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Princess VirginIt was Friday, dress down day for employees, and of course she walked in like usual wearing another jean skirt. Another short one showing off her legs…the ones he thought exhibited one of the greatest pair of arousing flesh. She had one of the greatest pair of thighs he seen, ever. Not to forget the rest of her body, he thought, he wanted to taste each one, if he could, and soon. Because there was so soooo much to appreciate on her, on them, and on this young woman he had always told himself.He, himself, was 32. She was what…maybe 21 at best, he figured? Maybe, but she had so many neat qualities. Yes, her nice small breasts always seemed to “stick” out nicely. Yes, she was rather slender in many different aspects too. And yes, her hips and that ass…his mouth almost…almost began to water as he pictured her in one getup or another as she walked by his office and somehow, just somehow, he knew it was her.He looked up from his computer. Mmmmmmmmm, god if only I could bite into that he told himself. If only…if only she knew…but how…how in the heck could I get her to know? I know…I know…I’m a sick pervert he told himself. Not really but with her, he always felt he was. Shit, there…there she is again. Look at those legs. Damn, even her… Wow, she’s wearing a tight top…even her boobs looked like a great scrambled egg breakfast, he thought. His mouth seemed to water some more.“Kelly, will you stop by when you get back…oh this is Mark. Thank you” he said.What would he want, she asked herself. Why would he want to see me, she thought. But she stood and slowly headed to his office knowing full well she thought he was a nice guy and a good looking nice guy for that matter. She knocked on the side of the door. “Yes sir…you wanted to see me?” she said.“Oh uh…umm hi Kelly…sit down” he told her. She came in and adjusted her skirt, which he appreciated, and she sat down. He looked at her and smiled. “How is everything going lately? Any problems you know about or you’re having?” She said nothing noteworthy but there were always problems to be worked out. He thought…how can I get a date with her? How can she and I…god, I’d love to do it with her…mmmmm.“Is there anything else, sir?” He told her to call him Mark and said so with a please added in. “Okay, uhhh Mark” and she tried to add a smile along with it.“Got a boyfriend?” he quickly threw in.“Huh, pardon me?” she said.“Oh…nothing… I guess I wondered if you were uh seeing anyone at all” he asked.“Uh no…no I’m not. I guess umm I’m single.” I wonder why he asked me that. “Why do you ask?” It would be cool to uh go out with him but…but he’s so much older. “So is there a reason why you wanted to know?”He shrugged his shoulders as his eyes looked away. He looked back at her. “I don’t know. Well I do but thought no, she wouldn’t go for that.” She asked what he was referring to. He shrugged his shoulders again. “I don’t know…umm maybe going out on a date with me?” he said.“Uhhh what…you…and me…on a…on a real live uh date?” she answered. He smiled and nodded and told her yes as he looked her straight in the eye. She said she wasn’t sure about going on a date with a fellow employee…one who is a manager in the company. He said any date they had would be kept between them. No one would ever know. He sounded convincing enough and she said “Okay. Now what…do you want my address or how would you like to do this? I can meet you somewhere or what?”“Here’s fine…meet me back here at say…6:30” he told her.“Here…in your office? You want me to just come and meet you here in your office?” she asked. It sounded odd and weird to her but she agreed.Cool, he told himself. 6:15 came so he quickly changed out of his suit and put on casual clothes waiting for her to arrive. She came in nice slacks and a nice top but they didn’t show off all those “extraordinary assets” he wanted to see on her. Damn…well we can change that, he told himself.“Well great…hi…I’m so glad you’re here” he said. She felt weird being at the office and wanted to get out of there. Nobody was there, except him and her. “Wow, you always look special. I mean nice…you’ve always got something on that stands out. Like today…that was an extremely nice outfit. I loved it…a lot.” He smiled and looked her in the eyes. She smiled back and then asked where they were headed off too. “Well you pick out the place, unless you’d just like to hang out here” which I’d much prefer. I mean we could simply undress and I could show you a fantasy of a lifetime, he was thinking.“Want to…I don’t know…talk a little or do you want to go to a restaurant and talk there?” she said.He searched her eyes looking for the right moment. He couldn’t find it so he simply blurted it out. “I’ve always wanted to ask you this but know it can be, and I’ll repeat this, it can be a touchy subject.” She asked what it was. “Do you enjoy…sex at all?”She remained quiet and surprised and did not know at all how to answer the question. “Why?” is all she said. gaziantep escort bayan He told her he found her to be quite attractive and adorable in many different ways. “So…what are you telling me?” she asked knowing full well he wanted to have sex with her. The problem was she was a virgin. No, she had never ever fooled around with anyone but lately wanted to begin fooling around. Yes, she wanted to try things, but to go all the way… No she wasn’t entirely sure of that.