Real Man


Real ManAll the women on my mom’s side of the family are petite and fairly good looking. They age really well. As I was growing up I became more curious about women and pussy. So I would pop in on mom catching her in various stages of dress. One day I did that to my grandma Flo, caught her buck naked. She glared at me and opened her pussy lips and yelled “Only real men can get pussy this good. Come back when and if you are ever a real man.” Granny Flo was good looking, in great shape at that time. Pert little tits and a neatly trimmed dark bush with a flat stomach. I will never forget that moment. But granny was a bitch. She was mean and uppity. But for k** going into puberty, she did me a big favor at that moment. For the next several years I used that image of her for many wank sessions and many wet dreams. When I hit high school I never turned down a chance to stick my dick into some fresh pussy. I fucked a lot of girls. This carried on into college also. I fucked a lot of girls, some older ones too. The college I went to was in the same town that granny lived in, though I did not see alot of her. I was nearing the end of college and had to move out of my apartment with still a couple of months to go to finish one last class. So I moved in with granny Flo. She was around seventy now. Still attractive, she looked much younger than she was. Still petite, under a hundred pounds and not over five feet tall. Her blonde hair bursa escort was more gray now. And still a bitch. I knew I could deal with her for a month or two. About the third day I was there I was looking at porn on the internet and Flo walked in on me. She got a good glimpse of what I was looking at on the computer and she got an eye full of my eight and half inch long cock. I think for a minute there Flo was speechless. Then she started in about looking at porn was bad and real women don’t look like that and do those things. “I can’t wait for you to be out of here!” She mumbled as she left the room. A few days later I walked in on her naked again. Her body was still hot, but her bush was no longer trim. “You men are all the same, get an eye full and get out!” Flo said as she stood before me making no attempt to cover up. Then the next day Flo walked in on me as I was getting out of the shower, she got an eye full then, and I made no attempt to cover myself. I wanted that bitch to see what I had. Then a few days later Flo invited me to sit with her on the deck and have some wine after dinner. I was not sure what she was up to but I knew she could be nice every so often and figured that this was the one nice moment we would have together. We laughed and talked. We even flirted. Flo was being like a normal woman. I was even getting horny. At one point Flo made a comment that we should help each other out as it had bursa escort bayan been along time for her since gramps had died and she had not been with any other men since. I had let that comment go thinking she was trying to be funny. Later that night I was looking at porn again on the internet when Flo busted me again. I had a good hardon going as I had just enough wine and really needed a wank. Flo only had on a sleep shirt, her nipples stuck out the front of her top. Flo pulled up a chair next to me. “Don’t mind me, we can do this together.” She said. We looked at some porn videos and photos. “Wow, it has been a really long time for me. Gramps and I used to do it all the time. He could always make me cum. We used to swing. Do you know what swinging is?” Flo asked me. I could not believe what was coming out of her mouth. “Yes, I know about swinging.” Flo smiled and took her top off and now was as naked as I was. My cock still hard as steel as we sat next to each other. I was thinking we would masterbate ourselves. That is all I thought would happen. Flo talked about the early years of her marriage with gramps and how they would hang with these swingers. Flo talked about watching gramps fuck other women and she would take other men. Flo mentioned that a couple of times there would be as many as six or eight couples. I could not believe what she was saying and my cock was so hard it hurt.Then without warning, escort bursa Flo knelt down and took my cock in her mouth. She gave me a slow deep blow job. I tried to resist as a long as I could. I even begged her to stop. Then I gave in. I pulled Flo up and pushed back onto my bed. Her legs spread showing a hairy but wet pussy. I buried my face in her snatch and started to eat her out. She loved it, her legs bucked and tightened around my head. I got her right to the edge of orgasim and stopped. I lifted up and mounted her right there burying my hard cock deep inside her tight old pussy. I showed her no mercy as I pounded away on her tight little cunt. Flo was moaning and breathing hard. “yes, harder, deeper, yes, I love it!” Flo said as she held me tight. I pounded her hard. Then Flo came hard. I thought she might rip my dick off her pussy squeezed me so tight. At that point I could not hold back any longer and flooded her insides with my seed, rope after rope of my hot sperm sprayed into her. “YEEEESSSS gimme all your cum!” Flo moaned. I finished filling her with jizz and collasped on the bed my cock still buried deep inside her. Flo caught her breath. “I can’t believe what a great fuck you are.” My cock was getting hard again and I was getting ready to fuck her again. I started slow but got to full speed quickly and flooded her womb another huge load. “Wow, you have a great cock!” Flo said. “Yes, I guess I am a real man.” I said as I pulled my wang from her gapping little pussy. I fucked Flo several times a day till I finished that class then moved. But now I go back to fuck Flo often. Her old pussy gets dripping wet for me. It is good being a real man.

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