ProfNigma Stories #8: Blame It On Me #9

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ProfNigma Stories #8: Blame It On Me #9iCarly/Victorious: Blame It On Me #9 – One Last Night”Well, in less than 12 hours, you guys are going to leave me behind for the bright lights of LA…”Carly sat on a beanbag in the iCarly studio, now looking more like a storage room than a web show base, facing Sam and Freddie, each on a separate side of the room. Ever since he went to see Jade, Freddie had been a different guy, and it seemed like he and Sam had a falling out and they definitely weren’t fooling around anymore.Carly hadn’t been able to sl*ep well in days, her mind obsessed with losing her two best friends. And somehow the knowledge that Freddie was no longer available made her really want him even more. Carly considered herself bisexual, but ever since he stayed the night of graduation, she couldn’t help but touch herself thinking about him. His touch, his muscles, and of course, his member. There really wasn’t a question that she loved him… but not the kind of love he was interested in anymore.Sam was not in the best of shape, no question about it. Freddie ending their awkward ‘coping’ relationship had taken a huge hit on her and she had started drinking even more. She claimed she didn’t have a problem, but it was more than obvious that she was wrong. The problem was that she wouldn’t listen to her friends- Freddie, she now hated for breaking her heart again, and Carly for a reason she hadn’t decided on yet. Most likely due to a night a few weeks back when Sam stayed over, and Carly’s sexual cravings took hold, making a move on her best friend. The loss of everyone she counted on haunted the angry blonde, and if it wasn’t for everything already being done for this college thing, she wouldn’t go.Freddie was the only one who seemed to be in semi good spirits; his mind focused on being reunited with Jade in less than a day, and the idea of losing Carly not taking the highest priority. It was a bummer for him, sure, but he knew that this was just the beginning of something new and different and that he’d see her in a few months for Christmas break. And he would see Sam regularly, even if that meant she would be hating him and cursing his name for the majority of that time.”We’re not leaving you behind, Carly…” he said calmly, taking a sip of his drink. “We’re still going to be best friends, and we can talk everyday if you want. We just happen to be going to different schools, and that’s all… not the end of the world.””It is for me,” the dark haired teen, whined. “You guys are like everything for me, and I just don’t know how I’m going to function without you and Sam. Absence makes the heart grow fungus, you know.””Not gonna miss much with me,” Sam blurted, clearly already a little past buzzed. “Prolly gonna flunk out first semester.””No, you won’t,” Freddie stopped her short. “If you have trouble, I can help you with it. We’re going to have a couple classes together anyway.””Tell you what,” Sam said, shooting evil eyes at her former love, “Why don’t I focus on me, and you stop trying to fuck up my life with your douche-ness? How’s that Fredward?””Sam…” Carly intervened, these fights becoming more common than she ever thought possible. “Freddie’s just trying to help you.””I don’t need anyone’s help!” the blonde screamed back. “I’m sick and tired of you both treating me like some poor wounded anim*l. I’m fucking fine so stop being so damn concerned with me, and deal with your own shit.””Fine,” Freddie said, raising his hands up, standing up to leave. “You don’t want me to help, I won’t. But that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you.””Clearly you don’t since you dropped me like I was shit for your weird ass vampire chick, asshole.””I didn’t dump you, Sam… We had a relationship a long time ago, and we’ve just enjoyed each other’s company in the meantime since I was away from Jade, and you weren’t seeing anyone.””You ever think that maybe I didn’t want to?! That I was perfectly content to be your noncommittal fuck buddy whenever you felt lonely? Because I was. I actually loved that even in a world where you didn’t love me, you still wanted me. What-“”I never said I didn’t love you, Sam,” Freddie said, approaching his former lover. “I just fell in love with someone else. You’re still the beautiful and sweet girl I fell in love with, deep down… things just changed. You both were my dream girls until a year ago and met her.””Yeah, after you fucked both of us and got bored.””I wasn’t bored!” he shouted back. “The night we shared together, exploring each other’s bodies is hands down one of the best nights of my life. I even re-entered a relationship with you, Sam. And it didn’t work. We’re great friends, and we’re good in a friends with benefits gig, but as a couple… in the long term, we’re just too volatile.””That night was the best night of my life. I gave you my virginity that night. You made me YOURS. That bitch in LA do that? No! She fucked the pretty boy instead. That should count for something. Is it so wrong that I want to feel that way again… the way I felt when we made love?”Sam was on the verge of crying, but the tears just weren’t coming, and she started to get up to leave.”You know…” Carly said, trying to diffuse the situation. “We could still make this night worthwhile, guys.””How so?” Freddie asked. “Pretty shot to shit if you ask me.””Well,” Carly started, “let’s go downstairs.”Freddie and Sam shrugged as the three friends, exited the studio and headed down to the canlı bahis lounge area. However, as she was leading in her excitement, Carly missed a step and fell back, and everything went dark.