“Because…when I see you…when you walk by my office…something tells me and I don’t know where it does that at…but I hear myself saying…I’d love to have sex with her, but on her level.“The truth is” he went on to say “when I see you walking around…you, your body…drives me crazy. You’re sexier then sexy to me, Kelly. You really are.”She was silent as she took his words in. Then she said “Honestly…I am?” He looked at her straight-faced and said yes she is. “I don’t…I don’t know” she went on to say. I’m not what you think I am. I mean I’m…I’m a” and she paused to decide whether or not she wanted him to know she was a virgin. “Mark, the truth is…the truth is I’ve never ever had sex before… I am a virgin.”He looked at her. He held his breath. “I’d go real slow. We could go real slow. I mean it too” he told her. “I mean there isn’t one part of you…at all…I wouldn’t appreciate feeling, touching, and making love to.”She sat there, surprised as hell, those words came out of his mouth, but inside…deep inside she grew anxious as hell to experience and feel the true nature of sex with him or someone like him. “Okay…then let’s skip dinner, go to your place if that’ll work, and let’s umm have sex…make love then” she said anxiously.They decided and she agreed to drive separately. She followed closely and once in his neighborhood marveled at the nice homes surrounding his. Once there, they immediately went inside. She looked around asking him if he lived there all by himself, which he did. She complimented him on keeping it orderly. She loved the ornate nature of it. Lights were on everywhere, which in truth, drew away from the romantic nature she’d been conjuring up in her head. She also wished she’d driven with him.He told her, once inside, how he loved how she dressed on Fridays, and she smiled showing a hint of reservation. He also told her that he loved how she dressed that day and she told herself well that outfits out in my car. “I loved seeing you like that. It…well it… It aroused me Kelly” he said. “Have you ever felt…aroused…turned on by something a man does, what he wears…something like that?” She knew the feeling and every so often wanted to act on those impulses. He knew it was a time to really get to know her too. “Okay, so you are a” and he paused making sure he spoke rather quietly, in a more subdued manner “virgin. That’s alright. There are many women and men too who are virgins. Have you ever” and he paused again “played with yourself even.” She played with herself and was embarrassed to admit it so didn’t answer yes or no but by not answering him, he knew it was a yes. “So in truth…maybe your not a virgin.”He looked at her, intensely and intimately almost. “That outfit…boy that outfit…when I saw you in it” and he closed his eyes to recall how she looked in it. The short, short jean skirt, and that button down blouse and her titties how they looked and how she looked well it brought him to want her much more “I wanted you more then you could ever know.”“I have it in my car still” she said. You do…you do…that outfit, really? Oh god, run and change into it. Let me show you something, he was telling himself. “I guess…I could go and get it. I guess I could go and put it back on…I mean if you wanted me too.”He tried to maintained but failed. “YES, SURE…I MEAN…Yes, sure…I’d like that” as he tried suppressing a grand smile on his face.She smiled knowing he loved how she looked in it and walked out to her car. She grabbed the top and short skirt she had worn and came back in. She asked where she could change and he showed her, but to him, it wouldn’t matter…those clothes soon wouldn’t be on her either, he figured. He smiled and showed her where to change- his bedroom was a fine, fine place to change.When she came back out she said. “Wow, that is a great bedroom. That bed…wow it’s fabulous and I mean…terrific” she told him with a grand smile on her lips.Meanwhile he was watching her move left, right, backward, and forward in that skirt. Those legs, that body, her hips, and those titties…oh god she makes me hungrier then hungry. I want to kiss her everywhere…all over. I want to hold her boobs. I want to make love to them. God, if only she knew…if only she knew.