Reinventing Rachel Ch. 02

Big Tits

Giving into her body’s urges that night at the bar had cost Rachel dearly. The video of her opening her legs to dozens of men ended up in the hands of school administrators, who charged her with violating the university honor code. She was expelled, losing her stipend, scholarships, and future career in the process.

Her future in shambles, she found the scrap of paper she’d copied Roger’s number on to. The idea of whoring herself out repulsed her. But something about using her body to dig herself out of the hole it put her in seemed fitting. She called the number, and was told to come to the bar that night, just before closing time.

Rachel spent the next few hours getting ready. It was midnight when she finished her makeup, slipped on her favorite cocktail dress, and checked herself out in the bathroom mirror.

Her chestnut hair spilled down over one of her dark green eyes, giving her an air of seductive mystery. The plunging neckline of her dress highlighted her plump, yet perky breasts. The dress ended halfway down her thighs, allowing her to show off her smooth, athletic legs. She didn’t bother wearing underwear, in spite of (or maybe because of) the fact that a stiff breeze could blow her dress up enough to expose her.

As she walked to the bar, she caught several men checking her out. The attention turned her on, and the sheer fabric of her dress did little to conceal how hard her nipples were by the time she arrived at the bar. A bouncer immediately recognized her, and directed her to a barstool to wait for Roger. Knowing he knew what she was there for turned her on even more.

An unexpected benefit to losing everything was the freedom it gave her – it allowed her to play the role of a sex-crazed prostitute without worrying about what would happen if someone she knew saw her. It wasn’t like she had a career to lose if the word got out. So she flirted with a bartender, and let some guys catch her staring at their crotches. Several guys bought her drinks, and she let her legs spread wider to show off her lack of underwear as the alcohol quieted any remaining inhibitions. When Roger finally arrived, Rachel was more than ready for whatever was going to happen. Or so she thought.

Roger escorted her to his office. As she entered the room, Rachel heard Roger unzipping his pants. By the time the door slid shut, his pants were on the ground. His stiff cock jutted out towards Rachel, letting her know there was no need for small talk.

“Let me see what you can do with your mouth.”

She sank to her knees, and began covering Roger’s cock with slobbery kisses. While she continued her work, Roger explained the terms of their business relationship. She was the product, and he was the salesman. He would find and screen customers for her, ensure she was promptly paid for her work, and provide free training to improve her skills and marketability. In exchange, she had to agree to let him use her whenever he wanted, attend training, and kick back 10% of any money she made. If it wasn’t for the dick sliding over her tongue, she would have thought she was interviewing for a 9-5 job.

She accepted his offer with a “uh huh,” as his cock slid into her mouth, preventing her from giving a mode articulate response. She bobbed on it daintily, not wanting to engage her gag reflex. She fondled his balls while running her tongue over his length, until she felt him pull her dress over her head. She felt a twinge of perverted pleasure between her legs. She was naked, on her knees, in front of the man who, at least technically was her new pimp.

Tossing the dress to the floor, Roger paused.

“Before we go further, I need you to sign a partnership agreement, so I know you won’t cheat me out of our earnings, and you know you’ll be paid for your work.”

Roger produced a formal looking document, and showed her where to sign. Once she signed it, he called up to the bar to have someone come and make copies of it. Rachel started to reach for her dress, but Roger stopped her. “There’s no need for modesty, Ms. Burr. Most of your new coworkers saw you spread eagle in the corner booth the other day.” With that, he moved in closer, running his hands up and down her body before pushing her gently onto his desk.

“Training starts today,” Roger said, while pulling Rachel’s butt to the edge of the desk and positioning himself between her legs. Wasting no time, he pushed himself inside her without making any attempt at foreplay.

“I’m not ready,” Rachel protested. “Give me a couple minutes to play with myself, so I’m nice and wet for you.”

Roger ignored her, and began thrusting. Rachel’s eyes started welling up with tears, as she continued asking him to stop. When she tried to push him off, he pinned her shoulders to the desk.

