Put In My Place

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It’s tough to keep a relationship going when you feel like no one really wants it to survive. Margo and I had seen our share of tough times, but we managed to keep our marriage together. Our relationship? Well, that was a whole different story.

One of the points of contention in our marriage was our sex life. Or, more accurately, our lack of one. We were never the type to get passionate or worked up enough to break furniture and wake the neighbors. In fact, I’m confident that we were pretty damn boring in bed.

Our fathers worked together at the same plant and our families were good friends. Margo and I kind of grew up together and our families joked that we should get married when we grew up. That joke evolved into another long-running gag that Margo and I were going to take part in an ‘arranged’ marriage as if we were bound by some ancient royal decree.

And, even though Margo and I dated a number of other people during our school years, damned if we didn’t bypass all those other relationships and get married after all. Our families were ecstatic, our friends felt vindicated, and Margo and I felt as though we did the right thing… for everyone else.

We tried to make it work. Sex was… okay. I mean, it was sex, but it wasn’t ‘SEX’ like you read about and hear of and that they make movies about. Every so often we’d try something different to see if we could ignite some hidden spark, but it was pretty much to no avail. So, Margo and I kind of went through the motions in our public life even though there weren’t many ‘motions’ taking place in our bedroom.

Margo withdrew from me, and I couldn’t seem to find any reason to try from my end. I mean, Margo is a pretty lady, and she looks good naked and all, but I just couldn’t fake any interest. We went through some counseling and I even went through a number of tests with doctors, but nothing was going to change.

Finally, Margo approached me and said that it was time for us to stop living the lie and to let our relationship die a natural death. It hurt to just give up, but it was the right thing to do.

So, it was with great surprise that Margo, after having moved everything out of the house that she wanted and that we had agreed to, wanted to get together for one last night of romance. Just like I felt during our marriage, I felt like I was obligated for one last try.

But Margo wanted this one last moment of passion to be ‘different’, and ‘unforgettable’.

The bedroom was lit by a dozen or so large candles, leaving arcs of golden light that waved along the walls and ceiling as the candle flames danced in the faintly moving air. On the nightstand was the bottle of the flavored couple’s lubricant that Margo has bought to help make up for the vaginal dryness she experienced from the lack of her sexual excitement towards me. And I was in the center of the bed, laid out in spread-eagle fashion with my wrists and ankles bound by satiny ribbon.

Margo was tying the last of the knots in the ribbon securing my left ankle.

“You do trust me, don’t you?” she asked.

“If I didn’t trust you,” I answered, “I wouldn’t have laid still all this time for you to tie me up, Marg.”

“Okay,” Margo said, climbing off of the bed and looking me and her handiwork over, “I don’t want you too tight. How much can you move?”

I gently moved my limbs to see how much play existed in my bonds. I moved my arms and legs and had about twelve to fourteen inches of lateral movement in each limb. Still bound, but not taut.

“I think I’m good here,” I offered, my heart beating a little fast. From excitement or nervousness, it was hard to tell.

“Good, good,” Margo said, tightening the tie of her long robe a tad. While she looked at me she made an expression as if something forgotten had just re-entered her mind. “One more thing.”

She took one of our pillows and helped me lift my head and slipped it under for me.

“Comfy?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I replied with a small chuckle.

Margo then grabbed the other, firmer pillow that astalavista porno she used when we slept together. “Lift your butt,” she said.

I lifted my hips and butt off of the bed as best I could and Margo slid the pillow under me, pointing my penis towards the ceiling like the peak of a mountain. This was new. I wondered what ‘different and unforgettable’ thing was about to take place.

“Back in a sec, honey,” said Margo, and she opened the bedroom door and stepped out of the room.

I waited patiently, looking about the faintly lit room. Then I heard Margo’s voice as she approached from the living room: “I have a surprise for you!”

I turned my head and watched Margo walk back into our bedroom. Behind her walked in a brutish looking man, a little taller than Margo, and a whole lot wider.

“What the hell is this?” I asked, startled. I began pulling at my bonds only to find out just how tight Margo had tied them. Margo walked over to the bedside and reached down a hand and began to stroke my hair softly in a calming fashion.

“Honey,” she said softly, “you need to relax.”

“What do you mean, ‘relax’?” I said, feeling a little more scared than angry.

“Baby, baby,” Margo said soothingly. “Please just relax and hear me out.”

I quit wrestling with the ribbon, more to save my limbs than to relax.

“What’s going on, Marg?” I asked, my voice just short of pleading.