“Mark are you alright?” she asked. He said yes. “Do you like this better?” as her hands spread out re-introducing the outfit she wore that day.He smiled grandly and said yes. He looked at her body. She looked back at him. She asked what was wrong. He told her nothing at all was wrong and repeated himself too. “So, in your opinion Mark, what do you like about this?” she asked.Oh where to start he told himself. Where to begin. “Let’s do this. I’m going to show you something but I’m going to ask you one question before we go any further, okay?” She said okay. “How pretty, how attractive do you think you are?” She said she thought she was pretty but it didn’t sound to him she really meant it. “Then everything and I mean everything is going to begin slowly and when we’re all said and done, well then you’re going to love what’s happened.” She tried smiling. It wasn’t great but she loved the idea of what might be going on. “Let’s go this way” he said as he led her to a full length mirror in one of the main rooms.“This is Kelly. Look at her. Say hi to Kelly…the attractive woman we both know” he said. She looked at herself and said hi but lacking confidence. “Say hi again to that pretty, and sexy, looking lady…the one with one great body.” He came up behind her and began rubbing her shoulders, gently…almost lovingly. She instantly liked how it felt. She closed her eyes and felt his hands on her shoulders and then her arms. He pulled at her as if to hug her from behind. She murmured an appreciative tone. He smiled and mentioned to her how pretty her hair, her eyes, her nose, and especially her lips were.He mentioned her lips again as if to express how he bet she could kiss the daylights out of someone, if she wanted to. She smiled and he pulled her, slightly, against him as he still rubbed her shoulders. God, this girl…this young woman, he thought….she is sexier then I ever imagined.She stood there before him, looking herself over in the mirror, and asked him a question. “So, what do you think is my…sexiest feature? My boobs,” which she didn’t think was but thought he would say.“No, to be honest…your sexiest feature is actually…how do I say this? Your thighs. I mean when you wear a skirt, like this” and he put his hands on each side of it “when I see you in something like this Kelly…it drives me…absolutely nuts. I want to be with you romantically, intimately, and sexually. I want your” but he shut up and she swung around.“What…tell me. You want my what?” she said.He looked at her. He smelled her too. She smelled incredible. “I want to take you, feel you everywhere on your body, and I want to do things I’ve never done before.” He felt weird. He was driven. He wanted to begin undoing her blouse and begin feeling her tits, feeling the nipples below the bra. He wanted to kiss her body in areas she didn’t even know existed. She watched him as he looked her over. “You have some of the most incredibly sexy thighs a woman ever could have Kelly and I want them…and all of your body…all of it…that is why I asked you out and said what I’ve said to you tonight. Because you are sexy as sexy gets.””Ohhh god…god….feel my thighs…feel me anywhere…anywhere you want” she said passionately and threw herself into his body. She held him firmly as her hands clawed at him wanting more and more. “I want to make love to you tonight. Show me what it takes to make love” she told him.He was standing in his bedroom with her. She wanted to be naked…naked with him. He wasn’t sure she was quite ready yet. But this princess…this princess virgin had to be ready sooner or later so why not now? The two of them were looking at her in front of her mirror as his arms and hands rose, slowly, upwards to her small virgin breasts. She felt nervous as his hands approached them gradually.Ohhh, she thought. Oh god, she told herself as his hands touched down on her tits. Oh yes god yes as his hands lightly squeezed her boobs. Her eyes closed as she tensed up. God yes, more, and she told herself she wanted him to squeeze them harder, more firmly but didn’t say so out loud. She found herself pushing backwards, into his taller frame. It was, the experience was…it felt rejuvenating to her. She wanted to turn around and do to him what she was experiencing herself. She didn’t know what however but how she felt was nerve-wracking and exhilarating all at the same time.Her body was like a torchlight as his hands cascaded over her tits. “That…that feels… Ohhh that feels” she started to say with her eyes still closed “great! Don’t stop doing that. Don’t…don’t…ohhh wow…yes wow ohhh wow…I love how you do that” she said as his hands lovingly caressed and lightly squeezed her smallish boobs even though her top was still on. She whipped around and threw her hands around his neck which surprised him and before he knew it, she was kissing his lips, madly.But he loved how the younger woman kissed him. She pulled at him. She kissed his lips crazily. She pulled herself against him as she kissed. She pulled away and looked at him. “I want to be…naked with you…completely, entirely naked with you. Undress me.”He smiled and looked at her heavenly eyes and reached up and began undoing one button then another and another until she was completely unbuttoned. She looked at him eagerly. What’s next, she thought as his hands reached behind her and pulled her into him. He kissed her lips hard. The ferocious desire within her grew steadily. She began feeling a burning passion she had never ever felt before between her thighs.