“Lesson 1: Whores don’t get to take time to get ‘ready’ when they’re on the clock.” Roger kept thrusting. “If you need to be wet before a client sticks his dick in you, you need to make sure you’re always wet.”

Fortunately, Rachel’s body soon responded to the cock pumping inside her. She began feeling good as she became wet for the cock pumping inside her. She spread her legs wider, welcoming Roger deeper inside. Tingles of pleasure began rolling through her body as his slow, deliberate thrusts sent her over the edge. She began talking dirty, hoping to prove her worth as his new business partner.

“I’m your whore. Use my cunt. My body is yours to do with as you please.”

Rachel was rhythmically moaning “I’m your slut” every time Roger thrust into her when, to her horror, the door opened. She immediately stopped moaning, and moved to cover her breasts from view. Roger, on the other hand, barely reacted to the intrusion, continuing to pump into her. A bartender entered the room, asking Roger for the agreement he’d been summoned in to copy. She hadn’t seen this bartender before, but his nonchalant reaction to seeing his boss balls deep in a stranger told her he’d seen similar scenes before. Roger pointed out the agreement to him without breaking his rhythm.

“This is Rachel, our newest team member,” Roger said, as he lifted her leg and rested it on his shoulder. His formal tone seemed oddly amusing, given the circumstances.

“Hey, I’m Eric. Nice to meet you.” Rachel responded with an involuntary giggle, as the sound of Roger’s balls slapping into her thighs filled the uncomfortable silence. After a few seconds – and a few thrusts – Rachel realized Eric was waiting for her to introduce herself.

“I’m,” was all she could manage before a powerful climax made her forget what she was saying. The feeling of Roger inside her, stretching her out, while a stranger watched, sent her over the edge again. Knowing a man was standing there, seeing her face contorted in the throes of orgasm, only amplified her pleasure.

As her climax subsided, Rachel started feeling self conscious. Eric stood there staring at her, like a bellhop brazzers awkwardly waiting for a tip. Not knowing the appropriate response, Rachel decided to wing it. She reached over to his crotch and found his belt buckle. His jeans immediately slid down out of view below the desk, allowing her easy access to his dick.

To say Eric was well-endowed seemed like an understatement. His cock smacked into Rachel’s face when it sprang out from his jeans – even though he was standing almost a foot away when she’d unleashed it. His manhood practically filled her entire field of vision, his veiny shaft jutting out to her, and his scrotum swaying lazily between his muscular legs. Precum oozed from the tip of his cock, threatening to drip onto the floor. Instinctively, Rachel’s tongue darted out to catch it. She savored its salty sweetness while letting her tongue graze the helmeted tip of Eric’s cock.

She tried to “talk like a whore,” but was already too aroused to make sense. She was vaguely aware of saying some cheesy line about giving Eric a tip before he pressed the head of his cock to her lips. She opened her mouth to allow him easy passage, but gagged when he pushed too far into her. When she tried to back him off, she felt Roger’s hands holding her head in place.

“Lesson 2: A whore allows men to use her mouth like a second pussy,” Roger said. “I suggest you learn to suppress your gag reflex, because your mouth isn’t worth much if a client can’t bury his cock in it.”

Eric pushed deeper into her mouth while Roger held her steady. She gagged as Eric pushed into her throat. Bile began to mix with the saliva in her throat, as she fought back the urge to gag. Tears streamed down her face as Eric continued pressing forward. She was seeing stars when his balls finally touched her chin. She began panicking when he kept his cock inside her. She couldn’t breathe, and was desperately trying to break away from his groin. Her efforts were futile – Roger’s hand remained at the back of her skull, preventing her escape. Her vision was beginning to dim when she heard Eric’s voice.

“She’ll need to work hard on that gag reflex,” Eric said, as he mercifully pulled out from her throat. Once again able to breath, Rachel gulped in air. Once she caught her breath, Rachel ran her tongue up and down his meaty cock, silently marveling at the power it had over her. She could have fainted – or worse- from lack of air if Eric had not pulled it out of her mouth when he did. The realization that she was powerless, that Eric had control over whether she could even breathe, sent an orgasm shuddering through her body. Roger moaned his appreciation, feeling her sex clinched around him as she came.