“Our relationship has been a charade for a long time. It’s not either of our faults. But, I think I can make your life happier from here on out.” Margo waved her hand towards the man at the doorway. “Now, this is Adam. He’s my friend and he works in my office. I’ve talked to him many times about you. And he’s going to help make you happy.”

Margo untied her robe and removed it, revealing that she was fully dressed in a simple blouse and Capri pants all this time. As Margo was demonstrating that she wasn’t enticingly naked beneath her robe, Adam was taking the time to get naked, himself.

“Relax, honey,” Margo said to me once more. “Relax, and eventually you’ll thank me for giving you the gift that you never knew you needed.”

She gave Adam a sisterly peck on the cheek and left the room, closing the door behind her. Now it was just me and another well-built man, both of us naked and me tied up.

Adam walked over to the bedside, a kind smile growing on his face.

“Hi,” he said softly.

“What are you going to do to me?” I asked, real fear making my voice shake along with my body.

“Hopefully,” he said, “I’m going to let you finally accept yourself. But you have to relax and trust me.”

Adam climbed onto the bed, his well-muscled body making the mattress settle under his weight. He started to run his hands over my body in a calming fashion. Not really a massage, but like petting a nervous creature to make it relax. And right now I was a very nervous creature.

Adam ran his hands over my chest, my stomach, down and up each leg, and then along my scrotum and prick, the last which sent the strangest shivers through me.

“Mm, hmm,” I heard Adam hum.

Once again Adam slid his hands all over my body, and once again he finished with tracing my dick and balls with his fingertips. And, once again, my entire body shivered in response. Adam then began to focus his touch only on my package, gently rolling my testicles in his hand and sliding his fingers feather-soft along the length of my member. Now my whole body shook. It wasn’t from nerves. It wasn’t from cold. It was from some hidden part of me that I never knew was there. I turned my head and saw Adam smiling.

“Yup,” he said quietly.

Adam sat up on his knees and threw a leg over my body. His legs bordered my hips, his knees at my waist. Adam had a tight, very muscular body; a weightlifter without the extreme bulges. An athlete. My own thinner body paled in comparison.

Adam lowered his hips slightly and let his dick and balls rest on mine, a task made slightly easier by the asyalı porno pillow propping my butt up. He kind of carefully ground his sex against mine, rubbing our penises together like grade-schoolers secretly playing touchy-feely in the back yard. It was so odd to feel this man’s heated member and furry pubic hair intermeshing with my own, yet it was so pleasant. He was getting an erection.

And, to my surprise, so was I.

Adam bent down and kissed me softly on the mouth. “Yup,” he said again when he drew his face away, as if emitting some secret code.

He raised his body off of me, leaving me with a sense of longing. But he was about to fix that. Adam scooted his body up along my abs and torso, his hardening tool trailing pre-cum on me along the way. Finally, Adam was perched over my face. He smiled down at me as he took his erection in his hand and began to tease me with it.

“Just relax,” Adam purred. “Just feel it.”

I closed my eyes, feeling Adam’s thick dick and bulbous cockhead tracing my facial features. Adam brushed his prick along my forehead, down my nose, along my cheeks, my chin and then back and forth across my lips, leaving a sweetly sticky trail of more of his pre-cum where the slit touched my flesh.

What had started as a threatening situation was turning into an increasing joy. I was enjoying the sensations of his cock against my face. When I opened my eyes again, Adam’s fully erect cock was pointing right at my mouth. I knew what he had in mind, and I opened my mouth and welcomed his musky man flesh inside.

Any shame and fear I might have been feeling simply disappeared. Without another moment of hesitation, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and watched as he leaned down and slid that beautiful cock into my waiting mouth. I then closed my mouth and let my tongue serve as a blanket for the bottom half of his heavily veined shaft while I could feel the upper portion of his manhood press against the roof of my mouth, savoring the textures of his flesh.

“That’s good,” he sighed. “Now you’re realizing your true side.”

Adam started to pump his tool into my mouth, sliding his dick in and out of my salivating lips as my excitement began to grow. He slid precariously between my teeth until the head of his rod was just at the back of my throat, and then slowly withdraw, and then start the whole restrained cycle over. And over. And gloriously over again.

This semi-forced fellatio was not at all about Adam’s pleasure. It was about helping me find a side of himself that he was ignoring. I had derided the idea of men who would marry and then decide they were gay. I figured they had to know it all along. Me? I never before found sexual interest in another man. But now my mind and body shouted out to my brain that I had been lying to myself for all my life.

