gail was back with pants and shirt for him. She knocked on the bedroom door but didn’t hear him answer. She knew that he must be in the bathroom taking a shower and couldn’t hear her. She pushed open the door and laid the clothes on the bed. She couldn’t help but look towards the bathroom and see him in the shower through the open door. It wasn’t much of a view but she could still tell that he was certainly a well-constructed man. She felt a tremor pass through her that had never been there before. She turned and hurried back to the kitchen.

He put on the clean clothes and joined her back in the kitchen. Gail looked at him. “That is much better. I see the clothes do fit even if they are a little tight. After lunch we are going shopping for you some clothes. On the way you can get a hair cut.”

“I don’t want a hair cut.”

“You are going to get one anyway. That earring has to go. Out first job is to make you presentable.”

To her surprise he didn’t argue much. He was several inches taller than her and out weighted her ninety pounds.

She stopped by a barbershop and the barber didn’t want to cut his hair. A little tip and he cut it down to the top of his head. The earring was gone and he actually looked good to her. They headed to the mall.

In the department store she took charge. She pulled out pants and shirts and sent him to the dressing room to try them on. Each time he came out to show her how they looked. Gail found herself liking this black stranger. She liked picking out clothes for him and knowing someone else was paying for them. She found some shorts and even a swimsuit. He said, “I don’t know why I need a swim suit. I can’t swim a lick.” The pretty blond and the black boy attracted plenty of attention from the other shoppers. At first it bothered her but she soon just ignored the stares.

They stopped at a restaurant on the way home. The sandwiches for lunch had long been gone. He didn’t know anything about ordering and Gail did it for him. The two of them were drawing a lot of stares from around the room. At first it bothered her that they might think she was his date. Then she didn’t care what they thought. It was going to be easier than she had thought it would be.

She ordered dinner to take out for Mike. He would be getting home about the time they got back.

She had a hard time getting him to talk at first, but by the time lunch was over he was at least answering her questions. His speech was terrible and she knew that she had along way to go before he could even think of passing any kind of test. She made a point then to remember to all ways spend some time each day just talking with him.

They sat down at the dining table as Mike eats his dinner. Mike looked at the young man and thought he isn’t much younger than us. What must his life been like growing up? If he had seen him before Gail had got him cleaned up he would have thought the task was hopeless. He knew that life for him and Gail was going to really change for the next six months. He was already burdur escort getting ready to find another school next year.

Paul went to his room and they went to theirs for the night. Gail had told him she would be getting him up early the next morning to get started on his lessons. He had liked Mike when he met him. He really liked Gail. He was glad that he was with them. All the women that had met the bus were nice but Gail and that Amy that Todd went with were the best. He was sure going to like spending all the time with her. He wondered what she looked like in bed with Mike.

Gail and Mike were getting ready for bed. He watched as she stripped of her clothes and reached for her pajamas. “Leave them off.”

Gail looked at him standing naked before her. “Why? Do you have something on your mind for tonight?” The smile on her face told him she was just as interested as he was. From the first time they had sex Gail had been an inthustic partner. She was ready to do most anything he wanted to try. She was at her best when he was over her and his big cock was buried deep in her hot body. It was feeling she never grew tired of.

Naked they came together in the middle of the room. He pulled her small naked body tight to him as he kissed her. Her naked tits were pressed against his chest with her nipples hard. His hand slid down her back to lift her ass against his cock. When he had her clear of the floor he carried her to the bed. He pushed her backwards across the bed and he fell over her. Her legs were still hanging from the bed as he slid back down on the floor on his knees. His mouth covered her blond cunt as she reached for his head and pulled his mouth tight to her opening.

Gail liked to have his mouth on her cunt almost as much as he like tasting her sweet juice. He never grew tired of sucking her sweet cunt. As usual it wasn’t long before she had her first climax. He sucked and licked her until she pushed him away. She moved back on the bed and reached for him.

This was a nightly ritual that they both loved. She loved to have his tongue licking and sucking on her cunt. He loved doing it for her. Her next move was to pull him over her and open her legs for his body between them, as she guided his big cock through the lips of her cunt. She lifted her ass up and he pushed deeper until he was completely imbedded in her. His balls hit her ass when he was all the way in.

Mike was working her cunt over with his cock. His mouth was altering between her mouth and tits. The faster he moved the more she answered him. Suddenly she really lifted to him. Her legs pulled him tight and she was fucking him like she never had before.

Then she climaxed with a cry that his mouth covering her kept Paul from hearing on the other end of the house. Mike just had to hang on as she fucked up to him harder than ever. Nothing had ever happened like that between them. He wasn’t complaining, just the opposite. It was the best it had ever been as he unloaded his load of cum in her hot cunt.

When he finally quit shooting his load in her he collapsed over her. To tired to even catch his breath or move off of her. She had to push him off to breath. He lay next to her and finally recovered. “What ever brought that on?”

Gail was embarrassed herself. She had never felt like that before. ” I don’t know?” She turned away from him.

He pulled her back. “I’m not complaining. It was wonderful. I just wondered what brought it on. It has never been that good before. If having Paul in the house made you this hot we should have had him here sooner.”

He didn’t know just how close to the truth he was. As he had fucked her she had thought about what Nina had said about being with the boys. Suddenly it wasn’t Mike over her it was Paul. Only when she had stared down from her high did she realize what she had just done. She only hoped that she hadn’t called out Paul’s name when she came.

Usually she would go down on him after they had sex, but tonight they were both finished. He kissed her and rolled over and was asleep in a moment.

Gail couldn’t go to sleep. As sexually satisfied as she was she lay awake and thought about how she had suddenly pictured Paul over her and the effect it had on her. It was after mid-night when she finally went to sleep. A change was already starting and Paul had only been there one day.

Gail got up early every morning to fix Mike’s breakfast and lunch. He had to be a school early and most days it was late afternoon getting home. He made an excellent salary but he really had to work for it. The time off in the summer more than made up for the many hours he had to put in the rest of the year. He hoped that this new program was going to work out. He loved where he was teaching.

Mike was finished and gone and Paul still hadn’t got out of bed. Gail went to his door and knocked. She didn’t get an answer even when she called. She pushed the door open and he wasn’t in his bed. Then she heard the shower running. At least he was bathing each day. She didn’t have to worry about him being clean.

The bathroom door was open just as it was the day before. She moved without thinking so she could see the shower from the bedroom. Unlike yesterday when she turned away and left she found herself moving closer.

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