* * *Carly awoke on the couch, staring up at her two friends, both of which looked to be in much better shape. Perhaps my fall had some positives, she thought to herself, as she felt an ice pack on her head. It didn’t really hurt, but she could feel it throbbing a bit.”I’m glad you’re ok,” Freddie said, helping Carly sit up to face the former couple on the other side of the couch. “You were bringing us down here for a reason, right?”Carly’s mind snapped right into place and remembered what she had been thinking about, and set about making it come true.”Look… this is our last night together, and I thought we’d spend it like that first night. We’ve all grown up a lot and I… just want to share this with people I love,” she said, softly and taking a deep breath wondering how it would go over.”So just have an orgy again, basically?” Sam said, her eyebrows raised, clearly not thinking much of the idea. “Quite the imaginative plan, Carls…””I don’t think I could do that,” Freddie said, clearly looking nervous. “I’ve made a promise not to be with anyone else but Jade… and I can’t break that.””Just text her, Freddie,” Carly said, unbuttoning her shirt and tossing the thin cotton to the side. “I’m sure she’d understand.””Carly… I don’t know…” he started but then she took his hand and brought it to her orange bra covered chest, rubbing her tit with his hand.”You sure about that?” Carly had no idea what was possessing her here, but as she pulled him closer, her hand grazing his pants and feeling his member. “Because I’m SURE that I want you, and your… cock.”Hearing Carly say dirty words always got Freddie hot, but there was something about that one in particular that brought him to full mast with a single syllable.”Carly,” Sam said, snapping Carly out of her Freddie focus and looked over behind him to see Sam had also lost her t-shirt and bra. “I got nothing to lose…”Carly loved seeing Sam topless. As gruff as she came across to everyone, the blonde’s body was flawless and so soft. It was like a present with boring wrapping paper, but with so much more inside. Carly reached behind Sam as the blonde slid closer, and Carly massaged her bare breasts while still trying to seduce Freddie.Trapped in the middle of the two girls, Freddie slowly slid from his position and looked down at the two girls.”C’mon, Freddie… you don’t want to miss this opportunity. One last chance,” Carly said seductively as she began unbuttoning her own pants, “to make me yours.”Sam pulled Carly back towards the couch and began kissing her friend’s collarbone, leading down to her orange bra. The blonde carefully slid the strap off Carly’s shoulder, lowering the cup as well, giving Sam perfect access to Carly’s hardened pencil erasers. A small moan escaped Carly’s mouth as Sam worshipped her breast with her mouth, and within a couple seconds, she reached behind her and unclasped the clothing, tossing the colourful underwear to the side.Freddie was torn in so many ways- he was clearly in a monogamous relationship with Jade but this was a really incredible experience… and he wondered if he owed it to Carly. His erection was doing a lot of the heavy thinking and finally, he had no idea why, but he slid his shirt and pants off, followed by his boxers, as he approached the two girls completely nude and hard.Sam was holding one of Carly’s darkened nipples tightly between her thumb and forefinger, twisting as her mouth suckled on the web star’s other tit. Carly’s eyes were closed, her mouth wide open in moans as her back arched, and as far as she was concerned there was nothing in the universe outside of this couch.Suddenly, Carly felt something invade her mouth, and opened her eyes in a panic to see what she’d been craving for weeks- Freddie’s hardened member was inside her hungry and moist mouth. She wrapped her lips around her prize and sucked what she could while she stroked the rest of it.Fuck, this is bigger than I remember, Carly thought as she tried to take more into her already filled mouth. He held one hand on her head and an-other on Sam’s, who was hungrily looking up at what Carly was enjoying and slid over to suck on Freddie’s exposed balls as she slid her own pants and panties off.With a gasp, Carly slid off the cock, a string of saliva connecting her lips to the head, and looked up at Freddie, using her spit to act as a lubricant. Freddie pulled her hair a bit signalling that he wanted more from her, and she was happy to oblige, whispering, ‘I love it when you fucking own me.”This time it was Freddie’s turn to give Carly what she wanted. He pulled from her mouth and pulled her off the couch, Sam backing away to watch what they were doing. He practically ripped her panties off and took a second to revel in her sex, as she stood, breathing deeply, completely nude.The strong teen picked Carly up and rubbed his member gently along her opening, eliciting a squeal, as she rolled her eyes. The eyes turned to surprise when she felt herself being flipped upside down, her lower body and legs held tightly as her head was right in line for his member.She was only scared for a moment, but then she felt his spongey tongue slip inside her and she moaned, her head moving forward to swallow as much of him as she could. This only lasted a bahis siteleri minute before Freddie lay on