Raw Memories


Raw MemoriesUnfortunately, I was coming of age just as the AIDs crisis was exploding. The first few times I had anal sex were what was later called bareback, but I soon went with consistent condom use. At one point, I even considered using a rubber to give oral, but quickly learned that 1) a hard cock encased in rubber does not taste good, 2) the blowjob is less effective, 3) if you should manage to get him to cum with your mouth, you didn’t get the pleasure of swallowing his cum. Finally, it was unnecessary.That use of rubbers for anal sex lasted for over 2 decades for me. Then 4 years ago (already!!!) I met a man who became my lover. Whom I feel a bit (or a lot?) in love with and who ultimately let me down. The sex was fantastic. The first time we fucked, he used a condom. But within a few date nights, he talked me into going bareback. He had been test earlier, but that had been a few months earlier. I had no idea how many men he had fucked, but I knew he did not bottom. Plus, as I said, I was falling in love with him, so when he suggested bareback, it did not take long to convince me to slip his big, beautiful, mushroom headed naked cock deep in my butt. “I bursa escort won’t cum inside,” he said, and true to his word, he did not.We would make love for hours, with him being a fan of what he called “Tantra” sex. What ever he called it, it was wonderful. He’d go slow and romantically at times, and at others he would drive full length and full power often pulling completely out and slamming his dick right back in. Once, when fucking doggy, he drove me across the floor and banged my head on the wall with the force of his thrusts. Other times we’d hug and kiss, or naked chests together and my legs around his waist or feet held high and spread far apart. We’d fuck with the curtains and windows open knowing that passerby could hear the sounds of two full grown men mating in full rut mode. Once we were going at it hard with him on top and my feet on his chest as he was slamming me on my squeaky bed with both of us grunting and moaning and lost in the pleasure when we heard a woman and some men outside laughing. After a few minutes of that, Ken pulled out, walked naked and hard to the window—they could not see his cock as they were several feet below at street level bursa escort bayan and noticed that they were listening to us. “Having fun, he asked?” “Are you?” one of the guys replied to the giggle of the woman. Fuck it. We went right back to fucking. Who cares if they listened?Ken would always pull out and cum on my chest, or back, or ass, or my face and in my mouth. I loved the feel of his long ropes of fresh cum landing on me. But the final summer, he convinced me to to “all the way” and let him cum inside of me. We were both freshly tested, so I agreed with little hesitation. We had not exactly been fucking safely anyway, but still, this was the ultimate step for me. I’ll be giving myself as fully to him as it is possible for a man to give (sexually) to another. I’d be taking his seed from deep inside his body directly deep inside mine. We’d be as naked as we were that day we were born, not on stitch of artificiality between us. Well, his tattoo and my toe-rings maybe. That hot May Friday late afternoon in his hotel in Yokohama. I walked in hot and sweaty, took a shower and went directly to his bed and lay down for him. His shorts came off and his hard escort bursa cock went into my mouth for just a few minutes, then he lifted my knees to my chest and started loosening my super-horny anus with his tongue, ultimately tongue fucking me. I was so ready for his dripping cock.He lubed up, as I remember the only lube of our more than two-hour love-making session. Usually his cock would get sore, but not this time. Was I so loose for him, or was all that pre-cum dripping out his penis enough? We fucked missionary the whole time, my feet over his shoulders, around his waist, on his chest, spread wide and high in the air beside him. I felt such affection, so warmth, I wanted to please him in every way, to make sure he had the greatest sex of his life. And when he came he drove his cock in as deep as he could grunting in orgasm while I was filled with pleasure and satisfaction at the thought that those long streams of cum were shooting deep inside of my guts, his sperm swimming freely in me. His cum was now part of my body. His body, his being, part of me.It was short lasting though, for that summer was the last summer we had. He suddenly found another guy the next year, just a few days before coming in again. The sudden change of plans, the sudden finding of a partner have always been suspect to me. But it does not dull the memories of the times we did have.Dave in Tokyo

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