“Oh my god” she said.He looked at her and smiled and at the same time he cupped her boobs. His eyes closed and he squeezed both simultaneously. She smiled once she felt her tits being squeezed by him. She reached behind herself, even with her top on, and undid her bra. It fell and with it her blouse as well. He slipped it off her shoulders. Petite but cuter then cute shoulders and an upper body to die for, he thought, and soon enough his lips were all over her shoulders, above her boobs, around her boobs, and finally, yes finally, he was kissing each of them.“Oh god yes…yes” she said as her body felt itself thrusting itself into his mouth. “Don’t ever stop” she told him. “Don’t” and her eyes closed as she felt his lips, his mouth doing things to her she never in a million years had ever done to her “stop doing that. Oh ohhh oh my…god that feels…you have no idea at all how…ohhhhhhh wow” she continued saying as he kissed and licked and then began swallowing her whole into his mouth.She found her way to his bed and dropped to his, pulling him down over her. He fell on her and kept at her boobs, kissing and swallowing and finally going at her nipples. She was immersed in how it felt have her boobs sucked on like he sucked on them. How he licked, nonstop her nipples, was majestic in her eyes. Harder then hard, he licked until they almost began to hurt but she loved it nonetheless.He didn’t stop. He kissed on down her soft flat belly and he wouldn’t stop as he kissed, and even licked it too, going around one side kissing it, and then the other. She was fascinated by his technique, but he loved kissing her too. She had a great little figure and soon enough, he’d be on those legs.God, he told himself, I have to kiss them and…yes, chew on them both, before I go any further. He flipped her over, which she didn’t know any better anyway, and he kissed and licked her back…all the way to her shoulders before coming down to that cute little ass he so loved.He pet it, then kissed or licked it, and finally from her backside he kissed the backs of her legs. She loved it too so when he flipped her again he spread her legs apart and went at her legs with great, ardent passion. She was unable to believe how a guy, any guy, could desire her set of thighs. She didn’t think the same way but he had and he did and she more then appreciated it as he licked and sucked and even kissed the insides of them.“Oh I…I have to…need to do something for you” she said.“Really” he said as he came up from the insides of her legs and she said yes. “Are you sure?” She nodded enthusiastically. “Here” and he took her hand and placed it on his crotch. “Want to touch this, play with it, and maybe do more then that?” She looked at him. Touch your cock…really? You mean it, her eyes said. He smiled and pressed her hand down. She let him. “Go on…undo my belt, my pants, and feel me…feel it.”With some hesitancy, she did what he told her. He did not and would not force any of it. He felt he couldn’t ever do that with her and slowly she undid his pants but when she pulled them down she discovered what she considered an unruly raging erection inside his underwear. She couldn’t believe how hard and how big he was. Her eyes went wide with surprise but slowly and surely she began to feel it.She knew so she did it and slowly she went to lick it and eventually swallow it down her throat. God it felt awesome, he thought as she licked or did a number on his cock, but soon enough, he knew what better way to end all this by getting her to say the words. “Fuck me. I want to feel you inside me” or something like that.“So, do you want to feel me inside you?” he asked quietly.There was silence as she considered what he said. “Yes…yes I really would.”And he placed her on her back and eased himself slowly down inside her pussy. She didn’t only yelp, she screamed, but soon enough, for the very first time in her life, she felt victorious, and it was all due to his cock doing the number on her. She yelped and bounced and she found herself pushing back at him so she could get the most out of having sex for the very first time.“OH…OH FUCK” she screamed out of passion. “OH… UH OHHH MY…FUCK…OH GOD…YES…PUSH IT INSIDE ME” she screamed again as she desired having one more orgasm. She achieved what she wanted. Finally, he pulled out. He was ready to explode and told her too. Taking hold of it he told himself this was for her and let it fly all over her chest and face, but not her mouth. Not this time he told himself. “Wow…oh wow… I want to do that…again… Can we?” she said smiling. She took hold of his body and wouldn’t let go that night, but he was content. He had sex with the girl he’d wanted sex with.He looked at her, a smile on his face and said “That was great…wasn’t it?” Yes it was.

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