the couch with her on top of him, the two sharing a 69, desperate to devour each other. Sam, never one to be left out, stood over Freddie’s head, looking down at Carly’s perfect porcelain peach shaped ass. The blonde smacked the pale ass over and over as Freddie hungrily licked her core.Freddie forgot how great Carly tasted, and as she bucked her hips against his face, practically screaming into his cock, her tangy juices seemed endless. Carly’s head bobbed up and down sucking his member like she was possessed, feeling desperate for his cum. Freddie didn’t have to wait long for Carly’s though, as the web star began to shiver, riding out an intense orgasm as she gasped away from his member, trying to ride out this overwhelming f*rce.Sam was tired of waiting, and pulled her friend off of Freddie and jumped on top of her former beau, impaling herself incredibly slowly on his member. She winced a bit as he pierced her very soul, swearing he was practically through her cervix. Freddie’s hands flew up to Sam’s generous chest, gripping her breasts tight as he slowly bucked against Sam’s dripping sex. Sam finally placed her own hands over his, forcing an even tighter squeeze on her chest.Carly slid behind Sam, gripping her best friend’s hair tightly, pulling her head back as the web star’s free hand slid around between Sam’s juice covered thighs, tickling her nub as the abrasive blonde screamed out in ecstasy. The brunette suckled on Sam’s neck as she stroked her love but-ton, making Sam’s body quake, and inevitably she falls onto Freddie to kiss him sensually as she rides out a wave of an orgasm, coming with a whimper as she continued to kiss Freddie like they as in love as two people could be.”God, your body is such a tight and perfect fit, Sam. I swear I could fuck you for a lifetime.”Hearing the romantic and hot words gave Sam the revitalization that she needed as she climbed off Freddie, and pulled him up so they could kiss some more. After nearly a minute, she spun around and got on her hands and knees on the comfortable couch. Freddie knew an open invitation when he saw one, and thrust completely inside her with one mighty swift move, causing her to elicit noises, neither Freddie nor Carly believed possible from their friend.Freddie began pounding away as Sam’s eyes rolled back in her head. She barely noticed that Carly was now sitting in front of her moving head, with her legs spread wide. Carly grabbed Sam’s hair, and scooted until she could hold her friend’s face against her dripping sex, her mouth and tongue enchanting Carly more and more as Freddie fucked her senseless, gripping her hips like a man possessed. Carly and Freddie couldn’t help but stare into each other’s eyes as they enjoyed sandwiching their friend.He thrust faster and harder until he thought his legs might give out, but then he felt the vice-like grip of Sam’s pussy as his former lover prepared to come again. She screamed something unintelligible, vibrating the insides of Carly until finally, Sam came with a rush of ecstasy and pure euphoria.Freddie withdrew from Sam slowly, her juices leaking down her legs as she pulled her mouth from Carly’s core. Carly helped Sam off the couch, and into a chair nearby to recover, with Freddie’s help, and once she was down, the web star gripped Freddie’s member tightly and led him back to the couch which now smelled of pure sex. She pushed him onto his back again as she straddled his midsection.”I was hoping I would be wet enough for this, Freddie but I don’t know if I can take it… you are sooo big, and my pussy is so tiny. But I really want you to stretch me out…” she taunted.Freddie was stunned at Carly, and he could not have been more turned on by the way she was taunting him and rubbing herself.Finally, she spun around so she faced away from him, allowing Freddie to watch her perfect little reddened ass drop slowly as his cock pressed against her opening. It took a couple tries, but finally, the head broke through her entrance. Carly was fighting back tears as she felt like she was going to split in half.The web star grabbed a pillow to silence her screams as she reached his halfway point, his girth pushing her far beyond her actual limits. Freddie had never felt such a tight pussy as he pushed harder inside her. Finally, she had reached his base, her face reddened, and her mind nothing but whiteness as she knew now what nirvana was.Freddie started to move, but she stopped him. “Just leave it all the way in for a minute… I want to cherish this.”Before Carly could start moving up and down, Freddie felt Sam’s weight joining them, and the sweet smell of her sex soon invaded his nostrils as she placed herself on his face, arching her back as he licked her extremely sensitive core. After a couple minutes, Carly started to move up and down, getting acclimated as fast as she could.Once ready, the web star bounced like a woman possessed, gripping her own chest as she watched his member enter and exit her, his balls teasing her clit. Sam grabbed her friend’s hair, much like she had done to Sam before, causing the brunette to scream out.”Yes! Fuck me like a whore. This is the last of my pussy you’re ever going to get, Freddie! I want you to tear my pussy apart! Make it so stretched that no other man can fill me… so that I remember how well you fucked me.”Freddie knew he güvenilir bahis was going to lose it if she didn’t stop this, and decided that if he was going to go, he wanted to give Carly one last treat. Sam reached