Rachel let the head of Eric’s cock pop back into her mouth, an overt act of submission to Eric’s authority. She knew he could easily begin pushing back down her throat at any moment, and she surrendered herself to his will. The feeling of complete surrender Rachel experienced caused waves of orgasmic delight to course through her body.

To her relief, Eric made no attempt to push himself into her. Instead, he groaned deeply, and lovingly ran his fingers through her hair. Rachel felt the head of Eric’s cock gently pulsing in her mouth, and felt him stiffen in delight when she flicked her tongue over his glans. She inhaled the manly musk of his sex, and tasted the salty precum oozing from his cock. She let the helmet-like tip of his gently slide back out of her mouth, then began mapping out fake taxi porno the ridges of his shaft with her tongue while he moaned in delight.

Rachel was licking Eric’s scrotum, gently sucking his balls into her mouth, when Roger’s efforts between her legs stole her attention. He’d begun pumping into her at a furious pace after Rachel’s sex began milking his cock while she climaxed. Roger buried his cock to the hilt inside her and held it there. Rachel felt his cock stiffen and throb, as his body tensed with his pending orgasm. “Take it,” he growled, at the moment of no return. His pelvis involuntary pushed itself into Rachel, and his cock began spurting steams of cum into her.

Feeling Roger throbbing inside her sent Rachel over the edge. Her whole body tensed when Roger initially buried himself deep inside her, then exploded in orgasmic relief when she felt him beginning to unload his seed. She quivered in delight as he emptied himself into her, and the all-consuming ecstasy of orgasm slowly have way to a warm feeling of contentment as he filled her with his load. She hadn’t realized how empty she had felt earlier. As his semen pooled at the entrance to her womb, a warm feeling of contentment washed over her.

That peaceful feeling was promptly dispelled when Roger pulled out from between her legs and slapped her, roughly.

“Lesson three: whores don’t get to relax until they’ve finished pleasing all the clients.” She’d abandoned her efforts to bring Eric to orgasm when Roger came inside her. Before she could resume her duties, Eric pulled his cock away from her face.

Eric moved between Rachel’s legs and shoved himself inside her. Bolts of pain shot through her, as Eric’s massive cock stretched her out. She fought back tears as her muscles worked to accommodate him. By the time she relaxed enough to enjoy the experience, Eric’s thrusts were already quickening. She felt him plunging deep inside her, the tip of his manhood bumping against her cervix. Visualizing his seed spraying into her womb, Rachel groaned in pleasure and wrapped her legs around him.

Eric came ferociously, slamming his cock into the nub of her cervix and unleashing what felt like a gallon of seed. Rachel came too, the idea of two men’s seed mixing inside her amplifying her orgasmic bliss. But before she knew it, Eric was done. As she felt the ridge of his head slip past her lips, a feeling of emptiness descended on her. But she didn’t have much time to reflect on her body’s need to be filled.

By the time Rachel’s breathing slowed back down, Eric was gone and Roger was buckling his belt.

“That was a good start,” Roger told her. “But you still have a lot to learn. I’ll be visiting you soon to see how well you’ve progressed.” Roger picked up the phone and was talking to someone before Rachel could ask what he meant about “visiting.” “She’s ready. I’ll walk her out.”

When she started to protest, Roger showed her the contract she’d signed, pointing to a paragraph ambiguously titled “Quality Assurance.” Reading it, she discovered she’d signed her life away. “I, Rachel Burr, agree to submit to all necessary training and quality assurance programs, as required. I give my irrevocable consent to any and all sexual acts administered as a part of these programs. In the event I am unable or unwilling to perform the acts required of me, I shall be liable to the company to pay damages in the amount of $125,000,000, or provide services worth that amount.”

When she finished reading, Roger ushered her to a waiting van. His semen was still seeping out from between her legs when she arrived at the isolated farm she’d call home for the indefinite future. A simple wooden sign hung from an arch over the driveway: “Welcome to the Breeding Farm.”

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