Ray’s Days Ch. 01


I started the motor, listened for minute, and pulled the stick into reverse. The 20-foot boat moved easily, backing out of the boat slip. It had been almost three years since I’d had the boat on the water. The lake levels had fluctuated wildly during several years of drought and I hated to risk a lightly-used boat running in what might have been shallow water. So, the first year I bought it, I’d run it around some, then parked it. The following year, my wife had died suddenly and I’d thrown myself into my job, doing almost nothing but that until early this year, when I walked into my office one morning, filled out several forms on my computer, sent a short e-mail to my boss, gathered up a boxful of memorabilia, told my co-workers goodbye, and retired.

Since retirement I’d cleaned out my wife’s closets (after hearing about it for over two years from my daughters, friends, co-workers, etc. etc.), taken loads of ‘stuff’ to Goodwill, returned the yard to some form of normalcy, and then tackled the boat. I’d given serious thought to selling the house—after all, it was ridiculously large for one man, it would sell easily being lakefront with a boat dock and located fairly close to downtown, it had been kept up well (thanks mostly to my late wife), and I’d never really liked the layout of it anyway. But, that thought left pretty quickly when I recalled all the memories associated with the place. Hell, I’d been there most of my life, and literally all my married life. So, I decided, what the heck—I’ll leave the place when, and only when, I had to.

I said I’d ‘tackled’ the boat. Minor understatement. After sitting for several years, the boat was in pretty rough shape. First, I essentially rebuilt the engine—new plugs, belts, hoses, gaskets—then rebuilt the carburetor, checked out all the wiring, cleaned the outside and inside for days and days, drained the fuel tank and refilled it, replaced the very dead battery, then finally stuck the water hose to the foot and turned the key. After a few coughs and a bit of smoke, the 5.0 fired up. Ah, sweet! Now I couldn’t wait to get it in the water and to my dock. I worked another day getting the trailer back up to speed, then late the previous evening, my buddy Dave and I took the rig to the county park ramp, I backed the boat in, started it up, and drove it slowly to my dock, tying it off just as the sun sank behind the pines.

Now it was just after lunch on a beautiful spring day and I HAD to get onto the water. So, as I backed out of the slip, I turned the boat around, slipped the transmission into forward, and pushed the throttle. The 5.0 came to life and the fiberglas hull moved easily through the calm water.

I settled back into my seat and mentally checked off everything needed in the boat—life vests, fire extinguisher, floodlight, registration, throw cushion, several ropes, tool kit, first aid kit. OK, I had everything. Now, I was going to check her out.

As I moved slowly out of the narrowest end of the cove, I noticed that my neighbor still had the ratty wooden postage-stamp sized dock that had been behind the house next door for years. This particular house had changed hands no less than seven times since I’d built mine, some forty years earlier. People bought the house speculating that it would make them rich, IF they kept it few years, modernized it a bit, and resold it. But various problems kept that from happening, and the house changed owners more often than I changed vehicles. As a result, my wife and I barely knew any of the tenants who at various times occupied the house. We learned early on to not get close to any of the families and kept just a casual acquaintance status. In reality, most of our entire neighborhood was that way—I knew nearly everybody, having been in the development the longest of anyone, but couldn’t really call any of the people ‘friends’—well, except for Dave and Jenn—but all the neighbors seemed OK with that, and we all kept pretty much to ourselves.

As I looked toward the dock, I noticed a figure sitting on the edge, feet dangling in the water. I didn’t recognize the person, but as I got closer I saw a female form, shoulder length dark hair, wearing a large T-shirt and dark green shorts, slowly moving her feet in the water. As I neared, she looked up and smiled. I still didn’t recognize her—I had had conversations with the couple next door, John and Meg, and it wasn’t Meg. I worked my brain, searching for a clue. John’s and Meg’s daughter? Seems like they told me they had two boys and a girl, all grown and gone, but I really couldn’t swear to it. By this time, I was nearly at the dock, so I pulled the throttle back and let the boat drift.

“Hi,” I said, and she smiled again.

“Hey. Nice day to take your boat out.”

“Yeah, well, she’s been sitting for too long, and I needed to get her moving. So, yeah, it is a nice day for it.”

She nodded in assent. “Just thought I’d come down and sit for a while.”

“Nice day for that, too.” As she smiled again, I saw a little of Meg in the shape of her face and in her smile. kızılay escort I guessed she was about thirty, maybe. She looked to be about my younger daughter’s age, but I really couldn’t tell since the baggy T-shirt covered most of her arms and torso.