and grabbed Carly’s arms, making the brunette feel utterly helpless. Using his fingers, which were coated with Sam’s slick juices, Freddie slid his hand down to her ass, gripping it tight as she bounced, her hair flying everywhere.He inserted one of the lubed fingers against her puckered ass, and pushed inside her, getting a massive shake from Carly. He pushed two more in as his primary three fingers were stretching out her sensitive asshole.”Fuuuuuccckkkk!” Carly screamed as she bucked her hips, pushing his fingers deeper. It was too much and Carly couldn’t take it and came hard, squirting all over the couch as her body spasmed with the ungodly orgasm.”I’m gonna blow,” Freddie managed as Sam jumped from his member and pulled it from Carly’s pussy with a loud pop. Sam quickly engulfed the cock, sucking it like her life depended on it. She pulled away and used her breasts until she saw that look of his that signalled that it would go off at any second. She stopped sucking for just a moment and jerked his shaft until finally, she felt his creamy reward fire deep in her throat, rope after rope was swallowed by the hungry blonde.Smiling up at Freddie as she sucked him clean, she moved over to Carly who was still recovering and began making out with her friend, Sam saving a bit to share, the girls savouring his gift. Even after the taste of his release had dissipated, the two girls continued to kiss, and as Freddie watched the girls embrace their anim*listic side, he felt his erection returning.Carly looked over at Freddie, a little cum on the side of her mouth. “Looks like you’re ready for Round 2, Freddie. I can’t wait to feel you in my ass again…”Freddie walked over to her and pushed his hardening cock into her mouth, which she happily accepted at first, but then he held her head hard and when she tried to fight him, he gripped her nose shut. Carly tried to fight but he was too strong, and everything faded to black.* * *”Carly!””What?” the brunette said, feeling really groggy as she sat up on the couch. She’d been redressed, but she could feel that she had practically soiled herself.”That must have been some dream…” Sam said, giving the web star a glass of water. “You were moaning and screaming, and me and Freddie saw you… cream your jeans. I don’t think I’ve ever had a wet dream quite like that one, but then again, getting knocked unc*nscious isn’t an easy thing to do. You started convulsing so I tried to wake you up by holding your nose.””Is he still here?””Nah,” Sam said. “After he saw that you were ok and just dreaming, I think he got uncomfortable because you were saying his name. “Apparently being monogamous means he is still the same nub we used to know.””You really love him, right?””Of course,” Sam said quickly. “Why?””Then don’t you think you should be happy for him? That he found something?””No… I just don’t understand why he doesn’t get to be lonely and desperate… I…” Sam took a deep breath, unsure where her mind was going. “I want him to be happy and I know I can’t keep him to myself, but I also don’t want to see him happier with someone else. Like it’s too soon. It’s like he never even took a breath between me and Jade.””Ah,” Carly said, not sure how to feel. She knew her friends was in real emotional pain, but this was what she needed to feel if she was going to get over Freddie ever. Her body was exhausted as well- the dream had felt so real, and she honestly felt like a battering ram had crushed her pelvis, but she couldn’t tell Sam that. “Sam, sometimes the one you want is not the one you need. Freddie’s been a great friend to you for years… and to me… but clearly he needs to be with Jade. And we should support him.”Sam was quiet for almost a minute as she stared at Carly, unsure whether she should attack or hug her best friend. She settled on just sighing as she changed the subject.”So what was it you were gonna tell us when we got down here?””Honestly?” Carly asked, feeling a bit ashamed.”Um… yeah. Of course, honestly.””I wanted to ask you and Freddie if you wanted to make love with me, you know… like that first night, but better because we are experienced and know what we want now.”Sam stared at her incredulously, trying to process everything. “You wanted all of us to fuck? What would that have done?””I don’t know, Sam… make things feel special. This was our last night together… I just wanted it to be something important.””Carls, if we would have done that, Freddie would have cheated on his girlfriend, I’d be right where I was two months ago, addicted to his physical attention, and you would have wound up feeling used.” Sam was just as surprised as Carly that such a cogent and real thought had just come out of her mouth, but there she was, being the voice of reason for once. “You can’t really believe that it would have made things any easier, right?”Carly started to speak, but was just left sad. Maybe she really was in love with Freddie, or maybe she was just scared of being alone.”You should probably say bye to Freddie… or you can go over and invite him to an orgy if you want, and who knows, I might even join in,” Sam said, relaxing on the couch, “But I promise you, all of us are going to regret it and hate ourselves for it.”Carly sat on the couch, thinking about what she really wanted. She had no idea what exactly possessed her, but she flew from her apartment and knocked on the Benson’s apartment door, praying that she wasn’t making a mistake.

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