I was giving another man head, and I was enjoying it. I wanted it to be good for Adam, too. I found that wanted to have his dick in my mouth, and that I would want him, or any man, for that matter, again and again. I was savoring the oral sensations of Adam’s manhood as he worked his dick back and forth in my hungry mouth, fucking my face. I wanted so much to pleasure him.

“You’re a natural,” Adam moaned softly. “You suck cock very well. But we’re not finished yet.”

Adam slowly, almost reluctantly, pulled his prick free of my sucking mouth. Like when he raised his body off of mine moments before, I was left longing and hungry.

Adam then slid his body back down mine, my saliva retracing the trail his pre-cum had left when he brought his cock up for me to enjoy. He carefully moved his legs between mine and his erection kissed my own rock-hard member along the way until Adam’s flesh fell down between my spread legs. Suddenly, in a mix of fear and excitement, I knew what was ab out happen next.

Adam had apparently grabbed Margo’s lube before he made the trip down my body. He grabbed my hips and pulled my body and my butt-pillow toward him where my arms were now tight with duş porno my bonds but my legs were able to bend a bit more. Uncapping the bottle, he squeezed some of the clear gel onto his fingers, then reached between my legs and smeared it up and down the crack of my ass. Another squeeze on the bottle, another dose of the slick gel, and Adam spread it all around my butt hole, briefly slipping a finger into my rectum a couple times.

I jumped in pain the first time Adam’s finger probed me, but with each new slip of his finger into my ass, I both relaxed and wanted more. It felt very odd and totally right, especially when coupled with Adam’s tender touch and his softly stoking my hard-on with his other hand, helping me focus on the pleasure. Then Adam slowly slid one finger into my rectum as deep as it would go, nearly sending me through the roof. He held it there until I relaxed again.

“I think you’re ready,” he grinned.

Adam then applied a little of the lubricant to the head of his glorious member and spread it all over the bulb and upper shaft. As my heart raced and my anal hunger grew, Adam lifted my legs slightly and slid his body carefully down. Propping himself on his knees and one arm, and put the greased head of his cock against my asshole. I held my breath.

“Don’t hold your breath. Relax and breathe.”

I nodded, and looking into his tender gaze, started to relax again.

“Okay, now… here we go.”

With that, Adam pushed against me. Between all of the lubrication and his careful preparation, his cock slipped through my anus a lot more easily than I would have ever believed. Still, I squealed a little with a mixture of a little discomfort and a lot of odd pleasure. That only made Adam smile even wider. He now braced himself on all fours with my legs pushed back by his hips, and began a slow rhythm, working his tool into my rectum a little at a time. Although it seemed to take forever, within a few patient seconds he was completely inside me and making slow and deliberate strokes.

Adam let himself down until his entire torso was touching me. Then he started kissing me on the lips. When I returned his kisses, he probed my mouth with his tongue.

“You like that, don’t you?” Adam asked in a calming, yet knowing voice.

“Yes.” I sighed, rocking with Adam’s tender thrusts.

He bent down and kissed me again. This time when his tongue touched my lips, I opened my mouth and sucked it in. This only made Adam start to pick up the pace of his thrusts. His chest and belly rubbed my erect dick between our grinding bodies, massaged by his sweet thrusts. His balls hung so low and slapped my ass cheeks with each rocking pump of his rock-hard cock.

“My God,” Adam sighed sounding a little surprised himself, “I don’t know how long I can hold out. Your ass feels so good.”

“It’s incredible,” I sighed in return. “It’s so right.”

“Tell me to fuck you,” Adam whispered. “Come on, now… tell me!”

“F-fuck me,” I said a little shyly.

Adam’s pace quickened a little.

“I want to hear it!” Adam growled huskily in my ear. “I want you to confirm what you’ve denied yourself for too long.”

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” I whispered into Adam’s ear as he squeezed me tighter in his arms.

“Louder!” he demanded. “Make we want to cum!”

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!!” I repeated in time with his quickening thrusts until Adam held his breath and shook all over. All of a sudden it felt like his cock had grown ten times its size and threatened to split me apart. Just when I thought I would scream in pain, a soothing heat filled my intestines and an odd feeling of serenity overcame me.

And at that very same moment my own dick, masturbated by our grinding bodies and massaged from within me in a way I had never dreamed possible, let loose in a glorious orgasm that had been stifled far too long. It seemed to last forever, making our bodies slide more easily yet sealing us together for this sweet, sweet moment.

For years I had been trying to convince myself that there was just no feeling for sex in me; that Margo’s disappointments were unreasonable. But, Margo, my friend since childhood and wife in my early adulthood, knew me better than I knew myself, and gave me the chance to find out with her trusted friend.

Written by: Donny Dickson

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