“I’m Ray,” I said as I eased the boat toward the dock. “I guess it’s obvious, but I live next door.” I thrust my thumb back toward my dock.

“I’m Suze—well, Susan, but all my friends call me Suze. And I’m guessing you’ve heard my parents discuss me—their ‘wayward’ daughter?”

I rolled my eyes upward. “No, no, don’t think I’ve heard them say ‘wayward.’ Could you be known by anything else?”

She laughed gently. “Yeah, but I don’t know you well enough to tell you those words.” She pulled her legs up as I bumped the dock with the bow of my boat and she reached out a hand to grab the rail.

I laughed, nodding. “Well, Suze, how much have you been on the lake?”

“None,” she answered. “Dad keeps saying he’s getting a boat, but first he wants a new dock, and he sure needs that” (sweeping her hand behind her) “but with the economy like it is, he can’t do that yet, so the boat is out, and I’ve not been up here much since they bought the place anyway, so…well, I’ve not been on the lake at all, I guess.”

I made a face. “Now that’s a shame. Look, I’m just going for a few minutes, just to shake the dust out of this thing, but if you’d like, you’re welcome to ride along.”

Suze brightened noticeably. “You…you really wouldn’t mind?”

“God, no, I’d love the company. Come on, hop in.”

I repositioned the boat alongside the ratty dock and Suze, still barefooted, stepped over the side and sat in the first mate’s chair. I eased the boat away from the dock and moved toward the mouth of the cove. “I’ll give you the ten-cent tour,” I told her, and she laughed aloud.

“I don’t have a cent on me,” she retorted. “But I can borrow it from my dad when we get back.” We both laughed as we reached the open water and I shoved the throttle forward. The boat nosed up, then planed off and we moved across the still water.

In mid-week, the lake was very quiet. An occasional bass boat sped by and we saw a couple of pontoons, but the lake was almost glassy, broken only by the bow of my own boat. I headed up lake, where some small streams fell over rocks into the backwaters, and Suze was impressed by the beauty of this end of the lake. We made a sweeping turn, then moved toward a shaded peninsula.

“That’s the county park,” I explained. “Rumor has it that it’s mostly a gay hangout during the week, but it cleans up on weekends with all the kids and their parents swimming and picnicking.”

Suze grinned. “Rumor, huh? I won’t see your boat over there, will I?”

“Not no, but hell no,” I replied, grinning. “Well, maybe on a weekend, but definitely NOT during the week.” As we passed the point, we saw several cars parked along the road which circled the park, and several men milling around them.

“You weren’t kidding!” Suze said, shaking her head, and I nodded.

“Yep, it’s around here too.” I pushed the throttle further down and the 5.0 started to whine. The speedometer moved over close to 45 and I backed off a little. “Don’t want to push my luck.”

Suze smiled broadly. “This is great—I love it.” Her hair was blowing out behind her, and the T-shirt was now form-fitting, showing a rather nice pair of breasts. I looked over at her as she closed her eyes and leaned back. She wasn’t exactly pretty—maybe average looking, maybe a bit plain. She wore little or no makeup, and I guess that made her look more plain than she might have been. But her body looked nice, a lot like her mother’s. She was about 5’6, probably a tad over 125 pounds, and I thought her legs looked like those of an athlete, long, firm. She raised her head and I snapped back to watching the lake in front of my windshield.

We rode on as I pointed out some lakeside restaurants, a small marina, the old railroad trestle, a few new developments. The sun was shining in a totally cloudless sky, and I found myself warming up. I eased back on the throttle and let the motor idle down.

No other boats were around, so I killed the engine and let the boat drift.

“So, are you staying with you folks for the summer?” I asked.

“No…no, not exactly,” Suze answered softly. “My son and I’ve sort of been evicted from my house, by my soon-to-be ex-husband.”

“Oh..sorry, I didn’t mean to pry.”

“You’re not. I told you, my folks don’t care for my lifestyle, or whatever. They never liked the guy I married—I know why, now—but I’ve been an outcast ever since, and when he started to threaten my son and me, I had to get out, and this was the only place I could go, to my parents, I mean. They’ve tried to help, and they’ve let us stay with them, but it’s not easy, on them or me. I…I don’t want to stay here, but right now I can’t do much else. And all I do is work—oh, I work nights and Mom keeps Shawn for me, then I keep him during the day while she works, so I don’t get etlik escort much sleep. And it’s been tough.” She had a sad look in her eyes, not quite tearing up, but almost.

“Where’s Shawn now?” I asked.

“Mom took half a day off, to take him shopping. She said I needed a break. So see, she does try, but …I don’t know. I’ve just got to find a way out of this.” She sat silently for a few seconds. “Oh, I’m sorry. You don’t want to hear all that.” She brightened up. “Come on, let’s ride a while!”

“OK!” I started the engine and we roared off down the lake. We rode for several minutes, then I turned toward a long stretch of forest along the shoreline. As we neared the trees, a small clearing appeared and I headed the boat toward it.

“Oh, wow, look at that!” Suze exclaimed as the clearing became the entrance to a narrow cove.

“Yeah, I’ve always liked this place,” I told her. I guided the boat in, slowing to idle speed as we moved under a canopy of tall trees. The tiny entrance opened into a football-field sized cove, surrounded by dense forest. The water was totally still, and as I killed the motor, the only sounds were birds as they flew from tree to tree.

“I’m gonna cool off, if it’s OK,” I said to Suze. I’d worn my swim trunks and a loose Hawaiian style shirt, and I stood and pulled off the shirt.

“No, no, go ahead,” she told me.

“I’ll only be a second. I’m just gonna get wet.” I laid my shirt in the seat, kicked off my docksiders, and moved aft. “Don’t go anywhere, OK?” I grinned broadly, tossed a life vest in, and dove off the swim platform into the clear water.

As I popped back to the surface, Suze was applauding. “Nice dive, nice dive. Hey, how’s the water?”

I pulled the life vest under me, balancing on it, splashed water toward her, and she squealed. “It’s nice—not too cold, very comfortable, in fact.” She looked over the side at me, then stood up.

“Can…can I join you?” she asked quietly. I looked at her, a bit puzzled. Maybe she had on a swimsuit under that big T-shirt.

“Sure. It’s a public lake.” I splashed her once more, and she squealed yet again. But she turned her back to me and pulled the T-shirt up and over her head. Plain white bra straps appeared, and I suddenly felt a warmth in my crotch that I hadn’t felt in a long while. I couldn’t imagine anything sexual happening—hell, I was an old man, she just thirty or so. But I was sure happy to know that the old Johnson still had at least a little life in him. It had been many many moons since I’d seen someone so young removing her clothing, and for it to have this effect on me gave me a strange sense of satisfaction. I tried to put it out of my mind. Still, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her.

Suze, her back still turned, dropped the shirt onto her seat, then stood up, bent forward slightly and pushed the green shorts down slowly. My heart began to beat faster as her white, French-cut panties came into view. She dropped the shorts to the floor and I stared openly as her round, heart-shaped cheeks strained the tiny panties. The warmth in my crotch now spread as my member swelled. Suze picked up a vest, stepped onto the side of the boat away from me, then dropped into the water. Well, that would be it, I guessed. She’d stay on the port side of the boat, and I wouldn’t dare swim away from my starboard side. With that realization, I moved toward the ladder on the swim platform.

“Hey, you OK?” I called out.

“Yeah, fine. It feels good, really good,” came the reply from the port side.

“OK, great. I’m gonna get out, then,” I told her.

“Don’t…I mean, don’t get out yet.”

I stopped moving toward the ladder. “Sure, the water feels great. I’ll…I’ll just stay out till you get back in the boat.”

“OK.” The voice this time had moved, toward the swim platform. I looked around, then heard soft splashing. As I turned toward the sound, Suze appeared, holding onto the vest, moving easily through the water toward me. I stared again. Her hair, wet and hanging onto her shoulders, now glistened in the warm sun. The white bra was partially visible as she moved forward and revealed floating C-sized pushed-up breasts, her cleavage pronounced and provocative. The effect was immediate and obvious as my cock strained in the wet swimsuit.

I was losing my balance on the life vest and reached upward, sliding my open palms under the railing of the boat, then wrapped my fingers around the cool aluminum. My eyes never left Suze as she moved closer to me, paddling slowly, easily. As she moved directly in front of me, her legs sank into the water and she released the vest, putting her arms around my chest. She pulled up, her wet bra on my bare skin, my erection now throbbing. I tightened my grip on the rail as Suze moved her face in front of mine. She reached for the rail with one arm and pulled me to her with the other, placing her lips onto mine. For a second, I was too stunned to react, but as I felt her tongue slide between my lips, all resistance melted away. She kissed demetevler escort me, open-mouthed, her tongue mingling with my own. My breathing had become shallow as blood flowed to places long ignored, and I noticed Suze’s breath coming in short, quick bursts.

Her left hand slid off the rail and into my hair, making the kiss even more passionate, and then I felt her right hand as it moved downward into my swimsuit. My now-fully erect cock responded as her hand encircled it and I once again relished the feeling of soft skin as Suze stroked it slowly. She dropped her left hand and with it pushed my swimsuit downward, exposing my cock to the cool water. I dropped an arm behind her, to support her, but she wrapped her legs around me. She took my now-freed cock in one hand and pushed aside the crotch of her wet panties with the other, then guided me into her.

She let out a long breath as my cock eased into her warm lips, then she pulled me tightly with her legs and my manhood sank completely into her. She kissed me again, this time wildly, sucking on my lips, my tongue, as she squeezed me deeply into her tight channel. I felt the elastic of her panties as my cock pushed repeatedly into her, but this only heightened my sensations. It had been over two years since I’d experienced one-on-one man-to-woman sexual contact, and raw feelings long repressed now poured out as Suze drove me into her. I felt no imminent orgasm, just sheer ecstasy as I regained feelings long lost.

Suddenly Suze’s body stiffened, she forced her tongue deeply into my throat, her arms crushed my chest to her’s, then as her body trembled she began a soft, quick chant: “Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod…” while she buried her face into my shoulder. I held her for a short while, her body slowly relaxed, and as she unwrapped her legs from mine, she kissed me, simply.

“Sorry. I’m really…I mean, I’m …I apologize. I shouldn’t have done that. But I…I needed…something. It’s been…it’s been too long, I guess.” She looked into my eyes and I nodded as she backed away, her face now losing the deep red it had been for several minutes. I stared yet again as she paddled to the swim platform, climbed up and into the boat. I released the railing and moved to the ladder, pulling myself up just as Suze wrapped a towel around her. I sat on the bench seat, beside Suze.

We sat silently for a minute. Finally, I looked at her.

“Suze, it’s OK. No, it’s better than OK. What you just…what we just did, is something I needed way more than you.” She looked at me quizzically, and I gathered up my courage.

“It’s been over two years since my wife died, and you’re the first woman I’ve as much as touched since then.” Suze stared into my eyes, expressionless. “So even though I had no thoughts of you…us…I mean, no thoughts like…well, like what we did, I’ll never forget you for it. I’d really forgotten how much people need that, close physical contact, I mean. And for those minutes, it all came back to me, how much it means, how good it feels to hold somebody, how intimate love-making is…”

Suze smiled softly, touching her finger to my lips.

“And I thought I was the one who needed therapy,” she whispered.

Again we sat silently, each absorbed in our own thoughts. After a couple of minutes, Suze broke the silence.

“If you needed it as much as I, you got shortchanged,” she said softly.

“Huh?” I answered back.

“I guess I needed it more than you. Or at least my body thought so.”

“Oh.” I finally figured out what Suze was saying, but quite frankly, just having the physical contact was incredible. Achieving orgasm that quickly after a two-year hiatus would have been mind-boggling, and I honestly hadn’t thought about it. At least, not until now.

“Lay back.” Suze pushed me back against the upholstered bench. “I don’t think I’m quite finished, and I KNOW you’re not.”

She stood up, reaching behind her and releasing the bra clasp. Her breasts, now released, were just as I’d earlier imagined—not that big, but standing out with small eraser-sized nipples. They swayed slightly as the boat rocked, and I felt a rise in my wet swimsuit as I stared openly. Suze’s hands went to her bikini panties, and in one fluid motion they lay at her feet. Now my cock began to swell noticeably as I admired the dark curls Suze had left on either side of her damp crevice. She stood, letting me admire her nakedness, then dropped to her knees. Her hands went to the legs of my swim trunks, and she pulled downward. I raised my ass and the trunks slid over my cheeks, catching my now-throbbing cock in the waistband. I reached down and exposed my manhood as Suze slid the wet trunks off my legs.

Her fingers grasped my cock and I put my hand on her breasts as they dangled over me. She stroked me gently at first, then more quickly as the blood rushed to the head. In only seconds her mouth was encircling the head of my cock, then she sucked it in, down to her throat. My hand found its way between her thighs and she spread her legs to allow me access to her wetness. I explored the damp curls, the tender slit, the warm moisture inside her, much as a teenage boy would during his first encounter with this blissful experience. Suze felt my excitement and released my swollen member from her lips.

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